rbasakIt seems that if I push only git tags to Launchpad, cgit seems to think that the repository is empty. Workaround is to push a branch, any branch, and everything appears.11:17
rbasakI don't know if that's a cgit thing or a Launchpad thing, but I thought I'd mention it.11:17
cjwatsonrbasak: That's a cgit thing.  It happens if it can't find a default branch.11:34
cjwatsonrbasak: I guess the message is *slightly* misleading but I find it hard to argue with cgit very much here ...11:34
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dobeyis there something in launchpad builder config that somehow lets golang-go pull stuff off the network to build?15:16
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cjwatsondobey: no - it gets to pull from the archive and that's all15:29
tewardso, I take it the bzr merges coming from Debian aren't working?  (I.e. where code for Debian packages would exist)16:52
dobeyteward: if you mean UDD branches for xenial packages, they aren't running now16:52
tewarddobey: i know they're not running, and i know i'm annoyed at that.  talking about lp:debian/PackageNameHere16:55
tewardand whether those are still pulling in from Debian16:55
tewardbut if they fall under the same umbrella, then that answers the question16:55
dobeyafaik they were UDD branches just the same16:56
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