daftykinshylian: no /dev is mounted to /mnt/dev00:00
BlastRedThanks for the help anyway!00:00
daftykinshylian: sorry but i think you need to back up, sounds like none of this was followed quite correctly.00:00
Jordan_Udaftykins: I actually disagree, as the solutions to any of the hardware problems (that affect the operation of Ubuntu) are specific to Ubuntu.00:00
hyliandaftykins: it is specialty mounted. folders are block bsg bus char, etc.00:00
daftykinsJordan_U: i'm talking about the physical drive swap part.00:00
daftykinswe just got asked which is the HDD...00:00
daftykinshylian: sorry i'm giving up, what you just said makes no sense00:01
Bashing-omBlastRed: I was goofing off .. lemme catch up .00:01
Jordan_Udaftykins: Ahh, yes I missed that. That is indeed for ##hardwre.00:01
hyliandaftykins: it IS mounted to /mnt/dev, as you requested, so I am asking what to do next, ok? (sorry i f I am unclear)\00:02
daftykinsi don't have much confidence in this right now.00:04
hyliandaftykins: please, continue00:04
daftykinsno because all of this is pointless if you did anything earlier wrong00:04
mcornstuHas anyone had success getting Ubuntu (any version) on a Lenovo 100S?00:04
mcornstuThe 32-bit Baytrail UEFI is killing me00:04
hyliandaftykins: i followed your instructions, everything is mounted, please for the love of god dont leave me hanging now00:05
HackerIIhe does things like that.00:05
daftykinsthat's a complete lie, HackerII00:05
daftykinshylian: you can try "update-initramfs -u" but i think you did something wrong.00:06
cblakeHow to enforce a certain device driver for a certain sound card ?!00:07
daftykinsblacklist the alternative perhaps00:07
OerHeksmcornstu, 32 bit uefi ... https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UEFI  nt sure it can be done00:07
daftykinsmcornstu OerHeks - yeah i remember seeing a workaround on the bug tracker00:08
brack9What does it mean when an interface in /etc/network/interfaces has the suffix "sX" where X is an integer?00:08
mcornstuThanks! This thing is driving me nuts00:08
mcornstuI can boot into grub, but I am stuck at a grub prompt00:09
daftykinsbrack9: so what are you seeing in full?00:09
mcornstuthe installer doesnt fire for e00:09
brack9daftykins: eth0s100:09
OerHeksmcornstu, install in legacy/bios mode00:09
daftykinshylian: so did you run it or did HackerII run off with you in a PM to give you bad advice...00:10
mcornstuI dont think the 100s has a legacy bios00:10
mcornstupretty sure its straight EFI00:10
daftykinsmcornstu: did you see http://askubuntu.com/questions/392719/32-bit-uefi-boot-support ?00:11
hyliandaftykins: update-initramfs -u says "disabled since running on read only media". I have run this command from the normal hd, but00:11
daftykinshylian: so you mean you're no longer booted into the live session?00:12
hyliandaftykins: no i mean i am, since my usb is read only.00:12
daftykinsyou need to be running this command from inside the chroot, so you've done something wrong as i suggested00:13
hyliandaftykins: ok. hmmm00:13
daftykinsthe guide i gave you wasn't that great, perhaps you should reboot and start again00:14
Jordan_Udaftykins: It seems that booting from a liveCD/USB then chrooting is a lot of extra work when hylian can apparently easily boot their installed system (by manually mounting /dev/sda1 then exiting the initramfs shell, allowing boot to continue normally).00:16
daftykinsi debated that, but chose not to pursue it that way00:17
daftykinsyou're welcome to steer it that way if you fancy, i feel i got lied to in place of being asked for more detailed help so i don't fancy wasting more time00:17
hyliandaftykins: /quit00:19
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Jordan_Umcornstu: Have you already installed Ubuntu or are you still trying to get the installer to boot?00:20
akkadhttps://github.com/ion1/workaround-upstart-snafu wow is upstart really this fragile?00:23
OerHeksakkad, old post, still valid?00:25
akkadrunning into it right now :P00:25
cavemanhi - is wubi.exe discontinued? :(00:26
Jordan_U!wubi | caveman00:26
ubottucaveman: Wubi was a way to install Ubuntu from within Windows, but it is no longer supported in recent versions of Ubuntu and was never well maintained even for Ubuntu 12.04. Do not use Wubi. See !install for other options for installing Ubuntu.00:26
cavemanJordan_U, i don't have cd drive...00:26
GlamdringThis is kind of a silly question, but what is radeonsi_dri.so? I tried Googling this, and as usual, my Google fu is awful and isn't telling me much.00:27
OerHekscddrive does not take you fas, the isos are too big to fit on cd00:27
OerHekscaveman, use an usb or sdcard00:27
akkadhttps://bugs.launchpad.net/upstart/+bug/406397 still an issue on lts :[00:28
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ubottuLaunchpad bug 406397 in upstart "init: job stuck with expect fork/daemon when parent reaps child" [Medium,Triaged]00:28
Jordan_Ucaveman: OK, then your options (in order of ease of use) are: USB drive, netboot, install on another machine and transfer the HD over, load from Windows' bootloader via ntldr-image and loop boot Ubuntu's install image from an iso on your ntfs partition using the toram kernel parameter.00:28
cavemanJordan_U, thank you. i will usb stick it00:30
Jordan_Uakkad: The workaroud you posted should work, as ugly as it is, and to prevent the problem in the future you just have to write your upstart jobs appropriately.00:30
Jordan_Ucaveman: You're welcome.00:31
akkadmakes sense.00:31
akkadfork bomb and hope there is no pid reuse. :P00:31
ubottuUbuntu can be installed in lots of ways. Please see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation for documentation. Problems during install? See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/CommonProblemsInstall - Don't want to use a CD? See http://tinyurl.com/3exghs - See also !automate00:32
Jordan_Uakkad: Not quite a fork bomb as all of the children die quickly, and you're banking on the fact that the PID *will* be re-used by one of the children. (And if it's already been re-used by a process not created by the script, the script will offer to kill that process for you).00:34
mib_mibhi all, i have a machine with 2x480GB SSDs and 2x960GB SSDs - i want this to be a database server, and am wondering what RAID anyone would recommend here?00:34
akkadbeyond words00:35
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Jordan_Uakkad: There's a reason that Ubuntu switched to systemd :) But this channel is for help with support questions, not for complaining about problems (however frustrating they are).00:37
VictoriaXOXOQ: Does AppArmor (or whatever it is called) come with Ubuntu 14.04 LTS?00:37
Jordan_UVictoriaXOXO: Yes.00:37
akkadno complaints00:37
VictoriaXOXOJordan_U: How do I find it? :/00:38
GlamdringThis is kind of a silly question, but what is radeonsi_dri.so? I tried Googling this, and as usual, my Google fu is awful and isn't telling me much. I ask because one of my Linux-native games won't start, hits a segmentation fault, and this is part of the error.00:38
Jordan_UVictoriaXOXO: I'm not sure what you're expecting to "find". What is your end goal?00:38
OerHekssudo apparmor_status00:38
* akkad notes Jordan_U is the sort of retard that leads to this sort of acceptance of horribly thought out code. no wonder it's all going to hell00:38
daftykinsmib_mib: i don't really find that SSD configuration suitable for solely a db server at all o000:39
daftykinsmib_mib: what kind of db will it be?00:39
VictoriaXOXOJordan_U: There's no GUI settings I can look at?00:39
daftykinsVictoriaXOXO: what are you trying to achieve?00:40
VictoriaXOXOdaftykins: I just want to look at it.00:41
daftykinslike you would a painting?00:41
VictoriaXOXOWell, I can use gufw to look at my ufw settings. No GAppArmor for AppArmor?00:42
OerHeksThere is no gui for apparmor.00:45
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VictoriaXOXOQ: Are there any versions of Ubuntu (with a GUI/DE) that fits on a 700MB CD? I don't care about applications other than GParted and Firefox.00:58
daftykinslubuntu i think00:58
SirLagzVictoriaXOXO: why not just get the gparted livecd?00:58
VictoriaXOXOSirLagz: I need access to sites with Firefox.00:58
VictoriaXOXOLubuntu? Hmm.00:58
daftykinsjoining the 21st century and picking up a flash drive would also be good; very few still use optical media to boot their live sessions00:59
SirLagzVictoriaXOXO: out of curiosity, why firefox? is some site built so that it only works in firefox?00:59
OerHekslubuntu & server & mini iso.00:59
daftykinsi just picked up a packet of 4 x 8GB USB 2.0 for 8 GBP.00:59
* OerHeks dropped firefox last year00:59
VictoriaXOXOdaftykins: Mine are all full. ;)01:00
VictoriaXOXOSirLagz: No, but what browser does the GParted Live CD use?01:00
SirLagzVictoriaXOXO: netsurf01:00
daftykinsso get another... i hope none of that is backup data01:00
SirLagzVictoriaXOXO: http://www.netsurf-browser.org/01:00
VictoriaXOXOSirLagz: Hmm.01:00
VictoriaXOXOdaftykins: OerHeks: Lubuntu 14.04 will NOT fit. Not even with compression thing.01:01
daftykinsthat'll go fine with overburn01:01
OerHekslubuntu will fit01:01
VictoriaXOXOI just tried.01:01
daftykinsi have done this exact thing myself a couple of weeks ago :)01:01
VictoriaXOXOWon't let me.01:01
daftykinsthen your software either doesn't support overburn or your media is terrible01:02
VictoriaXOXOWith a 700MB CD?01:02
VictoriaXOXOdaftykins: Probably terrible. Nothing even more lightweight than Lubuntu?01:02
daftykinsyes, overburn writes further than it's claimed to hold, my discs actually came up as larger than 700 based on the manufacturer data embedded at the start which my software read01:02
daftykinssmaller image, nothing to do with lightweight01:02
VictoriaXOXOdaftykins: That's what I meant.01:02
Jordan_UVictoriaXOXO: Why is using a CD a requirement, rather than a USB drive?01:03
VictoriaXOXOJordan_U: Got lots of CDs, but all my USB sticks are being used.01:03
OerHekslubuntu 14.04 32 bit 683M - 64 bit  694M and01:03
daftykinscopy the data off... :P01:04
VictoriaXOXOScrew it. I'll go with Lubuntu x86.01:04
VictoriaXOXOOerHeks: daftykins: WTF?! Lubuntu shows up even BIGGER in Transmission?!01:05
VictoriaXOXOI meant Lubuntu x86.01:05
VictoriaXOXOShows up bigger than x64.01:05
daftykinsinappropriate language for here, btw01:05
VictoriaXOXOWTF = What The Fudge.01:05
daftykinsskip the excuses and just be nice :)01:05
VictoriaXOXOOerHeks: Where did you find Lubuntu 683MB?01:06
OerHeksMegabyte, Megabit, whatever those fools do now, 1 mb = 100001:06
isReKT20001000 bytes01:06
OerHeksI am not responsible for the confusion, file a bugreport :-P01:07
VictoriaXOXOOerHeks: Just tell me where you found the 683MB version. ;)01:07
VictoriaXOXOI'll use that one.01:07
VictoriaXOXOOerHeks: Where do you see 683MB there? :/01:08
OerHeksyeah, take an other look, it is there01:09
VictoriaXOXOOerHeks: And that is WITH a DE?01:09
OerHeksctrl + f: 68301:09
daftykinsthe page tells you exactly what the files come with01:09
VictoriaXOXOdaftykins: "standard edition"?01:09
VictoriaXOXO= LXDE?01:09
* daftykins points at the page01:10
VictoriaXOXOdaftykins: It doesn't say.01:10
OerHeks14.04.3 is 716M , should fit too01:10
daftykinsso use your favourite search engine, you can't expect us to cover every single one of your basic queries01:10
Jordan_UVictoriaXOXO: It seems like your best options woudl be to use a different distribution (that makes CD sized images) or use a USB drive (you don't need to get rid of any of the existing content on your USB drives to add live Ubuntu to them, as long as they have enough free space).01:14
Simba_how do i unload ubuntu server from a desktop and use an old server as the server?01:15
OerHeksSimba_, reinstall ?01:15
VictoriaXOXOJordan_U: I found something that'll work. All my USB sticks are fully encrypted and stuffed away.01:16
OerHeksthere is no downgrade01:16
Simba_Or should i say, where should i go to get this information01:17
daftykinsSimba_: what exactly do you mean by 'unload' ? why not just install the desktop on this server if you want it to run desktop ubuntu?01:18
Simba_i mean to uninstall ubuntu fro  the desktop, reformat it as it is running windows 7, and use it as a workstation.  does that make sense01:20
daftykinsthis desktop is already dual booting 7 + ubuntu?01:21
OerHeksSimba_, insert your windows cd, repair windows 7, and finally remove non-windows partitions01:22
Simba_yes it is running both in tandem, and the problem is swapping from one os to the other01:23
daftykinsas above then :>01:23
Simba_daftykins, where should i start?01:25
daftykinsSimba_: creating windows 7 boot media01:26
daftykinsSimba_: you'll need to ask over in ##windows how to restore your bootloader to normal, or look up a guide01:26
Simba_the problem of reloading windows is that i think, if i am not wrong, that users dont keep, or know where their original program disks are01:27
Simba_daftykins, and OerHeks, thanks for the help.01:31
tachyondecayI'm running 14.04 right now, and in the next couple of days I'm getting a shiny new laptop and putting 15.10 on it. I know I can get a list of all my installed packages and use that to quickly download/install stuff onto the new computer, and similarly copy over my config files. But there's a lot of stuff I probably don't need/use. Are there any more nuanced options than all "all or nothing" approach?01:33
Troy^anyone here use ubuntu on there macbook pros? and what is the battery life like?01:33
niruxTroy , I use Ubuntu on a laptop if that matters at all.01:34
Troy^not it's strictly battery life related to the macbook01:34
Jordan_UTroy^: There are many different models of macbook pro, each with varying hardware and levels of support in drivers available in Ubuntu. I would be highly surprised if anyone else in the channel and awake right now had the same exact hardware as you.01:35
niruxAs Jordan said. I can only tell you of my experience.01:35
niruxbest thing with linux is to try it out and make your own opinion.01:35
Jordan_UTroy^: You should be able to get a good idea of the battery life from running via LiveUSB before installing.01:35
Troy^Jordan_U: never thought about that good idea, thanks. :)01:36
daftykinsusually the mac issues are worse than battery life01:36
ubottuFor help on installing and using Ubuntu on a Mac, see: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MactelSupportTeam/CommunityHelpPages01:36
Jordan_UTroy^: You're welcome :)01:36
daftykinsTroy^: the above info can be useful if you identify your model, too01:36
niruxdo macs have UEFI?01:37
Jordan_Unirux: No, they have EFI.01:37
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TheSov2is there a way to do an include on a hosts file?01:38
YukenJust looking on how to make a new .zip file & add files to it from the terminal. WOuld look it up, but my things are being wonky and IRC Is all I can access.01:40
Jordan_UYuken: What is your end goal? For archiving files and sharing them with other GNU/Linux users tar.xz files are generally better than .zip files (in both amount of compression and features).01:41
niruxtry doing (zip file.zip foldername)01:42
YukenJordan_U, bringing it on to a Windows PC that can only access .zip. Although, I do not know how to add files to any sort of tar format, as well - that could be handy info.01:42
Jordan_UYuken: Generally you don't "add" files to an archive, you simply create archives from directories.01:43
daftykinsplenty of archive managers that handle tar on Windows01:43
nirux Do ( tar -cvf name.tar /foldername ) for tar.01:43
niruxI don't think he has a Windows Partition.01:43
ojal8hello everyone! while creating a partition table, should I select msdos or gpt?01:44
YukenJordan_U, that is actually what I'm asking, sorry for saying it improperly. Sleeeeeepppyyyyy.01:45
Yukennirux, I will check those commands out. Thanks.01:45
daftykinsojal8: is this to be the only disk in the system? will ubuntu be the only OS?01:47
ojal8daftykins, it is not a system drive01:47
cdk_is the a way to convert tar balls to .deb packages or no?01:48
niruxcdk_. Convert tars to debian packages?01:48
Jordan_Ucdk_: Short answer: No01:48
Ben64not exactly01:48
niruxI'm not exactly sure, but i think Ubucompilator does that.01:49
cdk_ok are they too different in structure?01:50
Jordan_Ucdk_: Longer answer: If you have a source package that uses a standard build system, *and* you have already installed all of the needed build and runtime dependencies, then you can create a *non-standard* *not of high enough quality to distribute* .deb file from said source package using checkinstall.01:50
Jordan_Ucdk_: What is your end goal?01:50
Jordan_Ucdk_: A tar file can contain any structure, and is often used for things other than software.01:51
ojal8this article seems to be in favor of GPT: http://www.howtogeek.com/193669/whats-the-difference-between-gpt-and-mbr-when-partitioning-a-drive/01:52
cdk_i was just curios because the only way i know to install tar balls is through command line and i find it easier to install .deb's because i have the GDebi program and it is as simple as open with gdebi and click install01:52
ojal8I had plenty of troubles with disk utility lately, and the partitions were MBR. now I'd like to know if GPT is the better choice, and maybe with gparted01:53
daftykinscdk_: you should be finding packages in repos really, instead of obtaining debs manually - that's unwise.01:53
Jordan_Uojal8: Use GPT unless you have a compelling reason not to.01:53
cdk_also why is it that when i right click i have no optoin to open terminal here as root or open folder here as root?01:53
daftykinsojal8: you never replied01:54
ojal8Jordan_U, and should I use gparted? can I trust that it wont let down like disk utility did?01:54
ojal8daftykins, sure I did.01:54
niruxgparted should be fine.01:54
Jordan_Uojal8: What problems have you been having specifically? Most "problems" people have with partitioning utilities are either due to user misunderstanding, having used buggy tools in the past, or dying hardware. GPT won't help with most of those problems.01:55
cdk_daftykins: my deb files are from like nvidia and are all proprietary sodtware directly from the creater or manufacturere of the package/hardware01:55
Troy^daftykins: btw, that link is way out of date01:55
daftykinsTroy^: what link01:55
ojal8Jordan_U, my problem couldnt have been cleared yet. I talked about it various times on various platforms. the luks partitions were deleted right after I created them01:56
Troy^daftykins: mac link01:56
daftykinsTroy^: oh the mac one, no it's a wiki... it contains only versions that someone has written...01:56
daftykinsso it depends on the model.01:56
Troy^ik but im saying it's out of date lol01:56
daftykinscdk_: graphics drivers are the #1 that shouldn't be downloaded manually01:56
Jordan_Uojal8: Have you done a S.M.A.R.T. check of the drive recently?01:56
Troy^by like 3 years+01:56
cdk_Jordan_U: thanks for clearing that up for me01:57
daftykinsTroy^: would've made more sense if you said "my model is #,# and only ubuntu release ... is covered"01:57
ojal8Jordan_U, you mean the HDD (because the affected drives were externally connected, not HDD)01:57
cdk_daftykins: ok and why is that?01:57
daftykinscdk_: because manual nvidia installs can break on kernel update; using manually obtained debs shows a misunderstanding of how package management works01:57
ojal8I presume you mean HDD, as SMART test applies not to external devices, as far as I know01:57
Jordan_Uojal8: I mean a S.M.A.R.T. check of whatever drive you were having trouble repartitioning.01:58
Jordan_Uojal8: Some USB enclosures support S.M.A.R.T. pass through.01:58
ojal8Jordan_U, one of them, yes. I used badblocks and it proved ok01:58
cdk_daftykins: ok so just use the ones in additoinal drivers?01:58
daftykinscdk_: depending on release and nvidia card, yeah01:58
ojal8Jordan_U, but I can tell you that it happened on a brand new drive, too01:59
niruxirrelevant conversations. What kernel version are you guys running?01:59
ojal8Jordan_U, partition created, data saved on it, and locked, unplugged. next time plugged in, partition 'unknown'01:59
cdk_daftykins: why is it that when i right click i have no optoin to open terminal here as root and no optoin to open folder as root?01:59
daftykinsand for software - you should always use in order: 1) what's built into different repos or 2) PPAs you trust; only after that should you 3) obtain debs or worse still... 4) compile01:59
daftykinscdk_: probably because the OS hasn't been designed to mind-read02:00
daftykinsnirux: why does that matter...02:00
daftykinswe could all be on different distros / releases.02:00
cdk_daftykins: is there a way to make it have that optoin like something to install or?02:01
Jordan_Uojal8: Please try to reproduce the problem with GParted, and save the output of "sudo parted -l" at every step (before using GParted, after using Gparted but before disconnecting the drive, again after disconnecting and re-connecting the drive).02:02
ojal8Jordan_U, but I can only reproduce it with gnome disk utility, because this was the tool that I used while all the problems occured02:02
daftykinscdk_: well you can run nautilus with gksu/gksudo to have it with root permissions; but i suspect based on the package talk you're planning on doing something inadvisable...02:03
ojal8Jordan_U, so should I use gnome disk utility again and note every step as you described?02:03
Jordan_Uojal8: OK, then see if you can reproduce the problem with gnome disk utility again. Also make sure that you're ejecting (rather than just unmounting) the drive before removing it.02:04
cdk_ok in a terminal the sudo.... works but i wish the open folder as root was available02:04
adrian_1908hello. Is fglrx compatible with GNOME3? If not, would a manually installed version from AMD's website be?02:04
niruxIt doesn't matter. That's why it's irrelevant conversation.02:05
Jordan_Uadrian_1908: fglrx normally works fine with GNOME Shell. What problem are you having specifically?02:05
Jordan_Unirux: Please keep offtopic discussion to #ubuntu-offtopic .02:06
ojal8Jordan_U, sure. the latter was also symptomatic of some irregularity. because when all partitions were unmounted and locked, and used the disk utility feature 'power off' to remove the drive, the application window closed. and this keeps happening occasionally since.02:06
jwisbell35Adrian if you are using 15.10 fglrx still doesnt work with the new kernel. Still hasnt been fixed.02:06
niruxah, my bad.02:06
ojal8like it happens when a program crashes02:06
cdk_daftykins: ok in terminal the sudo.... works but wish i had the optoin for open folder/terminal here as root02:07
adrian_1908Jordan_U: none, i haven't even tried fglrx yet. For some reason I was convinced the proprietary driver didn't support it (something related to EGL).02:07
ojal8also another irregularity was that it was taking ages to unmount a partition, in a few times never to happen02:07
daftykinscdk_: do not run nautilus with sudo.02:07
Jordan_Uadrian_1908: You're thinking of Wayland, which is entirely separate.02:08
jwisbell35It works on 15.04 but on 15.10 you have to downgrade the kernel for it to work.02:08
cdk_daftykins: ok will not do that but you do understand what i am wanting right?02:08
adrian_1908Jordan_U: Right, I'm still on Xorg. Glad to hear if that'll work for a while longer.02:09
adrian_1908jwisbell35: Yes good point.02:09
daftykinscdk_: yes but wanting root disk access is what's concerning me... when does this come up?02:09
adrian_1908Is kernel a kernel downgrade fairly trivial? I badly need fglrx for an application that never handled the open source driver well.02:10
jwisbell35Not too bad. But i would read up on itt alot first.02:10
Jordan_Uadrian_1908: Xorg will continue to work for many years to come, fglrx should be supporting Wayland soon, and hopefully when the transition to Wayland by default does happen in the future it will be seamless enough that you don't even notice it if you're not specifically looking for it :)02:10
adrian_1908sorry for the typos, I'm tired :o02:10
Jordan_Uadrian_1908: You don't need to downgrade your kernel.02:11
cdk_when i want to open a folder as root because i want to modify a doc or config file or syst file but need root acess02:12
scott_11Jordan_U: what is the best way to run fglrx on 15.10?02:12
cdk_daftykins:    when i want to open a folder as root because i want to modify a doc or config file or syst file but need root access02:13
Jordan_Uadrian_1908: scott_11: Looking into it more, there does indeed seem to be an issue with fglrx and Ubuntu 15.10 that I wasn't aware of.02:14
Ben64cdk_: you shouldn't need to edit system files very often. when you do, use sudo02:15
jwisbell35Jordan: Its not an actual kernel issue but something with the newer gcc I think. But downgrading pulls in the correct compilers for it.02:16
daftykinsBen64: the problem is the desire to do so graphically i think02:16
cdk_Ben64::  kk i just prefer the quicker and shorter way02:16
daftykinscdk_: something wrong with using the terminal and text editors?02:16
cdk_daftykins:: no.........  i just prefer the quicker and shorter way02:17
Ben64how is anything quicker and shorter than "sudo nano file"02:17
jwisbell35I sudo abiword filename everything through terminal. Not a fan of nano.02:18
daftykinsjwisbell35: using GUI apps with sudo is a very bad idea02:18
jwisbell35I know but been doing it forever. Habit.02:19
Ben64'gksu gedit file' if you like gui, still easy02:19
cdk_Ben64: daftykins: thank you both for your exemplary help02:20
jwisbell35Ben: Whats the difference between gksu and sudo? Opens the same either way.02:21
Ben64you said you know running gui stuff with sudo is bad, running gui stuff with gksu is the right way to do it02:22
daftykinsjwisbell35: defending something with 'i always did it' = not very wise :(02:22
jwisbell35Ahh prevents files in the home directory from being owned by root.02:23
tachyondecayI'm getting a new computer and putting 15.10 on it. Currently running 14.04 on this computer. Aside from copying _everything_ or manually figuring out what I want, are there any more nuanced options to setting up my new computer?02:24
Ben64tachyondecay: depends what you want02:24
Jordan_Utachyondecay: None that I can think of.02:25
tachyondecayI feel like I'd prefer to start "from scratch" because I have many packages installed I don't really need/use any more.02:25
tachyondecaySo that's what I'll probably do. I was just wondering if there were tools or tips for streamlining that.02:26
adrian_1908tachyondecay: Consider writing down the procedure and the steps you took (and possible pitfalls). This way you'll be faster the next time you "start over".02:28
tachyondecaySound advice02:30
TJ-tachyondecay: if you're starting from scratch, but want to copy over the existing user $HOME, I'd recommend also creating a new, fresh, user account as the primary account and only copying into it your Documents. Keep all the config files/diretories under the old $HOME separate (the .dotfiles and .dotdirs) and only copy settings over when you realise you need them.02:31
tachyondecayAlso I've progressively stepped down from Unity to LXDE as software has outpaced my 8-year-old laptop02:31
tachyondecaySo I kind of want to start fresh on the config end in most cases, since I feel like those settings are all messed up02:31
tachyondecayYeah, that's what I was thinking of doing, TJ-.02:32
adrian_1908tachyondecay: You're happy with LXDE, yes? Otherwise I'd recommend XFCE; it struck me as more polished than the former and still fairly lightweight.02:33
tachyondecayWell I'm going to give stock Ubuntu 15.10 a try02:33
tachyondecayI'm not so much "happy" with LXDE as "my system is not slow as balls" on it :P02:33
adrian_1908tachyondecay: I see :P02:34
friedbacWe wouldn't have this problem with terrorist if all internet was govt controlled like the mail02:34
TJ-most of the time the DE eye-candy requiring 3D acceleration is irrelevant. fine if you want to stare at a work of art but pointless for getting work done02:34
tachyondecayLXDE is serviceable, but not quite as slick. I didn't like Unity a great deal, but I feel like a lot of that was because it would chug doing simple things like opening up the menu.02:35
tachyondecayI'll give the defaults a shot, because I have just never had the hardware needed to run them properly. And then I'll try GNOME3 or XCFE or something if I want a change.02:35
tachyondecayI've used KDE in the past too and enjoyed it. And still use a bunch of KDE programs; I'm in Konversation right now. :D02:36
friedbacTJ-: true but improves user experience. Sometimes smoothness is better than speed02:36
tachyondecayMy priority is a good launcher, because I prefer using the keyboard. My desktop has no shortcuts on it.02:37
=== Warrigal_ is now known as tswett
friedbacI think unity and kde has gone over the top.02:37
adrian_1908I'm on GNOME3 right now for my Desktop and I'm highly impressed how well integrated it is, it looks and behaves so slick, not very Linux like if I may say.02:37
daftykinsyou folks discussion is most suited to #ubuntu-offtopic ; support only in here.02:37
HackerIIuumate 15.01 is killer fast and pretty cool02:38
adrian_1908daftykins: ya fair enough!02:38
friedbacBut it's cool they develop neat stuff TJ- daftykins was I talking to u02:38
friedbacSome people can't mind their own business02:39
daftykinsfriedbac: no idea what your sentence means02:39
daftykinsthe channel has rules - follow them :)02:39
TJ-friedbac: I've experienced the opposite; Unity actively destroyed my workflow and user experience. Unitiy's specific bug for me is no appreciation of larger workspaces - 6 large monitors and 3 GPUs here.02:40
ojal8Jordan_U, I reproduced the process.02:42
ojal8Jordan_U, maybe with a difference.02:43
ojal8I haven't saved data on them because it would take a long time02:43
ojal8oh, did Jordan_U leave?02:44
GlamdringCan somebody here please help me figure out what is radeonsi_dri.so?02:45
GlamdringI feel very silly not knowing.02:45
TJ-Glamdring: it is part of libgl1-mesa-dri:02:48
TJ-!info libgl1-mesa-dri02:48
ubottulibgl1-mesa-dri (source: mesa): free implementation of the OpenGL API -- DRI modules. In component main, is optional. Version 11.0.2-1ubuntu4 (wily), package size 4483 kB, installed size 96302 kB02:48
GlamdringThank you, TJ- !02:49
GlamdringHrm. So I have it installed, but my game fails to load it. How does one test if it otherwise works?02:51
TJ-Glamdring: "glxinfo" from the mesa tools should help check the OpenGL setup02:52
GlamdringExcellent, thank you.02:52
TJ-!info mesa-utils | Glamdring02:52
ubottuGlamdring: mesa-utils (source: mesa-demos): Miscellaneous Mesa GL utilities. In component universe, is extra. Version 8.2.0-1ubuntu1 (wily), package size 30 kB, installed size 100 kB02:52
GlamdringStrange game. The only way to win is not to play.03:01
SubCoolCould someone please assist me with my dropbox, i know its stupid. but its fucking up something bad.03:07
SubCoolsomeone told me to make sure to do a proper cleanup on the files, so i did.03:07
SubCoolbut im a bit lost on some stuff.03:07
GlamdringSo if glxinfo says I've got direct rendering, and glxgears is pretty and doesn't explode, why would my game throw this error: libGL error: unable to load driver: radeonsi_dri.so03:07
OerHeksSubCool, there is something you said, that activates my swearfilter03:08
danmulveyis there anyreason that i should or shouldnt use apt-get autoremove when it says i have things that are no longer needed?03:08
SubCoolIf i follow the package install, it doesnt work for me. and never loads dropbox. Last time ihad an issue with this, i got the headless version( the station is headless, and remote) - and we got it going. But- it stopped working again.03:08
SubCoolSO im back to square one.03:08
OerHeksdanmulvey, autoremove is safe03:09
danmulveyOerHeks: cool thanks, i just wasnt sure if i should somehow double check the packages it lists before i autoremove them and also if theres any reason id specifically want to remove them aside from just freeing up space03:10
=== scott_ is now known as Guest25915
SubCoolOk, i got to where i was last time i think. WOuld someone mind following me along for a min?03:13
SubCoolat this link.. \03:13
TJ-Glamdring: run the game under control of strace, generate a log, check it after it throws the error. Something like "strace -o /tmp/game.log -f -e trace=file <game arg1 arg2>"03:14
SubCoolthere is a link to download the python script. Now last time i did this, i dont remember where i put it- i think i had to put into like /bin/local03:14
SubCoolOMG !! TJ!!!!03:14
SubCoolTJ-, you busy? **batts eyes**03:14
GlamdringOh my. Okay, I'll try to do that.03:14
GlamdringThe <game arg1 arg2>, I assume there's generally no required arguments, and so those are just there in case I would need them, not because there are some I need of which I'm unaware?03:15
OerHeksarg1 arg2 are options, leave it blanc if you don't use them.03:16
GlamdringKeen, thanks.03:16
TJ-SubCool: I am yes, just popping in and out03:17
GlamdringOh, that's interesting, I hadn't seen that error before...03:18
GlamdringFrustrating and mildly preposterous, every single error I look up from this game references Steam. My copy is through GOG.03:18
SubCoolTJ ok. thas cool. Have fun man. Havent talked to you in forever.03:18
GlamdringI should clarify, in fact. These are errors Steam seems to throw around, even without this game.03:19
OerHeksSteam wants the closed source ati drivers, no?03:20
GlamdringPerhaps so. Thankfully not my problem.03:21
TJ-Glamdring: ahhhh. Steam. Yes. Bad. Puppy. Nasty things it does.03:21
GlamdringNot a big fan of signing away my right to class action lawsuits, so I avoid it.03:21
GlamdringOkay. So it looks like the log says there's basically a world of "No such file or directory".03:23
GlamdringWhich is odd.03:23
TJ-We had a user here last week with something very similar, and we traced it down to the way the steam scripts do stuff. It ended up being a corrupt (0 length) file installed by steam in $HOME/.steam.03:24
AkaliBothi. when it ry to do apt-get update or use the software update center, i get 404s, ie, Err http://archive.ubuntu.com utopic/main amd64 Packages 404 Not Found [IP: 80] Err http://archive.ubuntu.com utopic/main03:25
TJ-Glamdring: the fix was to move the existing $HOME/.steam directory to a back-up name and let it be re-installed.03:25
GlamdringSheesh. Granted, this isn't Steam, but it could well be much the same.03:25
TJ-AkaliBot: what release of Ubuntu "cat /etc/issue" ?03:25
AkaliBotall google results say to run apt-get update to refresh sources list, but that error happens when doing that03:25
OerHeksutopic .. is EOL03:25
ubottuUbuntu 14.04 LTS (Trusty Tahr) was the 20th release of Ubuntu and is the latest !LTS version. Download at http://releases.ubuntu.com/14.04/ - CHECK FOR POINT RELEASES at http://releases.ubuntu.com - Release Info: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/TrustyTahr/ReleaseNotes03:26
AkaliBotgoodness. 14.1003:26
TJ-!eolupgrade | AkaliBot03:26
ubottuAkaliBot: End-Of-Life is the time when security updates and support for an Ubuntu release stop, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Releases for more information. Looking to upgrade from an EOL release? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EOLUpgrades03:26
OerHeksakalibot, upgrade please03:26
AkaliBotthank you all03:26
GlamdringOddly, I've not seen anybody else describing the same problem. Maybe there aren't a lot of Linux users trying to run Tower Of Guns.03:31
GlamdringOr, of course, maybe my problem is unique.03:31
Ghost_r00tWhat is the kernel version on ubuntu 15.04?03:33
SubCoolok. how do i get this to work.03:33
SubCooli have less than 15 days to make this work and backup my dropbox.03:34
OerHeksGhost_r00t, current 64 bit is 3.19.0-33-generic03:34
SubCoolive been at this for a month.03:34
K3y804rDCow80YHi guys03:34
K3y804rDCow80Ytrying to hack my wifi but following the steps i've seen on youtube, in my terminal i run into several errors. Was wondering if anyone has any suggestions03:35
OerHekshacking wifi is beyond the scope of this channel, k303:36
K3y804rDCow80Yokay arigato03:36
TJ-hacking is fine; cracking is out-of-bounds03:37
ubottuA hacker is a person who delights in having an intimate understanding of the internal workings of a system, computers and computer networks in particular, as defined by Request for Comments (RFC) 1392 - i.e. a good programmer  -- crackers on the other hand break systems, see also !piracy03:37
K3y804rDCow80Yanother off the topic question what is the name of the website that you use to upload like a copy of your terminal?03:38
macer_what are you trying to do with your wifi? and what tool are you trying to use?03:38
OerHeksimgur.com or paste.ubuntu.com03:38
SubCoolok- i just did something stupid. and i dont know how to undo it03:38
K3y804rDCow80Ythat's it thanks @macer03:38
TJ-!paste | K3y804rDCow80Y03:38
ubottuK3y804rDCow80Y: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imgur.com/ !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.03:38
SubCooli had a something named Dropbox, so i moved it to ~/bin - now its gone03:39
K3y804rDCow80Ythank you @ubottu03:39
K3y804rDCow80Yi tried using reaver?03:39
K3y804rDCow80Yit that only for Kali...03:39
SubCoolK3y804rDCow80Y, no- there are a ton of videos on how to use that stuff, but there is a lot of mixing and matching.03:39
SubCoolknowing the surrounding of it and hack the hacking tools helps.03:40
SubCoolK3y804rDCow80Y, most of all, make sure ur nic card can do the work.03:40
OerHeksdon't get hackedwith kali, lolz03:40
macer_do you have your wireless card in monitor mode?03:41
K3y804rDCow80Ywell Kali just makes it easier since it has like all the tools already installed. I tried using Kali, but man o man did I have the hardest time trying to get used to it.03:41
SubCooli tried using mine on ubuntu - its easier just to use it on kali, or-- the one previous to it.03:41
macer_I prefer nodezero03:42
SubCoolK3y804rDCow80Y, yeah, its snot. but works. im about to get back into it again once i finish fixing this stupid stuff that should just work. but never does.03:42
K3y804rDCow80YSubCool I will try to go back through the steps I tried following from this one video and i will pastebin the error message i get.03:43
macer_essentially you need to get the bssid - did you get that?03:44
K3y804rDCow80Ymacer that was were i got stuck03:44
OerHeksguys, hacking wifi is beyond the scope of this channel03:45
K3y804rDCow80Ytrying to find the video now.03:45
OerHeksmove it to an other channel, thanks.03:45
cryptzcan anyone suggest further troubleshooting i can do for a mdadm array that will not assemble at boot. i can assemble it manually without issue. dmesg shows no claim of an attempt to assemble the array. i feel as if i am missing some configuration to tell it to rebuild the array. /etc/mdadm/mdadm.conf exists, but i dont think anything is trying to do the assembly at all.03:45
cryptzits ubuntu 15.10 booting in an efi env, the md array is not my boot device though03:46
K3y804rDCow80Ywhat would be another channel to get help on this with?03:46
SubCoolK3y804rDCow80Y, i seriously referred to like 10 videos, and threw it all together. But- then my hardware was semi useless. I got done testing wep, but needed wpa. and.. that was a whole nother mess of issues.03:47
=== Guest49041 is now known as Agent_Isai
Ghost_r00twhich version of ubuntu .iso uses 3.14 kernel. as there is a bug on nvidia video card from 3.15 on going till now03:47
SubCoolK3y804rDCow80Y, kali has channels, there are a ton of channels.03:47
Ghost_r00tI mean nouveau03:47
K3y804rDCow80Yman those guys over there hate on ubuntu users that's why i came here LOL03:47
macer_@cryptz do you see the /de/md* device?03:47
SubCoolK3y804rDCow80Y, its best to figure it out urself. THats kinda why it setup like that, and not just automatic. Understand the steps, and how to tweak it. My friend an i started making a script, but then he moved away.03:48
cryptzonly if i assemble it, mdadm --assemble --scan presents the md0 device without issue, but only if i do it manually03:48
SubCoolK3y804rDCow80Y, oh yea- gotta lvoe the love. -_-03:48
gshmuI want view rtf file, I'm try  Abiword, but some better?03:48
K3y804rDCow80YSubCool i see. X)03:48
SubCooli get the same thing when i wonder around. or goto freenas for help. THey flame u for not having intel. Its rediculous. THats why i come here al ot, the guys here are usually very helpful.03:49
SubCoolif they help **cough cough**03:49
macer_did you do mdadm --assemble --scan   ?03:49
gshmuand outlook auto index user, but thunderbird I can't config the LDAP?  any help03:49
cryptz@macer yes, if i run that command manually it works fine03:49
JesseHHi, I'm trying to install ubuntu 15.04 on a mac, but the wifi isn't working. Can someone help?03:50
cryptzmy boot process simply does not make the attempt to mount it from my view03:50
JesseHI have no idea where to begin with the issue, besides some things I found in the forums.03:50
cryptzif i dmesg | grep md    the only hits are statements that raid personalities 0-10 loaded03:50
cryptzno errors03:51
JesseH(installed some things, had to manually do that)03:51
JesseHI'm seeing modprobe solutions but I don't know how to use that command.03:51
SubCoolUgh- great. and now the pages i use to refer to went down. My night.03:51
cryptz@macer i am thinking that since i am not booting from a md array maybe the boot process is overlooking its existance03:52
cryptzi am just not sure where i would tell it to load mdadm and perform a scan03:53
macer_@cryptz did you check your fstab and is thit there?03:53
=== brock_ is now known as brock
cryptzi didnt put it in fstab yet, and maybe this is my confusion, but my very first attempt caused the system to not boot. basically i couldnt mount /dev/md0 to /mymountpoint in fstab because /dev/md0 fails to exist at boot. this caused the system to hang during boot and i had to go into recovery mode and remove the fstab line to make the system stable again03:54
whologinsup niggas03:54
whologinoops wrong room03:55
JesseHNot to inconvenience anyone, but does anyone have any idea about my problem03:55
cryptzso maybe my thinking that /dev/md0 should exist without a fstab entry is incorrect, but i would assume the 2 are seperate esp since fstab seems to be highly relying on /dev/md0 existing03:55
macer_definitely will need it in fstab and mtab03:55
TJ-cryptz: what metadata version does the array use?03:55
TJ-cryptz: udevd should fire off the mdadm rule to assemble the array03:56
cryptzit is 3 devices, /dev/rssda1 /dev/rssdb1 /dev/rssdc103:56
TJ-cryptz: it has nothing to do with fstab entries03:56
cryptzok tj03:56
cryptzis that automated03:56
cryptzor should i be doing something to facilitate that03:56
SubCoolis there usually a bin folder in the home directory?03:57
TJ-cryptz: during boot, as block devices are discovered, their metadata is checked and if recognised the correct tool is/should be launched03:57
JesseHCan someone help me get wifi working on a mac laptop that I'm trying to get lubuntu 15.04 installed on?03:57
TJ-SubCool: no, but if you create $HOME/bin it will be added to the $PATH at log-in03:57
cryptzso tj i created paritions on these devics and marked them of type fd that is why you see the /dev/rssda1 for example03:57
TJ-cryptz: which Ubuntu release is it?03:57
cryptzits efi boot as well and the devices in question are pciessds so a bit from the norm however there is a guide from the manufacturer for this very purpose03:58
cryptzso it should be doable03:58
SubCoolTJ-,  so what im looking at is a link to /bin03:58
TJ-cryptz: partition type has no bearing on it, that value is not used by anything other than the partiting tool to let the user indicate to other users what the purpose of the partition might be03:58
SubCooloh wow- i removed dropbox compelted, and it disappeared.03:58
TJ-SubCool: $HOME/bin should be a directory owned by the user03:59
SubCoolim definitly doing something wrong.03:59
cryptzi had read that when the device is scanned if it detects a fd partition type it might kick it over to mdadm without the superblock intact, or something to that effect, but the superblock is intact and the array does assemble correctly when i manually invoke it03:59
cryptzwhere /what should i be looking for ini udevd03:59
SubCoolno- nvm. im an idiot- its still there03:59
SubCoolomg- i know what it is03:59
SubCool- /bin is my dropbox folder..04:00
TJ-cryptz: this is why I asked which metadata version since that is what is scanned for. Now, v1.2 is stored 4KB from the start of the block device. "blkid /dev/rs*" might help confirm that metadata is being recognised04:00
SubCoolok- now i really need help.04:00
SubCoolTHis is way beyong me now. Ok. SO- after the install, i tried to move the Dropbox.py to /bin - with mv. WHen i did that, i mv'd /Dropbox to /bin04:01
sector_0can someone tell me why pulseaudio keep stopping?04:02
JesseHIf someone could be of assistance with my issue, I'd greatly appreciate it.04:02
GlamdringSo, what's PhysXUpdateLoader.so? Or, if you want to teach a man to fish, how do I figure that out?04:02
TJ-!find PhysXUpdateLoader.so04:03
ubottuPackage/file PhysXUpdateLoader.so does not exist in wily04:03
GlamdringHuh. That's interesting.04:03
sector_0sometimes I'm just using my computer (listening to music) and I pause the music for a min and when I attempt to un-pause it, it just doesn't04:03
sector_0youtube videos, etc don't work either04:03
SubCoolSO- now /Dropbox is /bin04:03
cryptztj bear with me, i do see an issue but i know this is not the original problem. i had this issue last night, today i was using zfs on the devices. so at the moment the /dev/rssda parttion has a zfs type and /dev/rssda1 has a linux raid member type. i had previously secure erased the drives on my initial attempts. let me correct this but i do not believe this could be the solution since i didnt04:03
cryptzhave zfs on these drives on the first go around..04:03
TJ-Glamdring: that's something specific to the application/game I think04:03
GlamdringAnd it, too, is apparently missing.04:03
sector_0If I restart however the sound come back until it stops randomly again04:03
SubCoolwhen i tried to rename it back  rename bin DropBox04:04
SubCoolBareword "bin" not allowed while "strict subs" in use at (eval 1) line 1.04:04
sector_0also if I log out and log back in that fixes it04:04
JesseHHow do I get wireless working on a macbook pro that's running Lubuntu 15.05?04:04
GlamdringThough Google comes up with references to it through Antichamber, either Humble Bundle version or Steam.04:04
GlamdringSo, specific as it may be, at least it's not unique.04:04
TJ-cryptz: Ahhh, if the metadata of the outer container is being recognised as ZFS that could short-circuit the discovery of the MD RAID04:04
sector_0"pulseaudio -k" then "pulseaudio -D" doesn't work04:04
SubCoolJesseH, wish i cuold help, but u got me. I cant even get a hackintosh to work :(04:04
cryptzmakes sense but unfortunately i know that wasnt the case when i initially tried04:04
sector_0it tells me the daemon can't start04:04
sector_0I'm using ubuntu 14.0404:05
OerHeksJesseH, open terminal: lspci # and find your bcm wifi chipset, then use the bcm manual04:05
ubottuHelp with Broadcom bcm43xx can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs/Driver/bcm43xx04:05
JesseHThanks OEP_04:06
SubCoolok- i "mv"d it back. -- im soo scared.04:06
Agent_IsaiHi, when I tried installing Ubuntu 14.04.3 with Wubi and I got this https://usercontent.irccloud-cdn.com/file/PVhdt8gU/Screenshot_2015-11-17-22-05-04-1.png04:06
SubCoolOk... PLEASE SOMEONE TAKE 5 mins!?04:07
rypervencheSubCool: What's up?04:09
SubCoolThank you.04:09
shahrukhhey guys04:09
SubCooljust trying to get dropbox working. I use to work, and... idk what happen. - SO removed it all, reinstalled it a few times. and now im back to the same point04:09
SubCooltechnically amost done.04:09
cryptztj i am secure erasing these drives and recreating the md0 array. based on your previous comments should i forgo the /dev/rssd*1 fd partitioning and just use the device04:10
SubCoolIM at the bottom when you download the python script. Last time i had this working, someone help me put that the script someplace nice to run it- and make it excuteable.04:10
SubCoolbecause of its self destruction, i had to remove everything.04:11
rypervencheSubCool: Just calm down, we can help.04:11
deletemepleaseIs ubuntu supporting Wayland yet or are they still trying to work on their POS mir?04:11
OerHeksubuntu goes for MIR, a fork of wayland04:12
deletemepleaseOerHeks, why?!04:12
deletemepleasemir is a mess.04:13
deletemepleaseEvery tech demo of it that I've seen has been a complete disaster.04:13
rypervencheSubCool: Are you using the deb package/04:13
OerHeksLoLz, mir is in development, so calling it  a mess.. how about wayland?04:13
SubCoolrypervenche, should i move dropbox.py someplace like i did before? i know im suppsoed to link it so i can use it.04:13
SubCoolrypervenche, no- im using the headless version.04:13
SubCoolmy machine is headless at home. Im half a country away.04:13
SubCooli really wanna upgrade from 12 to 14lts, but im afraid ill br prompted for something i cant do- so later on im going to dl a model and test it.04:14
Agent_IsaiI see that in the install log: https://www.irccloud.com/pastebin/9MkSKZNp/04:14
K3y804rDCow80Ythis chat room doesn't have direct PM does it?04:14
SubCoolK3y804rDCow80Y, it does, but be careful04:14
deletemepleaseOerHeks, the difference is Wayland has a working compositor....04:14
deletemepleasemir is a trainwreck04:14
SubCoolK3y804rDCow80Y, what client r u using.04:14
deletemepleaseOerHeks, so Unity is being ported to mir instead of wayland?04:15
K3y804rDCow80Yclient? SubCool04:15
SubCoolIm using Hexchat as a IRC client.04:15
cryptz@TJ blkid shows 318ea69d-0c43-85a7-c2f7-b83dfe364775 mdadm.conf shows UUID=318ea69d:0c4385a7:c2f7b83d:fe364775 could it be as simple as the - <> the :04:15
deletemepleasesucwhat are you trying to do?04:15
SubCoola lot of people use some browser based one.04:15
K3y804rDCow80Ynot sure link at the top says webchat.freenode.net04:16
deletemepleaseSubCool, I'm under Lubuntu and the majority of my Linux experience is with debian but I could probably help04:16
SubCooldeletemeplease, finish installation of dropbox on a headless machine.04:16
deletemepleaseSubCool, oh.04:16
deletemepleaseSubCool, any errors?04:16
SubCooldeletemeplease, im sure u can, its really simple.04:16
SubCoolno- just inability to use it04:16
SubCoolI just rarely use linux, so i forget commands and locations and stupid stuff until i drive in again.04:16
SubCoolif u goto the bottom, im at the last paragraph,04:17
SubCooljust trying to make the dropbox.py executeable, place it in the right folder, and make this damn program do its job.04:17
rypervencheSubCool: Calmn down there. You shouldn't need to make it executable even.04:17
deletemepleaseSubCool, I'm going to write you a command to run04:18
SubCoolmake it +x is from http://www.dropboxwiki.com/tips-and-tricks/using-the-official-dropbox-command-line-interface-cli04:18
deletemepleaseSubCool, but first tell me if typing nc into terminal causes an error or not04:18
rypervencheSubCool: If you are using the headless one, why are you using a python script?04:18
K3y804rDCow80YSubCool can you take a look------> http://paste.ubuntu.com/13324375/04:18
SubCoolrypervenche, i have to with headless. dont i?04:18
deletemepleaseK3y804rDCow80Y, are you trying to get help or give help?04:19
SubCoolK3y804rDCow80Y, you never setup mon0 properly04:19
Nautilus_I did a server upgrade from 12.04 to 14.04 and it replaced my sudoers file, I don't remember how to regain permission to edit it. My root account is disabled.04:19
K3y804rDCow80Yget help04:19
TJ-cryptz: - vs : , no, the tools just use different human-friendly group separators04:19
SubCooldeletemeplease, im helping him a bit.04:19
deletemepleaseSubCool, do you know if Dropbox is spitting out any errors when you try and run the script04:20
SubCoolK3y804rDCow80Y, i had that same issue for a while. U didnt setup mon0 correctly to the interface. Usually happened to me when i didnt disable the interface before setting up the mon004:20
K3y804rDCow80YSubCool or deletemeplease any suggestion on how to get that mon0 setup?04:20
SubCooldeletemeplease, not really.04:20
deletemepleaseK3rvyN, I haven't read your problems04:20
cryptz@Tj yes, i see i found an explanation that they should be different04:21
deletemepleaseK3y804rDCow80Y, describe them to me in a PM if you want and I'll see what I can assist with04:21
cryptzat this point blkid reports the ids as expected for all 3 devices04:21
cryptzi am going to try to update-initramfs -u and reboot unless ther eis something with udevd i can check04:21
SubCooldeletemeplease, when its actually running normally- or lack there of. I will try to initiate dropbox, but it doesnt. ONce we get to the point- if it does it again, i can show u the error. It basically show the dropbox prompting in cli, but no matter what i do, it never gets dropboxd running.04:21
K3y804rDCow80Ydeletemeplease how can i PM?04:22
SubCoolK3y804rDCow80Y, not in the manor- Thats really procedure you have to walk through.04:22
deletemepleaseK3rvyN, /msg deletemeplease04:22
SubCoolK3y804rDCow80Y, /msg name04:22
deletemepleaseSubCool, for future reference I suggest you run this command04:22
SubCoolK3y804rDCow80Y, reboot the pc, start from the beginning your missing some step or some step isnt being processed properly- its been 2 years since i used it... soooo..04:23
deletemepleaseecho 'alias termbin="nc termbin.com 9999"' >> ~/.bashrc04:23
SubCooldeletemeplease, k-04:23
deletemepleaseSubCool, run that exactly04:23
=== annie is now known as Guest28474
K3y804rDCow80YSubCool that's so notcool LOL04:23
deletemepleasein the future if you need to pastebin something like a log use cat <log> | termbin04:23
SubCooldeletemeplease, ran it04:24
deletemepleaseit'll spit a URl out into your terminal linking right to the paste04:24
deletemepleaseSubCool, try it out04:24
deletemepleaseSubCool, tail dmesg | termbin04:24
SubCoolK3y804rDCow80Y, i spent weeks on it... until i teamed up with my friend who knows less, he found a great walk through which gave me the steps i missed.04:24
deletemepleaseand give me the link04:24
SubCooldeletemeplease,  tail dmesg | termbin04:25
SubCooltail: cannot open `dmesg' for reading: No such file or directory04:25
SubCooltermbin: command not found04:25
deletemepleaseSubCool, type bash04:25
somsipSubCool: dmesg shows the output, you'd need to tail -f /var/log/syslog04:25
deletemepleasesomazero, I just tail dmesg all the time04:26
deletemepleaseworks for me.04:26
deletemepleaseThat's just me ✔04:26
SubCoolusually works for me too- :/04:26
deletemepleaseSubCool, in terminal type bash04:26
SubCooldmesg worked- - ok04:26
SubCoolit went ot he next line.04:27
deletemepleaseSubCool, once you type bash, do that command again04:27
SubCoolsame error.04:27
OerHekstermbin <> termbin.com04:27
deletemepleaseSubCool, restart your terminal emulator04:27
Nautilus_I've disabled login for root and am wondering if there's a way for me to change to root after I've logged in as a user?04:27
=== Guest28474 is now known as Guest
somsip!sudo | Nautilus_04:27
ubottuNautilus_: sudo is a command to run command-line programs with superuser privileges ("root") (also see !cli). Look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RootSudo for more information. For graphical applications see !pkexec (for older releases: !gksu and !kdesudo). If you're unable to execute commands with sudo see: http://www.psychocats.net/ubuntu/fixsudo04:27
OerHeksNautilus_, "disabled login for root" ??04:28
deletemepleaseSubCool, type termbin in your termal04:28
Nautilus_somsip: I need to edit my sudoers file to regain sudo power04:28
Nautilus_OerHeks: As I recall, yes I did (it was a while back)04:28
OerHeksNautilus_, ubuntu has no root acccount.04:28
somsipNautilus_: you need sudo to do that. So, looks lke you need to go into recovery mode04:28
deletemepleaseOerHeks, it does04:28
deletemepleaseit might be disabled.04:29
SubCooldeletemeplease, still didnt work, but i did what the other person said.. and i got results.. paste it?04:29
Nautilus_ok, what would I do in recovery mode?04:29
deletemepleaseSubCool, tell me what termbin does04:29
somsipNautilus_: edit your sudoers file (correctly)04:29
OerHeksdeletemeplease, no it does not, help subcool with his typos please.04:29
SubCoolOerHeks, lol....04:29
deletemepleaseOerHeks, All linux machines have UID 0 (root)04:29
SubCoolsays use netcat04:30
Nautilus_somsip: it won't let me run shutdown w/o sudo power... is there an alternate way?04:30
deletemepleaseSubCool, ok04:30
deletemepleasetail -f  dmesg | termbin04:30
somsipNautilus_: what version of ubuntu and what is this - sounds like you're SSHing into a server?04:30
OerHeksNautilus_, boot in recovery mode, and fix it there04:31
Nautilus_yes, ssh into 14.04. It was 12.04 and I ran an upgrade, it over-wrote my sudoers file04:31
cryptz@tj, after reboot no md0 device, cat /proc/mdstat doesnt show it. dmesg | grep for either md0 or any of my rssa devies turns up nothing dmesg | grep md: shows entries but not errors. the entries are basically an acknowledgemnt of support for the various raid types04:31
deletemepleaseNautilus_, you locked yourself out of sudo I presume.04:31
somsipNautilus_: local box or server?04:31
Nautilus_its a vps04:31
SubCooldeletemeplease, same error04:31
somsipNautilus_: sounds like you killed it. Contact your VPS provider04:31
deletemepleaseSubCool, paste it04:31
TJ-cryptz: are the underlying devices there?04:32
deletemepleaseNautilus_, so you're locked out of the sudo command04:32
cryptzi can reassemble the array manualyl with mdadm -As right now04:32
Nautilus_I could reimage and redo my vhost and hosts files, that's all I can do?04:32
=== wcypierreme is now known as wcypierre
SubCooldeletemeplease, tail: cannot open `dmesg' for reading: No such file or directory04:32
SubCoolUse netcat.04:32
cryptzi do not beleive boot is trying to assemble at all.04:32
TJ-cryptz: can you "pastebinit <( dmesg )"04:32
SubCooldeletemeplease, should i use sudo?04:32
Nautilus_deletemeplease: yes04:32
deletemepleaseSubCool, weird04:32
somsipNautilus_: if you can rebuild from an image created prior to when you removed sudio rights, yes04:32
deletemepleaseNautilus_, This is the HIGHLY INSECURE04:32
deletemepleaseway of fixing it04:32
deletemepleaseNautilus_, Are you in recovery mode?04:33
SubCooldeletemeplease, welcome to my world.04:33
deletemepleaseNautilus_, ssh in while in recovery mode.04:33
Nautilus_not in recovery mode, I can't seem to reboot from the command line to get to that option?04:33
OerHeksupgrading a VPN, those images are heavily tweaked, normally one would get an upgrade from the VPN provider04:33
deletemepleaseNautilus_, you have to do it from your VPS control panel04:33
Jordan_UNautilus_: What change did the upgrade make to your sudoers file? What is the exact message you get when you try to use sudo currently?04:33
Nautilus_just went looking for that...04:33
Nautilus_it put the stock 14.04 sudoers file in04:34
deletemepleaseNautilus_, once you're in recovery mode execute this:04:34
deletemepleasemount -o remount /dev/sda1 /mnt04:34
deletemepleasechroot /mnt04:34
Jordan_Udeletemeplease: sshing into a machine "while in recovery mode" won't (and shouldn't) get you a root shell through ssh.04:34
deletemepleaseJordan_U, Nautilus_ your VPS provider should have a remote screen option04:35
deletemepleaseIt will be like sitting infront of the machine instead of using SSH04:35
Nautilus_yea let me try some things through the vps CP04:35
deletemepleaseNautilus_, once logged in, here is your command to use04:35
deletemepleasetouch /mnt/sd1 && mount -o remount, rw / /mnt/sd1 && chroot /mnt/sd104:36
deletemepleaseThat should drop you into your root partition again.04:36
deletemepleaseYou will still have root permissions though.04:36
deletemepleasefrom there you can fix your sudoers file04:36
SubCooldeletemeplease, i just pushed for a reboot- lets see what happens...04:36
SubCooli hope it comes back on..04:37
deletemepleaseSubCool, ok04:37
deletemepleaseNautilus_, when you're done fixing the sudoers file use this command:04:37
deletemepleasesync && exit04:37
deletemepleaseThen it will become safe to reboot the VPS04:37
cryptzTj let me know if you need anything else dmesg looks incomplete04:38
cryptzfrom what i posted atleast04:38
deletemepleaseDoes anyone know how to operate thinkfan?04:38
deletemepleasemy thinpad is running it's fan at 42c...04:38
Jordan_Udeletemeplease: 1: Touch doesn't create directories, mkdir does. You're making assumptions that a device named /dev/sda1 exists, which on a VPS it likely won't (it will instead often be /dev/vda1), and you're also making assumptions about their VPS even having a mode like this, and that it works the way you're expecting. Do you know what VPS provider deletemeplease is using?04:38
sanitypassinghi, can anyone tell me the command ubuntu uses to start daemons? I'm running a 15.10 server, but I'm used to a different distros commands and so I have no idea how to daemonize docker right now. :\04:38
Jordan_Usanitypassing: sudo systemctl start service_name04:39
deletemepleaseJordan_U, I've found that using touch in /mnt and mounting a filesystem to the file you touched has been pretty reliable under ubuntu whereas using mkdir has been in debian. 99% of VPS providers will provide sda104:40
sanitypassingah, ubuntu uses systemd too?04:40
deletemepleaseJordan_U, I'e never encountered vda1 with KVM04:40
NetworkingProanyone use ffmpeg on ubunut?04:40
deletemepleaseif he's using Xen or OpenVZ then goodluck :)04:40
deletemepleaseNetworkingPro, works perfectly, sanitypassing yes.04:40
deletemepleasesanitypassing, sudo service <service> <operation>04:41
sanitypassingWell, it appears the server isn't using systemctl04:41
sanitypassingah that worked04:41
deletemepleaseno problem04:41
Nautilus_deletemeplease: cannot touch /mnt/sd1: permission denied04:41
TJ-cryptz: OK, so the devices are "Micron P420m-MTFDGAR1T4MAX" on the mtip32xx controllers 43:00.0 and 44:00.0 ?04:41
deletemepleaseNautilus_, mkdir /mnt/sd104:41
cryptz3 total04:42
VictoriaXOXOTJ-: Dude!04:42
deletemepleasemkdir -r /mnt/sd1 && mount -o remount, rw / /mnt/sd1 && chroot /mnt/sd104:42
Nautilus_deletemeplease: permission denied :(04:42
deletemepleaseNautilus_, O_o04:42
deletemepleaseNautilus_, whoami04:42
TJ-cryptz: sda being the 3rd, the OS boot device?04:42
Nautilus_shows my user name04:42
deletemepleaseNautilus_, that is?04:42
cryptzcorrect sda is actually a hardware mirror off of the dell perc h710 controller, boot device as well04:42
Nautilus_deletemeplease: brian04:43
deletemepleaseNautilus_, recovery mode?04:43
SubCooldeletemeplease, thanks for trying. I tried to reboot it- and ... it didnt happen. SO, i have to wait until tomorrow.04:43
SubCoolthanks guys.04:43
Nautilus_nope, doesn't look like I have a way to get there04:43
NetworkingProdeletemeplease:  ffmpeg question relating to rebroadcasting a stream?04:43
TJ-cryptz: ok... I *suspect* the issue is the naming of the block devices on the mtip32xx... you showed rsssdXY, is that corrrect?04:43
deletemepleaseSubCool, that sucks :(04:43
Jordan_Udeletemeplease: mkdir doesn't have a -r option, and you have an extra space between 'remount,' and 'rw'.04:43
deletemepleaseSubCool, generally I don't use the offline clients on Linux becuase they're horrid04:43
deletemepleaseJordan_U, It's late and I'm tired.04:44
deletemepleasealmost midnight here.04:44
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1517309 in Light Display Manager "X run again." [Undecided,New]04:44
cryptztj they are /dev/rssda /dev/rssdb and /dev/rssdc i did not create partitions this time around. the guide from dell/micron does also not create partitions on the drive and add the partitions to the md array.04:44
Jordan_Udeletemeplease: Possibly not a good time to be giving support then.04:44
deletemepleasemkdir /mnt/sd1 && mount -o remount, rw / /mnt/sd1 && chroot /mnt/sd104:45
Jordan_Udeletemeplease: Extra space still.04:45
deletemepleaseJordan_U, whoops04:45
Nautilus_still, not in recovery mode04:45
deletemepleaseNautilus_, and you can't sudo su?04:45
cryptz@tj i am basically following this guide at this point, http://linux.dell.com/files/whitepapers/Linux_Software_RAID_Volumes_with_PCIe-SSD.pdf  this did work on older versions of ubuntu04:45
deletemepleaseNautilus_, have you tried sudo su?04:45
deletemepleaseor sudo bash -i04:46
Nautilus_I'm not in the sudoers file04:46
cryptzyou could say prior to systemd, but are you seeing an attempt to create the array? i didnt see it, atleast not with the associations i was searching for04:46
deletemepleaseNautilus_, is your VPS KVM, OpenVZ, or Xen?04:46
TJ-cryptz: I suspect the issue is simply that the udevd rules that match newly added blockdevices are NOT matching the 'rs*' pattern04:46
deletemeplease(it's helps to know)04:46
killsomehiggerswhy can't we get rid of all the niggers04:46
Nautilus_deletemeplease: I couldnt say04:47
deletemepleaseJordan_U, that was fast :)04:47
deletemepleaseI was going to use hte ops command04:47
cryptztj do u know where that logic resides, i can atleast take a look. the system is test i am willing to edit anything i can to try. i can safely say there will only ever be a software raid on these devices in this system, to that point i can probably take a good junk of the variables out of this. if there is a suitable place for me to simply issue the mdadm -As command that may work as well but04:48
cryptzi need to have md0 up before fstab obviously04:48
hiyais Ubuntu the most secure OS in the world?04:49
Jordan_UNautilus_: What change did the upgrade make to your sudoers file? What is the exact message you get when you try to use sudo currently?04:49
Jordan_Uhiya: No. Do you have an Ubuntu support question?04:49
TJ-cryptz: I suspect its /lib/udev/rules.d/60-persistent-storage.rules04:50
TJ-cryptz: look at the line "KERNEL!= ... GOTO="persistent_storage_end" "04:50
hiyaJordan_U, I don't know, I did not start to use it yet04:50
Nautilus_Jordan_U: I believe it put the stock 14.04 sudoers file in place of mine, doing a reboot but it says I'm not in the sudoers file04:50
TJ-cryptz: I suspect you need to add to that group of alternate matches "|rs*" at the end so the rule continues to process the device04:51
Nautilus_Jordan_U: "brian is not in the sudoers file.  This incident will be reported."04:52
Jordan_UNautilus_: Had you manually edited /etc/suders before? It by default doesn't include any users by default, but rather just the "admin" and "sudo" groups, and any user that is a member of either group can run commands as root using sudo. Also note that upgrades will not replace files in /etc/ without prompting you first.04:52
Nautilus_yes I did add my user brian04:53
TJ-cryptz: I think you'll also need to add a match under the heading "# SCSI devices"04:53
Nautilus_and yea, it prompted me. oops04:53
Jordan_UNautilus_: OK. Do you have any users (like one created during initial installation) that are members of the "admin" group?04:53
TJ-cryptz: to capture both the whole device, and partitions, you probably need to add "|rs*" to the 2 lines in that block that begin "KERNEL=="sd*|..."04:54
Nautilus_doubtful. I can't cat sudoers to see whats in there04:54
TJ-cryptz: it looks to me like you'd be better off creating a complete new rules file rather than editing that file, that has the rules needed, in /etc/udev/rules.d/04:54
cryptzout of curiousity what are you running? i only ask because 14.04 is officially supported by micron i wonder if that script has changed, i am making your changes now though.04:55
cryptzis there a place to simply issue mdadm -As earlier enough in the process or is it too late04:55
cryptzalso this did work on older versions04:55
Nautilus_Jordan_U: looks like I need to reimage the vps and start over?04:56
TJ-cryptz: They ought to provide a udev upe04:56
Jordan_UNautilus_: You don't understand, I'm not asking you to look at /etc/sudoers, I'm asking you to look at /etc/group .04:56
TJ-cryptz: s/upe/rule/ !04:56
Nautilus_oh ok04:56
TJ-cryptz: Hmmm, is there a supporting driver/OS package?04:57
K3y804rDCow80ySubCool I'm back04:57
Jordan_UNautilus_: Look for any members of the "admin" or "sudo" groups. If there are any, try logging in as one of them.04:57
cryptzwell there is but not for 15.1004:57
Nautilus_Jordan_U: I'm not sure what to make of /etc group04:57
TJ-cryptz: the kernel log doesn't show those devices being discovered at all, but it does show sda04:57
Nautilus_it does shoe brian:x:1001:04:57
Jordan_UNautilus_: Look for a line starting with "sudo" or "admin".04:58
cryptztj but the devices are accessible after boot04:58
=== kalen_not-here is now known as kalen
cryptzi just had them in a zfs volume as well04:59
Nautilus_sudo:x:27 , adm:x:4:syslog , don't see an admin04:59
cryptzbut maybe the older driver pack modifies these udev rules04:59
cryptzto your point, i am saying it worked in older versions of ubuntu, but i used their drivers in those versions04:59
TJ-cryptz: hmmm, the log shows no sign of them at all. I see the 'scst' stuff but there's nothing specifi there either. Usually when the kernel discovers a block device, it'll report it and show the partition table if it has one05:00
Nautilus_Jordan_U: ^05:00
TJ-cryptz: I suspect there is a udev rule in that driver pack. Can you look? its only a text file so you can easily copy it into /etc/udev/rules.d/ if there is one (or more)05:00
Jordan_UNautilus_: Then you're out of luck. Contact your VPS provider to see what they can do.05:00
Nautilus_Jordan_U: thanks a bunch for the help, I'll have to reimage it and put the site files back05:01
cryptzits a deb file how would i extract05:01
TJ-cryptz: "dpkg-deb -x <file.deb> /path/to/some/dir"05:02
VictoriaXOXOTJ-: I promised to let you know how the USB stick turned out. PERFECT!05:03
VictoriaXOXO100% perfect.05:04
VictoriaXOXOTJ-: Plus, I got rid of all the stupid startup GUI/splash stuff.05:04
TJ-VictoriaXOXO: That's great :)05:04
cryptztj i do not believe i have what we need, the contains /usr/src folders, only content is dkms.conf extra.c extra.h makefile mtip32xx.c mtip32xx.h05:04
TJ-cryptz: OK, that sounds like the source-code for a DKMS kernel module build05:05
Nautilus_Jordan_U: thanks again, reimage in progress.05:05
TJ-cryptz: I'm not sure then, but it feels like because the devices have an unconventional name the idev rules won't match them05:05
VictoriaXOXOTJ-: It sure is! By the way, do you know how to check all the sums of a file? md5, sha-1, and so on?05:05
TJ-!info jacksum | VictoriaXOXO05:05
ubottuVictoriaXOXO: jacksum (source: jacksum): computes checksums, CRCs and message digests. In component universe, is extra. Version 1.7.0-4 (wily), package size 202 kB, installed size 269 kB05:05
VictoriaXOXOTJ-: And that is the best way?05:06
VictoriaXOXOTJ-: Can I check just the sha-1 sum manually from a terminal?05:06
TJ-VictoriaXOXO: one tool that runs abotu 30+ hash/checksum algorithms against a file05:06
cryptzis there a window where i can issue the command mdadm -As before fstab is referenced so that i could assemble the array with a script at the right time in the boot process. after the system boots the devices are ok so it seems doable i just dont know the right location to put that command05:06
TJ-VictoriaXOXO: "sha1sum <file>"05:06
VictoriaXOXOTJ-: I'll write it down, but for now I'll use that "sha1sum <file>" command. Thanks! :D05:07
TJ-cryptz: that's the point of the udev rules. If they were being triggered, mdadm would be launched automatically05:07
TJ-cryptz: but for the udev mdadm rules to fire, first, the underlying devices have to be recognised, and processed as, block devices05:07
cryptzat some point they obviously are though05:08
=== mreay is now known as marksr
TJ-cryptz: the nodes are there, but the extra userspace stuff that scans them isn't being triggered from everything you've shown, which is why you have to manually fire mdadm on the nodes05:09
cryptzwhat is the search command to look for a hit on rssd* within the udev folder maybe i can find somethign else but to your point it may not be there05:10
cryptzbut somethign is showing these drives as block devices by the time i can access them05:10
TJ-cryptz: you're confusing yourself. The /dev/rs* device is being created, thats not the issue. The issue is that when it is created udev rules need to recognise the *name* as a SCSI block device and scan those devices for signs of metadata to trigger mdadm. That never happens.05:13
cryptzgotcha i just wanted to search the udev folder file contents for an occurance of rs* or perhaps more specifically rssd*05:14
cryptzincase it was handled in another rule05:14
cryptzi still havent tried your suggestions to modify that file and i can do that now05:15
cryptzmy biggest concern was not an immediate failure but somethign over a period of time05:15
TJ-cryptz: that's why I recommended adding a new rule in /etc/udev/rules.d/ that does for the rs* devices the same actions that /lib/udev/rules.d/60-persistent-storage.rules does for sd* devices05:15
cryptzok fair enough let me try that05:15
cryptzonce i make that change do those files fire automatically or does something need to be done, i know there is also an /etc/udev/rules.d and i wasnt sure what the distinction was05:16
=== benjamin_ is now known as Guest76818
TJ-cryptz: Looking at the rules, I think the file that contains the relevant bits for discovering/assembling is /lib/udev/rules.d/64-md-raid-assembly.rules05:24
Jerry_Hello everyone05:25
cryptzok do you feel the 60-rules are also necessary still05:25
Jerry_i am facing a problem giblib error: Can't open X display. It *is* running, yeah05:25
TJ-cryptz: without seeing udev in action its hard to tell. You could use udevadm monitor and udevadm trigger to fire the rules processing again, and look at the rules being processed for those rs* devices.05:27
cryptzok well you have definately given me alot of help and got me pointed in the right direction05:27
cryptzit has been a great learnign experience, you will be happy to know i do not do this for a living =)05:27
cryptzthank you very much05:27
Jerry_how, can i figure out it?05:28
cryptzone last question05:28
cryptzit seems alot of people put their custom items in etc/udev05:28
cryptzwhat is the dif vs lib05:28
Jerry_ i am facing a problem giblib error: Can't open X display.05:28
cryptzhey Tj, your suggested changes to rule 60 actually did it, i made those changes (creating them from scrarch was a little intimidating at first) and after a reboot md0 is intact!05:30
cryptzi know i will lose those changes after an upgrade though so i will try to find a better way05:30
cryptzthe discs must adhere to the rules in 64 after the changes to 60..05:30
Jerry_Please help me guys.05:31
TJ-cryptz: right, move the rules to /etc/udev/rules.d/ then05:32
cryptzat the moment i simply edited rule 60 in those 3 spots, i didnt want to create a stand alone rule that wasnt scoped correctly05:33
cryptzi will experiment with that05:33
TJ-cryptz: I did create a stripped down file for you to test, look at this: http://paste.ubuntu.com/13324934/05:33
TJ-cryptz: that should do it; and then you don't need to have the system package rules modified (which would get wiped out any time the udev package is upgraded)05:34
cryptzok so if this goes in /etc/udev/... it should persist through upgrades?05:34
TJ-cryptz: correct, anything under /etc/udev/rules.d/ belongs to the sys-admin not the package05:35
cryptzwell this is awesome! thanks so much05:35
TJ-cryptz: the important thing is to have the number of the file lower than the system package, so your rules get processed first05:35
TJ-cryptz: notice i set it to 59-05:35
TJ-cryptz: revert your changes and test that rules file, ensure it does the job :)05:36
TJ-cryptz: I think the KEY line there is 26, where it imports into the udev environment, the variables generated by 'blkid' since those will include the 'FS_TYPE' which the MD rules will match to05:38
=== amir_ is now known as Guest62111
cryptzrebooting now with 60's changes reverted and your custom 5905:40
cryptzare there any good books that would have told me about udev i have been using linux as a san for about 2 years but never had to interact with it05:41
cryptzi didnt know what was actually piecing this all together at boot05:42
TJ-I think there's some online docs for udev, but it's mostly aquired experience :)05:42
cryptzproblem with linux for me is that there could be good docs on udev, i wasnt going to be looking for udev related docs though =)05:42
TJ-cryptz: yeah, that's why IRC is so useful.05:43
TJ-cryptz: can put you on the correct track05:43
cryptzbiggest headache was there were alot of people with this problem and it was just mdadm.conf related as well.. so i spent a day looking through all of those05:43
TJ-My mantra here has become "read the logs, Luke!"05:44
cryptzwell i really appreciate it again man..05:44
cryptzi really didnt see anything in the logs05:44
cryptzi didnt know what i was looking for tbh05:44
cryptzso i was searching for md0 and my device names05:44
cryptznever saw it05:44
TJ-cryptz: yes, that was the point... the devices weren't in the logs when they ought to be05:44
cryptzit just came back up with md0 intact05:44
cryptzyes i would have just concluded aww shit someone stole my pciessds05:45
cryptzi honestly didnt think it was trying to assemble, i just had no clue why05:45
cryptzi am heading off now, i greatly appreciate all of your help05:48
=== lucy is now known as Guest68594
Nautilus_hoping for a quick tip, how do I tell where my DocumentRoot directive is pointing to?05:49
Nautilus_oh, I found a /var/www dir, that's the place?  New 14.04 image05:50
Jerry_guys please help05:52
Jerry_i am facing a problem giblib error: Can't open X display.05:52
=== Richard is now known as Guest62904
=== Guest62904 is now known as TheKeyMaker
game000guys, I'm trying to use mysql but I see that it's installed06:01
game000but I cannot open phpmyadmin in my browser from my machine06:01
hamnstarhey folks06:02
hamnstartrying to run popcorntime06:02
hamnstargetting a black screen - appears to be waiting on an AF_LOCAL socket talking to X1106:02
hamnstarany ideas06:02
=== Andre is now known as Guest75454
Guest75454game000, if its installed, whats the issue?06:03
=== Guest75454 is now known as ParadiseHunter
VictoriaXOXOHoly ****. Paris is under attack again.06:04
game000Guest75454> I'm using ssh connection and I installed it and it's not working06:04
ParadiseHunterVictoriaXOXO, is that true? Sh**** how long ago?06:04
VictoriaXOXOParadiseHunter: I just noticed it. Think it's breaking. http://www.cbs12.com/news/top-stories/stories/reports-gun-fire-possible-explosions-near-saintdenis-area-paris-france-31252.shtml?wap=0&06:05
ParadiseHunterdamn it ...06:05
ParadiseHunteryes headlines on google06:06
cairaptorIs that the police after #9?06:06
game000Guest75454> I don't know what's the problem06:06
hipitihopI have an in-house single page app that runs in Chrome/Canary which causes the tab to crash. I have investigated chrome logging but nothing useful. Can anyone suggest a way to get more insight into the chrome process/tab ?06:10
=== annie is now known as Guest38737
game000guys when I use nano how can I write over the file06:11
game000cause I'm using ctrl+x and it's showing me some option. and I don't know how to write over the file06:12
danatworkgame000: Ctrl + O06:12
game000<danatwork> ok, then there's some option came to me: M-D Dos , M-A06:13
game000etc ..06:13
Abehello I did an Update but now my resolution is only 1024x768 and I can't set it higher??06:15
=== cpaelzer_ is now known as cpaelzer
ParadiseHuntergame000, if you are not comfortable with text editors in CLI mode, try gedit <filename>06:21
ParadiseHunteror leafpad <filename>06:21
game000I'm using ubuntu server06:22
Abeok I fixed it06:22
game000<ParadiseHunter> I'm using the ubuntu server version06:22
Abethe cable wasn;t in right06:23
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=== Tyrtle is now known as Orian
ParadiseHuntergame000, you know vi editor?06:25
MassrawyAbe : thanks for the update, sure might help someone else who may overlook this.06:25
ParadiseHunterthough nano is the simplest ones :-)06:25
game000<ParadiseHunter> I solved the problem by clicking on ctrl+o and then press enter06:26
game000it will overwrite the file06:26
game000<ParadiseHunter> thanks for your help06:26
Orianill lurk now06:27
ParadiseHunterI did nothing you solved yourself, cheers!06:28
VictoriaXOXOSorry all for the off-topic, but this just happened in France. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mJDEUmy7Wzk06:28
lotuspsychjeVictoriaXOXO: please not here06:29
VictoriaXOXOThat's the only thing I will post. :)06:29
lotuspsychjeVictoriaXOXO: we have an offtopic channel for such06:30
neonixcoderGood day all06:38
neonixcoderhow can I change a partition label in Ubuntu?06:38
neonixcoderI used tune2fs -L ""  /dev/sda1 which is not working..06:39
neonixcoderCan I know how to remove already assigned label for a partition?06:39
emitattuoneonixcoder, gparted does that easily06:44
neonixcoderis it?06:45
emitattuoneonixcoder, unless you're working on an LVM setup, yeah, it'll do what you want.06:45
neonixcoderno LVM setup..06:45
neonixcoderLet me have a look..06:45
neonixcoderThanks, emitattuo.06:46
emitattuoneonixcoder, you're welcome.  I use it for most any non-LVM partitioning.06:46
neonixcoderemitatuo: No other tools like e2label etc?06:48
emitattuoIt's also installed by default on most live CDs/USB distributions, so it's commonly available if you are trying to do something like resize a partition on an already installed system.06:48
emitattuoemitattuo, I'm sure there's many other tools, yes.06:48
emitattuouh, neonixcoder ^^06:49
emitattuo(Not enough sleep lately)06:50
=== truexfan81_ is now known as truexfan81
neonixcoderemitattuo: I just require removing label from a partition not resizing..06:51
EnobkcabHello everyone!06:56
lotuspsychjeEnobkcab: welcome, what can we do for you?06:56
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DF3D2whats good my buntuers07:47
=== Zesty__ is now known as Zesty_
derock299hello, I upgraded from 15.04 to 15.10 online. After the upgrade i got a notification to reboot my system to finish the upgrade, during the reboot, the system hanged and it wont move from that stage07:51
sliddisHello how do I compile a program I downloaded from git? I downloaded with git clone url.git07:51
ubottuCompiling software from source? Read the tips at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/CompilingSoftware (But remember to search for pre-built !packages first)07:52
derock299how do I change back cos I can't access my pc now, although I have another partition running 14.10, please help guys07:52
OerHeksderock299, upgrade issue, do you happen to have an ATI videocard, there are issues with these, https://wiki.ubuntu.com/WilyWerewolf/ReleaseNotes#Graphics_and_Display07:53
derock299I am using a Radeon graphics in HP probook07:54
derock299I have removed the drive and made it external drive, is there a way I can correct this now07:54
derock299I have upgraded using the same method from 14.10 to 15.04 without any issue but encountered this issue on 15.1007:55
OerHeksboot in recovery mode, uninstall fglrx and reinstall the open driver.07:55
=== jimmylo is now known as jimmy_lo_chien_f
=== jimmy_lo_chien_f is now known as jimmylo_chien_fe
abdel_I upgraded from 15.04 to 15.10 in ubuntu, it asked me to reboot my pc, during the reboot, my system hanged and it wont move from that stage. please can you help me guys . I need to access my PC back pls07:57
=== jimmylo_chien_fe is now known as jimmy_lo_chien_f
abdel_Although I have another partition running 14.10 on the same PC.07:57
SeriouslyLaughabdel_ give this a read https://wiki.ubuntu.com/RecoveryMode07:58
=== jimmylo is now known as jimmy_lo_chien_f
abdel_Seriously I will do that now but I need a quick fix, I have already removed my drive and made it external drive, is there a way I can correct the external drive now so that my OS will start working?07:59
SeriouslyLaughthere isn't really a magic solution07:59
SeriouslyLaughit depends on why it wont boot07:59
SeriouslyLaughyou'll have to troubleshoot it07:59
OerHeksabdel_ = derock299 , again: boot in recovery, remove the fglrx driver and use the open driver .. ( why asking it with 2 names ?)08:01
OerHekssudo apt-get remove --purge fglrx*08:01
abdel_how do I remove the fglrx, I am quite a novice at Oerhks, please help08:01
emadhelmiHow can i check the server side programming language of a website?08:01
SeriouslyLaughi'm genuinely amazed that people are technically inclined enough to come to this channel to ask for help but don't think to try google first08:02
SeriouslyLaughnothing personal08:02
abdel_but I cannot access the drive now, its not booting, it hangs during boot08:02
sliddisWhen I try to compile with "make" i get error std::__cxx11::string Dines::random_string(size_t)08:04
OerHeksabdel_, hold shift @ boot, and choose recovery mode in the grub2 menu08:04
sliddisalong with a lot of other errors08:04
abdel_i have tried that Oerheks, the recovery mode hangs too08:05
abdel_let me try again sir08:05
derock299I am here OerHeks08:06
derock299do you mean immediately i boot my pc, I should hold the shift key @oerheks, what do I do after that?08:08
OerHeksderock299, after the bios page, hold shift > https://wiki.ubuntu.com/RecoveryMode08:09
derock299okay i will have to put the drive back into my pc and try again @oerheks08:11
ColonelUsernameDoes anyone know of something like this (http://conjurecode.com/create-indicator-applet-for-ubuntu-unity-with-python/) for C? I'm looking for a tutorial on how to make a panel-indicator, or maybe some documentation that's less than four years old, and google is not being helpful.08:16
derock299is there a way I can remove the fglxr* on the external drive ?08:18
derock299I have another drive on my pc running 14.04 and the one that refuses to boot is now an external drive.08:19
baizonderock299: boot into text mode and remove it then08:19
derock299please guide me baizon08:19
derock299i really don't know how to do this08:20
baizonderock299: http://askubuntu.com/questions/92276/how-do-i-boot-into-true-text-mode08:20
derock299@baizon: the affected drive is now an external drive, so how will I do sudo update-grub08:22
derock299based on the link you sent, after editing the etc file, I was told to do sudo update-grub08:22
baizonderock299: yes08:23
sliddishttp://paste.debian.net/333486/ what is wrong when compiling this? I downloaded from github with git clone. got build-essential, autoconf, libcppunit-dev08:23
baizonderock299: boot into recovery mode and do this08:23
derock299from the etc file i couldn't fine fglxr*08:24
derock299okay baizon will I boot into recovery mode, the drive is now an external drive08:24
derock299please show me sir08:24
baizonderock299: http://askubuntu.com/questions/16042/how-to-get-to-the-grub-menu-at-boot-time08:25
baizonderock299: and this http://askubuntu.com/questions/150367/how-do-i-boot-into-recovery-mode08:26
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derock299I have two partitions one is  still 14.10 and I can access that partition, can I fix the second partition from the working partition @baizon08:28
baizonderock299: you want to deinstall fglrx?08:30
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derock299baizon, here is my problem. I upgraded from 15.04 to 15.10, I was asked to reboot to complete installation, during the reboot, my pc hanged, i waited for 4 hours but it never passed that stage. My pc runs two partitions (14.10 and 15.04) the 14.10 partition is still accessible but the issue now is with the 15.04 partition which was upgraded to 15.10 and encountered issues. so how do I fix this issue now sir09:07
=== terminus is now known as Guest46214
stevenmHey due to "Micro Release Exceptions" as they were called... Ubuntu forces upon us the latest Firefox and Thunderbird... this is normally fine... but I'm having a real issue with Thunderbird 38 and need to go back to 31 - what is the proper way to do this?09:08
archhow to install software or upgrade form an old unsupported release. http://bit.ly/1WYu9Q409:11
explosivearch: type cat /etc/issue09:16
explosivestevenm: there's not really a proper way to do it09:16
derock299please can somebody help me with my issue please09:16
explosivestevenm: if you use the older firefox it might have vulnerabilities09:17
stevenmexplosive, no i'm trying to use an older thunderbird09:17
=== teemo is now known as vape
stevenmexplosive, given the only thing it connects to is my own trusted mail server - i'm fine taking the risk... not like it is a web browser09:17
explosivestevenm: you could uninstall it, and then download the .deb and use dpkg to install it, but it also might have vulnerabilities09:18
explosivearchive.ubuntu.com for the deb files09:18
explosivedpkg -i <deb file> to install09:18
stevenmexplosive, can i pin it or something so it won't upgrade?09:18
explosiveyeah i think you can use apt-mark or something to do that09:18
derock299baizon, here is my problem. I upgraded from 15.04 to 15.10, I was asked to reboot to complete installation, during the reboot, my pc hanged, i waited for 4 hours but it never passed that stage. My pc runs two partitions (14.10 and 15.04) the 14.10 partition is still accessible but the issue now is with the 15.04 partition which was upgraded to 15.10 and encountered issues. so how do I fix this issue now sir09:18
explosivetype man apt_preferences to read about it09:19
explosivederock299: what does it hang on while booting?09:20
derock299it gets to a stage and just hangs there09:20
derock299it doesnt move from there, it gives an error that failed to boot systemct or something, I cant remember09:21
explosivederock299: can you get the exact error?09:22
derock299i was told that I need to do sudo apt-get remove --purge fglxr*09:23
derock299but I dont even know how to do it because my safe mode hangs too, I will have to put this PC off09:23
explosivederock299: try booting with these kernel parameters: nomodeset09:24
explosiveinstead of quiet splash09:24
cfhowlett!nomodeset | derFlo09:24
ubottuderFlo: A common kernel (boot)parameter is nomodeset, which is needed for some graphic cards that otherwise boot into a black screen or show corrupted splash screen. See http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1613132 on how to use this parameter09:24
cfhowlettderock299, this ^^09:24
derock299explosive how do i do the nomodeset?09:26
derock299can I correct the drive manually since i have turned it into external drive now09:26
explosivederock299: hold shift when the pc boots, to get grub, press e, then edit the line that starts with linux /boot/vmlinuz...09:27
explosivethen press ctrl+x09:27
derock299okay let me put it off and try09:28
ren0v0hi, i've changed "automatically check for updates" to "never", yet i'm still receiving GUI popups for updates?09:29
explosiveren0v0: i think that only doesn't check for updates09:30
explosiveif you use apt-get update it's the same09:31
explosivecause i sometimes apt-get update then immediately get a popup from the gui09:31
explosiveremove the display popup for security and the other one if you want to not see them09:31
derock299@explosive: how do I do the sudo apt-get remove --purge fglxr*?09:34
e01i had installed slack on ubuntu, but now almost every file is opened (double click) with it by default, how can i fix this without uninstalling slack?09:42
reisioe01: slack?09:43
e01reisio, not th distro but the messaging app09:44
reisio'configuration management program for lazy admins' ?09:45
* reisio rolls eyes09:46
derock299okay I have removed my hard drive and turned it to external drive but i cant view the content of my drive in the home file, I get only a read me text which give this erro:This link cannot be used because its target “/usr/share/ecryptfs-utils/ecryptfs-mount-private.txt” doesn't exist.09:46
reisiogonna use software with a terrible name, people are going to be unclear as to what you're talking about09:46
derock299please how to I access all my files in my external drive09:46
reisioderock299: does that file exist?09:46
derock299@reisio: I have removed my drive with ubuntu 15.04 on it, i turned it to external drive, now when I insert it in another system running ubuntu 14.10, I can see the drive but there's nothing on my home folder09:48
derock299and i have files about 200gb in the drive09:48
reisioderock299: that doesn't answer my question09:49
derock299no it doesnt exist i just checked @reisio09:50
=== Fisheh is now known as MonkehParade
reisioderock299: so tell it where it is09:50
derock299please how do I access content of my drive @reisio?09:50
reisioderock299: it's looking for /usr/share/ecryptfs-utils/ecryptfs-mount-private.txt09:51
derock299where is that located ?09:51
reisioderock299: that is where09:51
reisiothat's an absolute path09:51
reisioif it's not there, then you've moved it09:51
derock299sorry reisio, i checked again its there09:51
NaOHHe lost his key :/09:52
derock299its there: /usr/share/ecryptfs-utils/ecryptfs-mount-private.txt09:52
derock299its there09:52
derock299but I cannot view the content of my drive09:52
NaOHwouldn't there = the 200gb drive and so would not be  /usr/share/ecryptfs-utils/ecryptfs-mount-private.txt but more like /media/USERNAME/usr/share/ecryptfs-utils/ecryptfs-mount-private.txt ?09:53
derock299From the graphical desktop, click on:09:54
derock299 "Access Your Private Data"09:54
derock299From the command line, run:09:54
derock299 ecryptfs-mount-private09:54
=== rafaelcenteio1 is now known as rafaelcenteio
derock299okay this is what i want, I have removed my drive running ubuntu and converted it to external drive, please how do I access the content of the drive now09:57
Blackout_Hallo zusammen10:05
lotuspsychje!de | Blackout_10:05
ubottuBlackout_: In den meisten Ubuntu-Kanälen wird nur Englisch gesprochen. Für deutschsprachige Hilfe besuche bitte #ubuntu-de, #kubuntu-de, #edubuntu-de oder #ubuntu-at. Einfach "/join #ubuntu-de" eingeben. Danke für Dein Verständnis!10:05
justrohuHello everyone10:10
justrohuI am very new to ubuntu10:10
justrohucan any one please guide me how to set up cron job in ubuntu10:11
ubottucron is a way to schedule execution of software/scripts. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/CronHowto10:11
labsyhi all10:13
labsymy server got hacked.10:13
reisiolabsy: bummer10:13
labsyquestion is: I found out someone had access to user root with pubkey. I see his RSA (fingerprint)10:13
labsybut it is none of mine.10:14
reisiothat isn't a question10:15
=== andreas_ is now known as Guest19904
labsythe question is: how could this happen?10:19
explosivelabsy: what's the server running? services?10:19
labsya different fingerprint which is none of my keys in authorized_keys for user root.10:19
labsyexplosive: mongo and redis. mongo was open without auth10:20
labsyno idea about redis10:20
labsycould someone do something via mongo shell?10:20
labsyis there a chance to do such thing with the mongo shell at all?10:20
BuildTheRobotsgood morning. can't seem to get ssl to work when connecting to either https://ubuntu.com or https://releases.ubuntu.com - does anyone know if it's supposed to work, and if not, how I can get a verified download of ubuntu, please?10:22
Guest19904O HO10:22
cfhowlettBuildTheRobots, use torrents10:22
BuildTheRobotscfhowlett: which is great, but as the torrent isn't downloaded over ssl it makes the torrent contents unverifiable, right?10:23
labsyany known vulnerability regarding ssh in recent time?10:23
cfhowlettBuildTheRobots, torrents are hashchecked via ubuntu and torrents themselves are sumchecked for accuracy10:23
reisiolabsy: try #polls10:23
cookie80labsy: I'm just curious... what are the filepermissions of authorized_keys?10:24
BuildTheRobotscfhowlett: sure, but my point is, i have no way of knowing the torrent file I download from ubuntu.com is actually the torrent they've published10:24
reisioBuildTheRobots: the source doesn't matter if you check sums, that's the point10:24
labsycookie80: now or back then?10:24
reisioBuildTheRobots: yes, you have10:24
BuildTheRobotsreisio: so where do I get the checksums from10:24
cookie80labsy: back then10:24
reisioBuildTheRobots: any ubuntu mirror10:24
cfhowlettBuildTheRobots, false.  md5sum with checksums from ubuntu10:24
labsybecause the attacker deleted authorized_keys and made a directory out of it10:24
reisiomd5 is outdated (though probably still sufficient enough)10:25
explosivelabsy: check /var/log/auth.log10:25
labsycookie80: 66410:25
labsyexplosive: I did already. I told you I checked his fingerprint.10:25
explosiveneedless to say you should erase the server and start a fresh server10:25
labsyit was from auth.log10:25
labsyexplosive: yes. will do it anyway. but Im more curious about how this even could happen at all10:25
explosivelabsy: did he leave anything behind in the logs? /root/.*_history or something10:26
explosiveor the user's history file10:26
derock299hello explosive, I have inserted my drive back into the pc, I went to recovery mode and to drop to rootshell prompt , I did sudo apt-get remove --purge pglxr*10:26
labsyexplosive: he made a new superuser with uid 010:27
labsynamed Redistoor.10:27
labsyand he was logged in only 1 minute. if I can trust wtmp at all after this10:27
explosivelabsy: check the logs of the services if they're still there, and any errors they might have given10:27
labsyso I guess it was a bot10:27
derock299i got this error: W: not using locking for read only lock file, E: unable to write to /var/cache/apt/ and E: The package lists or status file could not b e parsed or opened10:27
explosivederock299: remount in rw10:28
derock299then when I try to reboot my pc , during the reboot i get this:failed to start kernel modules error and check systemct110:28
explosivemount -o remount,rw /10:28
derock299it then continues but hooks afterwards10:28
derock299how do I remount in rw10:29
explosivelabsy: exploit-db.com might show recent vulnerabilities10:29
derock299please give me the steps10:29
=== legovaer is now known as leg0vaer
derock299I went to drop to rootshell prompt and did: mount -o remount, rw/10:29
derock299and also mount --all10:30
explosivemount -o remount,rw /10:30
derock299but its not working10:30
=== leg0vaer is now known as legovaer
derock299after mount -o remount,rw/ ......what do I do next10:30
derock299cos I ttried it and nothing worked my pc still hooks at start up10:31
derock299okay, I have two partitions, one of the partitions is working...I can access the other partitions but I cannot see my documents, please how can I do this and see my files10:31
cookie80labsy: recommended file permissions are 644, maybe the attacker was part of your group10:34
labsycookie80: yes. investigating.10:34
cookie80labsy: or the exploited service10:35
derock299please I cannot access the contents of my second partition from the first partition, I can see the second partition but I cannot see my files, please help10:35
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reisio'lo metal10:41
=== e01 is now known as Guest41209
=== tvoss is now known as tvoss|lunch
noeliaHello everyone10:54
noeliaI need some help here10:54
cfhowlett!ask | noelia10:54
ubottunoelia: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience10:54
noeliaI have some broken packages and I don't know how to fix them10:55
noeliaI can't install anything because of that10:56
noeliaSynaptic is telling me I've got to fix the broken packages first...10:58
noeliaI'm a newbie and I don't know how to do this.10:58
cfhowlett!patience | noelia10:58
ubottunoelia: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. While you wait, try searching https://help.ubuntu.com or http://ubuntuforums.org or http://askubuntu.com/10:58
noeliaOk, sorry10:59
stevenmHey, where can I find the older version of Thunderbird 31 which my 14.04 system had before version 38 was forced upon it?11:05
stevenmDon't say archive.ubuntu.com as that does have version 31 but it seems compiled for later version of Ubuntu11:05
bazhangwhat about packages.ubuntu.com stevenm11:06
stevenmthat web ui just lists version 38 for trusty11:07
mcphailstevenm: old versions are only kept in the repos for a short time. You may be stuck with it.11:09
TJ-stevenm: amd64 arch?11:09
stevenmTJ-, yeah11:09
TJ-stevenm: this should do you: see the "Built files" section. https://launchpad.net/~ubuntu-mozilla-security/+archive/ubuntu/ppa/+build/765610211:09
stevenmlightning really doesn't work properly with 38 when connected to my stupid work's office 365 system11:09
stevenmah perfect thanks TJ-11:10
mcphailstevenm: frustrating. Do you have an older version in your apt cache?11:10
stevenmmcphail, no i checked11:10
mcphailstevenm: I see TJ- has solved your problem. Hope it helps11:11
stevenmi get why ubuntu does these micro release exceptions (e.g. libreoffice, firefox and thunderbird get updated regardless) but this kind of thing is annoying11:11
stevenmwell i've under installed thunderbird 38 and related packages - after i've installed 31 again - how can I stop apt from upgradgint them?  i think it's pinning isn't it?  can I pin anything called thunderbird* or xul-ext-lightning* ?11:12
mcphailstevenm: I think pinning is the correct thing to do, but I've never done it and don't know the syntax11:13
TJ-stevenm: you can mark the packages as held11:13
stevenmTJ-, hmm that page seems to be missing thunderbird-locale-en-gb11:14
TJ-stevenm: see "man apt-mark" ... you'd want to do "apt-mark hold <package1> <package2> ..."11:14
TJ-stevenm: you want the -en package. en-gb was a transitional, empty, package11:16
noeliaI'm having problems with Synaptic, I can't fix the broken packages, I'm filtering them but still don't appear11:16
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noeliaTJ - Can you help me, please?11:22
Kartagiswhy is wifi lost after returning from hibernation?11:25
ludzacan someone help me a boot a distributable dvd i created with remastersys. it completed successfully but gave an error that it might not boot on all bioses11:25
KartagisIntel Corporation PRO/Wireless 5100 AGN [Shiloh] Network Connection is the wirelss card11:25
cfhowlettludza, remastersys has been discontinued and no longer supported for some time now.  might not be trustworthy ...11:26
noeliacfhowlett I've read some information on the internet but none of the workarounds is working :(11:27
ludzaSo is there any other app i can use to make a distributable copy of my running system11:27
cfhowlettnoelia, I don't have enough knowledge to provide meaningful help.  ask every 20 minutes or so. soory11:28
cfhowlett!uck | ludza11:28
ubottuludza: uck is a tool that helps you customise official Ubuntu Live CDs (including Kubuntu/Xubuntu and Edubuntu) to your needs. See http://uck.sourceforge.net/11:28
lynxer10good moring all11:28
stevenmthanks TJ-  :)11:28
ludzaThanks @ubottu11:29
co10hey its liam, sup11:33
co10yo reply hommies11:33
co10my name is jeff11:33
cfhowlettco10, this is ubuntu support.  stay on topic or try #ubuntu-offtopic11:34
co10scott is a mr chow11:35
cfhowlettco10, off-topic.11:36
co10hi sam :-)11:36
sebastianlutterI hunt a bug in a Java JNI shared library. Is there a way on ubuntu to identify missing shared libs of a given .so file? Like ldd -v, but only shows dependencies that are missing on the actual box?11:36
SonuHi ... i am facing a Curl issue on my server.. Curl is enabled but not working ...http://awesomescreenshot.com/0445exek3711:37
voozeHi, i'm running 14.04.3 on my laptop. some times after resume from sleep. the touchpad is "frozen" it can scroll, but not move. Mouse works just fine. It works restarting unity. Is the synaptic driver in the kernel, or do I need to run something like 15.10 to get a newer synaptic driver?11:39
hateballvooze: does reloading psmouse work, or do you have to restart unity?11:42
voozehateball, just testet, have to reload unity11:44
voozehateball, oh wait, now it works after reloading psmouse11:45
hateballvooze: you could make some (ugly) workaround that reloads it on resume11:47
SonuFailed to connect to  port 80: Connection timed out11:47
Sonuwhen using curl11:47
voozehateball, its just weird, because I remember it worked in 15.04 and 15.1011:48
voozeand 14.04.3 should be like 15.04 right? The same kernel etc.11:48
hateballvooze: no, 3.13 vs 3.1911:49
voozehateball, but I have 3.19. (14.04.311:50
KrysTaLiZedguys I have a friend who want to contribute in Masters of the Universe section, how shall he start?11:50
reisioKrysTaLiZed: what? :p11:50
KrysTaLiZedhe wants to become a MOTU someday11:50
iceCaltHe shall sacrifice his children for.11:50
hateballvooze: yep, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Kernel/LTSEnablementStack11:50
derock299hello please can somebody help me with a precise and detail solution to my problem? i upgraded from 15.04 to 15.10 on one of my partitions, it asked for a reboot to complete installtion, during the reboot i got error that failed to start load kernel modules, then it says check systemct1 and load FUSE control, it continues to ok other checks and finally it hanged completely( freezes). I have tried recovery mode and did mount -o remount,rw/ but still no11:51
KrysTaLiZedno offttopic here iceCalt btw11:51
hateballvooze: the default kernel is 3.13 tho11:51
voozehateball, I have that, thats why I'm on 3.1911:51
derock299I have tried sudo update-grub after changing the grub file to nomodeset but i got error too11:51
hateballvooze: Yep11:51
DJones!motu | KrysTaLiZed There might be something linked from here,11:52
ubottuKrysTaLiZed There might be something linked from here,: motu is short for Masters of the Universe. The brave souls who maintain the packages in the Universe section of Ubuntu. See  http://wiki.ubuntu.com/MOTU11:52
capioHey. i installed Ubuntu. i have two monitors. but when i move my mouse with slow velocity to another monitor it gets stuck in the middle. i have to move it with some speed.11:52
derock299please can somebody help me, all I need are my important files in the other partition, its urgent please help11:52
KrysTaLiZedoh thanks DJones11:52
SemiNusI wondered how I could recursively compare a directory on a webserver with a local directory.   If both were local,  I would use diff -rq   but in this case... is it possible to somehow use  md5 sum to check the files and then check against the md5 sums locally?11:52
hateballvooze: I wouldnt suggest downgrading kernel, rather upgrade to a later in that case. or just make a script to reload psmouse on resume11:52
DJonescapio: Sounds like stick edges is set to be on, I think its in the display settings and needs turning off11:52
DJonescapio: Settings - Display - Sticky Edges - On/Off11:53
voozehateball, can I use 4.2 like in 15.10 ? I see for Server it says sudo apt-get install --install-recommends linux-generic-lts-wily. But not sure how that would work on laptop11:53
derock299I have tried sudo update-grub after changing the grub file to nomodeset but i got error too11:54
hateballvooze: It is the same11:54
derock299hello please can somebody help me with a precise and detail solution to my problem? i upgraded from 15.04 to 15.10 on one of my partitions, it asked for a reboot to complete installtion, during the reboot i got error that failed to start load kernel modules, then it says check systemct1 and load FUSE control, it continues to ok other checks and finally it hanged completely( freezes). I have tried recovery mode and did mount -o remount,rw/ but still no11:54
hateballvooze: You'll still be able to pick a kernel in grub menu on boot11:55
capioDJones, yep that solved it. thanks11:55
capioAnother question. i need to install django version 1.8 but its not in the servers. How do i go about and install it?11:57
voozehateball, okay, testing 15.10 kernel now :)11:57
voozethanks for your help11:57
derock299or if nobody knows the solution, please can somebody tell me how to view the files in my other partition , both partitions are ubuntu, one of the partitions is working11:58
derock299so how do u view the files in the other partition please11:59
reisioderock299: two Ubuntu installs?12:00
taavi90Hello, what is the name of the package that is the application finder..located in top of the left menu icon12:00
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derock299i have two ubuntu (14.10 and 15,04) on the same pc, they are all working fine12:01
reisioderock299: does it not show on the left in file manager?12:01
derock299i did an upgrade on 15.04 to 15.0 , then during reboot i got error that it failed to load kernel12:01
taavi90reisio : was that a response to me...?12:02
derock299it continued to hang completely, now from the second partition i can see my other drive and some files but i cannot access the content of my home folder12:02
reisiotaavi90: yup12:02
derock299if i log into the second partition, i can see the other partition on the left @reisio12:03
reisioderock299: what?12:03
derock299i can access the second partition too and some of its files, but the home folder is not showing all the files12:03
taavi90reisio : i dont find it under /usr/share/applications12:03
cfhowlettderock299, did you encrypt things??12:04
noeliaHello again12:04
derock299no ecryption just my login passwords12:04
derock299the problem here is i cannot boot the other partition since upgrading to 15.1012:04
derock299it hangs completely12:04
derock299i did mount -o remount,rw/ but it doesnt work12:05
KrysTaLiZed!motu |iceCalt12:05
ubottuiceCalt: motu is short for Masters of the Universe. The brave souls who maintain the packages in the Universe section of Ubuntu. See  http://wiki.ubuntu.com/MOTU12:05
noeliaHow can I find out what ppa's I have installed?12:05
derock299i tried sudo apt-get remove --purge fglxr* but got errors12:05
noeliaI need to uninstall them with ppa-purge but I don't know their names12:05
derock299please I need help guys12:06
guest2225No matter what screencast software I try, Kazam, recordmydesktop, avconv, ffmpeg, vlc, vokoscreen, and no matter what settings I fiddle with, high fps, or compression/no compression, avi/mp4/mkv, the video is always appearing choppy12:06
guest2225does anyone know why?12:06
guest2225I am using Ubuntu 14.0412:07
cfhowlettguest2225, ONLY on self recorded video?  other video plays OK?12:08
hateballnoelia: several ways, quick and dirty "cat /etc/apt/sources.list.d/*"12:08
guest2225indeed, all the other videos play fine12:08
hateballnoelia: you may want to add some grep magic to that to get what you need12:08
guest2225it is only when I am trying to record something on the desktop, does this happen12:08
guest2225I am trying to record an animation that is generated by a program and that does not have the ability to save the animation12:09
guest2225It is then that the choppiness is observed in the quality12:10
cfhowlettguest2225, what program cannot save it's own output?12:10
guest2225This is the gloss library of haskell12:10
noeliahateball Thank you, this is what I get:  deb-src http://ppa.launchpad.net/thopiekar/miraclecast/ubuntu vivid main12:10
noeliahateball However, there are more .list files in /etc/apt/sources.list.d12:11
cfhowlettguest2225, so it outputs a video?  pipe it to vlc and save it from there?12:11
guest2225when i run the program it produces a window in which the animation occurs12:11
guest2225but let met try piping12:11
cfhowlettguest2225, what player displays the video?12:12
derock299ALl i want is to bring my sytem back to working condition12:12
hateballnoelia: files that are not empty? because it should just spit out line after line12:12
derock299it hangs completely during start up12:12
cfhowlettguest2225, perhaps ask the #haskell channel.  I suspect there's a way to capture/save that video without invoking another app.12:13
guest2225I am not surre that it uses an external player...it seeems that it generates its own window which can display that12:13
guest2225cfhowlett, indeed that question has been asked on haskell12:13
guest2225and apparently there is currently no way to save the genrated video12:13
cfhowlettguest2225, so an app that produces a video without save functionality ... d'oh!12:14
guest2225seems like it! I was surprised too12:14
noeliahateball This is the output of "ls" ----->  http://pastebin.com/f1nRppx812:15
guest2225Maybe I  misunderstood something or stumbled upon incorrect information, but i searched a lot and I gather that it is not possible12:15
noeliaI mean ls /etc/apt/sources.list.d12:15
guest2225piping into vlc does not work12:16
derock299could the issue be from my vbox12:16
noeliahateball these files are empty12:16
guest2225anyway, i wonder why my screencasts are coming choppy no matter what i do...12:16
guest2225My laptop is fairly fast12:16
cfhowlettguest2225, could be you're maxing your gpu's ram12:17
guest2225cfhowlett, I keep a track of the RAM using conky, and that seems to be fune12:18
cfhowlettguest2225, I'm officially out of wild a* guesses then.12:18
guest2225cfhowlett, no problem! Thanks for trying!12:19
derock299it continued to hang completely, now from the second partition i can see my other drive and some files but i cannot access the content of my home folder12:20
hateballguest2225: seems you've tried a fair few programs already, but I found https://obsproject.com/download#linux to work well for me12:20
derock299i did an upgrade on 15.04 to 15.0 , then during reboot i got error that it failed to load kernel12:21
derock299please I need help guys12:21
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fabio_Hello everyone12:24
fabio_Can somenone help me? I want to customize the ubuntu logo  on boot12:25
fabio_where is located?12:25
fabio_i think is on lib something12:26
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derock299 hello please can somebody help me with a precise and detail solution to my problem? i upgraded from 15.04 to 15.10 on one of my partitions, it asked for a reboot to complete installtion, during the reboot i got error that failed to start load kernel modules, then it says check systemct1 and load FUSE control, it continues to ok other checks and finally it hanged completely( freezes). I have tried recovery mode and did mount -o remount,rw/ but still no12:26
derock299please can anybody help12:27
noeliahateball I previously removed the ppa lines with Ubuntu Software Centre12:27
noeliahateball Now I can't remove the ppa's, I thought removing the lines in Ubuntu Software Centre did the job.12:28
hateballnoelia: have you added them all by using apt-add-repository, or have you manually entered some into /etc/apt/sources.list perhaps?12:29
noeliahateball I think I entered some of them into /etc/apt/sources.list12:30
noeliahateball I don't remember12:30
hateballnoelia: well, have a look then :)12:30
noeliahateball I remember now, I added them in /etc/apt/sources.list, then I erased those lines12:31
noeliahateball I thought that was enough to erase the ppa's12:32
rato_aladoBoot Logo -> /lib/plymouth/themes or create /usr/share/plymouth/themes12:32
bdonnahuehello. im tyring to run this command12:34
bdonnahue gpg --keyserver keys.gnupg.net --recv-key 62B4981F12:34
bdonnahuebut im getting a timeout12:34
bdonnahuecan anyone help12:34
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=== hassp is now known as hassaan
sidneihi members!12:43
sidneisomeware Brazilian?12:44
derock299 hello please can somebody help me with a precise and detail solution to my problem? i upgraded from 15.04 to 15.10 on one of my partitions, it asked for a reboot to complete installtion, during the reboot i got error that failed to start load kernel modules, then it says check systemct1 and load FUSE control, it continues to ok other checks and finally it hanged completely( freezes). I have tried recovery mode and did mount -o remount,rw/ but still no12:45
derock299it seems nobody can help me12:53
mac33hi to everyone12:53
mac33where can I find (as I'd like to save) streaming flash video from website in ubuntu 15.40. It seems the new flash-plugin has just change the path where I before found the mp412:55
cfhowlettvideodownloader plugin for firefox is easier12:56
sebastianlutterhow can I check if dependencies of an shared object file are fulfilled on my current ubuntu box? I know ldd and objdump, is there a tool available that follows the link tree in depth?12:56
mekdouglasflashgot extension for firefox is good too!12:57
mac33does it work with jw flash plug-in?12:57
mac33ok...when I'm looking for flash add-on I get a very long list of it12:59
mac33thank you to all13:01
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BluesKajHowdy all13:10
Knight80Is it possible to install an ubuntu package designed for wily in Ubuntu 14.04?13:11
Knight80I need to install Ardour 4, which has more functionalities than Ardour 3, but 14.04 doesn't have Ardour 4 package13:12
cfhowlettinadviseable.  backports are better.13:12
cfhowlettfailing that: install from sourcce13:12
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cookie80Knight80: maybe it´s easier to install wily on a seperate partition13:13
voozehateball, so even after upgrading kernel the problem was still there, but I found a script and modified it from askubuntu :) now it works13:14
hateballvooze: oh well :)13:17
Knight80The thing is everybody suggests me not to install ppa's, why is that?13:20
cfhowlett!ppa | Knight8013:20
ubottuKnight80: A Personal Package Archive (PPA) can provide alternate software not normally available in the offical Ubuntu repositories - Looking for a PPA? See https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+ppas - WARNING: PPAs are unsupported third-party packages, and you use them at your own risk. See also !addppa and !ppa-purge13:20
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voozeKnight80, to be honest we all use PPAs (probably) just don't add PPA you dont know what are. Well known PPAs are probably fine :)13:22
Ben64yeah, if its a ppa that adds say... the newest version of mythtv, it's probably fine. if you add a ppa that updates libc, you might break your system13:24
cfhowlettvooze, only 1 and only because I was too impatient to wait for 16.04  http://paste.ubuntu.com/13329817/13:24
voozecfhowlett, if the PPA just holds one application its not big deal. The problem is if the PPA have maybe 20 apps, and you just want to upgrade one.. and then maybe it will make others unstable.. Or even pull some bad system packages/libs13:26
Knight80vooze Thank you, I just need to install Ardour 4, which has more functionalities than Ardour 3, that's why I'm going to need to use a PPA13:26
voozeKnight80, google the app, you should get a link with all the packages inside the PPA :)13:26
voozesee if it seems okay13:26
Ben64i have a bunch -- solaar (for logitech wireless mouse), deluge, freecad, dolphin-emu, mpv, minetest, mythtv, firefox pepperflash, android studio, wine13:26
voozegoogle the PPA *13:26
Ben64oh and google-chrome13:27
voozeYeah I probably have like 10 PPAs, no big deal :)13:27
voozelike libreoffice5 etc.13:27
cfhowlettKnight80, virtualbox + wiley = ardour413:28
Knight80Thank you13:29
Knight80So, you don't recommend me to download Ardour 4 from packages.ubuntu.com and install it on Ubuntu Trusty (14.04)13:30
cfhowlettKnight80, download directly from ardour.org and install.13:31
Knight80cfhowlett There's no Ubuntu package there13:31
cfhowlettthere is a linux package13:31
Knight80cfhowlett Source code13:32
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cfhowlettI believe so13:32
librercreationhi !!13:33
cfhowlettlibrercreation, this is ubuntu support.  chitchat in #ubuntu-offtopic.13:34
Knight80I asked you this because someone told me once that installing Kxstudio (which contains Ardour 4) over Ubuntu 14.04 was not advisable13:36
ubottusaretta: No warez here! This is not a file sharing channel (or network); read the channel topic. If you're looking for information about me, type « /msg ubottu !bot ». If you're looking for a channel, see « /msg ubottu !alis ».13:36
Knight80And another question: What's the best desktop environment in your opinion? I use xfce...13:38
voozeKnight80, just use a PPA, dont be so scared :)13:39
voozeworst thing that can happen is you can purge the PPA13:39
Knight80vooze Thank you very much :)13:39
voozeyou are welcome :)13:40
voozeIn my view, part of the Linux experience, is to mess around with stuff13:41
Knight80vooze I agree with you13:41
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cfhowlettKnight80, "best" = then one that works for you!  fwiw: ubuntustudio uses XFCE413:41
caevehello everyone, does gpt (GUID) partition table have any drawbacks with existing file systems or OSes? I never used it, and apparently it is preferrable to MBR13:42
cfhowlettcaeve, are you dualbooting?13:42
caevecfhowlett, I have more than one systems on my machine, if I understand your question right13:43
cfhowlettcaeve, IF you system is GPT capable, i.e. newish, should be no problem13:43
caevecfhowlett, if 14.04.3 is newish enough, yes :)13:44
cfhowlettcaeve, the MACHINE not the OS :)13:44
caevecfhowlett, oh :) no, it is not the newest.13:45
cfhowlett2014 or later is probably running on GPT: sudo gdisk -l will tell you13:45
caevecfhowlett, how old may the machine be to be compatible?13:45
caevecfhowlett, oh, sorry, saw your answer13:46
cfhowlettcaeve, sudo fdisk -l will tell yoiu13:46
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caevecfhowlett, I cannot find a gpt-related entry in the output13:47
cfhowlettcaeve,  then you are on mbr13:48
caevecfhowlett, yes, I'd created my HDD partitions with MBR.13:48
cfhowlettcaeve, you can still dualboot with mbr.13:48
caevecfhowlett, my question on gpt relates to external drives. I will not need to boot with it13:49
cfhowlettcaeve, grrr!  little details like that do matter!  :)13:50
cfhowlettso you want a mbr to boot and a gpt for external storage.  doable13:50
cfhowlettbut you might need to do so exotic configuring to make that fly.  over my head, but I'd guess a luks type setup.  ask the #ubuntu-server for more expert guidance.13:51
kappa1http://askubuntu.com/questions/641031/does-ubuntu-store-passwords-from-failed-login-attempts  -  is it possible to save passwords from failed logins?13:51
caevecfhowlett, how does encryption relate to compatibility? :)13:51
cfhowlettit adds a layer of complexity.  again: server channel has more of those types of set-ups.  we mostly do desktop stuff here.13:52
caevecfhowlett, I will go there and ask..thank you very much for your help!13:54
cfhowlettbest of luck!13:54
caevethank you :)13:54
arch/lib/firmware << is OK to add firmware directly in to this folder and have it work??!13:55
dupingpinghi, robert_ancell:13:55
cfhowlettarch, install via the command line.  adding software to random folders cannot end well.13:55
TJ-caeve: Most BIOS of the last 10 years can read GPT as well as MBR, and UEFI systesm *must* be able to read both.13:56
archcfhowlett, with what via command line web for me?13:57
caeveTJ- I havent heard of the last one, but my machine is sure younger than 10 years.13:57
archcfhowlett, going to web thanks for your help :~)13:59
DaleusHi guys, nouveau is broken for tri-monitor on Ubuntu 15.10 (fresh install), however works out of the box on 15.04 - does anyone know the name of the package or packages to pin for nouveau so that tri-monitor works after 15.10 upgrade?14:01
caevecfhowlett, TJ- if the output of 'sudo dmidecode -s bios-release-date' means the manufacture date, then it also confirms that the machine is young enough.14:02
TJ-caeve: its easy to test it; put a basic GRUB install on a GPT USB flash drive and see if GRUB loads14:03
TJ-caeve: if the BIOS cannot read the GPT it'll report no boot device14:03
voozeI just made this short guide, how do I make it solved? http://askubuntu.com/questions/699615/how-to-setup-intel-rapid-start14:03
caeveTJ- sure, I can try that14:03
tsousahow can i install django version 1.8 when i have version 1.6 in my desktop?14:04
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somsiptsousa: use virtualenv.14:09
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Picisomsip: thanks for suggesting a virtualenv, its nice to see sane python suggestions in here :)14:15
somsipPici: in my limited python experience, I did learn that virtualenv saves a lot of headaches.14:16
=== christer is now known as hardcampa
tsousaPici, why is that? people suck at python here?14:16
Picitsousa: If you aren't sure how to use a virtualenv, we can give you a hand in setting it up in #python :)14:16
somsiptsousa: well, it's a bit offtopic really. Go where Pici recommends14:16
Picitsousa: no, just that Python best practices are not known to people just familiar with Linux/Ubuntu14:17
reisiolot of python best practices are just culty nonsense :)14:18
reisioalso, s/python/foo/14:18
Daleusnouveau is broken for tri-monitor on Ubuntu 15.10 (fresh install), however works out of the box on 15.04 - does anyone know the name of the package or packages to pin for nouveau so that tri-monitor works after 15.10 upgrade?14:23
Horo_horoWhat's is this channel talks about?14:26
hateball!support | Horo_horo14:26
ubottuHoro_horo: The official ubuntu support channel is #ubuntu. Also see http://ubuntu.com/support and http://ubuntuforums.org and http://askubuntu.com14:26
PiciHoro_horo: This is the official support channel for Ubuntu. We have a non-support chat channel at #ubuntu-offtopic14:26
Horo_horoubuntu OS?14:27
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DaleusHoro_horo, Yes, Ubuntu OS.14:28
niknak23Hi, can anyone suggest a handy applet for google calendar? Many thanks14:28
Horo_horoUbuntu Server is good?14:30
zack_have been running ubuntu server for some times now.14:30
zack_never failed14:30
Horo_horobetter than debian?14:30
reisioHoro_horo: quite impossible14:30
zack_well, i've never used pure debian14:31
zack_btw, ubuntu is already debian based14:31
ubottu#ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!14:31
zack_what you're asking is basically the same i think14:31
Horo_horoI'm gonna try Ubuntu server!14:32
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DaleusDebian is awesome. Ubuntu server until this newest release has been my favourite - but 'There was an error type journtalctl -xe to view' haunts my dreams..14:32
zack_you should. use LTS, longer support14:32
Horo_horoThanks zack_14:33
zack_can you elaborate on that error? never seen before14:33
Horo_horoare you talking to mee?14:33
zack_no, was talking @ Daleus, curious about the error type14:34
DaleusBasically, whenever a service or daemon has an error instead of leaving normal logs, or showing errors it bundles them away in journalctl (fucking systemd)14:34
niknak23can anyone tell me how to find a channel list? Thanks14:34
DaleusI'm not used to it and cannot see the advantage to it at all. Doesn't even work properly in a tmux session either cuts off half of the error.14:35
zack_i see. I just have a ubuntu vps. Never had been to the point to look back at the logs and pin point problems.14:36
zack_i'm familiar with screen, is tmux better?14:37
reisiotmux is newer14:37
Daleuszack_, Well, that's all personal choice - I prefer tmux for window splitting14:37
reisiomost people only use a tiny fraction of screen's features, though14:37
zack_screen is quite buggy when using full screen stuff like nano or vi for that matter14:38
zack_the cursor just keep jumping lines14:38
zack_had to do a reset14:38
zack_does tmux have that kind of problem?14:38
reisionope, screen isn't buggy14:39
reisiobut you can try tmux and compare on your own14:39
zack_the idea of learning a new set of keyboard commands taunts me.14:39
zack_i meant shortcuts14:39
Daleuszack_, you can set it to the same key bindings as screen14:39
Daleushowever, for general stuff (close window, open window whatever else) just remember that it's ctrl +b 'a'14:40
Daleusinstead of ctrl + a 'a'14:40
Horo_horoHow can I create a channel?14:41
zack_have you guys ever tried hosting irc service on a linux vps?14:41
maj_jayhey anybody know a  good C++ game development program like Unity for linux?14:41
DaleusHoro_horo, '/join #yourchannel'14:41
hateballmaj_jay: Unity is available on Linux14:41
zack_i tried some, but couldn't get it to work. the Identd is messing up everything14:42
maj_jayoh really? i thought it was windows only. is it through wine?14:42
Daleuszack_, be careful with that lots of VPS providers state in their T&C that IRC servers aren't allowed and some even take steps to stop you creating one.14:42
hateball!who | maj_jay14:42
ubottumaj_jay: As you can see, this is a large channel. If you're speaking to someone in particular, please put their nickname in what you say (use !tab), or else messages get lost and it becomes confusing :)14:42
BluesKajHoro_horo, ask in #freenode14:42
ganymedeHello. Has anyone got a dual boot Ubuntu/MacOS running with encryption?14:42
=== tom_ is now known as Guest66564
hateballmaj_jay: http://blogs.unity3d.com/2015/08/26/unity-comes-to-linux-experimental-build-now-available/14:42
reisioganymede: probably someone14:43
=== ich is now known as Guest46665
zack_@Daleus thanks, i'll take a look at their TOS14:43
maj_jayhateball: cool thanks \m/!14:43
TashtariHey all.  Curiosity, I noticed that my kernel was listed as "tainted" in a logging message, I looked into it, and all the flags seemed to be about kernel modules (non-GPL, out-of-tree, and unsigned)... is there an easy way to tell what kernel modules are considered tainted so I can decide whether it's a problem?14:43
ganymedereisio: I am having trouble dual booting with full disk (well, full partition) encryption14:43
reisioganymede: bummer14:44
zack_reisio: i've never booted with encryption before though. sounds interesting14:45
Guest46665hi, my mouse cursor is invisible after installing kernel 4.3 (ubuntu 15.04). after logging in a crash report "virtualbox-dkms 4.3.26-dfsg-2ubuntu2: virtualbox kernel module failed to build" appears. can u help me pls14:46
=== zack_ is now known as L0
DaleusGuest46665, Is this with a Windows guest?14:46
reisioL0: it's a nice way to encrypt things14:46
Guest46665my ubuntu host system has the problem14:46
Guest46665virtualbox is installed14:47
L0reisio: tell me how you did it.14:47
L0Guest46665: the best option is to reinstall virtualbox so it compiles virtualbox kernels again14:47
ganymedei find full disk encrpytion and dual booting is a pain. There'a guide for windows/ubuntu but apparently not for mac14:48
L0it's a pain to dual boot anything with mac14:48
akikTashtari: you can list the module's license with "modinfo -l module"14:48
Guest46665L0, ok. I will try this...14:48
ganymedeL0: I must just remove mac os entirely.14:49
akikTashtari: this page lists reason why you could get the tainted message http://unix.stackexchange.com/questions/118116/linux-what-is-a-tainted-kernel14:49
reisioL0: I just use encfs for non-full-disk14:49
ganymedeencfs isn't secure though :(14:50
=== qgdwrt1fc is now known as jsdump
L0reisio: i thought that was wasn't secure14:50
L0reisio: the installation process even stated that14:50
Daleusganymede, Perhaps it might be easier to leave off full disk encryption and just encrypt your home folder? I have tried this before and the only way to make it work (imo) is to have ubuntu on a seperate hard disk - reFind on OSX can boot from it still14:51
=== ^cj^ is now known as ^CJ^
L0back in the days when i used home folder encryption, i went to the source folder and thought it was just consuming disk space and deleted them LOL14:51
reisioencfs is secure14:51
ganymedeDaleus: I have considered that, but the OS leaks data, for example in temp files. Still, it's a valid suggestion.14:52
L0reisio: https://defuse.ca/audits/encfs.htm14:52
reisioL0: I've read it, and you have not14:53
L0the result of the audit says it wasn't isn't it?14:53
reisioL0: you're asking because you haven't read it14:53
L0reisio: it's true i have not, i've only seen the warning14:53
Daleusganymede, place /tmp/ within /home (joking!)14:53
mekhamihow can i debug DNS issues? I have perfect connection sto some things and no connections from others, but i have no idea how to go about debugging that14:53
reisioL0: while you're letting other people convince you of imaginary things, you owe me $5014:53
Daleusmekhami, try 'nslookup' and 'dig' tools14:54
mekhamii tried to add google's nameservers to my dns settings yesterday but it seems it didn't work14:54
Daleusmekhami, example to check 'yahoo.co.jp' against google's dns server: nslookup yahoo.co.jp - have fun!14:54
L0reisio: if i remember correctly i saw that warning from the installation package14:55
L0while installing14:55
mekhamiDaleus: how exactly do i do that?14:55
reisioL0: a hundred people warning about something they haven't read is just as useless as a one14:55
Daleusmekhami, take a look at the last message14:56
mekhamiDaleus: ah sorry my eyes missed that one14:56
mekhamiDaleus: yeah this hangs on that, connection timed out14:56
reisios/a o/ o/14:56
L0reisio: true, i couldn't really understand it since no background in cryptography and suck at math14:56
caevehello again, I cannot find any encryption option in gparted. I wonder if there isnt any, or am I not seeing it?14:57
Daleusmekhami, can you ping (example?)14:57
zaggiwell well well14:57
mekhamiNetwork is unreachable14:57
mekhamiyet here I am =P14:57
ganymedeL0: reisio, that paper seems quite damning. it says encfs is "probably" safe if you don't get to see 2 different snapshots of the same file. but since encfs doesnt hide the dir structure and date stamps it seems easy to find a file and its backup file14:57
Daleusmekhami, That sounds....wrong14:58
L0is it the same thing ubuntu used to encrypt home directory?14:59
Daleusmekhami, if you're using dhcp you can always try "sudo dhclient eth0" where eth0 is your network device - might reset some of the dodgy values for you!14:59
artisanIndiaI have two arrays ['0' => '5', '1' => '10', '2' => 14] and ['5' => 'firstIndex', '10' => 'secondIndex', '14' => 'lastIndex']; I want to compare them index to value and pluck the odd one out as happens in array_diff14:59
luv_hola hermanos15:00
PiciartisanIndia: hi, this is #ubuntu, I think you're probably looking for another channel.15:00
artisanIndiamy bad15:00
maksudanybody can help me15:00
Picimaksud: you need to ask a real question first.15:00
=== ^CJ^ is now known as ^cj^
reisioganymede: 'seems'? :p15:00
luv_pueden ayudarme?15:00
lotuspsychje!es | luv_15:01
ubottuluv_: En la mayoría de los canales de Ubuntu, se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español entre al canal #ubuntu-es; escriba " /join #ubuntu-es " (sin comillas) y presione intro.15:01
maksudya sure, @Pici, how can use vpn & use facebook, cause some reason, in our country right now facebook off from our government, so now how can i use facebook by using vpn connection?15:01
mekhamiDaleus: 'Cannot find device 'eth0''15:01
mekhamiso something is pretty messed up here hah15:02
Daleusmekhami - yes 'where eth0 is your network device'15:02
L0mekhami: try 'ifconfig' see if you can list your network card/device15:02
Picimaksud: I'm afraid I don't know much about settin up vpns, perhaps someone else here can point you in the right direction.15:03
mekhamiL0: my ethernet connection seems to be called 'enp2s0'15:03
mekhamiDaleus eth0 should be my network device15:03
mekhamiit was in the past anyway.15:03
mekhamiis this one of those situations where maybe i should just reboot and see what happens, hah15:03
L0mekhami: try it with your ethernet card name, whatever command you've failed just now15:04
alias__what should I do to have landscape report debian updates? We managed our ubuntu nodes with landscape but we also have several debian nodes where we'd like to do the same. Any ideas?15:04
L0maksud: try using openvpn there are many free openvpn servers to use15:04
mekhamiRTNETLINK answers: File exists15:04
Daleuszaggynl,  this is not a terminal :)15:05
zaggynlDaleus: highlight revenge!15:05
mekhamiDaleus: it is for me! =P15:05
L0mekhami: what was the command again?15:06
mekhamiDaleus: this is what happened with dhclient enp2s0: RTNETLINK answers: File exists15:06
Daleuszaggynl, haha - the dude quit before I messaged him and my tabbing isn't fast enough15:06
mekhamiL0 sudo dhclient enp2s015:06
Daleusmekhami, I'm not even sure what type of connection that is...15:06
mekhamime either.15:06
L0mekhami: have you tried disabling your ethernet and enabling again?15:06
mekhamiit should just be a normal ethernet15:06
Daleusmekhami, L0, - Perhaps a reboot would take care of this? worst case scenario it allows mekhami to setup his connection again... to his preference.15:07
kk_dropis there any way to call openvpn and add proxy after it connect to vpn network?15:07
L0mekhami: like ifconfig card_name down; ifconfig card_name up15:07
=== xfailedreality_x is now known as failedreality
L0kk_drop: you can set proxy from browser as well, so yes.15:08
L0kk_drop: try the program called proxychains15:08
mekhami_alright L0 Daleus i killed processes for network manager and dnsmasq (and uninstalled dnsmasq) and i seem to be back to 'normal'15:11
devsysHi all, I'm trying to resolve a slow dns issue, when I time my curl command, it takes 5 seconds. On another server set with identical nameservers in resolv.conf and on the same network as the first machine, it takes .2 seconds. Any ideas what I can look at? Thanks!15:11
L0mekhami_: oh right, should have asked you to restart network manager first15:11
mekhami_now how do i actually change my dns servers15:12
L0mekhami_: it could be done with 'sudo service network-manager restart'15:12
mekhami_L0: i tried that several tiems before and it didn't work, so i just killed the process heh15:12
L0mekhami_: i see. i've never changed dns server on linux though.15:13
BluesKajmekhami_, if you're on 15.10 then its sudo systemctl restart network-manager15:13
L0mekhami_: oh, /etc/resolv.conf15:13
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=== benjamin_ is now known as Guest95566
devsysservice avahi-daemon status15:15
TashtariHey all.  Curiosity, I noticed that my kernel was listed as "tainted" in a logging message, I looked into it, and all the flags seemed to be about kernel modules (non-GPL, out-of-tree, and unsigned)... is there an easy way to tell what kernel modules are considered tainted so I can decide whether it's a problem?15:15
badbodhi guess proprietary drivers. g-card, wifi etc15:16
reisioTashtari: lsmod15:16
reisioif they were a problem, your distro wouldn't provide them15:16
badbodhfor absolutely un-tainted ubuntu, use trisquel :D15:16
akikTashtari: did you test "modinfo -l module" ?15:17
reisioyou can use any kernel with any distro15:17
reisionot something you change distro over, entirely pointless15:17
ich_I have an usb flash drive which isn't recognized by my system (ubuntu 15.04) http://pastebin.com/RSSpkQ1W. I don't know if the usb stick is unfixable. can u help me?15:17
reisioich_: https://www.google.com/search?q=%221f75%3A0917%2215:18
kappa1how can I see to where the shortcuts that are in /usr/bin point to?15:18
reisiokappa1: readlink /usr/bin/foo15:19
reisiokappa1: or ls -al15:19
L0ich_: that log seems fine to me. why it is not detected?15:23
ich_L0, I don't see it in the file manager or with gparted or lsblk after plugging it in. I think I will try this: https://unix.stackexchange.com/questions/97785/usb-media-filesystem-problem15:27
Daleus #ubuntu - nouveau doesn't work on 15.10 triple monitor but works on 15.04 without any issues - so I held libdrm-nouveau2 and xserver-xorg-video-nouveau and upgraded to 15.10 - not only does trip monitor still not work but now I have graphical glitches - am I stuck on 15.04 forever?15:32
=== Gravity is now known as Guest26332
=== DefunctProcessZZ is now known as DefunctProcess
trisshey all. I've just done a dist upgrade 15.04 -> 15.1015:42
trissbut it blows up half way through15:44
trissit can't find dependancies for these packages: http://pastie.org/1056532315:44
trisscan anyone recommend a way to fix this?15:44
trissI'm scared to reboot with a half finished dist-upgrade15:44
trissI'm happy to uninstall all kubuntu based stuff(I don't use it) if this will ease process but can't work out how to do it15:45
=== ^cj^ is now known as ^CJ^
auronandace!dist-upgrade | triss15:45
ubottutriss: A dist-upgrade will install new dependencies for packages already installed and may remove packages if they are no longer needed. This will not bring you to a new release of Ubuntu, see !upgrade if that is your intention.15:45
trissoh. wasn't aware of that. thanks.15:46
trissunfortnately i still have same issue when attempting upgrade15:47
devsysHi all, I am trying to track down a dns resolution issue. I'm getting slow responses on Ubuntu Server 14.05. if I do a "time curl domain.com" or "time wget domain.com" it takes over 5 seconds. On another machine, with the same nameservers in resolv.conf it takes less than a half of a second. I tried disabling IPv6, didn't help. Any ideas what else I can check15:48
trisssudo apt-get -f upgrade gives different error:15:48
dan-kMy wifi doesnt work properly, there are instructions on the ubuntu website on how to make my network card work but I dont understand how to do it, could anyone help? " rtl8723be15:51
dan-kYes with Modprobe Options15:51
dan-kUbuntu 15.04 - Requires "options rtl8723be msi=1 ips=0" in /etc/modprobe.d/rtl8723be.conf file on some boxes (HP455G2) "15:51
dan-kthere is no 'etc/modprobe.d/rtl8723be.conf' file15:51
auronandacedan-k: try creating it15:52
=== Ig0r is now known as niee
dan-kI tried in the file browser but permission denied, I'm new to linux so I dont know how to do it in the terminal15:52
dan-kauronandace could you explain like im 5? lol15:53
=== dan-k is now known as distrodan
auronandacedan-k: sudo nano /etc/modprobe.d/rtl8723be.conf15:54
auronandacedistrodan see above15:54
simon^^Hi! I am using sbuild to cross compile a suite of dpkg packages for ARM. The some packages depend on other packages to be built and installed. How is this generally handled?15:54
distrodanthanks auronandace I'm now looking at a GNU nano screen in terminal15:55
auronandacedistrodan: that will create the file and open it for editing, then add that line (options rtl8723be msi=1 ips=0) and press ctrl X to save15:55
distrodanthanks auronandace :) the file name ends in .conf.save for some reason15:57
distrodanshould i delete the .save so its rtl8723be.conf15:58
distrodanlike the ubuntu site says15:58
auronandacedistrodan: have you saved and exited?15:58
distrodanyeah i saved and exited, i cant rename it actually15:58
wootehfootHello! Where's the PPA with latest Eclipse builds? The repo only has 3.x builds.15:59
auronandacedistrodan: sudo mv rtl8723be.conf.save rtl8723be.conf15:59
auronandacedistrodan: sorry, you should use the full path: /etc/modprobe.d/rtl....16:00
=== mekhami_ is now known as mekhami
somsip!ppa | wootehfoot (try the search)16:01
ubottuwootehfoot (try the search): A Personal Package Archive (PPA) can provide alternate software not normally available in the offical Ubuntu repositories - Looking for a PPA? See https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+ppas - WARNING: PPAs are unsupported third-party packages, and you use them at your own risk. See also !addppa and !ppa-purge16:01
distrodanah great thanks aurondace, that renamed it16:02
=== marshal0605 is now known as marshal0505
distrodanalthough its mimetype is different to the other .conf files in the folder16:02
=== jorge is now known as utebo33pas
distrodando you think that will make a difference?16:03
auronandacedistrodan: just to double check, reopen it with nano to see if it has the option blah blah that you put in it16:03
distrodanyep it has that line saved :)16:03
wootehfootsomazero, PPAs from 2010 are the latest, and others only compile part of the environment. Will download separately.16:04
auronandacedistrodan: good stuff, the simplest way to test is to restart, if your wifi is working great, if not just remove the file with sudo rm16:04
distrodanah actually i just noticed the info on the ubuntu site says its for 15.0416:05
distrodanim on 14.0416:05
PMunchHi, I'm trying to dual boot something along with my Ubuntu intsall. In the intsaller I'm asked for a /boot/efi partition which typically is shared between systems. Ubuntu however does not seem to have created one, where is it?16:05
auronandacedistrodan: are there other conf files in that directory apart from the one you just created?16:05
distrodanyeah 1616:06
distrodanincluding that new one16:06
auronandacedistrodan: good, it will be used then16:06
distrodanthanks :D i might be back in a bit for some more noob help lol16:08
adrian_1908hello, I have problem with GDM. Ever since I installed fglrx yesterday, GDM will fail to launch. When I switch to tty1, log in there and manually start the GDM service, it starts just fine. I have removed fglrx again, reinstalled XOrg components and ran the reconfigure command, but to no avail. Any suggestions?16:10
BottomNotchI would be willing yo bet $10 that no one here is willing or can help me.16:11
BottomNotch*be willing to bet16:11
auronandaceBottomNotch: depends on your issue16:11
somsipBottomNotch: depends on your attitude16:11
BottomNotchI need help getting my serial touch screen working16:12
DaleusBottomNotch, touch screen? keep the $10.16:12
DaleusBottomNotch, I kid, what's up?16:12
ganymedeeverytime he touches the screen, it moves the mouse pointer? :-)16:13
AfdlaHey. I installed apache2 and tried to setup a virtualhost like instructed here: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ApacheMySQLPHP#Virtual_Hosts to allow access to /home/user/public_html/ but I still get 403 and apache log says "Permission denied because search permissions are missing on a component of the path". What do?16:13
PMunchAnyone know anything about the UEFI boot issue`16:14
ganymedeEnough to know there's more than one issue with UEFI boot. What exactly is the problem?16:15
auronandacePMunch: not sure how far you'll get not being specific16:15
PMunchRepost: Hi, I'm trying to dual boot something along with my Ubuntu intsall. In the intsaller I'm asked for a /boot/efi partition which typically is shared between systems. Ubuntu however does not seem to have created one, where is it?16:15
ganymedeYou are installing windows after ubuntu?16:16
PMunchNo, Manjaro16:16
ganymedeAh ok. I am afraid I dont know how manjaro installers work, so I have to sit out.16:17
auronandaceisn't the efi partition a tiny fat32 partition at the beginning of your disk?16:17
somsipPMunch: it's not supported here, and I'm not sure where16:17
BottomNotchsorry if someone gave any words of advice, your gonna hav to repeat yourself, I got disconnected.16:18
=== jtrucks_ is now known as jtrucks
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marcanuyHow to use mutt as the MTA used by cron to send emails with crontab's MAILTO variable? http://askubuntu.com/questions/699667/how-to-use-mutt-as-the-mail-transport-agent-used-by-crontab16:18
ganymedeBottomNotch: All we heard was that you have a serial touch screen, but nothing else16:18
somsipPMunch: its #manjaro16:18
=== mea is now known as Mea
PMunchsomsip, I'm not really asking about anything Manjaro related. I'm just wondering what Ubuntu does with /boot/efi and where/if the partition is.16:18
=== newbie is now known as Guest87222
PMunchAnd I'm already chatting with the guys in Manjaro16:19
somsipPMunch: you seem to be contradicting yourself in a way that seems less than truthful. So I'm out16:19
fasslcan anybody help with grub blinking cursor on hardware raid?16:19
BottomNotchganymede: it doesn't work at all.  I'm running trusty on a lenovo thinkpad x61 tablet, the touchscreen is on /dev/tty16:20
auronandacePMunch: sudo parted -l16:20
BottomNotchoops, hit enter by accident16:20
BottomNotchit's on /dev/ttyS416:20
BottomNotchsudo inputattach --drivername doesn't work16:21
BottomNotchmtouch does do somthing but it act's really crazy and weird16:21
BottomNotchcallibration doesn't help either.16:21
BottomNotchdoes anyone have any ideas on what I can do to get it working?16:22
=== Mea is now known as broken
PMunchsomsip, I'm sorry if I wasn't clear enough. It was never my intention to lie..16:24
m431str0mhi all16:24
m431str0mfirst time here. Just started learning a thing or two about linux, trying to learn for lpi 101 & 102 exams, went through the courses for 101 and started taking all kinds of exam questions wherever i find them. Do you know any good exercise books i could use?16:24
PMunchauronandace, do you want me to pastebin it for you or was it just a hint to where I could find it?16:25
PMunchThe problem is that it's not there..16:25
=== marshal0605 is now known as marshal0505
BottomNotchSo does no one know how I can get my touchscreen working again?16:25
MonkeyDustm431str0m  #ubuntu-offtopic16:25
auronandacem431str0m: probably better asked in #ubuntu-discuss or #ubuntu-offtopic as this channel is for ubuntu support issues only16:25
=== broken is now known as Mea
m431str0mah sorry, as I said new to this, will try there 10x16:25
BottomNotchI'm sorry, not working again, working period, I has never worked on ubuntu, only on windows.16:26
auronandacePMunch: i don't have much experience with UEFI systems, the only one i got i changed to legacy boot and formatted it with ms-dos style rather than gpt16:28
BottomNotchI don't think I'm ever gonna have a touchscreen on ubuntu :/  maybe I can call microsoft technical support and atleast get it working on windows 1016:28
=== Mea is now known as broken
=== broken is now known as mea
trisshey all. do people think its worth me doing a reinstall? I've tried removing references from /var/lib/dpkg/status and removing debs from dpkg archive16:29
auronandaceBottomNotch: my main screen is a touchscreen on my ideapad and it works fine on ubuntu16:29
trissI really need this machne back up in a few hours16:29
=== mea is now known as Mea
PMunchHmm, I might boot back into Ubuntu (in the live part of Manjaro now) and see if that can clear some things up..16:30
BottomNotchauronandace: how old is it?  the thinkpad x61 tablet is pretty old.16:30
auronandaceBottomNotch: not as old as your x6116:31
MonkeyDusttriss  start from the beginning, what brings you here16:31
BottomNotchauronandace: is it a serial touchscreen?16:31
trissoh sorry. posted details at 3:42....16:32
auronandaceBottomNotch: no, it is the actual laptop screen16:32
trissI'm doing an upgrade from 15.04 to 15.1016:32
MonkeyDusttriss  in which timezone?16:32
trissbut it won't complete telling me the following: http://pastie.org/1056532316:33
auronandacetriss: it would be far more straightforward to install afresh than deal with the mess you are in at the moment16:33
MonkeyDusttriss  simply hit the up arrow to repeat the question16:33
trissUK timezone GMT+016:33
trissauronandace: I'm one of those foolish people that doesn't back up very often16:34
BottomNotchauronandace: what version of ubuntu are you running?  google tells me that poeple have had their x61 tablet working with touch on older versions but not when they upgraded to trusty.16:34
auronandacetriss: then this is a good lesson for you16:34
trissok ISO download time16:35
auronandacetriss: you are still in ubuntu now so you can backup all the files and documents that are important to you16:35
auronandaceBottomNotch: hmm, sounds like a driver got depreciated in the kernel16:36
auronandaceBottomNotch: i'm on 15.1016:36
BottomNotchauronandace: I really just need to get a new laptop. the screen isn't even capacitive, when it was working on windows before windows 10 I kept my finger nails long so it would be easier to use the touchscreen XD16:39
auronandaceBottomNotch: i can recommend the ideapad flex 10 tha i am using for work, even though the touchscreen is fully operational i hardly ever touch it, just not conducive to my workflow16:41
=== Fsociety is now known as Guest29285
minas114Hi. I'm on a laptop with the NVIDIA optimus, using the open source nouveau driver (which as I know, supports switching). How can I get the version of the NVIDIA GPU?16:43
BottomNotchauronandace: better than what I have now, but I'll probbaly want to get somthing with a little beefier specs, I want to do some casual gamming.16:43
BottomNotchauronandace: I think we are getting a bit off topic16:44
auronandaceminas114: lspci will list your hardware, take a look at the VGA line16:44
minas114auronandace, Found it, it's GeForce 840M. Is there a way to run a program using that GPU?16:45
auronandaceminas114: not sure what you mean exactly16:46
minas114auronandace, Correct me if I'm wrong: Wen a program runs, it uses the Intel GPU, but the driver can switch to the NVIDIA one if necessary. What I want to do is to run a program, e.g firefox using the nvidia GPU myself.16:47
auronandaceminas114: i wouldn't know how to do that sorry16:49
minas114auronandace, No problem, thanks anyway16:49
django_hey all16:50
django_id like to low ubuntu graphics so that computer goes faster16:50
MonkeyDustdjango_  try a lighter DE16:51
django_MonkeyDust: DE?16:51
auronandacedjango_: desktop environment16:51
wootehfootAnyone here that remembers how to enable mouse interrupt mode to increase power saving?16:51
auronandacedjango_: if you are using the default that comes with ubuntu that would be unity16:51
django_do i have to reinstall Ubuntu?16:51
MonkeyDustdjango_  no, install lxde or xfce, logout, switch, login16:52
wootehfootdjango_, that's entirely possible, try Ubuntu MATE, Xubuntu, or Lubuntu for lowest memory usage.16:52
ganymedeIn my opinion Lubuntu is the lightest.16:52
wootehfootdjango_, when I installed xfce on ubuntu pretty much every configuration file got replaced, and everything was jumbled.16:53
wootehfootdjango_, if you can, do reinstall16:53
auronandacedjango_: if you don't need any bells and whistles then a window manager might be the best option, they can take a bit of getting used to though16:53
MonkeyDustdjango_  take o look here, to get an idea http://imgur.com/a/9iaLJ#cMfLqdM16:53
wootehfootdjango_, if reinstall is not an option go for lxde16:53
nicomachusganymede: that's not really an opinion, it IS the lightest. only needs 512 mb of ram16:53
wootehfootdjango_, lxde has least amount of gtk dependencies16:54
wootehfootdjango_, = least amount of probabbility for conflicts16:54
django_From what i understood i can go from 3DUnity to 2D16:54
wootehfootdjango_, yes, try trat first16:54
ganymedeLubuntu is LXDE. I've used it and it's not terrible.16:54
django_what about gnome?16:54
wootehfootdjango_, gnome is pretty much Ubuntu MATE now16:55
ganymedegnome 3.x is quite heavyweight. Gnome 2x is deprecated16:55
django_ubuntu MATE?16:55
wootehfootdjango_, google and look at screens, you'll recognize that it's pretty much gnome16:55
auronandacedjango_: gnome-shell is not really lighter than unity, they are about the same, mate is the continuation of gnome2 and is somewhat lighter but notas light as lxde16:55
ganymedeif you were deciding purely on footprint, LXDE is the lightest modern one16:56
ganymedeand you can install lxde without re-installing, as there's a package name for it, that i don't remember16:57
nicomachusis there any way to figure out what type of file /dev/input/js0 is?16:57
nicomachusI can't open it from terminal at all16:57
zykotick9nicomachus: fyi, /dev/input/js0 is a device (a joystick) you shouldn't be ablt to "open" it.16:58
wootehfootdjango_, MATE is a fork of gnome2 by the way, so it's identical16:58
nicomachusthat would explain it then...16:58
django_will this take long?16:58
django_also is it a huge performance different?16:58
wootehfootdjango_, it's 2D by default, 3D is optional16:59
ganymedethe Lubuntu/LXDE gui is a lot quicker on older machines as unity needs 3d acceleration16:59
nicomachuszykotick9: I'm trying to figure out the axis-mapping for a gamepad...16:59
auronandacedjango_: depends on your hardware, you'll just have to try and see16:59
django_how do i check if i am currently using unity2d or 3d16:59
zykotick9nicomachus: sorry, i don't have any suggestions.  best of luck.16:59
ganymedeI dont think there is a Unity2D anymore16:59
wootehfootdjango_, it's Unity3D by default, 2D can be installed separately17:00
wootehfootdjango_, 2D is deprecated since Ubuntu 12.10 though17:00
logan7898hey all17:00
yeboyCAN anyone help me , im trying to apt-get update and it is saying i need permissions , so how do i root ubuntu17:01
logan7898use sudo17:01
logan7898sudo apt-get update17:02
wootehfootdjango_, do this "sudo apt-get install ubuntu-mate-desktop" and see if MATE is good enough for your purposes. You can change to it by logging out, choosing MATE as desktop environment, then logging in again.17:02
django_ahh cool17:02
django_im on ubuntu 14.0417:03
=== overdose is now known as OverDose1
django_wootehfoot: not finding it17:03
wootehfootdjango_, ok, that's probably because Ubuntu MATE is new. It's only been around from 15.0417:04
wootehfootdjango_, you can find the iso here http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/ubuntu-mate/releases/15.10/release/17:04
django_oh well17:05
wootehfoot(but that implies a reinstall)17:05
django_its not that bad heh17:05
logan8789is anyone any good with networking? :-)17:05
django_i just have to restart like once per day17:05
nicomachuslogan8789: ##networking is17:05
OerHeksmate-desktop, not ubuntu-mate-desktop17:05
OerHeks!info mate-desktop17:05
ubottumate-desktop (source: mate-desktop): Library with common API for various MATE modules. In component universe, is optional. Version 1.10.2-1 (wily), package size 23 kB, installed size 85 kB17:05
OerHeksif you are not comfortable with the names,use the softwarecenter17:06
logan8789thanks, its more to do with nic setup in ubuntu though17:06
auronandacejheneffe: try constructing a sentence17:06
wootehfootdjango_, oh, try what OerHeks said, "sudo apt-get install mate-desktop"17:07
OerHeksjheneffe, do you have an ubuntu support question?17:07
wootehfootbut i doubt it'll work, considering mate is from 15.04+17:07
django_installing :)17:07
yeboyi need to know how to root my ubuntu17:07
ikoniahow to root it ?17:07
ikoniawhat are you talking about ?17:07
auronandace!sudo | yeboy17:07
wootehfootyeboy, sudo su17:07
ubottuyeboy: sudo is a command to run command-line programs with superuser privileges ("root") (also see !cli). Look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RootSudo for more information. For graphical applications see !pkexec (for older releases: !gksu and !kdesudo). If you're unable to execute commands with sudo see: http://www.psychocats.net/ubuntu/fixsudo17:07
ikoniawootehfoot: no17:07
yeboywell im trying to install somthing and its saying i need permisions , or root17:08
wootehfootyeboy, run it with sudo then17:09
logan8789I just installed a gigabit ethernet card in my ubuntu server.  but only the mobo ethernet adapter works.  The drivers are definitely installed but im only getting eth0 and the pci nic doesnt obtain an IP.  If anyone has any ideas :-)17:09
ikoniayeboy: what are you trying to install, and we can help you17:09
ikonialogan8789: what model is the card ?17:09
logan8789tp-link tg326917:09
ikonialogan8789: how do you know "the drivers are installed"17:10
django_ok it finished17:10
django_wootehfoot: what do i do next17:10
logan8789it comes up in the lshw and i read the drivers are auto included in ubuntu17:11
ikonialogan8789: please pastebin the output of the command "sudo ifconfig -a"17:11
wootehfootdjango_, log out, choose MATE as your desktop, then log in17:11
wootehfootdjango_, there's a drop-down box where you choose deskto environments17:11
yeboyhow do i log in ubuntu as super user17:11
ikoniayeboy: you shouldn't need to17:12
ikoniayeboy: explaint he problem17:12
nicomachusyeboy: several people have answered your question, and asked what you're trying to install so that they can help17:12
Gomiuse sudo instead17:12
django_wootehfoot: do i have to log out or just lock17:12
=== ^CJ^ is now known as ^cj^
ikoniajheneffe: do you need ubuntu help, yes/no ?17:12
wootehfootdjango_, full log-out17:12
logan8789http://paste.ubuntu.com/13332169/  thanks17:12
nicomachusjheneffe: this is not the place for that. you can find the noobguide online with google.17:12
yeboyim trying to use sudo , but its ok thanks anyways17:12
efosterwhat do you need help with in ubuntu?17:13
wootehfootyeboy, sudo ./application.bin17:13
wootehfootyeboy, or, sudo sh application.bin17:13
jheneffeRC channel used by Anonymous to share information on #OpParis: a “NoobGuide” for anyone that wants to get involved but doesn’t have the hacking knowledge, a “Reporter” guide detailing the setup of a Twitter bot for uncovering IS accounts, and the “Searcher” guide designed to help hacktivists around the world uncover IS websites17:14
OerHeksjheneffe, so you don't have an ubuntu support question, join #ubuntu-offtopic ..17:14
ikoniajheneffe: this is nothing to wo with ubuntu - please drop this topic17:14
ikoniaOerHeks: that is not appropriate for offtopic either17:15
logan8789ikonia:  I am guessing it looks as if its not installed17:15
yeboycant open application bin17:15
efosterDoes it have permission?17:15
ikonialogan8789: one moment17:15
puterHi there all, would you believe that my system settings icon and pannel has turned into the ubuntu phone icon and and panel! This is on Ubuntu 15.10! Can anyone help me get the desktop one back please? I figure that this must have happen with an update or something :/17:15
bdertAnyone on lenovo y50-70 and ubuntu, please query :)17:16
wootehfootyeboy, ok, that means it's not executable, type sudo chmod +x application.bin, you have to change the word "application" for the name of your file, i thought you understood that17:16
ikonialogan8789: is enp1s9 not the card17:16
ikoniabdert: what's the issue ?17:16
efosteryeboy I don't know what application you're trying to run but be sure it's authentic before you change permissions17:17
logan8789ikonia:  i am guessing it is, so do i need to set it to get dhcp?17:17
ikonialogan8789: correct17:17
bdertikonia: nvidia drivers, it comes with a hybrid geforce and intel, nvidia-settings work fine, but the fan is loud and using just phpstorm and chrome it switched off once, just randomly.17:17
ikoniabdert: the fan just switches off ?17:17
ikoniaor the machine does17:17
wootehfootAnyone here that has undervolting working with intel_pstate?17:17
bdertikonia: the machine switched off.17:18
yeboyno it does not have permission i think thats the problem17:18
ikoniabdert: thats odd, like a hard reset ?17:18
logan8789auto enp1s9 iface enp1s9 inet dhcp ?17:18
ikonialogan8789: is this a desktop install ?17:18
bdertYeah, as if I clicked the power button. It went off and did now swtich on.17:18
wootehfootyeboy, right click the file→properties→find a checkbox names "executable"→tick it→click ok17:19
logan8789nope command line only ubuntu server17:19
ikoniabdert: what version of ubuntu ?17:19
bdertikonia: you on lenovo yourself?17:19
ikonialogan8789: so use the interfaces file for eth0 as a template17:19
ikoniabdert: I use a few lenovo17:19
logan8789thats what i did and i added the above lines,   should i just remove eth0 if im not using it anymore?17:19
yeboyi have 15.10 i think17:19
bdertikonia: ubuntu-14.04.3-desktop-amd6417:19
ikonialogan8789: no, eth0 will stil need/should have a definition17:20
logan8789ok so i restart the networking service and it should work?17:20
bdertikonia: i had many problems with the nvidia drivers it still doesn't detect my card it says unknown but works OK now, part from the loud fan.17:20
ikonialogan8789: if it's defined correctly17:20
logan8789lets see :) thanks17:20
yeboyi have no time now butt hank you everyone i will come back later17:20
ikoniabdert: the hybrid cards are not well supported in my opinion,17:20
bdertikonia very true, but... any workaround?17:21
=== Al_ is now known as Guest22636
ikoniabdert: work around for what exactly17:22
bdertNot sure. Any ideas on how to and what drivers exactly I should install? I have nvidia prime now, bumblebee doesn't work good17:23
ikoniaI thought bumblebee was EOL17:23
ikoniaI'm not %10017:23
wootehfootbdert, i've used prime, and don't like it because my nvidia card is always idling in the background. So now i use just use nvidia proprietary, and manually switch between Intel/nvidia by logging in and logging out.17:24
nitishhow can I update mozila firefox?17:24
nicomachusikonia bdert: bumblebee supported up to 14.04: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Bumblebee17:24
wootehfootbdert, laptop eats like 2W extra just by having nvidia card idling.17:24
nicomachusand now officially supported by ubuntu in 14.04 and newer17:25
ikoniathank you17:25
Delta706Can someone suggest an irc channel where hosting of ubuntu machines is discussed?17:26
bdertwootehfoot using nvidia proprietary, means nvidia doesn't idle in the background?17:27
explosive#ubuntu-server Delta70617:27
computercan anyone say me a C programmer's channel ?17:27
explosive( tread carefully, they are jackasses )17:27
Delta706explosive: thanks17:27
puterI get it, I think somehow the ubuntu-system-settings package got installed and it uninstalled the unity-control-center! Don't ask me how that happened geez17:27
marcanuyIs it possible to set up crontab to use Mutt as its default MTA? (making usage of its MAILTO variable). -> http://askubuntu.com/q/699667/4325317:27
logan8789ikonia: good stuff thanks! :-)17:27
explosivecomputer: np :)17:27
computeri will be carefull17:27
explosivecomputer: type /join ##c17:28
wootehfootcomputer, or right click ##c and select join17:28
nitishis there any php channel?17:29
explosivenitish: ##php maybe?17:29
alberto_Hello everyone!17:30
puterYep that's what is was. Still don't have the system setting icon come up in the untiy dash when I type it's key letters but it will run from the terminal just fine. Maybe it will after a restart :)17:30
alberto_I have a problem with a game I just downloaded, it's sh executable and it tells me "Not found!"17:31
explosivealberto_: did you chmod +x it?17:31
alberto_explosive I actually did chmod a+rwx17:32
alberto_And this is what I get:17:32
alberto_./mania_drive.sh: 3: ./mania_drive.sh: game/mania_drive.static: not found17:33
explosivealberto_: it's complaining about game/mania_drive.static17:33
explosivealberto_: try find -name "mania_drive.static"17:34
sachin_a /join #vim17:34
bdonnahuehey everyone. im trying to run the follwoing command but i get a timeout17:34
bdonnahuegpg --keyserver keys.gnupg.net --recv-key 62B4981F17:34
bdonnahuecan anyone help me?17:34
alberto_explosive ./game/mania_drive.static17:34
bubblesi am in deep deep deep hole17:34
bubblesanyone can help?17:35
explosivealberto_: ok, so it's there17:35
nicomachusbubbles: not until you state the problem.17:35
bubblesi have this called xfce17:35
aptGothello everyone, I try installing Xen VM, and I followed the community documentation, but 'sudo xl list' returned an error: 'cant find hypervisor information in sysfs!' I read that this was a common error, and tried the 'dpkg-divert--' command to fix it, but it didnt17:35
bubblesand i don't know what happened but the minimize, maximize and close buttons don't appear only on windows17:35
alberto_explosive Perhaps I should change permissions to the whole /game/ directory, shouldn't I?17:36
bubbleswhat can i do?17:36
explosivealberto_: type ls -ld game17:37
bdonnahuecan anyone help me with this keyserver issue.17:37
alberto_explosive drwxrwxrwx 4 alberto alberto 4096 ago 17  2006 game17:37
trismalberto_: are you on amd64? if so might be an i386 binary and you would need to install libc6:i386. you can check: file game/mania_drive.static17:37
icewalkersome my wifi on ubuntu 15.10 is missing the wpa/2.  how can i added wpa/2 to my wifi?17:37
bubblesomg i found out that the buttons are there on windows17:37
alberto_trism Yes, I'm on amd6417:38
bubblesbut they get hidden under the top panel17:38
bubblesplease help17:38
trismalberto_: try: sudo apt-get install libc6:i386; assuming: file game/mania_drive.static; says something like ELF 32-Bit17:39
jheneffeAs instruções para encontrar sites relacionados com o ISIS17:39
jheneffe    1. Obtenha Python em https://www.python.org/downloads/ a menos que você já tem (Mac faz)17:39
jheneffe    2. Abra o Terminal (ou Prompt de Comando do Windows) e tipo (sem aspas) "python"17:39
jheneffe    3. Agora, essa etapa requer um pouco de explicação. Vamos definir isso a limpo, vamos ...17:39
jheneffe        Copie o conteúdo do link a seguir para o clipboard https://ghostbin.com/paste/oo4tb17:39
jheneffe        O conteúdo dessa ligação estão alguns termos de busca que se relacionam com ISIS e seu conteúdo, o que lhe permite afinar os resultados para aqueles específicos17:39
jheneffe        Cole as cordas para o terminal e pressione Enter17:39
trismalberto_: you might need more i386 libs too, after you install libc6:i386 you can run: ldd game/mania_drive.static; to see which ones17:39
bubblesshould i post ss?17:40
alberto_trism game/mania_drive.static: error while loading shared libraries: libGL.so.1: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory17:41
OnkelTemHi all. How to switch on/off a service (from cmdline)?17:41
OnkelTemI mean not running at all at startup17:41
OnkelTemI remember there were a sysv-rc-conf or something on debian17:42
=== Guest22636 is now known as AlDeHyDe
OnkelTemBut is there an easier way?17:42
bubblesOnkelTem, every desktop environment has own startup options17:42
trismalberto_: sudo apt-get install libgl1-mesa-glx:i38617:43
bubblesOnkelTem, in default gnome you can goto /usr/share/applications17:43
bubblesand open startup applications17:43
=== naughtyguy95062 is now known as someguy95062
OnkelTembubbles: I'm talking about services, not applications. I want to disable some services to save RAM17:44
alberto_trism Thank you, now it's asking for libGLU.so.117:44
OnkelTemso I'm looking for a way to do it quickly17:44
bubbleswrite a bash script17:44
ubottuenzino: No warez here! This is not a file sharing channel (or network); read the channel topic. If you're looking for information about me, type « /msg ubottu !bot ». If you're looking for a channel, see « /msg ubottu !alis ».17:44
OnkelTembubbles: which would do what?17:45
bubblesif service found kill it17:45
OnkelTemI don't need to kill it, I need not to run it at startap17:45
ubottuenzino: No warez here! This is not a file sharing channel (or network); read the channel topic. If you're looking for information about me, type « /msg ubottu !bot ». If you're looking for a channel, see « /msg ubottu !alis ».17:45
trismalberto_: libglu1-mesa:i38617:46
alberto_trism sudo apt-get install libglu1-mesa?17:46
=== Awaken is now known as BeardyDude
alberto_trism Ok, sorry17:46
trismalberto_: yeah the :i386 one17:46
bubbleshere is my sample bash script for setting ionice on some processes http://paste.ubuntu.com/13332617/17:47
bubblesyou can edit it according to your need17:47
alberto_trism Thank you very much17:48
alberto_trism Only there's no sound in the game17:48
OnkelTembubbles: thanks, but yet again - what you are suggesting is completely not what I'm asking about17:48
bubblesxfce is buggy :(17:49
OnkelTemI want to disable/enable a service17:49
Horo_horoAlberto: where are you?17:49
bubblesOnkelTem, you said you wanted to save ram. you can save ram by killing the service o.O17:50
alberto_horo_horo Spain, EU17:50
bubblesnot having a service started or having it started and then killing it is nearly same17:50
OnkelTembubbles: agrhhh.... why starting them?17:50
OnkelTembubbles: not the same, man :)17:50
explosiveOnkelTem: which ubuntu are you using and which service is it?17:50
OnkelTemexplosive: Ubuntu 14.04. Whatever - postgresql, mysql - anything17:51
OnkelTemexplosive: those which I run with service <service> start17:51
explosivetry update-rc.d -f mysql disable17:52
bubblesOnkelTem, try this http://superuser.com/questions/339583/gui-tool-to-manage-services-in-ubuntu17:52
bubblesi always come here to fix my problem but end up fixing someone elses problem >.<17:53
trismalberto_: the faq says it uses openal so maybe you just need: libopenal1:i38617:54
sudhirkhangerThe official Ubuntu wiki recommends installing nvidia package (304 series) where as but AskUbuntu recommends nvidia-331. I am confused as in which one to use.17:54
OnkelTembubbles: it's not fair, you're just googling! :)17:54
alberto_trism Thank you once again :)17:54
bubblesOnkelTem, yep, you should have done that actually17:55
bubblesOnkelTem, hardly took 5 secs but they said not to ask people to google17:56
DarkSky /part17:56
DarkSkyoh haha17:56
DarkSkysorry :p17:56
NullThoughtIs anyone here running a 4k monitor? I have an i7-4790k @ 4.4Ghz, 16GB DDR3 RAM, and a GTX 960, however my machine runs like a dog17:56
NullThoughtI mean super slow17:56
OnkelTembubbles: well, true. But still it's what I was looking for. In my question there is "cmdline" mention :)17:57
OnkelTemit's NOT17:57
NullThoughtanimations are slow, scrolling on any browser is super slow, applications in general run slow.17:57
NullThoughtseems to only happen at 4k resolution, though17:57
OnkelTembubbles: but hold on, looks like on another channel I got some aid, will share the solition in minutes17:57
NullThoughtCPU and GPU aren't pegged out either17:57
bubblesOnkelTem, cmdline is 19th century, install bum you will stay in profit17:58
alberto_trism open /dev/[sound/]dsp: No such file or directory17:58
alberto_Raydium: ERROR: Cannot open Sound System17:58
bubblesOnkelTem, cant hang on, gotta go. cheers!17:58
OnkelTem"cmdline is 19th century" - lol17:58
trismalberto_: you could try editing the sh file and running game/mania_drive.static with padsp in front since we don't have /dev/dsp using pulseaudio17:59
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alberto_trism Puseaudio is always causing issues18:02
=== dane is now known as StPiere
nicomachusis there any way to do a speedtest from terminal?18:02
adrian_1908isn't there a speedtest script written in python? I vaguely remember such a thing.18:03
reisiowget -O - https://raw.githubusercontent.com/sivel/speedtest-cli/master/speedtest_cli.py | python18:03
alberto_trism It didn't work18:04
nicomachusnice reisio. danke.18:04
trismalberto_: yeah it doesn't always, I'm out of ideas unfortunately18:04
alberto_trism Thank you very much :)18:05
chinesesausagegood afternoon18:06
nicomachusdefinitely tying that to an alias...18:08
chinesesausageI am using xfce4, does anybody know about enabling the notification balloons fade in and fade out animations?18:08
chinesesausagealso, the notification balloons cannot change theme18:09
=== tim__ is now known as Guest85412
chinesesausageany help would be appreciated :)18:10
=== MalConsejo is now known as deb
ApteryxHi folks! Is it possible to configure two (concurrently active) network connections using NetworkManager? Or is this still a good old /etc/network/interfaces18:13
Apteryxuse case.18:13
nicomachusapparently I don't know how to create an alias?18:15
nicomachusreisio: I put that command into .bash_aliases after alias speedtest=, but then "speedtest" comes up as "command not found"18:15
RalliasSo... I'm trying to do an `apt-get update` but am getting a 'Hash Sum mismatch' error on security.ubuntu.com, what am I doing wrong?18:16
illeApteryx: u can use two active interface. but dont use only 1 gateway18:16
=== Piper-Off is now known as Monthrect
RalliasRather, what should I be doing.18:16
reisionicomachus: source ~/.bash_aliases ?18:16
nicomachusno output18:16
compdocRallias, sometimes repos are being updated and things dont work. you might wait, or you might run:    sudo apt-get clean18:17
Apteryxille: OK! I got confused by the GUI task bar reporting only the last connections made.18:19
Apteryxlast connection*18:19
ApteryxI will look into configuring a 2nd gateway. Thanks.18:19
illeApteryx: paste your interfaces and i can look at them18:19
Apteryxille: Would the output of ifconfig be what you want to see?18:20
illeApteryx: yes18:21
Apteryxille: http://paste.ubuntu.com/13333119/18:22
nicomachusreisio: odd. works now. Maybe needed some load time? idk18:22
ApteryxThe two interfaces of interest are: wlan1 and eth118:23
illei can only see wlan1. is wlan2 up?18:23
reisionicomachus: might've needed a source18:24
Apteryxille: the other interface I want to use is eth118:24
Apteryxso a mix of ethernet and wlan18:24
illeApteryx: is two diffrent network or the same? i mean eth1 is connected with network cable and wlan1 is connected via wirelss18:25
Apteryxille: two different networks18:26
Apteryxethernet will be used only to communicate in point to point fashion with another device18:27
Apteryxwhile wlan is my main internet enabled network18:27
illeApteryx: paste your /etc/network/interfaces18:29
Apteryxille: I think I managed to find a setting in NetworkManager that does the trick... In IPv4 settings, Route button, I checked the "Use this connection only for resources on its network".18:30
ApteryxNow when I show my routes using the 'route' cmd, it says: http://paste.ubuntu.com/13333227/18:30
illeyou can allways put IP and subnet in networkmanager but not the gateway on eth118:31
Apteryxille: OK. My /etc/network/interfaces contains just the defaults 2 lines of Ubuntu (NetworkManager is not modifying this it seems).18:32
ApteryxI think I'm all set! I need to do a couple tests to see if it truly works! Thanks for your help, ille!18:32
illeApteryx: yes if u use networkmanager the interface not work. thata right. sorry my misstage. i dont a GUI guy18:32
illeApteryx: did u delete the gateway on eth1 and i work? or it was a route?18:33
Apteryxille: hehe, no problem! GUIs are often a PITA.18:33
illeand it work*18:33
ApteryxThere is a gateway on eth1, but it is set to which is itself.18:34
ApteryxMaybe I don't need that. Just remembered this is how I used to set up point to point ethernet connections over IP.18:34
clayjarHello. I'm on 14.04.2 LTS and whenever I do apt-get update I keep getting W: Failed to fetch ... Hash Sum mismatch.  I've tried almost every solution found on StackOverflow w/o success. Please help.18:38
OerHeksclayjar, change mirror and try again ?18:39
carottehi *18:39
=== zaba is now known as Guest85812
clayjarOerHeks, change to which mirror?  I changed it different countries and keep getting same errors.18:41
OerHeksclayjar, oke, next step from https://help.ubuntu.com/community/PackageManagerTroubleshootingProcedure >> sudo rm -rf /var/lib/apt/lists && sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgrade18:42
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clayjarOerHeks, been there and done that.18:44
clayjarOerHeks: but I'll go to that page again and give a better look, thanks.18:45
OerHeksclayjar, pastebin the errors you get please18:46
clayjarOerHeks: http://kopy.io/9pzQZ18:49
OerHeksclayjar, no funny items to see there, us mirror should be oke, else try the 'main' mirror18:54
clayjar%s/us\./main\./g  ??18:55
clayjarsorry for the vim syntax. You mean just replace 'us' with 'main' ?18:55
clayjaror is that w/o the country code as in "archive.canonical.com" ?18:57
OerHeksyes, remove the us.  part18:57
OerHeksor use the softwarecenter > sources gui18:58
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clayjarOerHeks: Thanks. Just CLI here, no GUIs.18:59
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clayjarOerHeks: just executed all those commands in the troubleshooting page. Here's the output: http://kopy.io/k5F1J19:04
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nkdhow can I install plugin in vim?19:05
clayjarnkd: there are few packages out there for this, but I use this: https://github.com/Shougo/neobundle.vim19:05
nkdclayjar: how can I install plugin of vim form command line?19:06
OerHeksclayjar, i have no clue :-(19:07
clayjarOnce that's installed, all you have to do is just add a line (e.g. NeoBundle 'mattn/calendar-vim') in your ~/.vimrc and rerun your vim.19:07
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clayjarOerHeks, it used to have a proxy (an institutional one).. and it must have installed something toxic.19:07
clayjarThis is why French revolution happened...19:07
OerHeksclayjar, on this page is a one-liner to change your sources.list > http://askubuntu.com/questions/91815/how-to-install-software-or-upgrade-from-an-old-unsupported-release first answer19:08
OerHeksoh proxy, that could be it.19:08
clayjarOerHeks: I removed that some time ago though.19:08
OerHeksclayjar, then again, you would not get ANY list with proxy ..19:09
Guest494the command lshw -c video, shows that my intel G41 is using the driver i915, however, in the gentoo wiki https://wiki.gentoo.org/wiki/Intel (yes I'm using ubuntu but I don't see how this would change) it says it should be using i96519:09
clayjarnkd: http://superuser.com/questions/404686/installing-plugins-in-vim19:10
Guest494http://paste.ubuntu.com/13333643/ this is the log of the program19:10
Guest494of the command, I mean19:10
nkdcan I connect to irc channel with windows?19:11
trollkarlen1nkd: yes ofcourse19:11
clayjarnkd: on Windows OS ??19:11
nkdclayjar: yes.19:12
nkdtrollkarlen1: how?19:12
clayjarnkd: have you heard of Google ?19:12
Guest494this is the command of glxinfo showing my integrated gpu's model http://paste.ubuntu.com/13333664/19:12
trollkarlen1nkd: use a windows IRC client..like pidgin19:12
nkdclayjar: using it more than 2 dozen times a day.19:12
clayjarnkd: flabbergasting.19:13
maxscam1Hi, my computer is no longer showing the SSD in GParted. I am currently running on a live CD. ANy help?19:13
clayjarmaxscam1: is it connected via USB ?19:15
maxscam1clayjar: no, it's internal19:15
clayjarmaxscam1: is it old ?19:15
TJ-maxscam1: check 'dmesg' to see if the device, and its controller, is discovered by the kernel19:16
nasenmannHello, can somebody help me getting 2 graphic adapters to work at once?19:16
maxscam1TJ- thanks19:17
maxscam1clayjar: no its new19:17
nasenmannI have 3 monitors on 2 graphic adapters, and they to not run19:17
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clayjarlspci to check if it's connected.19:17
TJ-nasenmann: are the GPUs the same make?19:17
nasenmann@TJ-: No, Its an ATI Radeon R7200 and a NVIDIA Geforce 6610 XL19:17
Vashey guys, trying to install printer software,  is anyone able to lend a hand?19:18
TJ-nasenmann: you'll need to configure a custom /etc/X11/xorg.conf for them. You'll need at least 2 X screens configuring, 1 per GPU19:18
maxscam1TJ- how can i see in dmesg which devices are installed? I know the SSD is a 128GB Kingston. "dmesg "19:19
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maxscam1TJ - "dmesg | grep kingston" is empty though19:19
nasenmannTJ-: Ok, I installed the nvidia xserver to get the Geforce 6610 to work. When I add a device to xorg.conf and reboot, the second device is deleted19:19
nasenmannThe file looks like before19:19
aurora_I have a asus laptop F302L and volume buttons work but not to change the brightness of the screen. Any tips on how to fix it or link to where I can read more about it?19:21
VasHey guys, i have an MG5240 printer. downloaded the software driver online(linux 32, even tho i have ubuntu, not sure if that would work) but unlike windows, i dont have a setup.exe. Can anyone help me figure this out?19:21
Vasaurora - did u try pressing and holding the fn button ?19:22
explosiveaurora_: try adding acpi_backlight=vendor to the kernel parameters list after quiet splash19:22
explosivein /etc/default/grub , then sudo update-grub19:23
Vaslol, way out of my league here19:23
aurora_explosive, thanks, ill try that19:24
VasHey guys, i have an MG5240 printer. downloaded the software driver online(linux 32, even tho i have ubuntu, not sure if that would work) but unlike windows, i dont have a setup.exe. Can anyone help me figure this out?19:25
explosiveVas: did you download the .tar.gz file?19:26
aurora_explosive, just to confirm that i got it right, the line should look like this: GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX_DEFAULT="quiet splash acpi_backlight=vendor"19:26
Vasexplosive: just tar, there is no .gz in the extension19:26
explosiveok, cd to the extracted dir, then type ./configure19:27
explosiveaurora_: yup19:27
nkdis there any free irc client for windows os?19:27
Picinkd: Yes, but ask ##windows, not #ubuntu19:28
badbodhnkd, hexchat19:28
aurora_explosive, reboot required? And i got this warning while doing the update-grub : Warning: Setting GRUB_TIMEOUT to a non-zero value when GRUB_HIDDEN_TIMEOUT is set is no longer supported.19:29
aurora_is that anything i need to fix?19:29
anasHello everyone19:30
explosiveaurora_: no it's ok19:30
aurora_sweet, big thanks19:30
Vasexplosive:   ./configure is giving me a "No such file or directory" error19:30
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Bashing-omaurore_: "sudo update-grub' for the change to propogate ?19:31
explosiveVas: is there a README?19:31
Vasexplosive: ok so i extracted the downloaded file which i hadnt done earlier, but i am getting 3 sub folders19:31
explosiveVas: type ls -lR /path/to/extracted/dir19:32
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explosiveVas: paste the output in paste.ubuntu.com19:33
aurora_back, dident work :(19:34
aurora_but the screen is very bright and nothing happens when i change it in "brightness and lock" hehe19:36
Bashing-omaurore_: Did you 'sudo update-grub' for the change in the config file to propogate ?19:36
Vasexplosive: http://paste.ubuntu.com/13333858/19:36
explosiveaurora_: try adding \"acpi_osi=Windows 2012\"19:37
aurora_Bashing-om, i did the update but not the propogate19:37
explosiveinstead of acpi_backlight19:37
aurora_explosive, ill try it now19:37
explosiveVas: type tar xzvf /extracted/dir/cnijfilter-mg5200series-3.40-1-deb.tar.gz19:38
aurora_GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX_DEFAULT="quiet splash  \"acpi_osi=Windows 2012\""  or GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX_DEFAULT="quiet splash acpi_osi=Windows 2012"19:39
explosivefirst one19:39
aurora_just so i know, when updating grub do i always need reboot?19:41
aurora_im new to linux =)19:41
Vasexplosive: http://paste.ubuntu.com/13333911/19:41
explosiveaurora_: yeah to see the effects19:41
aurora_cool, thanks. brb19:42
explosiveVas: cd to the new dir and type chmod +x install.sh19:42
explosivethen type ./install.sh19:42
Vasexplosive: what's the new directory?19:43
explosivethe new dir that was createtd after extracting the .deb.tar.gz19:43
aurora_It works to change the brightness from brightness and lock, but not from buttons19:44
explosiveaurora_: you can try different 2015 .. 2014 etc19:44
aurora_ah, cool19:45
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explosiveit was working to change from brightness and lock before?19:45
lotuspsychjeparrot: welcome, what can we do for you?19:45
aurora_before the first change yes19:46
explosiveaurora_: ok19:46
parrotI installed ubuntu mate 14.04 in a toshiba satellite l50d-b19:47
parrotand i have problems19:47
lotuspsychjeparrot: what kind of problems19:47
parrotfirst wifi switch doesn't close when i press the button19:48
BeefSecwhat is a processor microcode (intel) driver?19:48
Vasexplosive: ok got it19:48
Vasi think its installing19:48
LiI am trying conky for the 1ts time .. sudo apt-get install conky conky-all .. but when I search for ~/conky I don't find anything!19:49
nicomachusLi: try ~/.conky19:49
lotuspsychjeBeefSec: what are you trying to do?19:49
parrotsecondly the touchpad freezes19:49
Bashing-omaurore_: ' sudo strings /sys/firmware/acpi/tables/DSDT | grep -i windows ' to identify the latest Windows version listed.19:50
parrotand finaly and worst of all when I shutdown it restarts again:(19:50
nicomachusLi: conky-manager is also a very useful GUI tool if you're new to conky.19:50
BeefSeclotuspsychje,    Just looking at the additional drivers that are listed, just curious to what it is19:50
parrotany help?19:50
BeefSecor if I really need it19:50
Vasexplosive:  http://paste.ubuntu.com/13333989/19:50
lotuspsychjeBeefSec: if ubuntu suggests it, surely safe to install driver19:51
Linicomachus: I'm sure that file doesn't exist on the system nor the CM19:51
Lieven though the installation process was completed successfully19:51
explosiveVas: try sudo apt-get install libtiff419:52
Limoreover now I accidently delete some default entry from the statup application preferenes19:52
nicomachusLi: what file? .conky should be in your home folder19:52
LiI don even know what was it19:53
aurora_back, i have tried from 2012 to 2015, dident fix it. any more suggestions?19:53
Linicomachus: but it's not there.19:54
nicomachusLi: the .conky file won't show up until after conky has been run at least once.19:54
Vasexplosive: http://paste.ubuntu.com/13334024/19:54
lotuspsychjeparrot: maybe the #ubuntu-mate guys might know if they are known issues?19:54
iorialotuspsychje,  Hi Lotus19:54
lotuspsychjeparrot: did you try updating bios firmware to latest?19:54
explosive!info libtiff419:55
ubottuPackage libtiff4 does not exist in wily19:55
lotuspsychjeioria: hello mate :p19:55
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explosive!search libtiff419:55
Linicomachus: how to run it at least once?19:55
ioria!info !info libtiff519:55
ubottu'libtiff5' is not a valid distribution: kubuntu-backports, kubuntu-experimental, kubuntu-updates, partner, precise, precise-backports, precise-proposed, stable, testing, trusty, trusty-backports, trusty-proposed, unstable, utopic, utopic-backports, utopic-proposed, vivid, vivid-backports, vivid-proposed, wily, wily-backports, wily-proposed, xenial, xenial-backports, xenial-proposed19:55
ioria!info libtiff519:55
ubottulibtiff5 (source: tiff): Tag Image File Format (TIFF) library. In component main, is optional. Version 4.0.3-12.3ubuntu2 (wily), package size 150 kB, installed size 606 kB19:55
Lino conky manager appears on the dash19:55
Lifind . -iname ".conky" -type f19:55
nicomachusLi: conky manager has to be installed from a PPA: sudo add-apt-repository ppa:teejee2008/ppa19:55
Linothing at home19:56
explosive!info libtiff4 | precise19:56
ubottuprecise: Package libtiff4 does not exist in wily19:56
explosive!info libtiff4 precise19:56
ubottulibtiff4 (source: tiff): Tag Image File Format (TIFF) library. In component main, is optional. Version 3.9.5-2ubuntu1.8 (precise), package size 139 kB, installed size 490 kB19:56
Linicomachus: it was avaiable on the software center and I've installed from there19:56
nicomachusLi: Conky manager was?19:56
Liapt-get install conky conky-all19:56
aurora_may changing it to "acpi_osi=" help (with no "")?19:56
Linicomachus: I thought that is manager ... isn't it?19:57
OerHeksconky-manager is a private project, https://launchpad.net/~teejee2008/+archive/ubuntu/ppa19:58
explosiveVas: you need to install libtiff4 somehow, it looks like it's not available for trusty anymore19:58
Vasexplosive: any suggestions?19:58
Bashing-omaurora_: you need to add it with escaped quotes to GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX="...\"acpi_osi=Windows 2013\"" .. where 2013 is a result from the sudo strings command .19:59
explosivedownload the .deb and manually install it Vas19:59
nicomachusno, conky-manager is a separate project that just gives a GUI and helps you install themes, Li. It's really handy.19:59
ioriathere is only the -dev package for trusty19:59
ioria!info libtiff4-dev trusty19:59
ubottulibtiff4-dev (source: tiff): Tag Image File Format library (TIFF), transitional package. In component main, is optional. Version 4.0.3-7ubuntu0.3 (trusty), package size 2 kB, installed size 102 kB19:59
Horo_horoI've problem with java on ubuntu19:59
Vasexplosive: http://packages.ubuntu.com/search?keywords=libtiff4 ?19:59
livingroomguys the #samba channel is dead does anyone here know anything about samba i'm having a devil of a time20:00
lotuspsychje!java | Horo_horo20:00
ubottuHoro_horo: To just use java you need a "Java Runtime Environment" (JRE) and/or a browser plugin. If that is not sufficient you will need a "Java Development Kit" (JDK) aka "Software  Development Kit" (SDK).  Please see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Java about how to install one of three current implementations.20:00
OerHekslivingroom, ask your question and find out ?20:00
OerHeksor come back tomorrow20:01
akikaurora_: on an acer laptop, i needed to use acpi_osi=Linux your mileage may vary20:01
nicomachusLi: this is what Conky Manager looks like: https://imgur.com/iXD9DQN20:01
OerHeksnicomachus, i think Li is reading my post about conkymanager + url20:01
Vasexplosive: found this http://packages.ubuntu.com/trusty/libtiff4-dev20:01
nicomachusah ok, OerHeks20:02
Vaswould this one work?20:02
OerHeksnice tool indeed20:02
livingroomi am following the samba wiki howto, and it says to test DNS by running this command: $ host -t SRV _ldap._tcp.mydomain - when i run that command, i get "host _ldap._tcp.mydomain not foudn: 3(NXDOMAIN)20:02
explosiveVas: you need the libtiff4 package20:03
aurora_Bashing-om, the line i had was: GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX_DEFAULT="quiet splash \"acpi_osi=Windows 2012\""    (i dident understand that last part with result from sudo srings command)20:03
explosiveVas: http://packages.ubuntu.com/precise/libtiff420:03
aurora_akik, thanks for the tip20:03
Lithis is what I deleted !!! GPG Password Agent20:04
Bashing-omaurora_: My XX:50 entry refers . Did you get it ?20:04
aurora_sorry, no. im guessing its some reference to coding of some sort. I read C/C++ in the 90's lol20:05
Bashing-omaurora_: 13:50 < Bashing-om> aurore_: ' sudo strings /sys/firmware/acpi/tables/DSDT | grep -i windows ' to identify the latest Windows version listed.20:06
Vasexplosive: thanks for the help man, gonna rest my case20:07
aurora_result is 2009, 2012, 2013. So i try to change it to 2013 again and reboot?20:09
aurora_got this error in terminal while gedit: (gedit:2888): Gtk-WARNING **: Calling Inhibit failed: GDBus.Error:org.freedesktop.DBus.Error.ServiceUnknown: The name org.gnome.SessionManager was not provided by any .service files20:09
Bashing-omaurora_: Worth a shot . remember to 'sudo update-grub' after the file is saved .20:10
aurora_Bashing-om, thanks =) i almost forgot it hehe20:11
aurora_reboot, brb20:11
Bashing-omaurora_: Been there, not done that ;)20:11
aurora_Bashing-om, back. dident work20:13
livingroomi am following the samba wiki howto, and it says to test DNS by running this command: $ host -t SRV _ldap._tcp.mydomain - when i run that command, i get "host _ldap._tcp.mydomain not foudn: 3(NXDOMAIN)" - any idea what i should do20:13
Bashing-omaurora_: Bummer. sorry, end of my experience . Perhaps others here can offer advise .20:14
akiklivingroom: you don't have a srv record for _ldap._tcp.mydomain in your dns server. not sure if that's documented in the howto you're reading20:14
aurora_Bashing-om, big thanks for your effort. Much appreciated =)20:14
alberto_Hello everyone!20:15
alberto_How are you all?20:15
Bashing-omaurora_: :( No cookies for /me .20:16
akikaurora_: can you test with acpi_osi=Linux ?20:16
alberto_I have purged some PPAs with ppa-purge, but there are still some files in /etc/apt/sources.list.d/20:16
* aurora_ hands over a cookie to Bashing-om20:16
aurora_akik, about to do that now =)20:17
alberto_Should I delete them too?20:17
akikit was quite strange that from ubuntu version to the next, i needed those parameters. maybe there was no bug report created20:19
akiki mean for the lcd backlight20:19
k1l_alberto_: depends on what files there are20:19
k1l_alberto_: can you show a "ls -al /etc/apt/sources.list.d" in a pastebin?20:19
alberto_k1l_ http://pastebin.com/x36SaaGx20:21
k1l_alberto_: there is still this PPA20:22
aurora_akik, sorry, dident work20:22
akikaurora_: you mentioned that you're using volume buttons for brightness? is this what works in windows?20:22
aurora_ah, no, the volume buttons work to change volume. its a FN+F10 and F11. but brightness buttons dont work, FN+F5 F620:24
alberto_k1l_ I did "sudo ppa-purge ppa:xubuntu-dev/xfce-4.12"20:24
sdegutisIs it standard procedure to log stuff by just "echo foo >> /var/log/myapp/whatever.log" ?20:24
alberto_k1l_ And the output was "PPA purged successfully"20:25
sdegutisAlso: Will the system automatically rotate that file when it gets too full, so that there will be whatever.log.1 and whatever.log will become empty?20:25
aurora_Should the brighness + and - be in Keyboard > Shortcuts ? Volume buttons are there20:25
k1l_alberto_: what is "cat /etc/apt/sources.list.d/xubuntu-dev-xfce-4_12-trusty.list"?20:25
alberto_k1l_ http://pastebin.com/MzML7dK320:27
bray90820How good is apples magic mouse support in ubuntu20:28
OerHeksbray90820, works oootb here, multi finger etc ( 14.04-15.04-15.10)20:30
crunch-chocoguys, does linux do well with power management (laptop)? few years ago it was not good, but i dont know what it become today20:35
baizoncrunch-choco: its good :)20:37
k1l_alberto_: i thought it would remove that file too20:37
alberto_k1l_ Me too20:38
crunch-chocobaizon, do i need to do any special tweaks?20:38
crunch-chocoor is it good out of the box20:38
baizoncrunch-choco: its good out of the box20:38
MonkeyDustcrunch-choco  ubuntu linux is very good20:38
baizoncrunch-choco: else u can use a lightweight DE, so it need less cpu20:38
MonkeyDustcrunch-choco  http://www.noobslab.com/2013/07/how-to-improve-laptop-power-management.html20:39
crunch-chocoany lightweight DE you would recommend? :D20:39
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ioriaalberto_, what command did you use  to purge ?20:40
crunch-chocoMonkeyDust, oh thanks!20:40
bray90820OerHeks: I have never had luck with it auto connecting and it also has really bad battery management aka it says it's dead when it's not and disconnects so I need to manually reconnect it20:40
bray90820have you seen any of those things?20:41
bray90820oh and the scrolling is way to fast20:41
alberto_ioria " sudo ppa-purge ppa:xubuntu-dev/xfce-4.12"20:41
MonkeyDustcrunch-choco  you wouldnt ask a vendor's opinion about his own product, would you20:41
crunch-chocoMonkeyDust, not his own product, ubuntu is not lightweight at all to me hehe :D20:42
ioriaalberto_ and you are on trusty ?20:42
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alberto__Hello, I'm back, I got disconnected20:44
k1l_alberto__: are you on trusty?20:46
alberto__k1l_ Yes,20:46
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ganymede_crunch-choco, Lubuntu (lxde) is the lightest major DE in terms of memory and disk space. You have to decide for yourself if it's any good.20:47
ioriaalberto_  sudo ppa-purge ppa:xubuntu-dev/extras  ?20:48
alberto__ioria I didn't try that20:48
=== ama22 is now known as clupus
ioriaalberto_  you don't need it if you didn't sudo add-apt-repository ppa:xubuntu-dev/extras20:49
alberto__ioria So...Shall I purge that PPA?20:50
ioriaalberto_  do you have it ? it'a complementary ppa for xfce20:51
alberto__ioria I do have it20:51
ioriaalberto_  try to remove it too20:53
alberto__ioria Actually, I did "sudo add-apt-repository ppa:xubuntu-dev/xfce-4.12"20:53
alberto__ioria And it added "ppa:xubuntu-dev/extras" as well20:53
ioriaalberto_  try to remove it20:53
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DewinI'm periodically getting dmesg spam from various kernel filesystem drivers about failing to mount a particular partition, which is not listed in /etc/fstab nor is it the correct fs type for those filesystems.  I suspect something is trying to autodetect settings, any idea where I'd poke around to change that?20:54
Dewingrub-install triggers it, but it's not the only thing that does.20:55
alberto__ioria http://pastebin.com/4bTy0Dxd20:55
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=== ee is now known as ahoneybun
k1l_alberto__: remove the # in that file in sources.list.d and run ppa-purge again.20:57
sdegutisDoes `logrotate` watch for writes to the `/var/log` directory, in order to make sure no logs surpass their maximum file size? If not, how does it know?20:57
alberto__k1l_ Ok20:57
MonsieurBonWhenever I unlock my laptop I have to enter the password to unlock the mobile broadband device because "system policy prevents automatic unlock of the device". Can I change this policy somehow? It's a bit annoying if I have to unlock the device whenever I quickly go to standby....20:58
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alberto__I thought removing a ppa was an easier task21:00
alberto__I thought all you had to do was going to Software Centre and delete it from there...21:00
nicomachusalberto__: it is, usually. Go to "additional software sources" in the System Settings GUI, select it, click "remove"21:01
VictoriaXOXOQ: Okay, so moving away from the "nouveau" driver to the "nvidia" driver did NOT fix tearing in videos and while scrolling fast. What would be the next logical step?21:01
k1l_alberto__: that just deletes the repo, but not the packages that were installed.21:01
alberto__k1l_ I did what you told me to do, but the file is still there (/etc/apt/sources.list.d)21:02
k1l_alberto__: removed the # in front of the lines? so now please run ppa-purge on that ppa again21:03
alberto__k1l_ PPA purged successfully21:03
FuraiDid ubuntu just roll out upgrade for nvidia drivers?21:04
alberto__k1l_ By the way, I added the repo, but I never installed xfce 4.1221:04
maxscam1My SSD with Ubuntu installed disappeared. Is it worth trying to find it or should i return the computer?21:04
FuraiSeriously? I've been fighting with the custom upgrade of drivers which I started like 3h ago. And then it turns out that I could just update the system. Wow.21:04
FuraiAt some point I wasn't able to start X.21:04
* Furai vents his frustration.21:05
FuraiSorry guys.21:05
MonkeyDustFurai  nvidia doesnt like linux, blame nvidia21:06
FuraiAnyway, next time there's update I'll know how to install it manually so I won't be stuck on some obsolete version for a year or so.21:07
birdjesusis  there anyw way to make globam menu for gnome 3 like unity have?21:09
skweekI think my internal network card is failing, earlier there wasn't a wireless connection showing up in the network connection, can anyone tell me where on ubuntu wireless network configuration is handled?21:10
VictoriaXOXO(Asking again. Waited some time.) Q: Okay, so moving away from the "nouveau" driver to the "nvidia" driver did NOT fix tearing in videos and while scrolling fast. What would be the next logical step?21:12
alberto__In Ubuntu Software Centre, in Software Sources / Other Software there are two entries "Stand-alone" Provided by external software developers21:12
alberto__When I edit them: URI: http://extras.ubuntu.com/ubuntu21:12
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alberto__Should I delete those entries?21:14
maxscam1My SSD with Ubuntu installed disappeared. Is it worth trying to find it or should i return the computer?21:16
nicomachusmaxscam1: what do you mean "disappeared"?21:16
illemaxscam1: may your ssd is broken. can i think is a samsung ssd?21:17
niruxdefine disappeared.21:17
maxscam1nichomachus: I can see it in the BIOS SATA devices list. It had a Grub bootloader which was working fine until GRUB stopped showing up. Now I look at the computer's partitions and I can't see the SSD at all. Think I may have messed up the compatibility when I updated my linux kernel?21:18
nicomachusIs it mounted?21:18
maxscam1nicomachus: no. I am on a Live DVD and I open gparted and see only the HDD not the SSD21:19
wopiHi, on a fresh Ubuntu 14.04 with Postfix, I have no logfiles, can somebody help to debug ?21:19
maxscam1ille: maybe/ It is kingston. It is a new computer though.21:19
nicomachusVictoriaXOXO: you may find this helpful: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=223538221:19
guntbertwopi: genreally you should state the concrete problem, if anybody can help they will21:20
VictoriaXOXOnicomachus: Give me a minute to read.21:20
wopiguntbert: I expected to have my logs in /var/log/mail/... but there are not there, so I searched, and didn't found any mail related logs21:21
VictoriaXOXOnicomachus: Of course he/she doesn't tell me how to do the last step. "Save your configuration and restart the X-server."21:22
VictoriaXOXOI don't even know what "X-server" is. :/21:23
Mati89Hi! I have Nvidia Prime specific question. Is there any workaround to stop tearing in Unity desktop while using nvidia GPU ? tearing doesn't occur while using integrated chip.21:23
Mati89VSync is enabled in nvidia settings21:24
preseederI am trying to preseed a mini iso with 15.10 downloaded from here -> https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/MinimalCD . This is my preseed file -> http://hastebin.com/jukiyelanu.hs and these are the forms of txt.cfg i have tried -> http://hastebin.com/haquzuzuru.mel So far the mini iso will not use the preseed file for some reason.Does anyone have an idea why? is it not supported with mini iso's?21:24
Piciwopi: they're just in /var/log/mail.log21:24
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guntbertwopi: postfix has it's log as /var/log/mail.log and /var/log/mail.err21:24
nicomachusVictoriaXOXO: if you're using regular Ubuntu, then restarting the X-server is simply `sudo restart lightdm`21:24
wopiguntbert: yes, that was what I expected, simple apt-get install postfix, then service postfix start, no modifications at all, and they are not there21:24
VictoriaXOXOnicomachus: Can I send you a pm?21:24
nicomachusVictoriaXOXO: not recommended. I'm not an expert, and it's better to chat in the channel so other's can correct me when I am (inevitably) wrong.21:25
guntbertwopi: no, *not* in /var/log/mail/, but in /var/log/21:25
VictoriaXOXOnicomachus: Oh. :(21:25
nicomachusyou can fix it, have faith. :)21:26
nicomachushalf the fun is in figuring out how.21:26
OerHeksVictoriaXOXO, what do you mean with "tearing in videos and while scrolling fast" ?21:26
wopiguntbert: they are nowhere in the /var/log tree21:26
Mati89VictoriaXOXO: are you using hybrid-gpu or just single nvidia card?21:27
VictoriaXOXOnicomachus: Stuck on first step. -- http://fpaste.org/292069/81978144/21:27
VictoriaXOXOOerHeks: You know that horizontal line that disrupts the video?21:28
VictoriaXOXOOerHeks: And scrolling fast up and down in Firefox.21:28
VictoriaXOXOMati89: Single NVIDIA card.21:28
OerHeksscrolling/moving a window that is playing video in a browser or mediaplayer can give some effects, sounds plausible.21:28
guntbertwopi: does this help?  https://askubuntu.com/questions/394724/where-are-the-postfix-log-files21:28
VictoriaXOXOOerHeks: I don't even have to move it. Fullscreen VLC movie tears badly. :(21:28
Mati89VictoriaXOXO: I've got a tearing fix, but that was KDE4 specific, I don't know if it applies for Ubuntu's desktop environment. You can try it out. Must find it, sec21:29
VictoriaXOXOQ: This can't be good? http://fpaste.org/292069/81978144/21:29
wopiguntbert: nope, I read related StackOverflow and AskUbuntu questions21:29
VictoriaXOXOMati89: I'll bookmark it. Thanks.21:29
wopiguntbert: I know how to move in the cli and examine files, but I'm new to postfix and Ubuntu (I use debian on daily basis)21:29
VictoriaXOXOnicomachus: OerHeks: What on earth is going on here? http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/13334953/21:31
guntbertwopi: sorry to be not able to help - bedtime21:31
nicomachusi'll defer to OerHeks.21:31
k1l_VictoriaXOXO: dont use sudo on gui programs21:31
wopiguntbert: thx21:32
VictoriaXOXOk1l_: Okay, I won't. But is that why I see those errors? :/21:32
alberto__I have the following entry in Ubuntu Software Centre:  http://ppa.launchpad.net/xubuntu-dev/xfce-4.12/ubuntu21:33
anonHi guys21:33
alberto__How can I remove it from terminal?21:33
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alberto__sudo add-apt-repository --remove ppa:xubuntu-dev/xfce-4.12?21:33
Guest20178can anybody explain me why we as admin on own system everytime need to verify the pwd21:34
k1l_VictoriaXOXO: is it the right driver for your card? is it from the ubuntu repo installed?21:34
shamisverify the password when? each time you install something?21:34
MonkeyDustGuest20178  start from the beginning, what brings you here21:34
VictoriaXOXOk1l_: It's from the additional drivers list. I just chose the one with the highest number.21:34
Guest20178instal or change21:34
Guest20178im new to linux btw21:35
k1l_Guest20178: yes, you need to give the password when using sudo.21:35
Guest20178but i love it and have respect for it21:35
shamisit's for safety of the system. to make sure nothing is installed or changed on the system that should be on there21:35
MonkeyDustGuest20178  it's normal21:35
Guest20178that i know21:35
DewinGuest20178: Security best practice says to run as an unprivileged user account unless you're doing something that actually requires privileges.  'sudo' on Linux (and its graphical equivalents) and UAC on Windows are mechanisms for implementing that.21:35
Guest20178but i mean 100 times a day21:35
Guest20178is little too much21:36
Guest20178since im new im curious and exploring everything21:36
MonkeyDustGuest20178  yes, everytime you change something to the system21:36
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shamisdepends on how often you are installing something or changing the system21:36
k1l_VictoriaXOXO: does your desktop work?21:36
harduimYou can always su root21:36
harduimor sudo bash21:36
k1l_harduim: no21:36
Piciplease no21:36
VictoriaXOXOk1l_: Yes, everything works, but I can't live with the tearing in videos and while scrolling fast in my browser.21:36
harduimYes you can, but you should not21:37
PiciUse sudo -i (or -s read the manpage) if you really need an interactive session.21:37
Guest20178maybe it depends on that i mess the system up ? because of my on knowledge21:37
k1l_harduim: that is bad advice. so please dont do that here on purpose to show that you are a "linux guru".21:37
harduimnever release the kraken21:37
shamisit's all personal opinion I guess. I'd rather enter my pass 100 times a day for 100 different changes rather than not know what my system is doing to itself or what something else is doing to my system.21:37
Guest20178you never know what you can thrust these days21:37
Guest20178try that21:37
harduim<k1l_> By all means, thats not what I intended to21:38
Guest20178me too21:38
Guest20178but then i need a more easy pwd21:38
OerHeksVictoriaXOXO, i just run updates, theer is a new nvidia driver available ..21:38
shamisyou'll get used to it.21:38
Seven_Six_Twoif you're doing repeated commands with sudo, your authorization will be valid for a while too. so 100 times a day is unlikely21:38
Guest20178nvidia suck21:38
alberto__How can I find out the name of a repository I have installed?21:38
Guest20178nothing personal but you know why21:38
alberto__From terminal21:39
VictoriaXOXOQ: Why do people start to help me and then just leave me when I answer them? :/21:39
VictoriaXOXOYes, I'm a noob. Noobs can't get help?21:39
alberto__VictoriaXOXO What do you need to know?21:39
OerHeksGuest20178, please leave those unprofessional comments, thanks, see !guidelines21:39
Guest20178you cant instal a repo21:39
Mati89VictoriaXOXO: If VSync is turned on in nvidia settings and you still got tearing, try adding this line at the end of /etc/profile: export __GL_YIELD="USLEEP"21:39
Seven_Six_Twoalberto_, I don't know if there's an official way, but you can look at the file  /etc/apt/sources.list21:39
harduim<VictoriaXOXO> Some times google is your best friend... But tell me what do you need?21:40
VictoriaXOXOalberto__: I want to get rid of the screen tearing while watching videos and scrolling up and down in Firefox.21:40
k1l_VictoriaXOXO: what card is it? what ubuntu exactly?21:40
OerHeksVictoriaXOXO, still don't have a clue what driver you use, i guess the open driver?21:40
VictoriaXOXOMati89: I will try, soon.21:40
VictoriaXOXOk1l_: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 660 and Ubuntu 14.04.21:40
Mati89VictoriaXOXO: restart X afterwards (or reboot)21:41
VictoriaXOXOOerHeks: No, I moved away from the open driver, because I thought it would fix it.21:41
VictoriaXOXOMati89: I'll reboot once I try.21:41
Guest20178my system crash after the originel driver from my videocard21:41
VictoriaXOXOk1l_: Sorry about the confusion. Card is correct, but it's 14.04 LTS.21:41
Guest20178but fair enough, ubunto almost perfect21:41
VictoriaXOXOThe bottom line is: I love my Ubuntu machine, but I refuse to live with screen tearing. Everything else I can solve.21:42
k1l_VictoriaXOXO: "dpkg -l | grep nvidia" in a pastebin please21:42
alberto__Seven_Six_Two That worked, I deleted the lines in /etc/apt/sources.list and now they're gone in Ubuntu Software Centre as well. Thank you.21:43
VictoriaXOXOk1l_: Uno momento.21:43
Guest20178anybody need sources ?21:43
Guest20178i got some :D:D21:43
Guest20178only thing i need to know is how to make a Cydia :D21:44
Guest20178for example21:44
harduim<VictoriaXOXO> Take a loot at this, maybe that can help "http://www.diolinux.com.br/2015/10/como-remover-o-screen-tearing-no-ubuntu.html"21:44
MonkeyDustwhat's a cydia?21:44
Guest20178just kidding, all confusing21:44
harduimIts in portuguese BTW21:44
BernzelIs cleaning a partition the same as formating a harddrive and deleting all data?21:44
niruxcydia is the software center for jailbrocken iOS devices.21:44
harduim<Bernzel> Yes it is21:44
VictoriaXOXOk1l_: http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/13335087/21:44
PiciGuest20178: Do you actually have an Ubuntu support question?21:44
PiciBernzel: please mind your language here.21:45
Guest20178who ?21:45
Guest20178and i had a nickname too21:45
BernzelPici sorry. I just removed 4 years of research...21:45
harduim<Bernzel> What happened?21:45
Guest20178indeed what happend21:45
k1l_VictoriaXOXO: seems like you got a driver version missmatch there21:45
Bernzelharduim I removed 2tb of research data21:45
VictoriaXOXOk1l_: Oh? :o21:45
PiciBernzel: Depending what you have done, there might be ways to recover.21:45
Dewina) Don't panic, you might be able to recover depending on what else you did, b) You should have backups if it's important.21:46
harduim<Bernzel> WOW, have you tried anything to recover?21:46
k1l_VictoriaXOXO: ah no, the nvidia-346-updates links to the nvidia-352-updates. so thats ok.21:46
k1l_VictoriaXOXO: so did you just install it?21:46
ToeSnacksis there a way to show what true packages a virtual package will install with apt?21:46
harduim<Bernzel> Just dont do anything with the drive right now maybe its recoverable21:46
cheapielongerstaff13: I see you're here. Go ahead and ask your question now, and hopefully somebody can help.21:46
VictoriaXOXOk1l_: I chose the driver with the highest number and then hit "Apply changes..." or whatever it is called.21:47
VictoriaXOXOk1l_: And rebooted.21:47
k1l_VictoriaXOXO: make a reboot to get all the new driver loaded correctly.21:47
Bernzelharduim , okey.. I'm terrified21:47
VictoriaXOXOk1l_: Reboot AGAIN?21:47
k1l_VictoriaXOXO: no21:47
k1l_VictoriaXOXO: so what is the issue now?21:47
harduim<Bernzel> Calm down, what exactly happend ?21:47
Mati89VictoriaXOXO: did export __GL_YIELD="USLEEP" fix your issue?21:48
VictoriaXOXOk1l_: Bad tearing in videos and while scrolling up and down fast in Firefox.21:48
VictoriaXOXOMati89: I haven't tried that, yet.21:48
VictoriaXOXOBut will, soon.21:48
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anon__but i dont believe my original nick is used....21:48
Mati89VictoriaXOXO: the other possible solution is to enable TripleBuffer, put it inside x.org conf. Fixed my tearing issues as well on various linux dists.21:49
anon__how can i be bleu21:49
VictoriaXOXOMati89: Yes, I will sure try that one.21:49
anon__i cant register yet21:49
OerHeksVictoriaXOXO, follow k1l_ advise first, reinstal the nvidia driver properly.21:49
k1l_VictoriaXOXO: try to logout again and back in21:49
Bernzelhardium , I was going to reinstall windows and followed this guide http://www.disk-partition.com/articles/selected-disk-is-gpt-partition-style.html becuase there was no partition I could install windows on. And it appeared that the drive containing all the valuable data was partition as 0, same as the system drive I was going to clean. So I cleaned both since they both were marked as 021:49
longerstaff13: it may be a faulty hard disk or USB drive21:49
k1l_maybe it needs to use your just set xorg.conf21:49
DewinBernzel: What exactly were you doing when you selected drives to "clean"?21:50
VictoriaXOXOOerHeks: I am following his advice, but I haven't seen him telling me to reinstall.21:50
VictoriaXOXOk1l_: Be right back then.21:50
DewinWas it the 'diskpart clean' bit?21:50
harduim<Bernzel> Could you please join #ubuntu-mate channel? Here its a little chaotic21:50
Bernzelhardium , im in21:51
longerstaff13my computer says that there is an error while copying files to my hard disk21:51
Aceriolongerstaff13: Copy the error? Your HDD just might be old, or has failed.21:52
VictoriaXOXOk1l_: Uh-oh. This is bad. Extremely low resolution now!21:52
Aceriolongerstaff13: If that is the case, get another HDD and possibly use RAID in case it happens again.21:53
longerstaff13ok :)21:53
VictoriaXOXOk1l_: I will give you 37 imaginary cookies and coffee if you help me through this. Please don't leave me now.21:54
OerHekslongerstaff13, pastebin the errors, and have a look, before you buy a new hdd21:54
AcerioOerHeks: Just said that :P21:54
alberto__What other files, apart from sources.list are there in /etc/apt?21:54
longerstaff13all the files on the setup21:54
k1l_VictoriaXOXO: can you open the nvidia-settings program?21:54
alberto__I think I accidentally deleted them :(21:54
dnlhi all21:55
AcerioHello dnl.21:55
VictoriaXOXOk1l_: From terminal and without sudo?21:55
dnli'm having problems with my wifi.. sometime work sometimes stops working21:55
dnlany suggestions??21:55
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Aceriodnl: Can you ping google?21:55
k1l_VictoriaXOXO: from programs21:55
kylebalkissoonis there a reason xorg should be using 7gb of ram?21:56
VictoriaXOXOk1l_: I just did. The entire left list is almost empty now. :(21:56
dnlAcerio,  it scans the wifi netowks.. but dont connect21:56
Aceriokylebalkissoon: Use something else then? Perhaps Nvidia drivers, if you use a Nvidia card.21:56
dnlsometimes works... but sometimes stop working21:56
Aceriodnl: Perhaps, you don't have a WiFi driver installed!21:56
dnlAcerio, hum.. it's stange because why sometimes works??21:57
Aceriodnl: Type "ls /sys/class/net", and look up documentation on the card it says you have.21:57
OerHekskylebalkissoon, xorg.log ? if so, there is a big error going on21:57
AcerioThat might be a Arch dir, but I am pretty sure it works for Ubuntu as well.21:57
k1l_VictoriaXOXO: hmmm.21:57
VictoriaXOXOk1l_: Did I just trash my PC? :(21:58
kylebalkissoonthanks OerHeks i'm gonna look into it21:58
k1l_VictoriaXOXO: i am not a video guy. but try removing that xorg.conf again and try a reboot. need to sort out if that is the issue21:58
feefrenchI'm tire of USA president spreading terrorist to my country france21:58
mircx1Hi i, You Are In My Friends List (ArthasScript)21:59
mircx1Info Line For i, NOTSET (ArthasScript)21:59
Aceriofeefrench: #ubuntu-offtopic please.21:59
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VictoriaXOXOk1l_: And there's just one xorg.conf file and in one location?21:59
kylebalkissoonOerHeks, is there something I should looking for?21:59
waressearcher2is ubuntu vulnerable to blind icmp-reset attack ?21:59
OerHekskylebalkissoon, use tail to see the end of the log, that could be enough to find out22:00
k1l_VictoriaXOXO: try a "sudo mv /etc/X11/xorg.conf /etc/X11/xorg.conf.backup"22:00
kylebalkissoonOerHeks, yeah, I found an EQ overflowing22:00
VictoriaXOXOk1l_: Okay. One moment, please.22:00
Sewerrathow the hell do i remove ubuntu??22:00
VictoriaXOXOk1l_: No errors. I guess it worked?22:01
ubuntu673@sewerrat, install another operating system22:01
k1l_VictoriaXOXO: reboot22:01
nicomachus!language | Sewerrat22:01
ubottuSewerrat: The main Ubuntu channels require that you speak in calm, polite English. For other languages, please visit https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/ChannelList22:01
VictoriaXOXOk1l_: Okay. Be right back!22:01
MonkeyDustSewerrat  use your installation device (dvd, usb), run gparted, delete ubuntu partition22:01
SewerratMonkeydust, i did that but it wont recognize any usb22:02
MonkeyDustSewerrat  "it"?22:02
anon_you will recognize me22:02
anon_if you think back22:02
Sewerratthe pc22:02
anon_even then i would't register22:02
anon_because you never know what is save22:03
anon_even this22:03
anon_and i want a bleu name :)22:03
ubuntu673Sewerrat, copy all files to another hard disk and format the hard disk with ubuntu22:03
anon_beter copy it to a external disk22:03
anon_then you got it with you all the time22:03
Mati89So, back to my nvidia prime tearing issue. Any workarounds for tearing in desktop while using nvidia gpu?22:03
k1l_waressearcher2: is there a cve for that?22:03
ubuntu673an external disk is a hard disk too, <anon>22:04
Mati89the same applies 3D applications, tearing regardless of settings22:04
anon_i dont know nothing about linux sorry22:04
anon_im just learning22:04
Sewerratharddrives are wiped already with gparted , i only get reboot and select proper boot device or insert boot media in selected boot device and press a key22:04
VictoriaXOXOk1l_: Okay, the resolution is back to normal (thank k1l_ for that), but the tearing is still present.22:04
k1l_anon_: name coloring of your client is random.22:04
anon_i had the same problem22:05
anon_you guys like information right ? :P22:05
anon_enjoy :D22:05
k1l_VictoriaXOXO: no open nvidia-settings from programs search22:05
ubuntu673Sewerrat, reboot and select proper boot device like the message says22:05
mikelissAnybody have any ideas why the PPA of Firefox's Nightly builds doesn't update my installation? The PPA is at version 45a1 and my system is still at 44a1.22:06
VictoriaXOXOk1l_: Done. The left list is populated again.22:06
k1l_Sewerrat: just install a new OS you like. done22:06
ubuntu673Sewerrat, what install device do you use, a dvd, a cd or an usb stick?22:06
SewerratUsb stick!22:06
edoderools ... what is the trick to make a shorter access to a folder, now I have /owncloud/users/xslist/sourcecode/python/projects/filelist and would like to access that with just /shortcut22:07
anon_ow damn, my mistake :P22:07
ubuntu673try a dvd if you have a dvd player in your computer22:07
alberto__Why do I get this output when I type "sudo apt-get update"?22:07
k1l_alberto__: no new updates on that servers22:07
ubuntu673alberto, because you use a Spanish version of ubuntu22:08
Mati89edoderoo: create softlink maybe?22:08
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joseph_hello world... anybody using zorin?22:08
Doubleim from out space22:09
joseph_really? what planet?22:09
alberto__ubuntu673 Yes, but why does it say "Ignoring" or "Ignored"?22:09
ubuntu673who says outer space contains planets?22:09
Spec-Chumthere is no zorin, only zuul22:09
Liim from alt22:09
k1l_!ot | Double22:09
ubottuDouble: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!22:09
VictoriaXOXOk1l_: What am I looking for in there? If you told me, I missed it.22:10
k1l_joseph_: see the zorin channels for help on that22:10
ubuntu673alberto, I don't have a clue22:10
joseph_send me the link to join it,22:10
edoderoosplendid, Mati8922:11
k1l_joseph_: #zorinos22:11
preseederI am trying to preseed a mini iso with 15.10 downloaded from here -> https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/MinimalCD . This is my preseed file -> http://hastebin.com/jukiyelanu.hs and these are the forms of txt.cfg i have tried -> http://hastebin.com/haquzuzuru.mel So far the mini iso will not use the preseed file for some reason.Does anyone have an idea why? is it not supported with mini iso's?22:11
ubuntu673what is your question about zorin, joseph?22:11
alberto__Could you please tell me how many files there are in your /etc/apt directory?22:11
ubuntu673alberto, who?22:12
k1l_VictoriaXOXO: try to set it like you want regarding . then save the configuration22:12
VictoriaXOXOk1l_: Hmm. Okay.22:12
k1l_VictoriaXOXO: *regarding resolution etc.22:12
alberto__Any of you. I think I accidentally deleted files in that directory and I don't know which ones.22:13
VictoriaXOXOk1l_: Give me a minute. :)22:13
alberto__I've got three files and four directories.22:13
VictoriaXOXOk1l_: Okay, so I manually set 1920x1080@60 and saved it. New and fresh xorg.conf appeared in the /etc/X11 folder.22:15
ubuntu673@alberto, I can't help you22:15
k1l_VictoriaXOXO: ok. try relogin22:16
VictoriaXOXOk1l_: Be right back.22:16
NightKhaosI'm getting a hash some mismatch when updating from security.ubuntu.com?22:16
k1l_NightKhaos: just wait some time to let the server get in sync again22:17
VictoriaXOXOk1l_: Done. What would the next step be if the tearing is still present? (It is.)22:18
NightKhaosk1l_: Ahh, yep. Just tried again. It's synced now.22:18
=== Double is now known as Anon__
k1l_VictoriaXOXO: dont know. please show the result of: lspci -nnk | grep -i vga -A3 | grep 'in use'22:19
Mati89VictoriaXOXO: you can try adding following in x.org conf:  Option "TripleBuffer" "True" if not present under device section22:20
VictoriaXOXOk1l_: http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/13335489/22:20
VictoriaXOXOMati89: Wait. Is it xorg.conf or x.org.conf? :/22:20
k1l_VictoriaXOXO: hmm. ok, so the nvidia driver is in use. maybe some nvidia guys knows more about that card and issues22:20
VictoriaXOXOk1l_: Oh, no. If YOU don't know, then... Guuuulp.22:21
Mati89VictoriaXOXO: xorg.conf - you should have all nvidia related settings there22:22
VictoriaXOXOMati89: Did you find what you were looking for?22:22
ubuntu673good luck, Victoria22:22
VictoriaXOXOubuntu673: Thanks. I need it.22:22
VictoriaXOXOk1l_: Mati89: Can I just add lines to that xorg.conf file while it's "in use" or do I have to stop things first?22:23
Mati89VictoriaXOXO: you can add that line in use22:24
VictoriaXOXOMati89: When is it applied? After reboot?22:24
ubuntu673maybe a restart is needed after saving the file with the extra lines22:24
Mati89VictoriaXOXO: it should be inserted inside Section "Device" before Section end.22:24
Mati89VictoriaXOXO: yes.22:25
VictoriaXOXOMati89: Yes, I'm looking at a guide that is telling me the same thing, with his example file.22:25
VictoriaXOXOI hate having to reboot all the time when my encryption passphrase is like 78 long. :P22:25
ubuntu673you need to save the file after adding the extra lines and reboot, Victoria22:25
VictoriaXOXOI will do that.22:26
Mati89VictoriaXOXO: this might do the trick :) let's hope so22:26
ubuntu673maybe it is possible to copy the encrypted passphrae of 78 character, Victoria22:26
VictoriaXOXOMati89: I'll go nuts of happiness if it fixes the tearing.22:26
VictoriaXOXOubuntu673: What do you mean?22:27
ubuntu673Victoria, maybe you can serve some candy22:27
ubuntu673like copy the passphrase and paste it in the password window22:28
VictoriaXOXOubuntu673: Copy it from where? :|22:29
VictoriaXOXOAnd there's no window or dialog box. I remove the stupid "quiet splash" line.22:29
linuxeyFairly simple question... to cleanly update my 14.04.2 OS to the latest supported packages.... would i just add in the latest 14.04.3 repo to souces and dist-upgrade against that? Or is there a "better" updates repo?22:30
ubuntu673good luck with typing your encrypted pass phrase of 78 characters, Victoria22:31
k1l_linuxey: on ubuntu you dont fiddle with the repos22:31
linuxeyI have to fiddle22:31
k1l_linuxey: just run "sudo apt update && sudo apt full-upgrade" that will bring you on the latest state of all packages22:31
linuxeyI am supporting offline deployments with local mirrors22:32
linuxeyI dont need commands as much as I do the proper source repo22:32
k1l_linuxey: 14.04.2 is just a point release. its like the servicepacks on windows. there is no 14.04.2 repo.22:32
k1l_linuxey: there is no extra repo. its all the same repo.22:32
Lifor some unknown reason! skype on my ubuntu showing numbers in hindi digits!!!22:32
Lihow to change that to normal numbers just like the rest of the system apps22:33
ubuntu673Li, change the language and numbers style and fonts22:33
Liubuntu673: where is that?22:33
ubuntu673Victoria, does it work?22:34
linuxeyk1l: No.. there is - I have the DVD rip / install repo, then additional packages from trusty/main installed. So I can see - maybe just the trusty main, universe, blah is the latest updates for 14.04.x22:34
VictoriaXOXOubuntu673: Does what work?22:34
ubuntu673does your computer work the way you want and is your screen okay?22:34
VictoriaXOXOEverything is just fine except for the tearing.22:34
howlymowlyhi everyone .... short question:  I have installed ubuntu without any problems alongside windows10. both systems are working as intendet..  only grub is not boot ed automatically I can only get into the installed ubuntu when I do "sudo efibootmgr -n 0003 "   to make the uefi automatically start my ubuntu partition on next boot  but as soon as I reboot this setting is deleted and I have to do all of this again22:35
ubuntu673so you didn't manage to fix the tearing yet22:35
VictoriaXOXOubuntu673: Not yet.22:35
k1l_linuxey: there is just one 14.04 repo. and the 14.04.2 or 14.04.3 are just including the state for the time when the 14.04.2 was released. so you dont have to udpate 2GB of data after the install22:35
howlymowlyhow do I automatically make it boot into grub?22:35
k1l_linuxey: so, update your local mirror with the latest state of trusty and its got the 14.04.3 state. (plus the updates from the 14.,04.3 release untill now)22:36
linuxeyi got it. thanks22:36
anon_wat heb ik je gezegd22:37
linuxeySo what I will have to do is track the updates I use and download them to the local repo22:37
anon_Verander men naam terug of ik doe het zelf en vragen ze weer indendificatie22:37
anon_info if free22:37
k1l_!be | anon_22:37
linuxeyMy master repo has internet access22:37
ubuntu673wat is er met je naam, anon?22:38
Mati89VictoriaXOXO: Did triple buffering and "profile" workaround worked out?22:38
anon_Verkeerd geschreven22:38
k1l_anon_: ubuntu673 #ubuntu-be for that please. this channel is english only22:39
ubuntu673Victoria, maybe you can install Ubuntu again to solve the tearing issue22:39
MonkeyDustguys, i'm dutch speaking too, keep it English here22:39
VictoriaXOXOMati89: I haven't tried yet, but what do you mean with "profile" workaround? What have I forgotten now?22:39
ubuntu673hello Monkeydust22:39
=== niee is now known as Ig0r
anon_nee nu als Anon22:40
ubuntu673Victoria, maybe it is an easy solution to install Ubuntu again22:40
MonkeyDustanon_  stop22:40
=== joseph is now known as Guest74193
Acerioanon_: Please speak English22:40
Mati89VictoriaXOXO: if the triple buffer option doesn't solve tearing, you can still try adding the export __GL_YIELD="USLEEP" line in /etc/profile22:40
anon_ok dan..22:41
VictoriaXOXOMati89: Oh, so that's what "profile" workaround means. :P I get it now.22:41
anon_i will speak english22:41
VictoriaXOXOMati89: Did you have to do that? What does it do?22:41
anon_invite me in channel22:41
Mati89VictoriaXOXO: Indeed :D, it may work as well22:41
anon_then i leave in 1 min i promise...22:41
Guest74193hello guys, need help with updates .. says that update information is outdated.22:41
k1l_anon_: #ubuntu-be22:41
ubuntu673anon_, please don't leave22:42
anon_why not22:42
k1l_Guest74193: what is "lsb_release -d" ?22:42
MonkeyDustanon_  ubuntu673 this is the support channel, confine yourself to support questions22:42
Mati89VictoriaXOXO: Yes, I have to do that on my Archlinux with KDE4 and NVIDIA gpu to remove all tearing.22:42
anon_im just here for some info22:42
anon_that i was22:42
VictoriaXOXOMati89: What exactly does it do?22:43
anon_i was asking why ubunto ask me so much pwd22:43
anon_and im trying to help22:43
anon_but you guys looked me up...22:43
MonkeyDustanon_  for security reasons22:43
k1l_anon_: stop that chatting in here. please keep this channel to ubuntu support only. its unfair for the other users who need help22:43
* OerHeks never got that much warnings being offtopic22:44
Mati89VictoriaXOXO: what I understood, it enables vsync on startup and makes it persistent. I don't know the exact mechanism behind it, but it solved my tearing issue. It may work in Ubuntu as well.22:44
ubuntu673Victoria, just install Ubuntu again22:45
k1l_ubuntu673: that is not helpfull22:45
harduimNot at all22:45
ubuntu673it might solve her issue, k1l_, because a fresh installation might not have the tearing issue22:46
Mati89ubuntu673: reinstalling won't solve that issue at all.22:46
k1l_ubuntu673: no. it wont help with tearing.22:46
j0hnsm1thhi, what i want to achieve is have a directory which cannot be renamed by a user, but all the files within it are read/writable - the problem i have run into is that if i set a directory as readonly the immediate children of that directory are also all readonly22:47
Mati89VictoriaXOXO: anyway, that line is not harmful at all, it's just exporting the following option which shall prevent tearing so give it a try.22:47
VictoriaXOXOMati89: I will. Thanks. :)22:47
Mati89VictoriaXOXO: np. I will google around for my tearing problems now22:48
MonkeyDustj0hnsm1th  i tried it with a single file, sudo chown did the job22:50
ubuntu673how do I hide the notifications of this chat?22:56
edoderoomight depend on your client22:57
ikonia!notifications | ubuntu67322:57
OerHeksdepends on the irc client http://wiki.xkcd.com/irc/Hide_join_part_messages22:57
edoderooubottuSorry, I don't know anything about notifications22:58
ubottuedoderoo: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)22:58
ikoniathank you, it seems ubottu is lagging22:58
edoderooabotta .. you're only a women ... I know enough22:58
OerHeksikonia, found it, the command =  !quietirc22:59
ikoniajust found it myself22:59
ikoniait's lagging quite hard, so not quick on the responses at the moment23:00
ubottuTo ignore joins/parts/quits in your favorite IRC client, see http://wiki.xkcd.com/irc/Hide_join_part_messages23:01
ubuntu673thanks everybody for the suggestions23:01
edoderooubottu sounds like an Italian name23:01
ubottuedoderoo: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)23:01
owen1i installed jenkins and it looks like it's not creating /home/jenkins folder. can i just mkdir this missing folder+23:03
edoderooadd sudo in front of mkdir23:04
owen1edoderoo: ok. i tried 'mkhomedir_helper jenkins' but nothing happened23:04
edoderoobut is jenkins a username?23:04
owen1edoderoo: ^23:06
n8shi all23:06
n8sis this the correct channel to ask for a bit of help?23:07
VictoriaXOXOWell, if you need help with Ubuntu. :P23:07
n8sok, this may be not specific enough, but let me try23:07
=== anon_ is now known as Anon_Elite
=== test is now known as Guest95260
Guest95260how's everyone doing?23:08
daftykinsGuest95260: not a chat channel, support only.23:08
n8si'm currently trying to move from windows 10 and embrace linux, i've recently began to care about privacy and open source software23:08
Guest95260good to know thanks23:08
daftykinsn8s: really just the support question and not the life story might be best :)23:09
n8si'ts been a month now working with ubuntu both in laptop and desktop, so far im happy BUT (here comes the question, sorry but background is very much needed)23:09
n8si've had quite a few "mini" problems, with nautilus, virtualization... several annoyances23:10
n8sso i'd like to ask23:10
n8swill this "annoyances" dissapear once i go with the LTS on the next release?23:10
* daftykins waits for the question mark to be used23:10
daftykinswe still have no idea what you're talking about n8s - so how could we comment on knowing when things would change?23:11
n8sim sorry but it's not a specific question, if it can be, it would be something like. Is ubuntu LTS more stable than the intermediate releases?23:12
k1l_n8s: boths are pretty stable. but the focus is a bit more on LTS since it got 5 years support.23:13
k1l_n8s: but that is no guarantee that LTS doesnt have any issues for you. so best is to see what specific issues there are and how to solve them23:14
ubuntu673probably not, n8s23:14
n8sright now for example, i cant delete files from drives when accesing them through a symlink on nautilus, it crashes23:14
n8salso, installing vmware player turned my system very unstable23:15
ubuntu673so delete files using the console, n8s23:15
ubuntu673do you need the vmware player, n8s?23:15
k1l_for vmware issues talk to them. its prop. software and we cant do anything about that.23:15
n8si've already found a workaround, but anyway, it's just an example, is this the current desktop experience for linux?23:15
n8si need virtualization, and i need good 2d acceleration, vmware worked fine in windows for me23:16
ubuntu673linux and ubuntu are usually seen as very stable operating systems, n8s, maybe you can reinstall your ubuntu23:16
harduim<ubuntu673> You really like telling people to reinstall, dont you?23:17
n8sactually my desktop install is very recent, and honestly reinstalling sound too much like windows... been there already, i'd rather try to work it out23:17
Ben64n8s: you need to explain the problem better23:18
NoteOnhi, ubuntu-studio 15.04 jack to alsa no sound23:19
harduim<n8s> He's advising reinstall for everyone23:19
NoteOnits xfcce and checked termial alsamixer but can't find issue23:19
ubuntu673maybe your vmware player isn't installed correctly, n8s, you can try to install it again23:19
ubuntu673https://help.ubuntu.com/community/VMware/Player m8s23:19
k1l_n8s: desktop is working very fine for me.23:20
n8sBen64, i know, but it's been a bunch of problems, never a big one, but anyway nothing like a "clean" experience23:20
NoteOnwhen LMMS setup to alsa (not jack) sound is ok. so seems not xfce's volume control part23:20
harduimWhat do you guys think about these systemd dilemma?23:20
ubuntu673harduim, a fresh installation solves lots of issues23:20
Ben64n8s: theres no way you can get help here without explaining a problem23:20
n8si wonder if this is more an unity problem maybe? is unity less stable than others?23:20
profanityshort question. if i type "$ find" in terminal in a specified directory, it lists all files in there, but what to i do to see the file extensions?23:21
harduim<ubuntu673> And a new computer also...23:21
k1l_n8s: no, unity is fine23:21
Ben64profanity: not every file has an extension, they're not really needed in linux23:21
k1l_ubuntu673: stop advising reinstall for every issue.23:22
n8sBen64, i was just looking for some feedback on stability for production use in desktop from people already using it since long ago.23:22
profanity@Ben64 im trying to ease a prossess in a game. it has 8 files, 7 of them is "data" and 1 is "ascii"23:22
linuxeyprofanity: perhaps you are looking for a certain file type? Do you want something like: find . -type f -name *.tar ?23:22
ubuntu673k1l_, that command puts an end to my solution for all problems23:22
n8sBen64, but here comes a precise question, this really annoys me. Whenever i install an application, 80% of the times, i have to log out and back in for the unity dash to find it. Is there a way for it to auto refresh the apps?23:23
Ben64n8s: this isn't really the channel to poll people23:23
ubuntu673n8s, are you talking about ubuntu?23:23
n8subuntu673, yes, ubuntu 15.10 all updated23:24
profanity@linuxey i dont know what the filetype is, i only need to find out wich file is usable instead of using $ file /directory/file1  and upwwards23:24
Ben64n8s: ah ok good question. I don't use unity so I can't really test that here23:24
harduim<n8s> I'm using for since day 1 without any major problem23:25
VictoriaXOXOQ: Does anyone in here know what "Option "RegistryDwords" "PerfLevelSrc=0x2222"" in xorg.conf does?23:25
Ben64profanity: can you explain exactly what you want to accomplish23:25
harduim<VictoriaXOXO> Any progress?23:25
n8sBen64, thanks anyway. Anyone else can help with the refresh menu problem?23:26
ubuntu673k1l_, are you a mod in this irc?23:26
ki7mtn8s, First off, IMHO, production use and short term supported release(s) do not go together well. It's ok for testing, but my rule is, LTS for production, and the interim releases for testing only.23:26
Ben64n8s: maybe someone here knows, wait around and see23:26
k1l_ubuntu673: does it matter? just telling everyone to reinstall is not helpfull. stop that23:26
Ben64ubuntu673: it doesn't matter who is or isn't a mod. telling everyone to reinstall is bad support23:26
profanity@Ben64 i want to find an unknown textfile between several other files in a directory in one command, instead of checking all files separately23:26
profanity@Ben64 if its possible, that is:P23:27
VictoriaXOXOharduim: I want to know what "Option "RegistryDwords" "PerfLevelSrc=0x2222" does first. :P23:27
n8ski7mt, i agree with you, but when i decided to jump in the train, 15.10 is what i found23:27
ubuntu673k1l_, yes, it matters, because giving a command without being a mod is acting like a mod although the advice is helpful23:27
harduim<VictoriaXOXO> I dont know =P23:27
kitkatYo playa hata23:27
linuxeyprofanity: without more info, I can guess that maybe you want to iterate over the files you find. Try using -exec with find. % find . -type f -exec file {} \;  and then a filter on the file query23:27
Ben64profanity: it sure is. "find -type f -exec file {} \;"23:27
ki7mtn8s, yeah, that happens, but I think I'd look at re-imaging to 14.04 LTS and testing on 15.10, but that's just me.23:27
wryfiin trusty, how do i get ubuntu to reconfigure my interfaces based on what's in /etc/network/interfaces? (e.g. an equivalent of the old `/etc/init.d/networking restart` which now seems to do nothing)23:28
kitkatWuz up ya all23:28
kitkatIm setting servers23:28
Ben64wryfi: sudo service networking restart23:29
wryfiBen64: does nothing23:29
Ben64note that it's not the same as /etc/init.d/...23:29
linuxeyand ifdown eth1;ifup eth1 ?23:29
kitkatSetting up servers for my new cloud service23:29
profanityThats it @linuxey and @Ben64. thanks, that helped! now i just need to learn why:P (reading up on -exec and -type23:29
n8ski7mt, but wouldnt 14.04 be now "too old"? maybe i'm wrong and its not that outdated23:29
linuxeysorry Ben64: ifdown/ifup23:29
Ben64profanity: man find23:30
Ben64profanity: tons of good stuff in there23:30
kitkatApaches lacking a lot23:30
Mati89VictoriaXOXO: those are performance level settings of your GPU.23:30
linuxeyBen64: nice. the ol RTFM answer ;)23:30
profanityi figured:P man and -h or --help23:30
daftykinskitkat: you're making conversation more than you are finding specific support questions, so you may want to move to #ubuntu-offtopic23:30
Ben64linuxey: hey, gave an answer AND how to find more answers :)23:31
VictoriaXOXOMati89: Why did a guide about tearing tell me about that line? :/23:31
Anon_Elite#it wasnt you23:31
thetravI have two identical machines here, (one digit off in serial number) with network cables plugged into the same port on each...  One of them labels the Nic as eth2 the other eth5.   Does anyone know where I can read up on how ubuntu decides on that label?23:31
linuxeyprofanity: remenber - if you're on a newer Ubuntu version, you can tab complete many commands to get next args23:31
ki7mtn8s, For me, no, not at all, it's the latest LTS release, and has support to like mid-2019 or something like that.23:31
Mati89VictoriaXOXO: I have not idea.. this option have nothing to do with vsync23:31
VictoriaXOXOMati89: Hmm. I'll skip it then.23:31
kitkatPpl shouldnt troll me23:32
howlymowlyhi evryone..  short question:  how do I set grub as the default bootloader in a dualboot configuration with windows 10 and ubuntu 15.10?   using efibootmgr -o 0000,0001  etc..  i was able to boot into ubuntu *once*  but after a restart is was immediatily set back to the windows bootloader  any idea?23:32
=== truexfan81_ is now known as truexfan81
kitkatSo chill23:33
thetravhmm... https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Consistent_Network_Device_Naming bummer, looks like it's sort of addressed when ubuntu upgrades to systemd23:33
daftykinshowlymowly: change the entry in your EFI23:33
ki7mtn8s, here ya go: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LTS23:33
n8ski7mt, correct me if im wrong, but being supported means security-related patches only isnt it? no new functionality23:33
AcerioTesting, did anyone get this?23:33
k1l_kitkat: anything specific support related? if not please take the chat somewhere else.23:33
kitkatHere we go23:34
daftykins!ot | kitkat23:34
ubottukitkat: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!23:34
kitkatAnother troll emerges from his or her cave to bark orders. Cute.23:34
truexfan81how hard is it to upgrade via package management from lts to latest non-lts without it breaking?23:34
kitkatOt troll chill23:34
ubuntu397kitkat, it seems they even ban nice people23:35
ki7mtn8s, read the link I sent you, it explains it better than I can paraphrase.23:35
truexfan81i'm about to experiment with it in a vm, i just want to know what to expect23:35
harduim<howlymowly> Is uefi enabled?23:35
OerHeksubuntu397, never without reason, you know that, now stay ontopic please.23:35
howlymowlydaftykins: didnt I do that already with "efibootmgr -o" ?23:35
daftykinshowlymowly: go check23:35
howlymowlyharduim: yes23:36
n8sok, ki7mt, link very much appreciated. Are you currently using 14.04 by any chance?23:36
OerHekstruexfan81, latest lts to latest, is a hard way > 14.04 lts > 14.10 ( EOL ) > 15.04 > 15.10 ...23:36
harduim<howlymowly> And what is the first boot option?23:36
truexfan81OerHeks: ty, i'll do it that way then23:37
howlymowlyharduim: I already installed everything ..  first boot option shows "0002"  which is windows23:37
truexfan81i've not even checked but what is latest non lts?23:37
ki7mtn8s, Yup, Im on it right now, but I alwo have partitions for each of the intervals that are still being maintained, Vivid / Wily and now Xenial (16.04 next LTS release)23:37
OerHekstruexfan81, to pass 14.10, you would need the old-versions trick in !eolupgrade23:37
howlymowlyharduim: yes,  it seems that uefi is enabled as I can use efibootmgr and also booted into ubuntu using efibootmgr  -n23:37
n8swhat kernel version is currently 14.04 in?23:37
ki7mtn8s, uname -r says
k1l_n8s: 3.13, 3.19 or in short time 4.2. see "enablement stack"23:38
truexfan813.19 my bad23:38
n8sand it will stay there at 3.19? if you want to go 4.2 you need to do it manually?23:39
k1l_!enablementstack | n8s see the pictures at the end23:40
ubottun8s see the pictures at the end: The Ubuntu LTS enablement stacks provide newer kernel and X support for existing LTS releases. see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Kernel/LTSEnablementStack23:40
n8s(im asking that because i have a radeon 280x as graphic card, and it seems like 4.2 is superb w it23:40
daftykinsn8s: maybe for the open source driver it provides, but you'd likely not want that anyway23:40
n8sso, last question... (and thanks everyone for bearing with me)23:41
ki7mtn8s, If you have a kernel you like, putting a hold on the package is one way to ensure it sticky23:41
k1l_ki7mt: not an option. you dont get security updates than.23:42
n8sif i reinstall with 14.04, can i go to 4.2 kernel right after i finish installation?23:42
daftykinski7mt: yeah very unwise advice23:42
daftykinsn8s: no23:42
daftykinski7mt: see above...23:42
truexfan81question for ya, what is it that vmware player does that is able to change how the ubuntu installer works?23:42
k1l_ki7mt: see ubuntu.com/usn and search for kernel issues. you wont get them installed so your system is vulnerable then23:43
harduim<howlymowly> have you tried switching to legacy mode?23:43
n8sahhh ok, now i understand the graphic...23:43
ki7mtdaftykins, Of course you don't get security updates, that's a given if you hold any package, but you also wont get a busted driver either, it's a give and take.23:43
k1l_n8s: there is a test 4.2 kernel in 14.04 already. please see the wiki page the bot linked23:43
daftykinstruexfan81: ask vmware, that has nothing to do with ubuntu support23:43
=== knite_ is now known as knite
Octaviuswheres the drugs23:44
n8sso if im not wrong, 14.04 will officially get 4.2 on feb-201623:44
daftykinski7mt: no that's utterly terrible advice, you don't do that just for drivers - you stay on those specific major kernel versions still, it's just the -## updates that come in23:44
ki7mtdaftykins, Ok, Ok, well I said that is one way, I didn't say it's "the best way"23:45
Ben64its not even a way23:45
daftykinsit's not a solution so please don't give it again :)23:46
n8ski7mt, daftykins, i understood what ki7mt tried to say i guess :)23:46
daftykinsyou might as well be telling someone to reinstall with Windows XP23:46
Ben64n8s: yeah ki7mt said to lock your kernel and not get any bug fixes or security updates23:46
k1l_n8s: yes. but it wont last forever. you will need to change to the next kernel after some time23:46
=== annie is now known as Guest88917
ki7mtdaftykins, It is a way, very much so,  but this horse is dead, nuff said.23:47
daftykinski7mt: no.23:47
Ben64even though it doesn't solve anything, the drivers aren't going to change between the versions in ubuntu23:47
Ben64each version of ubuntu is already locked into a specific kernel, and only gets updates to fix problems23:47
n8sim reading there are problems with catalyst and unity on 14.04... any of you running 14.04 got an AMD card? how does it work?23:48
yapmehi there23:48
ki7mtlol .. then i'ts not a "specific kernel" then is it if the kernel version changes, that's not locked.23:48
daftykinsbut the kernel version doesn't change23:48
Ben643.13.0-64 to 3.13.0-65 is the same kernel version, don't be silly23:48
daftykinsmethinks someone has some bedtime reading to do :)23:49
function9xhi guys, I've got a usb controller, and on dmesg it comes up as usb-xxx-etc/input0  how can I change that to /dev/input/js0 ?23:49
daftykins!amd | n8s might be something here23:49
ubottun8s might be something here: For Ati/NVidia/Matrox video cards, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/VideoDriverHowto23:49
daftykinsn8s: what is the lspci entry of your graphics device?23:49
n8sdaftykins, can you give me the full command?23:50
daftykinsn8s: yeah sure... lspci23:50
n8s01:00.0 VGA compatible controller: Advanced Micro Devices, Inc. [AMD/ATI] Tahiti XT [Radeon HD 7970/8970 OEM / R9 280X]23:51
n8s01:00.1 Audio device: Advanced Micro Devices, Inc. [AMD/ATI] Tahiti XT HDMI Audio [Radeon HD 7970 Series]23:51
harduimn8s http://paste.ubuntu.com23:51
n8si actually did lspci | grep AMD, not sure if this is what you asked for23:51
daftykinswell it achieved the same thing, but what i had in my head was the idea you'd read the output and only paste a single line of the relevant part23:52
daftykinssadly i always expect too much23:52
n8shey, it was 2 lines :) i didnt do it THAT bad :)23:53
function9xit's to be expected23:53
daftykinspretty obvious the HDMI audio device doesn't matter though23:53
daftykinsn8s: so have you used the ubuntu additional drivers utility to install fglrx, or are you just using the open driver?23:53
n8sim on the open driver, i've read bad things with the propietary one23:54
daftykinsyeah welcome to owning an AMD product and using Linux, no wonder you're after a newer kernel then23:54
daftykinsif i were you - i would wait until the wily HWE stack drops for 14.04 trusty, then just reinstall from what will likely be 14.04.4 media - which will use it as default23:54
n8sso it is that bad to have a radeon card?23:54
n8sok, sounds smart to do that23:55
Ben64they've gotten better lately23:55
howlymowlyharduim: I cant boot into windows anymore once I mae the switch to legacy mode23:56
n8showlymowly, that's probably because you installed windows in EFI mode... happened to me not long ago23:57
daftykinshowlymowly: as i said just change the boot entry inside the EFI :) what make and model is this system?23:57
daftykinswell obviously both OSs are installed as EFI, whoever told you to change to legacy is SEVERELY misinformed and should not be giving advice23:57
ki7mtOk, this has got me really wound up now, so explain me this, why does the hold function even exist, be for the kernel or any other package for that matter.23:57
harduim<daftykins> I just asked...23:58
daftykinski7mt: it works on a package level, it doesn't care if it's the kernel or not - so that argument is moot.23:58
ki7mtof course it works at the package level, that's the point23:58
daftykinsyeah so like i'm saying, it doesn't care that your action is insane23:58

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