maozhouThere is a AssertionError after running queue script, how to fix it?03:05
wgrantmaozhou: It's possible that the versions of launchpadlib and keyring that you have installed are incompatible, or your keyring file is corrupted.03:09
wgrantYou're using the system python-keyring, but your own version of python-launchpadlib.03:09
maozhouwgrant: How to fix it?03:14
wgrantmaozhou: I don't know, it's not a problem I've seen before. You're running a mixed set of versions, so you'll have to debug it.03:16
maozhouwgrant:  I find the keyring file is corrupted, and I have fixed it, thank you :)03:24
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bjfis it possible to get a version of python3-launchpadlib for trusty ?17:28
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blrcjwatson: who would we ask about a potential backport?20:31
blrdimitri presumably?20:32
cjwatsonbjf: I'm sure it wouldn't be hard to produce one yourself, but there appears to be one in https://launchpad.net/~canonical-foundations/+archive/ubuntu/ci-train-backports20:32
cjwatsonblr: ^-20:33

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