xubuntu33wdesktop will not change time, is this normal?00:28
xubuntu33wtime is 4 hrs ahead even in the correct zone00:30
krytarikxubuntu33w: Tried relogging in yet?00:50
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xubuntu721How do I change my wallpaper03:31
kernelcruncherI installed dolphin in my xubuntu install, but on opening it's missing icons and function05:11
kernelcruncheris it possible synaptic didn't pull in all requires?05:12
kernelcruncherI know, you are wondering... why do I need dolphin05:13
kernelcruncherWell for some reason it's the only UI that will ssh to my server05:14
kernelcruncherthat's using sftp or fish05:14
kernelcruncherI can ssh in a terminal but not in thunar05:15
maijinHello guys, i've just updated 15.04->15.10. Only way i can use my laptop (T440s) right now is using rescue. When I boot on normal mode it get stuck on : successfuly decrypted disk (after typing password).12:09
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DaleusAfternoon :)14:29
DaleusNouveau on 15.10 for me is broken out of the box (only supports 2 monitors) but works 100% out of the box on 15.04. Currently I am installing a fresh 15.04 and I am planning on pinning the nouveau packages and then doing the release upgrade14:31
DaleusSurely this is an awful solution to a stupid problem - anyone have any better ideas?14:31
Daleusokay, so holding libdrm-nouveau2 and xserver-xorg-video-nouveau from 15.04 while upgrading to 15.10 was a bad idea. It didn't help & then caused graphical glitches. Am I stuck on 15.04 forever?15:31
saudhello guys15:49
saudi have a proplem with apt15:49
Daleussaud, I'm glad we could solve that for you..15:50
JohnnyComeL8lysaud, you need to state your specific issue with APT.15:50
DaleusJohnnyComeL8ly, he's gone :)15:51
JohnnyComeL8lyOh, duh....15:51
xubuntu14wHello. I'm completely new to Linux.16:27
JohnnyComeL8lyxubuntu14w is also new to IRC, in all likeliness.16:36
JohnnyComeL8lykrytarik, isn't gmusicbrowser good enough for audio, and Parole good enough for Video?  I'm wondering why https://blueprints.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+spec/xubuntu-x-development says that xubuntu-team hasn't decided on a default media player20:05
krytarikJohnnyComeL8ly: We're thinking about dropping gmusicbrowser - looks like it will be.20:06
JohnnyComeL8lykrytarik, any idea about what the new choice is?20:17
flocculantthere won't be a new choice before 16.1020:23
JohnnyComeL8lyOk, thanks, flocculant.20:25
JohnnyComeL8lyBut, is there a group that is going to be selected from?20:26
flocculantthere's a spec linked on that blueprint20:26
flocculantbut this is offtopic for this channel :)20:26
flocculantJohnnyComeL8ly: actually it's on a wily spec20:30
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max12345entify WOWdesuNON22:05

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