Kiloshelloooo africa05:10
Na3iLo/ Kilos05:21
Kiloshi Na3iL05:21
Na3iLhows you05:21
Kiloshi craigbrash05:21
craigbrashHello Kilos ,Na3iL05:37
elachecheHey guys! So.. I have some issues setting up IPSec on pfSense.. The problem is that the 2 sites uses the Same IP Range ( My pfSense box have 3 NICs, WAN, LAN, and a not used one.. I had the idea to use that 3rd NIC and configure it to use Then configure the IPsec to use it instead of my main LAN, of course the PC who'll need the IPSec will change the config to use that LAN.. Do you think that I'm09:47
elacheche in the right path?09:47

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