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apwstgraber, https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/lxc/+bug/1517426 ... seems lxc is failing its autotests for what looks like a bad dep11:39
ubot5Ubuntu bug 1517426 in lxc (Ubuntu) "[trusty] lxc: lxc now depends on lxcfs which is only in backports" [Undecided,New]11:39
cariboucan someone ping my nick again, please ?11:52
apwcaribou, ?11:58
caribouapw: thanks!12:01
gpiccoliHello, I don't know if this is the right place for asking help on this, but I'm having trouble in saving logs of kernel crashes on Ubuntu 14.04.3. Sorry to bother with this14:33
gpiccoliI have the linux-crashdump and the following parameter on my cmdline: "crashkernel=384M-2G:64M,2G-:128M"14:33
gpiccoliEven so, nothing shows up on /var/crash after a crash (I'm using sysrq for testing)14:34
gpiccoliAny clue?14:34
apwgpiccoli, is crash dumping enabled, i don't think it is by default when the package is installed14:37
apwcaribou, ^14:37
gpiccoliapw, I followed some procedures of wiki page - I notice the following line on my dmesg: "Reserving 128MB of memory at 128MB for crashkernel (System RAM: 4096MB)"14:38
caribouapw: yes, it needs to be enabled in /etc/default/kdump-tools :14:38
caribougpiccoli: ^14:38
gpiccoliwow, nice! thanks caribou and apw !14:38
caribougpiccoli: USE_KDUMP=1 and then sudo kdump-config load (assuming that you have rebooted & crashkernel= is present)14:38
apwgpiccoli, do fix the wiki if it isn't correctly indicated in there14:38
gpiccoliShould I document this on wiki? OR is it already there, and I missed?14:38
apwgpiccoli, that you missed it implies it is not well enough presented even if it is there14:39
caribougpiccoli: let me check. Which wiki are you looking at ?14:39
gpiccolithis one caribou: https://help.ubuntu.com/lts/serverguide/kernel-crash-dump.html14:39
gpiccoliapw, good point hehehe14:40
caribougpiccoli: apw: it is under "Configuratino"14:40
caribouwell "Configuration"14:40
gpiccoliwow, sorry caribou and apw14:40
cariboubut I keep being asked to have it enabled by default14:40
gpiccoliMy bad =//14:41
caribougpiccoli: no worry14:41
gpiccolicaribou, what is the con in having this enabled by default?14:41
apwyeah np, documentation is lik that14:41
caribouapw: we talked about it in Austin, remember14:41
caribougpiccoli: nothing really, it is mostly historical14:41
apwcaribou, indeed, it does seem odd to install something which has no other purpose and not enable it by default14:41
caribouapw: agree14:41
apwif it needs configuration before enabling it makes sense, yes fine14:42
gpiccoliIs there a way to enable this flag automatically on linux-crashdump install ?14:42
gpiccoliWould be nifty14:42
apwgpiccoli, could be done, but it is i a change, and so needs discussing publically first14:42
apwin case there is a compelling reason not to that we are not htought of14:42
caribouapw: I just had a chat with bwh in #debian-kernel and he's fine with having the small initrd fix in Debian as well14:42
gpiccolisure apw, I agree! I think it makes sense...for airheads like me heh14:43
apwcaribou, nice, i thnk i  saw you chatting14:43
caribouapw: so I'm thinking of pairing this change with defaulting to Yes14:43
apwgpiccoli, for the casual user you want it to work as best it can without config, even if power users will want to change things14:43
caribouapw: with the option of setting it to False if needed14:43
gpiccoliGreat caribou and apw!!! 14:43
apwcaribou, might be woth sending out some kind of rfc on that if you havent, to ubuntu-devel or something14:44
caribouthen I'll push both changes to Debian/Sid so it syncs to Xenial14:44
apwsomething more focused if there is one14:44
caribouapw: ubuntu-devel & ubuntu-kernel maybe ?14:44
apwworks for me14:44
apwi can't see you getting any responses at all :)14:44
caribouapw: that's what happened with my post to debian-kernel :-)14:45
apwcaribou, :)14:46
caribouapw: the kernel ML is kernel-team@lists.launchpad.net, right ?14:47
apwcaribou, ack14:49
apwcaribou, approved your post14:53
gpiccoliapw, caribou: I'm still with no luck15:17
caribougpiccoli: let me run a  quick test15:17
gpiccoliEven with those modifications, only a file named kexec_cmd is created15:17
gpiccoliI'm on PPC64 kvm _guest_15:17
caribouoh, ppc6415:17
gpiccoliWhat I need is only the log, I don't even need the vmcore15:18
caribougpiccoli: any chance I can access it remotely ?15:18
gpiccoliUnfortunately no caribou, I'm very sorry15:19
gpiccoliIt's private network only15:19
caribougpiccoli: np15:19
gpiccoliI can perform any test you want although15:19
gpiccoliNote: I already could generate those dumps in the past days15:19
gpiccoliReinstalled the system and now, it does not work15:19
apwgpiccoli, big or little endian (powerpc or ppc64el debian arch)15:20
gpiccoliapw ^15:21
caribougpiccoli: would you be able to capture the console output during one of your test ?15:22
gpiccoliok, 15:22
gpiccoliwhat dfo you need to see?15:22
caribougpiccoli: well, the portion between the kernel panic & the reboot15:22
gpiccoliok, I can put here, but we have not too much output there15:23
apwgpiccoli, i would pastebinit, rather than putting it in ir15:23
gpiccoligood idea apw! I'll paste some more info too =)15:24
gpiccoliapw, caribou: http://pastebin.ca/325973915:30
gpiccoliDo you need after QEMU boot logs?15:30
gpiccoliI sttoped on QEMU first line, can past the rest here if you want15:30
gpiccoliI should check my loglevel too...15:31
caribougpiccoli: well, there's nothing after the sysrq-trigger, you should have the panic backtrace, etc15:32
gpiccoliThere you go!15:33
gpiccoliWhat do you think that can be happening?15:33
gpiccoliIt's like if crashes are not being even dumpeed15:34
caribougpiccoli: ? same pastebin ?15:34
apwcaribou, well you see it starting to do osmething, as it emits what looks like half of the first line of a kernel boot ?15:35
gpiccolicaribou, I'm sorry - I didn't understand your question marks hehe15:35
caribouapw: it should start by displaying the panic() msg15:35
apwcaribou, he is saying that is all he gets, "there you go you are seeing what i see" not "there you go some more information"15:36
caribougpiccoli: I thought you had pasted more information somewhere else15:36
apwenglish, sooooo unambigious15:36
gpiccoliyes apw, thanks!!!15:36
gpiccoliyour got right my expression. Sorry caribou15:36
caribougpiccoli: can you paste the result of "sudo kdump-config show" pls ?15:36
gpiccoliI'm not so good in english, so it can be entirely my bad - sorry15:36
caribougpiccoli: no worry:)15:37
apwthe SLOF line is the indicator that we are booting a new right, after the crash would have been completed if it had occured15:37
gpiccolicaribou, apw: http://pastebin.ca/325975115:38
caribougpiccoli: what's the result of cat /sys/kernel/fadump_enabled ?15:42
cariboulong shot15:42
gpiccoliroot@ubuntu:~# cat /sys/kernel/fadump_enabled15:43
gpiccolicat: /sys/kernel/fadump_enabled: No such file or directory15:43
caribougpiccoli: ok, just wanted to check, this is a PPC specific dump mode15:43
gpiccoliok, great!15:44
gpiccoliBTW, thanks verym uch for your help15:44
apwslangasek, i think it was you who asked why our testing depended on exim4.  I think i have just found out (well cking did), it seems the aslr test in QRT uses starting/stopping exim as part of its payload15:46
ckingnamely because of bug https://bugs.launchpad.net/bugs/50416415:47
ubot5Ubuntu bug 504164 in linux (Ubuntu Jaunty) "Random segfaults on amd64 (Hardy through Jaunty)" [Medium,Fix released]15:47
caribougpiccoli: I'm going to fetch a PPC64 iso & try to test it locally. May take a little while 15:49
gpiccoliThanks very very much caribou, I'm really appreciate your help =)15:50
gpiccoliI'll turn my guest off [some more people need the machine]15:50
caribougpiccoli: well, I maintain that code so I would highly prefer to see it work ;-)15:51
gpiccolihehehe =)15:52
gpiccoliGreat to hear! 15:52
gpiccoliYour are a very nice maintainer, it's good to see such interest and effort15:53
gpiccoliNot all maintainers are as you, we all know heh15:53
caribougpiccoli: Is using PPC64 as the VM architecture correct ?15:58
gpiccoliHmmm..I don't know15:59
gpiccoliWhat are the possibilities?15:59
gpiccolicaribou ^15:59
gpiccoliI can check my VM here15:59
caribougpiccoli: If I select ppc64le, it asks me for an existing image16:00
gpiccoliin libvirt sml we have:     <type arch='ppc64' machine='pseries-2.4'>hvm</type>16:00
caribougpiccoli: I'm getting near end of day. Can you email me the .xml description of your VM ?16:09
slangasekapw: ah, heh.  exim still seems a strange choice of mta then :)16:11
apwslangasek, its not as an mta, it is because that specific binary was a reproducer16:11
slangasekahhh ok16:12
gpiccoliSure caribou, thanks!!16:13
gpiccoliPM me your email16:13
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jderoseWhen is 4.2.0-19.23 expected to land in Wily updates?17:28
apwjderose, iirc we are about 2 weeks out17:31
apwjderose, assuming not kitten killers it is slated to release by the 28th17:33
jderoseapw: much thanks! i wasn't sure whether I was reading the kernel newsletter correctly or not :)17:34
apwjderose, yep, the dates are intentionally vague to let things move around for emergencies and regressions17:34
cristian_cjsalisbury: hello19:56

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