tsdgeosmzanetti: you could reproduce the bug with the dash contents being empty until closed again on the desktop?09:23
mzanettiyes, 100%09:23
tsdgeosmzanetti: on unity7 too or just on unity8 as a session?09:24
mzanettijust unity809:24
tsdgeosso i'll have to sort that first if i'm supposed to work on the bug :D09:24
tsdgeosfirst back to filters09:25
mzanettiright... strange it won't work for you09:25
mzanettitsdgeos, but yes, sooner or later you'd need to get that sorted anyways.09:25
tsdgeosactually it's very funny09:25
tsdgeossince it throws an exception once i log in inside unity809:25
tsdgeosso unity8 and stuff is already up09:25
tsdgeosmzanetti: honestly i'm not very keen on going to debug why mir decides to throw expcetions up09:26
tsdgeosbut oh well09:26
mzanettitsdgeos, it must be some setup issue on your machine I think09:59
tsdgeosmzanetti: i don't knwo i almost removed and reinstalled everything regarding unity8 and mir yesterdya and the same10:00
tsdgeosi am not sure it may be something lib related10:00
tsdgeosbut maybe10:01
tsdgeosand the exception i get is a runtime one with unity8 running already10:01
tsdgeosone would think that it it was a lib mismatch it'd fail to start altogether10:02
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tsdgeosdo we have any MR removing this?13:26
tsdgeos./Stages/DesktopStage.qml:166:                onVisibleChanged: console.log("VISIBLE", model.appId, visible)13:26
tsdgeosmzanetti: ↑ ?13:26
mzanettitsdgeos, not that I know, but there's chances ltinkl has one13:27
ltinkltsdgeos, yup, it's gone in my new decorations branch13:32
mterryltinkl, welcome back  :)14:08
mterryltinkl, we had the meeting yesterday, only briefly talked about oobe, but looks like mostly they want spacing changes like making text lines taller -- i.e. more spacing between and trying to wrap text lines better14:09
ltinklmterry, I explained in the review document this is not possible to do... sigh did they read it? :)14:09
mterryltinkl, I've updated our PPA to be a bit closer to landing-ready.  I've made it vivid+xenial.  And added a couple other packages associated with my edge intro changes14:09
mterryltinkl, oh I talked to them14:10
ltinklmterry, cool, thanks for that14:10
mterryltinkl, both seem possible.  What's the problem?  Don't we have a Text.lineHeight property?14:10
ltinklmterry, they want to alter the linespacing, which isn't possible in QML14:10
mterryltinkl, and couldn't we have an invisible Text that we know how long the label width is, so we know where to set its wrap width?14:10
mterryltinkl, isn't that Text.lineHeight?14:10
ltinklmterry, hmm right... maybe, will try14:11
mterryltinkl, they also mentioned that some account screen they didn't want was still in there14:13
mterryltinkl, but then they mentioned that there was some newish requirement to keep the "admin password" (new name for the sudo password)14:13
mterryltinkl, I pushed back a little on that14:14
mterryltinkl, as you can see in the email -- tried to figure out where that was coming from.  It wasn't actually coming from security team, so I dunno why it's a requirement14:14
ltinklmterry, yeah the account screen is still there as I was waiting for the final decision whether it's still needed or not14:15
ltinklmterry, sent an email, let's see14:17
mterryltinkl, oh also, I had to disable tests in my branch because your branch failed them.  At the least for old imports (non-1.3), but maybe others?14:32
mterryltinkl, though I don't think the PPA runs the full qmltest suite14:32
mterryltinkl, let me know when you fix that and I can take out the disable line in mine14:33
ltinklmterry, yeah the tests are not fully in shape yet14:38
mterryltinkl, that's fine for the qmltests (mine aren't either).  But the import-checker tests runs during build14:38
mterryltinkl, so the PPA was ftbfs14:38
mterryltinkl, so please fjix that at least (it was from your merge from trunk)14:38
ltinklmterry, do you remember what was it failing at?14:50
mterryltinkl, yeah bad imports (non-1.3 / qt5.4)14:50
mterryltinkl, make tests should show the failure14:51
ltinklmterry, hmm it passes here14:51
mterryltinkl, uh I meant "make test" but if that still passes...  good?  I can remove the test-comment-out-lines14:53
ltinklmterry, hmm that doesn't, a sec14:53
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ltinklmterry, heh, interesting failure, it chokes on "import Ubuntu.Components.Popups 1.0"14:58
ltinklmterry, the regexp is too greedy14:58
mterryltinkl, no, your import should be 1.315:00
ltinklmterry, ok, that works15:00
ltinklmterry, I thought this component wasn't bumped15:01
ltinklmterry, alright, pushed the fixes, make test passing15:03
mterryltinkl, nic15:03
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ChrisTownsenddandrader: mzanetti: Any luck on reproducing the dual cursor on Unity 8 desktop?  bregma was just able to reproduce.18:50
mzanettiChrisTownsend, dandrader said he couldn't. I didn't find the time to try yet18:50
dandraderChrisTownsend, no. moved on to work on something else18:50
mzanettilet me try now18:50
ChrisTownsendmzanetti: dandrader: Ok18:51
mzanettidandrader, hmm... interesting...18:52
mzanettidandrader, so I started gedit, had just one cursor. then I clicked into gedit's menu, the cursor got stuck there and from the top left the second one appeared18:53
dandradermzanetti, oh, don't do that!18:53
mzanettidandrader, interesting thing is that the second cursor that appears is much faster than the first18:53
dandradermzanetti, we don't support menus yet18:53
dandradermzanetti, if will cause a new surface to be created to hold that menu. unity8 should blow up18:53
dandradermzanetti,  s/if/it18:53
mzanettiChrisTownsend, hey, if I see gedit's window decoration, does that mean it runs in libertine?18:54
ChrisTownsendI see it when I click inside the gedit window.18:54
ChrisTownsendmzanetti: No, not libertine at all.18:54
dandradermzanetti, gedit is drawing its own window decoration I think. from window manager's point of view it's a chrome-less window18:54
dandradermzanetti, or should I say GTK18:55
dandradermzanetti, another todo item: support "frameless" window hint or something like it18:55
ChrisTownsendJust clicking inside the gedit window will summon the second cursor.18:56
mzanettihad to reboot :D18:56
dandraderChrisTownsend, hmmmm.... so it's not jsut by running gedit, like the bug report said18:57
mzanettijust clicking inside the text editor doesn't get it for me18:58
ChrisTownsenddandrader: No, I think I made a comment in the bug that entering the window will cause the second cursor to appear, but I think actually clicking in the window is what triggers it.18:58
mzanettiI can select text etc, all fine18:58
ChrisTownsendmzanetti: You don't have a second cursor?18:58
dandraderChrisTownsend, I think Unity8 developers are immune to this bug :)18:59
mzanettiChrisTownsend, not unless I click a menu18:59
ChrisTownsenddandrader: lol, you guys!18:59
ChrisTownsendmzanetti: Hmm18:59
mzanettiI can repro it tho with the menu...18:59
mzanettiunity doesn't immediately blow up, it gets me the second cursor... doing some more clicks it eventually blows up then18:59
ChrisTownsendActually, this time, just entering the gedit window brought up the 2nd cursor.19:00
mzanettiChrisTownsend, could it be that it tries to open some tooltip or something?19:09
ChrisTownsendmzanetti: No, I don't think so.  I just move the regular cursor into the window and move it and then the 2nd appears.19:09
mzanettihmpf... nope, not happening here19:11
ChrisTownsendmzanetti: I don't understand.:-(19:12
ChrisTownsendmzanetti: I also see this using Vivid+overlay.19:12
mzanettiI can select text with the mouse just fine19:13
ChrisTownsendmzanetti: Hmm, that kind of looks like the original cursor provided by Mir and not the new Unity8 cursor that is larger and fuzzier.19:14
mzanettino, it's the slow one19:14
mzanettihigh-dpi screen here19:14
ChrisTownsendmzanetti: Ah, ok:)19:14
ChrisTownsendmzanetti: Are you using a mouse or touchpad?19:15
mzanettiChrisTownsend, speaking of which, can we scale gedit/gtk somehow?19:15
ChrisTownsendmzanetti: I'm sure it can be, but I'm not sure how.19:15
ChrisTownsendmzanetti: Ok, I'm using touchpad as well.19:15
mzanettiI'm on v+o too, daniel is probably on x19:16
ChrisTownsendmzanetti: Well, I'm stumped as to why you guys don't see it, but I know of at least 4 different machines that get this issue.19:18
ChrisTownsendmzanetti: As dandrader said, I guess you guys are immune.19:18
mzanettiChrisTownsend, how are you running it? starting a session from lightdm? unity8-desktop-session-mir?19:19
ChrisTownsendmzanetti: Yes, unity8-desktop-session-mir and using lightdm to login.  All packages from the archive.19:20
mzanettisame here :/19:20
ChrisTownsendmzanetti: Hmm, something weird.  I had my mouse over the window and was moving it slowly and didn't see the 2nd cursor.  Then as I was moving it, it showed up on the edge of the window as if it became visible all of a sudden and then stayed visible.  I wonder since you're on hi dpi if you keep moving the cursor around until the hidden cursor hits the window.19:24
ChrisTownsendmzanetti: dandrader: What code tells Mir to hide it's cursor?19:28
ChrisTownsend(I guess it's Mir cursor)19:29
dandraderChrisTownsend, it's in qtmir19:29
ChrisTownsenddandrader: ok19:29
dandraderChrisTownsend, it's kinda workaround. Mir is buggy when its comes to cursor visibility19:30
dandraderChrisTownsend, grep for 150220019:31
dandraderChrisTownsend, (it's the bug number associated with the issue)19:31
ChrisTownsenddandrader: Ok, will do, thanks19:31
dandraderChrisTownsend, and the fix (new api for wrapping mir cursor) is also buggy19:32
bregmaI'm not on a high DPI screen when I see the second cursor19:32
dandraderbregma, screen DPI should be orthogonal to this issue19:33
bregmathe supernumerarary cursor looks like a hardware cursor19:33
bregmamaybe GTK is turning that on directly (it likes to take control) and Unity 8 only does software cursors19:34
ChrisTownsendbregma: I do get the issue when running X apps as well like LO and FF.19:35
bregmaChrisTownsend, on Unity 8?  Don't those apps use GTK back ends where possible?19:36
ChrisTownsendbregma: I mean in a Libertine container, although I want to be clear that Libertine is not the culprit.19:37
ChrisTownsendI think screen resolution/DPI does have an effect on when the Mir cursor actually hits the gedit window.19:41
ChrisTownsendIt's not the cause of the issue, only it hides the issue from occurring.19:42
ChrisTownsendProbably something in Mir that says show the cursor over these types of windows.19:43
dandraderChrisTownsend, thing is, mir has no idea of what's going on in the unity8 qml scene19:59
dandraderChrisTownsend, unity-system-compositor only knows that it's (hidden) cursor is over the unity8 surface, which takes the entire screen20:00
dandraderChrisTownsend, the hardware cursor (that little bugger that pops up) is controlled by unity-system-compositor20:01
ChrisTownsenddandrader: Ok, thanks for the explanation.20:01
ChrisTownsenddandrader: Hmm, doing a quick look through u-s-c code, I don't see any calls to hide()/show() methods for the cursor.  Would there be other method names that do the same thing?20:04
dandraderChrisTownsend, I don't know that code. But I would think it's all in libmir itself20:09
dandraderChrisTownsend, ie, Mir20:09
ChrisTownsenddandrader: Ok20:09
dandraderChrisTownsend, it can be confusing. Because qtmir/unity8 uses libmir's server API, but it's in reality running as a nested server. It, from u-s-c perspective it's just a client application/surface20:10
ChrisTownsenddandrader: Yes, very confusing:)20:11
dandraderChrisTownsend, so in the nested server code paths you have server API's calling client APIs behind the scenes to talk to unity-system-compositor20:11
dandraderChrisTownsend, and that pretty much explains why the cursor API works so badly in a nested server20:12
ChrisTownsenddandrader: Sheesh, that's kind of messed up.20:12
dandraderChrisTownsend, I mean, it makes sense. but must be hell to implement :)20:13
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ChrisTownsenddandrader|afk: mzanetti: Rebuilding lightdm to disable "--enable-hardware-cursor=true" in it's call to unity-system-compositor no longer brings up the hardware cursor.  Not sure what the side effects of that is.20:28
mzanettiyeah... I guess if it always loads all the things this can quickly become too memory consuming20:31
mzanettiwrong chat :D20:31
mzanettiChrisTownsend, interesting. so when you see both cursors, does it still work fine? it's just a visual thing?20:32
ChrisTownsendmzanetti: The Unity 8 cursor is the one that works, the hardware cursor does not.20:33
ChrisTownsendmzanetti: I'm going to talk to robert_ancell about removing the hack in lightdm.20:33
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dandraderChrisTownsend, interesting20:52
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