dupingpingHi, motus.03:25
dupingpingHow can i become a motu?03:25
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tewardbackport request guidance please18:52
tewardreverse-suggests - how do I handle those, since it's not an rdep can I safely ignore?18:52
tewardand debug symbols, can I ignore those for the 'run' portion of tests18:53
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micahgteward: reverse suggests can be safely ignored19:34
tewardmicahg: OK, and the debug symbols packages, test for install but not run?19:46
teward(like we had done before)19:46
micahgyeah, that sounds fine19:47
tewardOK, when I run the requestbackport and adjust the report I'll make those notes19:47
teward(znc 1.6.2 here we come!)19:47
tewardthough, requestbackport doesn't take into account interim releases19:47
tewardwhich is annoying me19:47
teward(more copypaste on my part)19:47
micahgit does when it's required, just open a request for each release if you like19:49
tewardi can cluster them, or do separate ones, though having them in one would mean less link tracking for me to do :p19:50
tewardoh goody it builds in oldstable >.>19:50
micahgheh, whatever is easier for you19:50
AcerioHow are you, Na3iL?22:12
Na3iLI am fine thanks Acerio what about you?22:12
AcerioI am okay Na3iL, I am currently reading on the wiki about contributing to MOTU.22:13
AcerioI have become very interested, lately, as I've been a Ubuntu user for some time now.22:13
Na3iLWelcome Acerio :)22:14
AcerioThank you :]22:14
AcerioAre you a MOTU member, Na3iL?22:15
Na3iLNot yet Acerio , I am new as well.. I have read the wiki & some other resources of MOTU22:17
Na3iLAnd currently am waiting for a stable connection.. to get more involved22:17
AcerioI am currently doing so. Lots to read, and lots to be excited for.22:17
AcerioWhat do you mean, by stable connection?22:17
Na3iLI am connected via mobile, and the connection in my country is sucks, I can't even open duckduckgo.com22:18
AcerioThat is unfortunate Na3iL. Hopefully things will be better in the near future.22:20
Na3iLThank you Acerio I appreciate it :)22:20

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