superflyMorning 05:32
pieter2627morning all06:07
mazalHi superfly and pieter262706:26
who_da_flyWoo! The video of my company is finally up! https://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=1RzlAK3VVjM07:21
inetprogood mornings07:57
mazalMorning inetpro08:17
Kilosmorning all09:58
Kiloshehe just made it09:58
mazalHi Kilos10:19
Kiloshi mazal 10:19
mazalHow goes ?10:19
Kilosall goof ty mazal and there10:29
mazalOkish , got 2 new toys10:29
mazalPS4 for me and a SSD for my pc10:29
mazalGoing back to Ubuntu completely at home in May. Back the way it should be10:30
mazalGaming over to PS4 now10:30
mazalBut I am struggling with my pc though , dunno what's up10:31
mazalFreeze on bios sometimes , 3 usb ports dead , and freeze in OS sometimes as well. Think it is motherboard10:31
Kilosyou corrupted it10:31
Kilosoh my10:31
mazalWasn't me :P10:31
mazalEskom maybe , but not me10:32
Kilosblow board clean and reseat you ram cards10:32
mazalAnd can't afford replacement parts10:32
mazalSo still working on a plan for May10:32
Kilosits most likely repairable man10:33
Kilosunplug battery and blow all clean, reseat all cards and plugs and boot up and set bios10:34
Kiloshow can 3 usb ports go dead10:34
mazalI dunno , but they are10:35
Kilossomething in bios not seeing them'10:35
mazalThey used to work , but not anymore , don't even pick up a mouse10:35
Kilosunplug batery10:36
mazalOh and the audio went crazy as well10:36
Kilosclean all then try again10:36
Kilosyou got a bbug in it10:36
mazalFor some reason the board started picking up every port as the mic port10:36
Kilosoh ya you have win on it10:36
Kilosno wonder10:36
mazalI actually had to disable all audio port and force all as speaker out to get audio back10:37
mazalNow everything on it is speaker out lol10:37
Kilosstart with bios cleanup10:38
mazalSo we'll see come May if OS is to blame , but I seriously doubt it10:38
Kilosbattery out 10:38
Kilosdont forget you get virii in bios as well10:38
mazalMy money is on hardware broken sponsored by Eskom10:39
mazalBut I will try that when time comes ( the unplugging and resetting )10:40
mazalThe SSD part , it's okish , but nowhere near so much faster to warrant the price10:41
mazalBut is ok , now I finally have one10:41
Kiloswow it should be much faster10:41
mazalNah it's highly overrated imo. Yes it boots and starts up much faster. But the actual working is not much quicker. Alot is CPU and RAM and network dependant10:42
mazalThe only big difference I see is in boot and startup. The rest is not much different10:43
who_da_flyinetpro: did you see our video?10:52
mazalwho_da_fly: I watched it10:52
who_da_flymazal: what you think?10:53
mazalYou build those ?10:53
mazalNice , some smart people around :)10:53
pieter2627mazal: you can also test if it is the hardware using a live usb11:56
mazalIndeed , never thought about that thanx12:07
mazalBye all12:35
VlekkieHey, hows everybody?14:56
Kiloshi vle15:04
inetproKilos: did you get rain last night?15:17
inetprowho_da_fly: nice video! 15:17
Kilos1/2 mm inetpro 15:20
Kiloswhere this video15:20
Kilosand what size15:20
inetproat least we got double that15:20
Kilosdrizzling here now15:20
inetproKilos: https://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=1RzlAK3VVjM15:21
Kilosis it not a 1g download?15:21
Kilosif small ill download it15:22
Kilosaw it doesnt download15:23
inetproKilos: I reached home with just a slight drizzle along the way... wind starting to get stronger now16:17
Kiloslucky hey16:17
inetproapparently heavy rain falling in parts of #Johannesburg16:18
superflyinetpro: thanks. Google did all the work, we just sat there looking pretty 16:26
inetprosuperfly: cool, was this all part of the reason for your trip?16:27
superflyNope, that was done ages ago 16:32
Kilosweather liar says we must expect heaven rain inetpro 17:34
Kilostonight and all day tomorrow17:35
inetproweather liar? haha17:35
KilosMaaz forecast pretoria17:36
MaazKilos: Wednesday: Thunderstorm. High: 27° C., Wednesday Night: Thunderstorm. Low: 14° C., Thursday: Thunderstorm. High: 22° C., Thursday Night: Thunderstorm. Low: 14° C., Friday: Chance of a Thunderstorm. High: 27° C., Friday Night: Thunderstorm. Low: 16° C., Saturday: Thunderstorm. High: 26° C., Saturday Night: Clear. Low: 12° C., Sunday: Clear. High: 26°17:36
MaazC., Sunday Night: Clear. Low: 12° C., Monday: Clear. High: 24° C., Monday Night: Clear…17:36
inetprohmm... latest @tWeatherSA Alert: The SA Weather Service has issued a watch for severe T-storms in GP on Thursday. Large #HAIL, damaging winds & heavy rain possible17:36
Kiloseish aterday night is winter again17:36
inetprothis afternoon they said 1pm-11pm on Wednesday17:38
Kiloshi ambo Webtricity 17:43
Kilosi hear thunder in the distance17:57
grembleEvening 18:06
inetproKilos: let it come closer before you get excited otherwise it might run away again18:06
inetprohello gremble18:06
Kiloshi gremble 18:07
grembleHow are you two doing18:07
inetprogremble: very good thanks, at least we've had some waters from the skies in the past few days18:07
Kiloswell ty and you18:08
grembleinetpro: There has been some damage here. One of the car dealerships in van der hoff weg had their roof collapse and a house in capital park had a wall collapse18:08
grembleThat's what I've seen so far18:09
grembleapparently in mountain view (south of pretoria north) there is even more damage18:09
grembleI'm doing well kilos. Thanks.18:09
inetproeish! I was wondering as I was driving to work this morning about all those dealerships with insufficient roof coverage18:12
Kilosyeah many places got damaged18:13
grembleThey still had three cars stuck under the roof that we could see18:14
grembleMust suck to get to work and see that18:14
Kilosand the freestate got 23 days water left they said on the news just now18:17
grembleDay 24 is going to be really awkward18:18
Kilostheyg be happy with hail damage, they get some work to do while waiting for the ice to melt18:18
Kilosweather liar says they getting heavy rain tonight and tomorrow18:19
Kilosnight all. sleep tight19:31
inetprowb Cryterion19:52
grembleHey Cryterion 19:52
Cryteriontks, been busy out on site lately19:52
kulelu88gremble: yo21:30
grembleHey kulelu88 21:32
grembleWell thanks and with yuorself?21:33
kulelu88i'm goo21:40
grembleGood :P21:41
grembleGoddamned internet is so slow, I can't even open up pages21:41
gremblepretty much. 21:51
kulelu88my speeds are good now21:56
grembleYou have a new ISP or things just generally improved?21:59
kulelu88I'm not in S.Africa anymore22:01
grembleOh? Where'd you bounce to?22:02

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