mgedminwelp https://bugzilla.gnome.org/show_bug.cgi?id=74427809:56
ubot5Gnome bug 744278 in power "power: On raw backlight types, clamp the value to a minumum" [Normal,Resolved: fixed]09:56
mgedminaccording to that bug (which was fixed in g-s-d 3.16.2), turning backlight down to 0 shouldn't turn off my lcd09:56
mgedminit does09:56
mgedminI'm on g-s-d 3.18.209:56
darkxstmgedmin, its clamps to 1%, some screens require a bit more to stay visible apparently09:57
mgedminapparently :/09:58
darkxstso long as it comes back on when you increase the brightness. its not a huge issue ?09:59
* mgedmin has a thinkpad x220 (4291-WJF) with intel video ([8086:0126] (rev 09))09:59
mgedminno, it's not a huge issue for me10:00
LinDolhi all13:01

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