jcastron0p: around?19:31
n0pmy email alert system still works \o/19:32
n0pby the way: http://www.meetup.com/ann-arbor-php/events/226822626/19:33
n0pjcastro: yo19:33
cmaloneyToo slow19:34
cmaloneyhe's moved on to something else.19:34
cmaloneyprobably telling someone how awesome Death Magnetic is or something. ;)19:35
n0pi was just listening to that :boom:19:35
cmaloneyAt least someone is.19:36
cmaloneyCurrently Playing: Skeletonwitch - Crushed Beyond Dust19:37
jcastron0p: are you going to that meetup?19:41
jcastron0p: I need to ask you some PHP things, mind a call today?19:41
n0pjcastro: yes going to the meetup, sure on the call, but not right now, going into a pair ops session to setup an ELK stack :-), how about after 4:30 ish19:43
jcastroyou got my number? You can just call me whenevs19:43
n0p@hubot: remind me to call jcastro at 16:4519:44
jcastrohah I know right19:44
jcastrodo you work @ nutshell?19:45
jcastrolooking at the site I think this is what you were working on before?19:45
jcastroman dude I just realized we haven't hung out in like 2 years19:45
n0pyeah, nutshell, been here since jan 2011 :success:19:51
jcastroI want to know how your ELK thing goes too19:52
greg-gI want an elk burger now19:52
n0pspeaking of /jobs, we need peeps if anyone is interested, it's a great place19:54
cscheibn0p: what're you doing with ELK?20:05
cscheibI'm (re)building my ELK environment in vagrant/puppet right now.20:06

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