jdstrandogra_: fyi, snappy install ufw.jdstrand. enjoy :)00:29
sergiusensjdstrand, btw, I can't do $SNAP_APP_DATA_PATH in a `start` for a service02:07
sergiusensjdstrand, mind approving this later https://myapps.developer.ubuntu.com/dev/click-apps/3989/seq/1/ ?02:33
sergiusensand that also relates to the question about using $SNAP_APP_DATA_PATH02:34
Sam_: )03:36
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dholbachgood morning07:36
fgimenezgood morning08:09
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pandatronewhat is this https://uappexplorer.com/app/ubuntu-kernel.mvo ???08:38
mvopandatrone: its the next step on the road to 16.04, kernel and os snaps08:39
pandatronemvo, awesome! i like it08:39
mvopandatrone: yeah, I'm quite excited about it too, it will open up a lot of new possibilities :)08:40
pandatroneyou snappy people are great08:40
pandatroneand mir people :D08:40
mvoheh, thanks :-D08:40
pandatronei get 10-50% more fps in glmark2 in OTA8 compared to OTA5 on mx408:40
pandatroneunity people are a little confused buy they'll catch up08:41
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fgimenezhi mvo good morning09:14
mvohey fgimenez10:05
mvofgimenez: sorry for the slow reply10:05
fgimenezmvo, np :) i was getting some errors from udf but now it seems to be working again10:06
fgimenezmvo, 254 is available already in jenkins10:06
mvofgimenez: nice!10:07
JamesTaitGood morning all; happy Thursday, and happy Use Less Stuff Day! 😃10:14
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shouting-sergiussergiusens hello11:06
shouting-sergiusballoons hello11:06
sergiusensdpm, mind approving https://myapps.developer.ubuntu.com/dev/click-apps/3989/seq/2/ ?  the failure there is due to an outdated reviewer tool being used11:36
dpmsergiusens, I haven't reviewed an app in quite a long time, so I'm not sure I'm the right person, but I'm sure dholbach or popey can help11:38
popeysure thing!11:38
dpmcool, thanks!11:38
popeysergiusens, done11:42
sergiusenspopey, thanks, now balloons can use a snap instead for irc ;-)11:45
livcdso i'd like to use snappy as a base image with vagrant on mac  to run docker containers. Would it work for my use case ?11:47
sergiusenslivcd, it should, there is a docker snap already, there are some gotchas, but I don't run docker myself to remember those11:47
sergiusenslivcd, if you run into trouble, just ask (on askubuntu would be even better to keep some history and help others seeing the same you would)11:48
shout-user69popey thanks for approving me into existence :-)11:53
popeywhat have I done!!11:53
livcdsergiusens: not yet familiar with what a snap is :-)11:53
* shout-user69 twiddles fingers11:53
sergiusenslivcd, oh; a snap is a package11:54
sergiusenslivcd, maybe go over the tutorials?11:58
livcdreading them atm11:58
sergiusenslivcd, https://developer.ubuntu.com/en/snappy/start/#vagrant11:59
sergiusensyou can read and play at the same time ;-)11:59
livcdsergiusens: i'd like to build an img myself with packer12:17
sergiusenslivcd, I can't help you there; if you drop your question on askubuntu maybe someone can help out12:18
Chipacawhat's packer?12:22
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jdstrandsergiusens: can you request a manual review?13:11
jdstrandbeuno, pindonga: hey, can somone pull in the review tools? there are are fixes for sergiusens' failure and two others for clicks that popey and dholbach saw. This is not the branch for non-click/all snaps (that is in progress)13:15
pindongajdstrand, what revno?13:16
jdstrandthe latest is fine13:16
pindongawe'll need to do some QA on staging before we can roll  it out (to verify all pending changes are good to go) but I'll plan for the rollout asap13:16
sergiusensChipaca, I think packer is a vagrant thing13:48
sergiusensChipaca, https://www.packer.io/intro/getting-started/vagrant.html13:48
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sergiusensChipaca, elopio mind looking at https://github.com/ubuntu-core/snapcraft/pull/102 ?14:52
elopiosergiusens: oh good, I'll try to play with the nodejs bbb package again.14:53
elopioyou have a copy&paste error: GoPluginTestCase14:53
sergiusenselopio, ah, interesting :-)14:58
sergiusenselopio, fixed, still not pushed, but 100% coverage is what I had to share with you :-P15:00
sergiusensdholbach, is the wiki completely dead?15:02
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dholbachsergiusens, this morning I got a 500 internal server error, pinged IS and it came back again15:26
sergiusensdholbach, works now, thanks15:27
sergiusensmvo, ^^15:27
jdstrandsergiusens: hey, can you request a manual review for https://myapps.developer.ubuntu.com/dev/click-apps/3989/seq/1/?15:29
jdstrandmvo: hey, I'm going to remove click-apparmor from the system-image seed on xenial15:29
sergiusensjdstrand, what for, seq/2 is already approved15:30
jdstrandok, there is a 0.0.115:31
jdstrandI'll reject that15:31
mvojdstrand: thanks!15:40
jdstrandmvo: I'm also updating ubuntu-core-security to remove sc-filtergen and not pull in easyprof15:53
mvojdstrand: nice, very very nice15:59
faenilI'm trying to port snappy to a new board, but the image ubuntu-device-flash outputs has a partition table which is not recognized by either uboot or "Disks" app on Ubuntu16:01
faenilfdisk -l reports fat + 3 ext4 partitions16:02
faenilwhile "Disks" and uboot only see a huge fat partition, thus failing to access the data in any of the partitions16:02
faenilany advice16:03
faenilogra_: ^ maybe :)16:07
sergiusensfaenil, what does parted say?16:38
faenilsergiusens: parted shows the partitions16:39
faenilgparted doesn't16:39
faenil"Disks" software doesn't16:39
faeniluboot doesn't16:39
faenilfdisk -l shows the partitions16:39
sergiusensfaenil, does your u-boot support ext4?16:39
faenilsergiusens: I rebuilt it to add ext4 commands16:40
faenilsergiusens: still, gparted and Disks on desktop only show a big fat partition, like uboot16:40
sergiusensfaenil, can you run `kpartx -avs <image.img>` ?16:41
sergiusenssomeone who can help with u-boot itself is lool16:41
faenilsergiusens: http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/13348638/ kpartx16:45
faenilsergiusens: I can loop mount the img on desktop, but not the sdcard (but I guess that's expected). I can still mount the fat partition from the sdcard using "-o offset"16:46
sergiusensfaenil, has your 'dd' finished correcly (ins and outs match and all that)16:52
sergiusenssorry for asking a possibly dumb question16:52
faenilsergiusens: yeah16:52
faenilsergiusens: I tried multiple times, and with 2 different sdcards16:53
faenil2925000000 bytes (2.9 GB) copied, 162.81 s, 18.0 MB/s16:53
faenil(that's the size of the img)16:53
sergiusensfaenil, parted against the sdcard is also fine?16:54
faenilsergiusens: what do you mean?16:54
faenilyes, "print" shows 4 partitions on the sdcard16:55
faenilgparted instead shows 1 partition as big as the sdcard, with "Unknown filesystem"16:56
faeniland lba flags16:56
sergiusensfaenil, could this be a gpt problem?17:21
faenilsergiusens: I guess it could...17:21
faenilsergiusens: even though parted says "Partition Table: msdos17:24
sergiusensfaenil, are you sure you are booting your u-boot and not whatever is on the board?17:27
faenilsergiusens: yes, 100%17:27
faenilthe versions tells it17:27
faeniland I have ext4 commands available, which the original uboot for this board don't have17:28
faenilsergiusens: I defined17:29
faenil#define CONFIG_CMD_EXT417:29
faenil#define CONFIG_CMD_EXT4_WRITE17:29
faenilis there anything else needed for ext4 support? that seems all it's needed, I had a look at README.ext4 in uboot's docs17:29
longsleepfaenil: what u-boot version are you based on?17:30
faenillongsleep: 2015.417:30
longsleepfaenil: sounds good17:31
faenilshould be, yeah :)17:31
longsleepfaenil: i am stuck at 2011.3 :/17:31
faenilyeah, I guess most of the people are not that lucku17:31
longsleepfaenil: not sure if it helps, but https://github.com/longsleep/u-boot-odroidc/commits/master is my u-boot tree to make the upstream u-boot work with snappy17:32
faenilsergiusens: the img was created using --oem beagleblack (because there doesn't seem to be any generic-armhf package and that's what the Porting guide recommends), using edge channel17:32
faenilbut that shouldn't make a difference on the partition table, should it17:32
faenillongsleep: cheers17:33
sergiusensfaenil, well if your board is exactly the same wrt to boot setup, then there you go17:36
sergiusensfaenil, fwiw, I took a stance at updating the porting guide17:36
sergiusensfaenil, https://gist.github.com/sergiusens/fa40a344ad4b395a99ed17:36
sergiusensstill needs a review from ogra_ but he is off this week on leave17:36
faenilsergiusens: isn't there a list of oem snaps?17:37
longsleepfaenil: in general, if u-boot fails its best to figure it out in u-boot shell, maybe your oem snap did overwrite some stuff of the partition table17:37
faenillongsleep: I wish there were a generic armhf oem snap :/17:38
sergiusensfaenil, well you can search the store with `type: oem`17:38
sergiusensfaenil, I always forget how to query the store though and we never baked that into u-d-f17:39
faenilsergiusens: hehe17:39
faenilanyway, there's no generic armhf oem snap :)17:39
longsleepfaenil: mhm well, how can there be a generic one if all devices need other bootcode?17:39
sergiusensfaenil, there is no such thing as a generic bootloader for arm ;)17:39
sergiusensu-boot is the closest you can get, but they all boot at different offsets17:40
faenilok, sorry, I don't know what the oem snap contains so I'm just blind guessing ;)17:40
longsleepfaenil: Look at https://github.com/longsleep/snappy-odroidc - that puts all the gear together to build u-boot, kernel, oem snap and device tarball for the ODROID-C platform17:40
faenillongsleep: ok, I'll have a look thanks17:41
longsleepsergiusens: Your porting guide looks good - i think that will help people a lot when its ready17:45
sergiusensthanks, still a bit to update wrt to uEnv.txt and others17:46
faenilsergiusens: longsleep beagleblack doesn't touch the partition table afact http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~snappy-dev/snappy-hub/snappy-systems/files/head:/beagleblack/17:46
longsleepsergiusens: maybe you can add a section on how the initrd can be optained17:46
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longsleepfaenil: no, but it wites stuff raw at the beginning of the disk, see the boot-assets in the meta/package.yaml17:47
faenillongsleep: I see...is that snappy yaml syntax to do that?17:49
longsleepfaenil: yes, when ubuntu-device-flash assembles the image, it writes the stuff under raw-files 'raw' at the specified disk offset17:50
longsleepfaenil: what these offsets are actually depens where your arm device expects its bootcode to be17:50
faenillongsleep: sure17:50
faenilmy question now is more generic :)17:50
faenilis that what happens when you "install" that snap?17:50
faenilI guess it's not something specific to device-flash17:51
longsleepfaenil: nope, when you install a snap it essentially just downloads a special kind of deb package and extracts it to a well known location17:51
longsleepfaenil: the special kind of snap with type oem, is used by u-d-f when you create a image for that platform17:51
faenillongsleep: so that raw stuff is a special direction that only udf will use?17:51
longsleepfaenil: yes, for now the boot-assets stuff is only used by u-d-f afaik17:52
faenilok, thanks17:52
faenillongsleep: I guess my next step is to have a look at what you I guess, then :)17:53
faenilsince the porting guide doesn't cover this part at all :)17:53
faenilI also read ogr a's post, but it doesn't mention what to do when, for instance, your board doesn't come with initrd support by default17:54
faenilwhich is all stuff we should really take care of, in a porting guide :)17:54
faenilsergiusens: ^17:55
faenilor when your uboot doesn't read any env file, for instance17:57
longsleepfaenil: mhm, initrd should be unrelated to the board, its related to the kernel and the distribution17:57
longsleepfaenil: well, every u-boot has variables, just make it read one17:57
faenillongsleep: that's not the right attitude for a guide, imho :D17:57
faenilif we want to attract more people, we have to make it easier17:57
longsleepfaenil: sure, but i fear porting to whatever arm platform is not so easy, and i am not sure if a snappy porting guide should explain u-boot so much17:58
longsleepfaenil: there could be a u-boot guide though :(17:58
faenilyeah, initrd is unrelated, but not all distro/kernel that you get with a board come with initrd...while the guide assumes that you have one and that you can adapt it17:58
longsleepfaenil: ah ok, i get what you mean. I think you should turn the initrd question around, Snappy has one and you should adapt it to mach your kernel. That is how i did it17:59
longsleepfaenil: essentially i use the exact initrd from snappy upstream, see https://github.com/longsleep/snappy-odroidc/blob/master/device.mk#L5918:00
faenillongsleep: I see, ok.18:03
faenilyeah I believe we just have to be a bit more detailed :)18:03
faeniland I have almost 0 experience with dev boards, so I'm just giving feedback on how we could improve the guide :)18:04
longsleepfaenil: yeah, i had little u-boot experience when i started porting to snappy, but with lots of help from ogra_ i managed to get it done without very much issues. I have written about it a bit https://www.stdin.xyz/2015/06/14/snappy-ubuntu-core-for-odroid-c1/ if you want to get some ideas what problems i found18:08
faenillongsleep: awesome, thanks18:09
faenillongsleep: it is important that we don't let those post stay post (I'm probably going to write one as well), but we collect all the issues we had and update the official guide accordingly :)18:10
faenilwe don't let those posts remain posts on a blog*, I meant18:10
longsleepfaenil: yes, it would be awesome to have good guides, for now i think the best answer is go to #snappy IRC and ask - the guys here are awesome.18:11
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