Laneyhi, wondering if anyone is looking at mir blocked in xenial-proposed?09:57
Laney(liburcu hangs on ppc64el)10:01
alan_gLaney: I'm not aware of it. But I don't see how Mir can impact liburcu?10:13
Laneyit's one of Mir's dependencies10:14
seb128alan_g, it doesn't impact it directly, it's the other way around10:14
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seb128MIR is blocked because one of the libs it's using needs to be fixed10:15
alan_gseb128: ah, at least that makes sense.10:15
alan_gSo landing wouldn't break anything that isn't already broken?10:19
seb128that's not how it works10:21
seb128that library got an update10:21
seb128and the new mir built/got linked to that new version10:21
seb128so landing the mir update means landing the library update with it10:21
seb128so if the lib has a regression mir might have a regression as well10:21
seb128even if it's not mir's fault10:22
seb128or said differently the library you are using needs to be cleared out or it's going to block mir10:22
LaneyAnd blocking mir means it blocks anything that depends on mir (in this case GTK)10:22
alan_galf_: is it AlbertA trying to release Mir to xenial?10:26
alan_gseb128: I've no idea how to "clear out liburcu" - is this urgent? Or can it wait for the USA to wake up?10:27
seb128alan_g, it can wait for them to wake up10:27
seb128alan_g, the issue with liburcu is that the build/tests hang on ppc64el10:28
seb128so somebody needs to debug why10:28
seb128(likely an upstream issue, it's also happening in Debian)10:28
alf_alan_g: Yes, 0.17.110:28
alan_gseb128: can't we just use the old version?10:29
alf_seb128: problem with ppc64el is that we have no reasonable way to replicate the problems locally10:30
alan_gWho can debug ppc64el?10:30
seb128alan_g, we would need to delete the update and rebuild mir10:32
seb128but that's not really constructive, we are going to need to update that lib one day10:32
seb128so better to fix the issue and move forward10:32
alan_gseb128: the first problem is the lack of any ppc64el kit on which to investigate.10:35
seb128Laney guessed that would be an issue :-/10:35
Laneythere's the bos01 cloud10:35
LaneyI would hope that it's possible to get access there10:36
Laneyalthough... I just tested on an instance there (abusing my access through autopkgtest) and it actually built :(10:37
Laneyone second10:37
ubot5Ubuntu bug 1511458 in linux (Ubuntu Vivid) "liburcu fails to build on ppc64el" [High,Confirmed]10:38
Laneyseems it might be a cloud/kernel bug10:40
* Laney asked10:42
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pandatronewhat happened to mir?last update is 2015-11-1314:09
pandatrone5 days ago14:09
alan_gpandatrone: MP landings have been backing up because of trouble in CI. Hoping that is now resolved.14:14
pandatronealan_g, phew :D thanks!14:14
alan_gwere you waiting on something?14:17
pandatronealan_g, nope. i just like to read the new mir updates :D14:20
* alan_g resolves to write interesting commit comments.14:23
anpok_alan_g: evemu-record worked for me when I dont send it to background14:54
anpok_but it just terminates otherwise14:54
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alan_gOK, you need both devices at the same time?14:55
anpok_alan_g: hm I think so yes..14:56
anpok_but there is also a slight chance that this will be fixed by: https://code.launchpad.net/~andreas-pokorny/mir/use-one-cursor-position-per-seat/+merge/27784314:57
anpok_but I cannot remember the details14:57
tsdgeosguys, i need this https://code.launchpad.net/~aacid/mir/eintr_dispatch_loop/+merge/277847 otherwise my unity8 aborts, can anyone with more knowledge of the code have a look and decide if it makes any sense?15:00
alan_ganpok_: sent. I'll try your branch later15:06
alan_gtsdgeos: looks weird to me too. I think RAOF wrote most of that code15:07
alan_gLaney: is the problem with liburcu still needing help from Mir?15:10
anpok_alan_g: hm ok but you are pressing alt while moving the trackpoint?15:26
Laneyalan_g: not right now, hopefully lp will fix it15:58
Laneyhttps://portal.admin.canonical.com/85976 for those who can see that15:58
alan_ganpok_: which set of your branches should I merge to test laptop?16:25
alan_ganpok_: reapplied lp:~andreas-pokorny/mir/load-all-supported-input-platforms and lp:~andreas-pokorny/mir/use-one-cursor-position-per-seat - I still have a problem. The trackpoint controls the cursor unless the middle button is pressed. Alt+left button drags the triangle, Alt on its own or Alt+right just move the cursor. Just pressing the middle button (with or without Alt) and the cursor only responds to the touchpad (16:46
alan_gbut that has never worked with the "mouse" buttons).16:46
anpok_we do not unify the mouse buttons16:58
anpok_for the input stack the trackpoint and the mouse buttons belong to one device and the touchpad is separate..16:59
anpok_that means touchpad movement + trackpoint buttons are two separate streams of events hence.. if someone checks for button state on motion events all will be released..17:00
anpok_but thats simple to combine .. just like we did with modifier..17:00
alan_gI just don't want to break something that is already working (trackpoint+middle button)17:01
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alan_gI thought it might be diagnostic that the left and right buttons do work17:02
anpok_hmm yes that is strange17:08
alan_gis something misidentifying it as a *two* button mouse?17:13
anpok_oh I have to make sure the server sees the first events too otherwise it will miss the middle button down press17:17
anpok_yes I can reproduce .. it has nothing to do with any of my theories.17:18
alan_ganpok_: reproduction is the first step towards diagnosis17:21
anpok_hum.. and I believe we dont want to have a separate button state between pointing devices17:29
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