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goldenjaguarWhats up04:06
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EVEREST_007does kubuntu work on a motherboard with nvidia geforce 702506:58
valorieEVEREST_007: perhaps this page lists it06:58
ubottuFor Ati/NVidia/Matrox video cards, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/VideoDriverHowto06:58
EVEREST_007when i tried a live cd of kubuntu 14.04, it gets frozen at the desktop view07:02
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Captain_HaddockJust upgraded to 15.10 and wish I hadn't :(07:52
valorieCaptain_Haddock: can you say what is disappointing to you?08:29
valoriedifficult to help if no problem is presented08:30
Captain_Haddockvalorie: Lots of system tray icons (Skype, wine apps, etc.) are not visible; my automounts weren't mounted; Weird flickering whenever I ALT+TAB; Plasma has crashed twice already; I had a number of dead shortcut icons in my start menu (which I've fixed manually); etc.08:52
hateballCaptain_Haddock: http://blog.martin-graesslin.com/blog/2014/06/where-are-my-systray-icons/ perhaps?08:55
valorieabout that first problem, there is a fix until those apps join the 21st century08:55
ubottuAutomount is the modern way to mount directories over a network. It is much easier to manage and  more economic in bandwidth than static mounts via fstab. For more info - https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Autofs08:55
valorieyou might need to check those08:56
valorieflickering sounds like a driver issue08:56
hateballI recall there were some issues with intel drivers and vsync, disabling vsync solves stuff08:57
Captain_Haddockvalorie: Everything was peachy with systray icons in 14.10 :) While a case could be made for Skype needing an update, surely Wine Apps should be handled more gracefully.08:57
Captain_Haddockhateball: Thanks, reading.08:57
Captain_Haddockhateball: The flickering issue appears to have been fixed by switching from OpenGL 2 to 3.1.09:32
valsdavHi all,09:58
valsdavI'm a kubuntu 15.10 user09:58
valsdavI've an annoying issue with audio output on my thinkpad t450s09:59
Captain_HaddockWhat's the issue?09:59
valsdavinternal audio works well, but sometimes when I connect headphone or external stereo09:59
valsdavthere's no output, even if pulseaudio showes that it's all ok10:00
Captain_Haddockvalsdav: sometimes?10:02
Captain_HaddockSo it works fine generally?10:02
valsdavyes it happens at random10:04
valsdavkernel issue?10:04
Captain_Haddockvalsdav: Maybe a driver issue.10:05
Captain_Haddockvalsdav: Have you checked under driver management to see if you have any proprietary drivers that you can install?10:06
Captain_HaddockBesides that I have nothing, sorry.10:06
valsdavI'll search for driver, thankyou!10:07
valsdavAnother little issue..10:07
valsdavNetwork manager icon in the notification panel always disappers10:08
Captain_Haddockvalsdav: Right click -> system tray options -> system tray settings10:11
Captain_Haddockshould get you to a window where you can configure icon display options.10:11
valsdavno it doesn't simply hide10:11
valsdavit leaves a blank hole and disapper also from the idden icons10:11
Yossarianukvalsdav: same here for volume icon...10:12
das-moHi, anyone here who can help me with an error at an kubuntu installation?10:20
das-moHi, anyone here who can help me with an error at a kubuntu installation?10:22
das-moHi, anyone here who can help me with an error at a kubuntu installation?10:27
Yossarianukdas-mo: try explaining the error...10:32
jubo2... and thanks for the awesomest GUI OS11:34
jubo2I'm going ot install Kubuntu15.10 on a mac11:35
jubo2not mine, mum's11:35
jubo2Is it straightforward or do I need to do some stupid hacks because Cupertino, California ?11:36
jubo2No-one answers11:37
jubo2I asked this already yesterday11:37
jubo2I'm just going to assume that resizing a mac fs is go and installing grub is go11:38
Yossarianukjubo2: best to wait  for an answer - personally I've never used anything from Apple, I understand it should be possible though11:38
YossarianukrEFInd can boot from MACOS I believe..11:39
jubo2I dunno what that is11:39
YossarianukrEFInd is a bootloader that loads UEFI/EFI based systems11:40
Yossarianukits really nice..11:40
Yossarianukthis 'may' help-> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qWb2JeGI6zQ11:40
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jubo2So I need some Cupertino Voodoo to make this work11:53
roybattyhi there12:48
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wolflopezhi there12:49
wolflopeztheres no option in kubuntu to install it with another s.o.12:50
apparleI'm trying to connect to secure wifi, but Network Manager is not accepting my key. Does anyone know any ideas on how fix this ?12:51
apparleIt was working on a fresh install, I'm not sure what broke it as I installed few packages which I needed12:51
apparlewhich ones I'm not sure, just some applications, which I use regularly.12:52
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BluesKajHi folks14:20
jubo2I followed the instructions to make a mac-bootable USB stick14:50
jubo2here goes nothing14:50
jubo2pressing the ALT-key on bootup just brings gray screen and cursor14:54
jubo2the instructions I followed were.. uhh..14:54
jubo2Mi mum's Mac OS X is at the end of it's road.. slow as hell so installing Kubuntu by side14:55
jubo2I'm now back in OS X15:12
jubo2This one instructional video I am following says to format the USB stick as MS-DOS15:12
jubo2but that didn't boot (holding down the alt-key)15:13
jubo2Should I select GUID-partition map (translated from Finnish grr) or a MBR for the stick?15:15
jubo2I think I used MBR last time so could try the other option15:15
jubo2still doesn't work15:29
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silhusk jubo2: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MacBook it's a long time since I setup mine, but did follow that guide. Using bootcamp ("install Windows" or something like that in MacOS) and installing refit16:04
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Guest66832hello, why muon don't ask for my password and says if i want to install, no-rights16:27
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KorbakI there17:00
KorbakI may need help, I have a few probs with Kubuntu 15.1017:01
KorbakFirst of all, when I boot, my keyboard doesn't respond well17:01
KorbakI have to do CTRL+ALT+F1 then immediately CTRL+ALT+F7 and it all come back to normal17:02
KorbakHave you any idea about how to resolve that ?17:02
KorbakAnyone please ? Did I explain my situation enough ? :)17:06
SmurphyKorbak: when you say: my keyboard doesn't respond well - what do you mean ?17:14
KorbakSmurphy: Some keys don't work, and when I try to use Konsole, everything I type becomes a "s"17:15
Smurphythen you seem indeed to have a problem. And I wouldn't know where it comes form. Sorry.17:16
KorbakErf :(17:16
KorbakAnd how about my second problem, then, Smurphy? :)17:16
KorbakWhen I close Konsole, I get an error, as if it crashed.17:17
KorbakKubuntu asks me to debug it or relaunch it, telling this is a "segmentation fault"17:17
Smurphydid you apply all available updates ? It happens to me from time to time too.17:18
KorbakI did, yes17:18
KorbakI'll try to check if there's something left17:18
KorbakI had some stuff that aptitude told me to autoremove17:20
KorbakI have to reboot17:20
KorbakLet's hope something good happened :P17:20
KorbakSmurphy: Well, it didn't get anything better17:25
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SmurphyKorbak: You have some special type of keyboard ?17:59
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KorbakSmurphy: Yes, but I tried another one, and it was the same18:34
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linuxMeUpis it possible to use windows on my ssd, Kubuntu on part of the hardrive?19:21
denza242linuxMeUp: yep19:22
denza242you just need to partition the drives correctly19:22
CoffeeJlinuxMeUp:  and remember win setup will overwrite your mbr loader so keep a linux install cd/dvd19:24
jim___I want to resize (shrink) my partitions (each one is a bootable distro) to make room for another. I'd like to back up first. What is your favourite method? DD? Clonezilla? Other?19:26
geniiIt's simple and effective and you can copy entire drives to a file on a larger drive19:28
jim___using dd?19:29
geniijim___: Yes.19:30
jim___thanks genii, have a great weekend19:31
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vorreisapereanyone can help me about updates of kubuntu 15.10?19:48
vorreisapereit happens that, after updates, it  becomes impossible to use it...19:49
ejayhi all19:50
vorreisaperea chi posso chiedere in italiano?19:50
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YaiyanWhen partitioning, after pressing "Install now" it says it's going to format the swap partition on /dev/sdb, when I only changed /dev/sdc20:00
YaiyanThat's normal, right?20:00
keithzgYaiyan: IIRC, yeah, that's normal. If the setup is told that you're going to be using a swap partition, it formats and initializes it. At least I seem to remember that being the case too.20:06
heinkel_111!it > vorreisapere20:07
YaiyanI mean, I haven't touched anything saying swap, and that swap partition was already there20:07
RisteHello everyone.20:10
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RisteI'm kinda new to linux and kubuntu, after the update my pc seems a lot slower, flash player on chromium is laggy, apps start slower and everything, is it something done in the update or its me who fucked up something?20:14
* BluesKaj detests auto partitioners, they seem to be nstructed to delete other partitions for no reason , hence manual partitioning should be available with all distro installers, bit it's not20:14
YaiyanI'd honestly be more comfortable using parted20:14
YaiyanAnd then mkfs afterwards20:15
YaiyanJust because it feels like you things are only being changed where you tell them to be changed that way20:15
heinkel_111Riste: have you changed graphics drivers in the update process?20:16
heinkel_111I mean, it should not but....20:16
RisteNope, I haven't done anything since the update20:17
BluesKajRiste, check ksystguard.systenm monitor to see what's using up cpu and memeory,20:17
BluesKajmost likely file search indexer/baloo or akonadi server20:19
YaiyanI swear Kubuntu looks slightly nicer now than in 200820:19
YaiyanHow KDE3 looked put me off using it for ages :/20:19
RisteCpu is used 5% only so it shouldn't be a cpu problem20:19
RisteI have only chromium and skype running20:19
Ristehmm however in the system load there are 4 cpu's out of 2 are constantly 80%~90% and to note this is a dual core processor so im confused o.o20:23
YaiyanIf it's an i3 you might have hyper threading20:23
RisteI believe it's an i3, (it's a laptop from work xD) is there a way for me to resolve that "problem"?20:25
KorbakHi there20:26
KorbakI see people are talkin'20:26
Ristewait my bad, it seems its an i5 which explains the cores20:26
YaiyanKubuntu hasn't been added to the bootloader20:26
KorbakCan someone help me about my keyboard issue ? :(20:26
YaiyanIs there any way to add kubuntu to the bootloader?20:27
RisteI've no idea, and are you talking about my problem Yaiyan?20:28
YaiyanRiste, I'm not sure what's causing your problem, sorry20:29
RisteAh no probs.20:29
YaiyanWas just mentioning hyperthreading might've explained why 4 cores was shown if you only had 220:29
KorbakWell, I try to explain : when I boot, my keyboard has keys that don't react, and sometimes, everything I type is replaced by the letter "s" (which doesn't work anywhere else, btw).20:30
KorbakWhen I do CTRL+ALT+F1 then CTRL+ALT+F7, everything's back to normal20:30
KorbakAny ideas ? :320:30
RisteKorbak, which language did you set up in the begining of the installation ?20:31
Riste@Yaiyan so apparently my cpu has 2 cores but 4 threads which explains the 4 threads :D20:31
KorbakRiste: French (I'm French, of course ;))20:32
sinisterdoorHi!when I click proxy settings in chromium nothing shows up.any ways to fix this?20:33
RisteWell that might be the problem, try setting it back to english and see if you still ahve the problem20:33
BluesKajmy i3 cpu shows 4 cores, but it's only a 2 core cpu. guess theat's the hyperthreading at work20:33
KorbakRiste: But... I need it to be set in french :<20:34
RisteBluesKaj would disabling that option stabilize the pc?20:35
Risteand Korbak im sry dude i have no idea what might the problem be, but at least this way you will get a confirmation if its the language settings or something else20:35
Ristethats altering with your keyboard20:36
BluesKajRiste, I doubt it , it's actually there to make the workload faster and more efficient20:36
KorbakRiste: Okay, I'll think about that20:36
KorbakRiste: Thanks :)20:36
RisteKorbak: anytime.20:37
RisteBluesKaj: well thats why i think as well but hmmm its really unusual for my pc to be this slow especially that i haven't done anything just the update... and this is kinda annoying, even flash player on chromium lags like a bitch20:37
YaiyanI mean20:38
BluesKajRiste, there's gotta be something eating up your processing power in the background...20:38
YaiyanIf your laptop's not the fastest, is Kubuntu the best distro anyway?20:39
* Yaiyan has never seen KDE as the lightweight sort of de20:39
Riste@Yaiyan, its an 8gig ram i5 dual core processor, it should run it perfectly.20:39
Risteand it did before the update i think20:39
YaiyanI assumed it was a lesser-laptop :)20:40
BluesKajan i5 cpu and the intel gpu usually handle most loads well20:40
* Yaiyan doesn't particularly want to try kubuntu on his via laptop20:40
BluesKajI have kubuntu on my i3 laptop, runs great20:40
RisteIt did idk whats wrong with it, i tried restarting as well hmm... oh well20:41
denza242i run kubuntu on my toaster smoothly20:41
denza242Sysinfo for 'DSI-NB1': Running inside KDE Plasma 5.4.3 on Ubuntu 15.04 (Vivid Vervet) powered by Linux 3.19.0-33-generic, CPU: AMD E2-1800 APU with Radeon(tm) HD Graphics at 1700/1700000 MHz, RAM: 3007/3360 MB, Storage: 31/130 GB, 183 procs, 4.17h up20:41
YaiyanUbuntu 10.04 runs fair slowly on that particular laptop mind20:41
YaiyanHow do I add Kubuntu to grub?20:42
RisteIm looking at the ksysguard and it displays only lets say 10% of the cpu20:42
YaiyanWhen I installed it, it didn't add itself for some reason20:42
YaiyanRiste, have you typed top?20:42
BluesKajwhat are on atm?20:43
denza242Yaiyan: it's probably under "Ubuntu" or similar20:43
Yaiyandenza242, the "Ubuntu" is my normal 14.04 Unity version20:43
YaiyanAnd all the other Ubuntu's have their (older) version numbers by them20:43
denza242i see20:43
denza242Yaiyan: try running update-grub from that install20:43
BluesKajyeah grub still names it ubuntu for some reason20:43
RisteYaiyan: u mean have i selected for it to only display the top percentage of usage of the applications? -yes + i scrolled down to see if theres something else as well20:44
YaiyanRiste, I mean, run "top" in a terminal20:44
Yaiyandenza242, that claims to have found it, cheers :)20:44
denza242Yaiyan: np20:45
YaiyanSo, "Disks" pre-install, listed /dev/sdd as being my new disk20:45
YaiyanKubuntu's partition editor called it /dev/sdc, and the windows partition /dev/sdd20:45
Riste top - 21:45:29 up 40 min,  2 users,  load average: 0,59, 1,17, 1,48 Tasks: 212 total,   1 running, 211 sleeping,   0 stopped,   0 zombie %Cpu(s): 12,3 us,  5,3 sy,  0,0 ni, 82,2 id,  0,2 wa,  0,0 hi,  0,0 si,  0,0 st KiB Mem:   8079300 total,  4738512 used,  3340788 free,   165320 buffers KiB Swap:  8291324 total,        0 used,  8291324 free.  1942248 cached Mem20:45
YaiyanNow on Ubuntu, update-grub has called the windows partition /dev/sde20:45
YaiyanI need to find out where it's getting these names from20:45
Riste2 users, is it the root and my actuall user ?20:46
YaiyanRiste, below that, there should be a list of processes running and how much cpu20:46
Ristein total about 25% used up20:46
BluesKajRiste, which graphics . intel ?20:46
Simonioushttp://picbin.org/src/1107 <- ssh connections over the eth0 ip work fine, those on the wlan0 timeout - why?20:46
Risteyeah, its intel, and im running a dual screen, hmm20:47
Ristelet me try disconnecting the screen maybe thats screwing it20:47
Ristenope, same thing xD20:48
Ristedamn this is weird20:48
BluesKajRiste, akonadi server , kmail, PIM ?20:48
RisteBluesKaj, I've no idea what that is except kmail, which im not even running20:49
RisteIntel Corporation 2nd Generation Core Processor Family Integrated Graphics Controller (rev 09) (prog-if 00 [VGA controller])         Subsystem: Dell Device 04b0         Flags: bus master, fast devsel, latency 0, IRQ 36         Memory at f6800000 (64-bit, non-prefetchable) [size=4M]         Memory at e0000000 (64-bit, prefetchable) [size=256M]         I/O ports at f000 [size=64]         Expansion ROM at <unassigned> [disabled]         20:51
Ristethis is the graphics20:51
BluesKajRiste, look in the kicker and type akon , then check if any of them are running20:52
YaiyanHmm, nothing's appeared on the panel :/20:53
YaiyanOh now it has20:53
YaiyanJust took ages to appear20:53
RisteBluesKaj, in the top there isnt anything similar like that running20:54
BluesKajthat was a long shot, been a while since it caused trouble20:57
Risteoh well thank you for your help i shall not bother you anymore and ill try to figure it out myself20:57
Ristehm its very weird though everything was fine on the previous version, just wanted to know if the update has caused problems for someone else as well20:58
BluesKaj\just a regular upgrade ?20:59
Ristenah i updated the version of the kubuntu21:00
BluesKajfrom and t?o21:02
BluesKajto even21:02
Riste15.04 to latest21:02
BluesKajhave you done a dist upgrade to get the latest kernel?21:03
Ristenot sure, i dont believe so21:03
Ristehow do i get the latest kernel?21:04
BluesKajif it's available to you then a sudo apt update and sudo apt upgrade then sudo apt dist-upgrade will bring it in21:06
Ristesudo update updated some things21:08
Riste0 new dist upgrades though21:09
BluesKajnow sudo apt upgrade21:09
Ristewill restart soon to check if it did the trick21:09
BluesKajdon't restart21:09
BluesKajnow sudo apt upgrade21:09
Riste0 to upgrade, 0 to newly install, 0 to remove and 0 not to upgrade.21:10
Ristethank you for the help21:13
Simonioushttp://picbin.org/src/1107 I put a wireless USB NIC in the machine and it appears to be running, but if I disconnect the wired network.. nothing.  What did I miss?21:17
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FanfareQ: Where is automount gone in systemsettings?23:40
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