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lamontlets say I have juju 1.24.7-0ubuntu1~14.04.1, and I want to juju deploy local:xenial/foo... is there some obvious reason that the service winds up in this state:03:46
lamont    service-status:03:46
lamont      current: unknown03:46
lamont      message: Waiting for agent initialization to finish03:46
lamont      since: 19 Nov 2015 03:45:05Z03:46
mgzlamont: what status is the machine in?03:46
lamontnova?  doesn't exist at all03:47
lamontinterestingly, local:wily/foo gets me machine-203:47
mgzweeelll... that would be why the agent isn;t up03:47
lamont    service-status:03:47
lamont      current: maintenance03:47
lamont      message: installing charm software03:47
lamont      since: 19 Nov 2015 03:47:45Z03:47
lamontthat's with local:wily/foo03:48
lamontmgz: is there some easy way to cause juju to spill what command it's using for "nova boot"?03:49
mgzlxc-ls --fancy gives you a view under the hood, as does $JUJU_HOME/$ENV/*03:49
mgzer, meph03:50
lamontno lxcs involved... this is openstack03:50
mgzI was imagining containers where none exist03:50
lamontcan I have multiple series (trusty,wily,xenial) in one juju environment?03:50
mgzfor the true story, you need the nova logs03:50
lamontas in nova host api logs on the api host?03:51
mgzbut machine-0.log will tell you what the provisioner tried to do03:51
mgzit may be something as simple as nova not having a xenial image03:51
lamontnova image-list| grep xenial03:52
lamont| 00e59d4a-b4a5-4b27-8cf9-3fe2bcd0fb79 | ubuntu-xenial-daily-amd64-server-20151105-disk1.img  | ACTIVE |        |03:52
lamont^^ that's why I thought I could do this03:52
mgzokay, but how does juju know about that image?03:53
lamont2015-11-19 03:45:07 ERROR juju.provisioner provisioner_task.go:630 cannot find tools for machine "1": no matching tools available03:53
mgzdid you also update local simplestreams03:53
lamontapparently not03:53
mgz...and also it couldn't find xenial tools03:53
* lamont goes to poke his admins03:53
mgzokay, we haven't published xenial tools yet, because there are no xenial cloud-images yet, and our build chain expects that03:55
lamontwell then03:55
mgzin practice, the tools would be identical to wily's03:55
lamontmgz: any eta?  (meanwhile, I'll do the wily + upgrade-in-place-while-crying03:55
lamontguessing step 1 is poke the cloud-images people?03:56
mgzyeah, they're trying to change the method they're making images, which is the hang up03:57
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jamespageadam_g, hey - you should hook up with gnuoy, coreycb and thedac as they are about to write three new openstack charms - all based on the new reactive framework which is our standard now07:57
ionutbalutoiuhi, jamespage. Update MP with the unit tests as you advised. Can you take a look whenever you can ? (https://code.launchpad.net/~ionutbalutoiu/charms/trusty/neutron-gateway/next/+merge/276833)10:36
jamespageionutbalutoiu, on my list for today10:37
ionutbalutoiujamespage, just as a note, amulet tests didn't run yet for this update (only lint_test and unit_test), but it's been two days. I think we have to wait for this as well. Just wanted to give you a ping. Is it common such a delay for amulet tests ?10:40
jamespageionutbalutoiu, long queue in the lab right now as we keep enabling new tests for each charm10:41
jamespageits possible something is blocked up - I'll check10:41
jamespageionutbalutoiu, if not I'll run them myself...10:41
ionutbalutoiugood, thank-you.10:41
jamespageionutbalutoiu, tbh I'd be happy to land without those reporting in as they passed before, and you've made 0 code change that would impact that since then10:42
jamespagebut lets see10:42
lazypowero/ mornin jamespage10:45
jamespagehey lazypower11:22
lazypowerjamespage did you see the somewhat silent post yesterday about charming w/ layers interview feat. Adam Stokes?11:23
jamespagelazypower, I did - started to watch but then got children11:24
jamespageso had to stop11:24
jamespagewill resume later today11:24
lazypower:D just wanted ot make sure it crossed your radar as i know your team is about to go head first in reactive/layer territory11:24
lazypowerto anyone lurking that didn't catch the update - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lowRfWcxky011:25
jamespagegnuoy, coreycb, thedac, ddellav, rockstar, beisner ^^11:28
tvansteenburghanyone know how to get the ID of the currently executing juju action from inside the action itself?14:26
tvansteenburghi've seen other code using JUJU_ACTION_ID, but it's not set, and I don't see any mention of that env var in the docs14:27
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tvansteenburghah, it's JUJU_ACTION_UUID14:43
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stubRegister the decorated function to run when not all desired_states are active.15:06
stubWhich does not mean when all desired_states are not active.15:06
stubtvansteenburgh: I look in charmhelpers.core.hookenv() for those :)15:08
stubSo we get an AND operation with @when and an OR with @when_not. But I think I might stick with a single state per decorator for now until I get the hang of this ;)15:10
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jcastrorick_h_: we're 7 subscriptions short of the 100 we need to get the custom URL for the youtube channel, can you ask for one more push across the board?17:58
rick_h_jcastro: sure thing17:59
rick_h_jcastro: sent, included cloud@ as well this time so hopefully moves fast for you.18:03
rick_h_jcastro: <3 jane's reply18:06
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rick_h_jcastro: and done! woot18:28
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natefinchrick_h_: sort of sad that a 600 person company has trouble getting 100 subscriptions to their own youtube channel ;)18:58
rick_h_natefinch: naw, it got through pretty well. Folks just need reminders :)19:02
adam_ggnuoy, coreycb thedac  are there any examples out there of openstack charms using the reactive framework?19:26
gnuoyadam_g, there is one I think19:27
* gnuoy is looking for the link19:27
gnuoyadam_g, https://code.launchpad.net/~openstack-charmers/charms/trusty/openvswitch-odl/next19:28
adam_ggnuoy, thanks.19:28
gnuoyadam_g, the directory layout is a little outdated though19:28
gnuoyreactive should be a top level dir I think19:28
adam_galso--i seem to remember at least one place in the openstack charms where a charm would go and create neutron networks and subnets in neutron using neutronclient as part of a hook. does that still exist?19:31
adam_gi need to do something similar but can't remember where that was done19:31
gnuoyadam_g, are you thinking of http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~ost-maintainers/openstack-charm-testing/trunk/view/head:/bin/quantum-ext-net19:32
gnuoyadam_g, oh, as aprt of a hook19:32
adam_ggnuoy, oh ya, that was it19:32
gnuoyadam_g, also http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~ost-maintainers/openstack-charm-testing/trunk/view/head:/bin/quantum-tenant-net19:33
adam_ggnuoy, okay, so those dont actuallyg et called as part of a hook19:33
gnuoyadam_g, nope, I can't think of a hook that does that19:33
adam_gas part of my services deployment, i need to go and create a network in neutron on behalf of the service tenant19:34
coreycbadam_g, btw we're in the midst of creating a base openstack layer and inteface layers for rmq, mysql, keystone, etc19:34
adam_gcoreycb, cool. im kinda operating on a tight schedule so im not sure ill be able to adapt that just yet. :\ unless all that stuff is about done and ready to use now.19:35
gnuoyadam_g, that's going to be a pain I would think19:35
gnuoyI mean creating the network19:35
adam_ggnuoy, yeah, i was trying to find a good way to make that fit yesterday19:35
adam_ggnuoy, best i could come with is have neutron-api expose a setting in its relatoin that lets other services know that neutron at least has: keystone, db, rabbit relations19:36
adam_gthen have the other end do what it needs once thats true19:36
gnuoyadam_g, fwiw we already have a concept of the charm being ready (all mandatory relations and config satisfied)19:37
gnuoyit;s spat out in the workload status19:37
adam_ggnuoy, right but isnt that just user facing? i cant block relatin A's hooks on the status of B+C+D ?19:38
bdx_charmers, core, dev: Hey whats up everyone? I am finally getting my feet wet and jumping into charming with reactive.... I'm trying to react to the changing of specific configs on config-changed hook, is there a best practice for checking for config change for specific configs? heres what I'm working with...https://github.com/jamesbeedy/puppet-agent/blob/master/reactive/puppet_agent.py19:38
gnuoyadam_g, yes, you're right. I just meant the charm already has a concept of what it needs to be ready19:39
adam_ggnuoy, yeah, AIUI that unfortunately doesnt help here19:39
adam_gi think all i need from neutron-api is a flag i can pass to other services that says 'the api is functional and you can create things'19:40
adam_gshould be fine if that were  happen before the rest of neutron is wired (neutron-gateway and cooresponding compute agents)19:40
gnuoyadam_g, yep, it seems reasonable. I'd like to see what jamespage thinks too as he was pondering a similiar issue recently19:43
adam_gi might get something functional later this afternoon and push it somewhere19:44
tvansteenburghbdx_: you can do `if config.changed(key)`19:56
bdx_tvansteenburgh: ha...I knew it was something simple....thanks!19:57
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