bluesabreevening folks01:12
Unit193bluesabre: Hi.03:16
bluesabreUnit193: hi.11:06
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slickymasterWorkflocculant, claimed review of https://code.launchpad.net/~flocculant/xubuntu-docs/qa/+merge/27759012:32
slickymasterWorkI'll take a look at it tonight12:32
slickymasterWorkafter the community work :P12:33
flocculantok - cya later12:34
slickymasterWorkhf flocculant 12:35
knomei left a "few" comments there...12:48
knomesome of them you can ignore now - there is commentary on the direction we might want to the take the whole contributor docs12:48
slickymasterWorkack knome 12:53
krytarikknome: "i left a 'few' comments there..." - looks like LP ignored them as well. :P14:55
knomei should have hit save14:55
knomei always forget that14:55
knomethere they are14:56
* knome goes hit save14:56
knomeflocculant, the www. logging issue should be solved now15:12
flocculantI left some replies to some comments15:52
flocculantknome: ack15:52
knomeflocculant, you didn't15:53
knomeflocculant, hit save15:53
knomeflocculant, re: linking; i mean do we want to keep making xref's to the spots that talk about ISO/package testing when we write about the15:54
knomeflocculant, and re: xfef markup, np; i know it's not mentioned anywhere (yet)15:55
knomeand re: the last comment, yes, let's see how it goes15:55
flocculantknome: that's why I'm confused - there is no link to that? 15:55
knomehuh, now you lost me; re what was that? :D15:56
flocculantMeta: Do we want to keep linking to the package and ISO testing sections?15:56
flocculantthat :)15:56
knome<listitem><para>Scheduling of ISO, and when appropriate Package, Testing should take place amongst the QA Team.15:57
knomequestion: do we want to do:15:57
knome<listitem><para>Scheduling of <xref linkend="..." />, and when appropriate Package, Testing should take place amongst the QA Team.15:57
flocculantno 15:58
knomeprobably not here, but it was a more meta question for general use15:58
knomeeg. should we try to interlink as much as possible15:58
flocculantimho these are cont docs not support - I would expect that someone contributing should be able to do so with the minimum of handholding15:58
knomeit's not only handholding, in some places it's useful that you have the link to the target right there15:59
knomeat least imo15:59
flocculantI'm +1 to linking to things once 15:59
flocculantbut as testing is the subject of a chapter I'm pretty relaxed it's not linked there16:00
flocculantoh 16:00
flocculantno it's not :D16:01
flocculantok - I'll get links added 16:02
knomethere's one problem with that16:02
knomeyou can't affect the link text16:02
knomeso in some cases, you might just want to add a <note> for the xref's16:02
knomebut it really depends on the context16:03
flocculantI might add a note to the top for the places QA needs to know about16:03
knomeor maybe a section that lists them all16:03
knomeand a note that links to that16:03
flocculanttext full of links drives me nuts 16:03
knometo save space16:03
knomeand effort...16:03
flocculantknome: maybe that section should be elsewhere - Important Places or in the How to's 16:07
flocculantjust not call it How to's 16:09
knomeyes, maybe so16:10
flocculantthere's going to be other similar things come up in future I would guess16:10
flocculantknome: I'll fix those things now - I'll add a section for links to one of mine for the moment, we can move it later when we decide one way or the other 16:17
flocculantknome: done that for the moment then16:43
flocculantand the odd fixes16:43
krytarikknome: Btw, as much as I like having to work on my docs MP, but... :P - http://irclogs.ubuntu.com/2015/11/13/%23xubuntu-devel.html#t14:5217:31
krytarik+ not17:31
krytarik(Particularly the first question.)17:32
knomei'll get back to this later today17:36
knomeactually, i think i have 8 minutes now17:36
knomelet's see...17:36
knomeactually, meh17:37
knomethere is no button for one-time export :(17:37
knomei'll just set up the auto export17:38
knomeand let it run once17:38
knomeshould happen some time soon17:38
knomelike, midnight UTC17:38
krytarikNah, like 6 AM UTC, but that's ok. :)17:41
krytarikThought there was though.17:42
knomei thought too17:42
knomethere's that button for one-time imports17:42
krytarikEww, nope indeed - only "or requesting a one-off download through the web interface" - https://help.launchpad.net/Translations/YourProject/Exports17:44
knomethat wouldn't be completely awful either, but meh, why detour17:44
krytarikYeah, no problem.17:45
krytarikAlso, flocculant's current MP should be merged by then too.17:46
knomei can probably take care of that if slickymasterWork fails to do that :P17:46
knomenow... bbl17:48
knomehf meanwhile17:48
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slickymasterknome, to what are you referring in "Do we want to keep linking to the package and ISO testing sections?"?22:13
knomeslickymaster, <xref ... />22:13
slickymasteroh, ok22:14
slickymasterI don't see any reason why he wouldn't, knome 22:14
slickymasterI mean, it's just a link, nothing more22:14
knomeif you read the discussion in the backlog, you would notice he added the links now22:15
knomeaiui, haven't checked the new MP22:15
knomeor updated22:15
slickymaster7me hasn't read the backlog22:15
knomesigh :)22:16
slickymastergoing to answer to your comment in the MP, knome 22:17
slickymastereven because I won't merge it today22:17
knomekrytarik, SEE?!22:18
slickymasterhe also forgot to add that dot at the end of the paragraph22:18
krytarikknome: Heh.22:18
slickymasteris there a poll running?22:18
slickymasterwhat were the odds against merging it?22:19
knomeno poll, it was pure knowledge22:19
knomethat you would fail to merge it today22:19
slickymasterit's not my fault22:19
knomeof *course* not :)22:20
knomebesides, we didn't bet for the reason22:20
slickymasterthe MP isn't ready for merge22:20
knomewell... you can merge it as is22:20
knomeor fix it while merging22:20
slickymastermost probably the later option22:21
slickymasterflocculant, knome, I left some comments the MP23:18
knomeagain? :P23:19
knomeslickymaster, did you click save?23:19
slickymasterwhat again?23:19
knomeoh, for some reason they were hidden23:19
slickymasterI hit CTRL+Enter23:19
slickymasterin all cases it's mergerd23:20
knomeer mi gerd23:20
knomeoh great23:22
knomei just noticed there was a gig yesterday i would have wanted to attend23:22
slickymaster-devel alert23:22

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