h00kthat was pretty funny, I did not know you did that for tmux00:48
tsimonq2h00k: what do YOU use for an IRC client?00:49
h00ktsimonq2: irssi in a screen on my VPS01:03
tsimonq2I use tmux and irssi!01:04
tsimonq2so we both use irssi!01:04
h00kNo tmux here, I've actually never used it01:04
tsimonq2it's awesome01:04
tsimonq2although same functions as screen01:04
h00kI used Terminator back in the day01:06
* tsimonq2 started using Ubuntu in February01:07
h00kOoh, it's a different terminal, it allowed me to click/interact with screens/split it similar to screen, but without having to learn/memorize keybindings01:25
h00kso I learned Terminator for a while, it was pretty sweet.01:25
tsimonq2h00k: you read the email(s)?01:35
h00ktsimonq2: Yep!01:36
tsimonq2h00k: all 5000000 of them?01:59
h00ktsimonq2: probably like 2 or 3 ;)02:03
h00k50000 lines of text, mebbe02:03
tsimonq2h00k: but mainly, the Hangout announcement, the newsletter, and the Kernel team update?02:27
h00ktsimonq2: I read the hangout announcement (the really long one), newsletter, and kernel team, yep02:34
tsimonq2good :)02:41
tsimonq2hey sir h00k19:45
tsimonq2o/ mikeputnam19:52
lostatworki haven't use ubuntu in a while but with 15.10 are web apps not working anymore with firefox ?20:24
tsimonq2lostatwork: hmm haven't noticed it21:07
tsimonq2lostatwork: but yet again, are you running the latest wily?21:08
tsimonq2h00k: Jessica put this in the Memes Hangout, wanted to point this out21:09
tsimonq2h00k: http://is.gd/XEOpfn21:09
lostatworkyeah that is why I said 15.1021:17
lostatworkor yes wily21:17
tsimonq2lostatwork: no, I mean is your computer updated?21:17
tsimonq2lostatwork: either way, to update it run sudo apt update && sudo apt -y dist-upgrade21:17
lostatworkfresh install fully updated21:18
tsimonq2maybe talk to the folks in #ubuntu21:18
h00k!info libunity-webapps22:34
lubotu1Package libunity-webapps does not exist in vivid22:34
tsimonq2oh HAI h00k22:34

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