lamontarges: around?  can I poke you to process bcache-tools/precise-proopsed out of NEW?14:44
lamontthat way, I can test it and confirm it.14:44
argeslamont: yes14:48
argeslamont: looking14:48
lamontarges: and then there's bug 151566114:49
argeslamont: so this works with precise/3.2 or do you need to use the lts-trusty kernel14:51
argesbcache that is14:51
lamontbcache needs the kernel module that hasn't been backported to the precise kernel14:53
lamontwhich is acceptable, in that we can document taht you have to use hwe-t kernel14:54
lamonttbf, I haven't actually checked the stock precise kernel.  let me do that for giggles, but I'm 99% certain that it'll tell me to jump in a lake14:55
argeslamont: so just to be clear, hwe-t works? or you have to use an out of tree module build?14:55
lamonthwe-t is demonstrated to work14:56
argeslamont: ok ok14:56
lamontthough it did require me to use 1515661's kernel/initrd14:56
lamontwhich actually means that really testing stock precise with any hope of success needs 1515661 to land along with bcache-tools, and a new daily image...14:57
argeslamont: so ideally for cloud-initramfs-tools we need bug 1236380 to be verified as well and it should cook in -proposed for 7 days14:58
* lamont pokes smoser about that15:00
argesinfinity: ^^^ since you did the acceptance, is this one of those high prio things we should push out sooner than later? cloud-initramfs-tools in precise15:00
lamontarges: it's a blocker for maas1.9, which will rc2 this week, if I'm understanding things correctly15:00
argeslamont: ok good to know15:01
argesi think at a minimum getting bug 1236380 verified should be done15:02
lamontarges: so... 1236380 is actually "not fixed, but not regressing anything" -- I'll be updating it shortly with what I think is an actual diff15:06
argeslamont: ok appreciate it15:06
lamontbut I don't know that we need to reject the promotion on that account15:06
lamontarges: and I've been schooled.15:07
* lamont doesn't actuallyhave anything to test that with, so it's semi problematic15:08
lamontand I misread the code.15:08
lamontarges: trying to make a machine that loves it enoug to exercise that code.  as a side note, regression is highly unlikey, in that every trusty cloud boot since early 2014 has been exercising this very code.15:13
argeslamont: ack. also not sure if some maas people could also verify too. i'd think some arm hardware might run into this issue more frequently?15:14
argesbut then again probably not running precise15:14
lamontarges: tbf, I am one of the maas people.15:14
lamontbut yeah, seeing what I can see15:15
argeslamont: ah. : )15:15
infinityarges: I don't mind it being fasttracked, if they prove they've tested the three bits that changed.15:43
argesinfinity: ack15:44
* lamont finds a laptop that netboots15:48
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lamontarges: and yeah, stupid sd cards shows up as sdb on the both of hte machines I can test with, so no go for my testing.17:07
argeslamont: ok17:08
lamontotoh, I'm willing to believe that it's at least no worse than the prior code wrt 123638017:08
argeslamont: ok made a note in the bug to please re-open if verification fails. thanks for attempting to verify this one17:13
argeslamont: bcache-tools accepted, so once that hits the archive you can verify.17:19
lamontarges: woot17:22
* lamont looks forward to dropping his ppa and associated hackery from his last test17:22
lamontarges: will test in several minutes, since I see it released17:24
* stgraber pokes queuebot, there should be two more of those :)18:44
lamontcan I sweet talk someone into letting django-piston3 out of NEW? (xenial)18:49
stgraberLaney, micahg: updated lxc backport in trusty-backports queue (two cherry-picks from upstream)18:58
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micahgstgraber: looking19:37

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