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ezeh0001_Trying to change openstack single disk partition mounted to / with cloud-int to repartition to have multiple mountpoints (/var) at least16:09
ezeh0001_Tried using disk_setup and fs_setup in user-data but that is not working16:11
ezeh0001_Is it even possible?16:11
ezeh0001_Have question about partitioning disk with cloud-init17:20
Odd_Blokeezeh0001_: That should be possible; what do you mean by "not working"?17:21
Odd_Bloke(And what distro/version are you using?)17:21
ezeh0001_I am running on RHEL 717:22
ezeh0001_I used the disk_setup inside user-data, but when it runs the partition is not yet there17:22
Odd_Blokeezeh0001_: Can you paste your config somewhere?17:23
ezeh0001_Odd_Bloke: Config http://pastebin.com/yv7MKB7H17:27
Odd_Blokeezeh0001_: You have "ephmeral" not "ephemeral" under disk_setup; I don't know if that's causing the problem.17:29
Odd_Blokeezeh0001_: If that doesn't fix it, /var/log/cloud-init.log is also extremely useful for debugging problems.17:29
Odd_Blokeezeh0001_: So either have a look at that yourself, or pastebin it and I can have a look.17:29
Odd_Bloke(Though I'm about to go to lunch, so I won't be able to help for 90-120 minutes)17:29
harlowja_at_home120 minute lunch, questionable17:31
ezeh0001_Obb_Bloke: Thanks.  Will try that.17:33
ezeh0001_The error I get for disk_setup can be seen here: http://pastebin.com/pWYJ7fbJ17:59
manuqhi! how can I enable debug logging to cloud-init ? version is 0.7.518:27
ezeh0001_Odd_Bloke: Looking at the error, the partition table is not changed before cloud-init gets to it.  I am trying to repartition the boot disk.  Is that possible with cloud-init18:38
Odd_Blokeharlowja: I had a call as well!19:27
Odd_Blokeharlowja: NO YOU SHUT UP19:27
Odd_Blokeezeh0001_: Cool, having a quick look now.19:27
Odd_Blokeezeh0001_: Can you paste the full log? (Having context can sometimes make all the difference when debugging this sort of thing)19:28
ezeh0001_Odd_Bloke: whole log is at http://pastebin.com/ZsyNwmYb20:18
Odd_Blokeezeh0001_: Ohhhhh, I only just worked out you're trying to partition /.20:38
Odd_Blokeezeh0001_: I'm not sure we support that.20:38
Odd_Blokesmoser: ^ ?20:38
smoserwhats going on ?20:40
Odd_Blokesmoser: Is there anyway to partition the disk that is mounted on /?20:41
smoseri dont think linux supports it really.20:42
smoserhm.. i guess maybe if / was an lvm20:43
smoserbut if its a partitioned disk, then you can tell cloud-init not to resize and take the rest, but i dont know that you can add partitions wihtout unmounting20:43
smoseri'd have to think more though20:43
ezeh0001_@smoser and Odd_Bloke: Thanks for your assistance21:01
corb00Hi is there any way to specify uid/gid for a user created in the cloud-init users: section?23:31

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