dholbachgood morning07:36
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rpadovanimhall119, o/ how are you? :-)10:45
popeyAsleep probably :)10:49
rpadovaniwell, I'll ping him later then :D10:50
popey\o/ coffee time10:50
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peter1858 Hi. I'm interested in starting a game project (or finding out if there's something similar going). I'd like to see if I can get people together a bit at a time and try and grow support.12:23
popeyzbenjamin, what's the magic incantation to clear up all these schroots :(12:37
popeyzbenjamin, schroot --all-sessions --end-session tells me I have files open12:37
bzoltan_popey:  I usually use lazy umount, that helps12:45
popeyhow? I just booted my pc, not opened any sdk things at all and it's mounted12:45
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* popey reboots to single user mode to nuke these schroots >:|12:56
popeyballoons, did you see the ping yesterday from Stefano about docviewer stuff not landing? https://core-apps-jenkins.ubuntu.com/job/docviewer-app-autolanding/13:55
popey nothing seems to be happening there13:56
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popeybzoltan_, zbenjamin i updated my desktop to the new shiny sdk, and now i have two icons in my dash, ubuntu-sdk and ubuntu-sdk-ide... is that right?14:28
popeyI opened ubuntu-sdk-ide and get an OpenGL error :S14:28
zbenjaminpopey: an opengl error? Thats a new one. What Ubuntu version are you running?14:29
zbenjaminpopey: first the two icons: did you remove the qtcreator as described in the mail/blog post?14:29
zbenjaminthe old14:30
popeyi just dist-upgraded like I usually do14:30
popeywouldn't normally have to read emails to update my machine :)14:30
zbenjaminpopey: https://developer.ubuntu.com/en/blog/2015/11/19/here-comes-brand-new-ubuntu-sdk-ide-tools/14:31
zbenjaminpopey: the gl error is weird. Does QtC still start?14:31
popeythere's 3 of those dialogs14:32
popeyI can't dismiss them14:32
* popey breaks out xkill14:32
popeyno, qtc won't launch14:32
popeysame errors14:32
* popey removes qtcreator and qtcreator-plugin*14:33
popeyit worries me that others may see this without having seen the blog post14:33
zbenjaminpopey: it should not harm , other than having 2 qtcs installed.14:34
zbenjaminpopey: you could try to reset your config14:34
zbenjaminpopey: opengl does work for you?`14:35
popeynuked some files14:35
zbenjaminMirv: ^ ^ ^ ^14:35
popeynow it starts14:35
zbenjaminpopey: what did you kill?14:35
popeyhad to nuke some stuff in .config - the usual QtProject QtProject.conf and ubuntu-ui-toolkit14:35
popeynow if i run qtcreator I get the usual sdk wizard14:35
zbenjaminpopey: weird ... oO how could that create a opengl problem ....14:36
popeyso I guess before I removed qtc, I was launching the old one with the new libs?14:36
zbenjaminpopey: finish the wizard and see if you then get the error14:36
* Mirv sees SDK upgrade without any special PPA:s, updates his 14.04!14:36
popeyok, will take a while, I want to make kits14:37
zbenjaminpopey: you can make kits always :D, just don't waste your time14:37
zbenjaminpopey: also the chroots are still there14:38
popeyno, i manually nuked them14:38
popeywanted to start clean on this machine14:38
zbenjaminaa ok :), well you can always add chroots in Tools->Options->ubuntu->click14:38
Mirvzbenjamin: is it ok that the ubuntu-sdk-api* (which seem new packages) don't get installed by default?14:39
zbenjaminMirv: yes its a alternative to the dynamic chroots14:39
Mirvzbenjamin: ok14:39
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Mirvzbenjamin: no error pops up on my 14.04 LTS after upgrade. the only confusing thing is that there are both Ubuntu SDK and Ubuntu SDK IDE items that start the same thing14:41
Mirvzbenjamin: bzoltan_: very solid work, I don't even know how you've so firmly managed to put it so that the new SDK/QtCreator is always started and I don't manage to start the old, installed one even if I purge and re-install it :)14:45
Mirvno package error to be seen14:46
popeyzbenjamin, aaaargh!15:12
popeyduring the kit creation it crapped out at the end, and forcibly unmounted my _home_ partition15:13
zbenjaminpopey: encryptfs?15:13
zbenjaminpopey: that never worked ... let me guess your old machine was not encrypted?15:14
popeyold machine?15:14
zbenjaminpopey: or old install15:14
popeythis is my desktop which has been around for a long while15:14
popeypretty sure it worked.15:14
popeynot used it for a while, tend to use my laptop mostly15:14
zbenjaminyou worked around it probably15:14
zbenjaminpopey: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/click/+bug/1427264/comments/1515:16
ubot5Ubuntu bug 1427264 in schroot (Ubuntu) "using ecryptfs, creating frameworks fail to bind mount issues" [High,In progress]15:16
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popeyzbenjamin, Mirv ignore the opengl error, looks like my nvidia driver broke :(15:31
popeysverzegnassi, this is looking great15:47
popeyI am surprised how fast it is on the E4.5!15:47
balloonspopey, also https://code.launchpad.net/~nskaggs/ubuntu-filemanager-app/fix-internet-check-jenkins/+merge/27802615:48
balloonsfor file manager, if you don't mind15:48
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popeysverzegnassi, file:///opt/click.ubuntu.com/com.ubuntu.docviewer/0.3.latest/qml/loView/LOViewPage.qml:266:13: QML QQuickImage: Cannot open: file:///opt/click.ubuntu.com/com.ubuntu.docviewer/0.3.latest/graphics/libreoffice.png15:52
popeysverzegnassi, looks like libreoffice.png isn't installed, probably missed out of cmake?15:53
sverzegnassipopey: yeah, you're right... didn't had a look at it (it's something that comes from a local branch on my PC)15:55
sverzegnassinot pushed on LP yet15:55
sverzegnassiI have to go now, thanks popey and balloons!15:58
balloonssverzegnassi, cheers, thanks15:58
bzoltan_Mirv:  wow :) No idea what causes that16:12
aitzol76Anyone who is trying with javascript scopes? I can't solve the this problem in the "Scope Previews" https://bugs.launchpad.net/unity-js-scopes/+bug/151644716:34
ubot5Ubuntu bug 1516447 in unity-js-scopes "preview actions doesn't work" [Undecided,New]16:34
davidcallealex-abreu ^16:35
alex-abreuaitzol76, ack I'll have a look at it16:36
popeyahayzen, gang65 was just updating me on the ongoing issue with uitk1.3 and headerless apps (weather, clock, calculator) - is this a bug in the toolkit?16:40
ahayzenpopey, what particular issue?16:41
ahayzenthere is an animation on startup, but other than that its sortof ok16:42
ahayzenand an animation when you then switch to a page with a header16:42
ahayzenthose two a minimal16:42
ahayzenthe bigger issue is the weird offset the second time you drag the bottom edge up (but its only in the hint, its fine when its pushed) so that is also pretty minimal16:42
popeyhe seems to have gone afk16:44
popeyhe was a bit vague tbh16:44
ahayzenpopey, try the branch see what you think... ;-)16:46
popeyok :)16:47
aitzol76thank you alex-abreu, I'm trying the soundcloud example on Desktop and 15.04 framework16:49
ahayzenpopey, this branch if you were wondering ;-) https://code.launchpad.net/~ahayzen/ubuntu-weather-app/reboot-uc1.3-bump/+merge/27646616:50
* popey builds16:50
popeywith keys16:51
popeyahayzen, er, that header is a bit nasty16:55
ahayzenpopey, define 'nasty' ;-)16:55
* popey relaunches a few times16:56
ahayzeni should try it on mobile a bit more, been testing mainly on desktop16:56
popeyit's a bit janky but it will probably be okay16:57
ahayzenyeah, i'm still not totally sure if its us or the SDK16:57
ahayzeni'm thinking the latter16:57
ahayzenzsombi, timp, if i had an app with head { locked: true; visible: false } would you expect the header to be initially show after startup and then slide away or not appear at all?16:59
popeyhttps://youtu.be/OMqJbc6H6IY - launching weather17:02
popeyhttps://youtu.be/-12zhplF8f0 - swipe up17:03
popeyahayzen, i retract my statement that it's nasty17:03
popeyif we're gonna have that header we should enable the header in the .desktop file?17:03
popeyso it transitions smoothly?17:03
popeythen goes away17:04
ahayzenpopey, that swipe up isn't bad, but if you do it again the offset will be wrong and parts hidden in the swipe17:04
ahayzenpopey, i guess we could do that :-/17:04
ahayzenpopey, lets see if the SDK folks say anything, eg what they would expect to happen ;-)17:04
popeyhave you pinged any sdk people?17:05
greybacktoo many animations :)17:05
ahayzenpopey, at 16:59:05 ^^ ;-)17:05
ahayzengreyback, yeah its pretty distracting :-)17:06
greybackahayzen: I share that opinion. It looks pretty, but there are odd things popping-in/out which spoil the fluidity and this attract my eye17:07
popeyahayzen, what do other apps which have no header do?17:13
ahayzenprobably the same code, but i haven't tried the others, IIRC Victor has17:13
popeydo such apps even exist17:13
popeyi mean, non core17:14
ahayzenpopey, clock ?17:14
popeyall the rest have headers17:14
ahayzenerm the fullscreen games?17:14
ahayzenor certain personal apps :-)17:14
ahayzenCamera ?17:15
popeythey're not qml17:15
popeyWe'd need an app which is a) qml, b) not full screen, c) has no header17:15
ahayzenmy volleyball one is :') but thats still 1.1 or something17:15
popeyd) on the phone17:15
ahayzenvolleyball is on the phone ;-)17:16
ahayzenpopey, uTorch ?17:16
ahayzenbut again only the core/system apps have bumped to 1.3 so far17:16
popeyutorch has a heade17:16
popeyi love the blue expanding thing in utorch17:17
popeyi sometimes open the app just to play with that17:17
ahayzenis that a header? how have they got no separator and the text is huge17:17
popeyi think so17:18
ahayzenanyway, that doesn't really help us17:19
ahayzenpopey, the clock's mp https://code.launchpad.net/~gang65/ubuntu-clock-app/ubuntu-clock-app-uitk1.3/+merge/27665017:21
ahayzenthey do the locking the same way, so does theirs animate ?17:21
popeyhey gang6517:22
popeywas just discussing the issue with ahayzen17:22
gang65Ok great17:22
ahayzengang65, clock suffers the same weird slide in affect at startup right ?17:22
ahayzen(so its something in the SDK not the weather app)17:23
gang65In clock we are using also headers for Options17:23
ahayzenyeah its very similar in flow17:23
gang65And it is also visible during switching from options to Clock17:23
ahayzenah yeah, popey also try pressing the settings button and watch the header animation17:24
gang65With Calculator we have problem with BottomEdgePage on which we are storing Favourite calculations17:24
gang65When you start Calculator keyboard is at bottom17:25
ahayzenpopey, as Victor said you get an animation with the word "Weather" in the header which then changes to "Settings" as it animates17:25
popeyyeah, saw that17:25
popeycan one of you file a uiik bug, and we can add the videos to the description?17:26
popeyI can upload my clicks too17:26
ahayzeni don't think Victor did make a bug17:26
* ahayzen checks17:26
ahayzencan't see one, popey we should really have a minimal example not a full app, the SDK guys would prefer that ;-)17:27
ahayzengang65, popey, i'll create a bug report :-)17:28
popeywell, the clicks are here, if needed http://people.canonical.com/~alan/uitk1.3bug/17:28
nemoSay, is there any reason that: https://apps.ubuntu.com/cat/applications/hedgewars/  only has up to 13.10 ?17:30
ahayzencool, if i get a moment i might make a quick blank QML file with the issue, unless someone else wants to ;-)17:30
nemoand claims latest version is 0.9.19 ? (is actually 0.9.22)17:30
nemois apps.ubuntu.com unmaintained now?17:30
ahayzennemo, i usually use http://packages.ubuntu.com/17:31
nemoshould maybe have a notice somewhere17:31
popeybeuno, ^ see comment from nemo17:31
popey(he owns it)17:31
nemoI mostly went just to see what people were saying of latest versions, since all my machines are on LTS17:31
nemoheh. https://apps.ubuntu.com/cat/search/trusty/?q=Hedgewars  riiight17:32
nemopopey: and, yeah, familiar w/ packages.ubuntu.com - been using it to check if latest version has finally been promoted to backports, but just was curious about user comments17:33
ahayzenpopey, something like bug 1518002 ? (i'll make and add a mini example code in a bit if no one else has)17:36
ubot5bug 1518002 in ubuntu-ui-toolkit (Ubuntu) "Header is shown at startup and slides out even though it is set to be invisible and locked" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/151800217:36
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timp<ahayzen> zsombi, timp, if i had an app with head { locked: true; visible: false } would you expect the header to be initially show after startup and then slide away or not appear at all?17:56
popeypmcgowan, fyi https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/ubuntu-ui-toolkit/+bug/1518002 could be considered a blocker for some of the core apps (clock/calc/weather)17:56
ubot5Ubuntu bug 1518002 in ubuntu-ui-toolkit (Ubuntu) "Header is shown at startup and slides out even though it is set to be invisible and locked" [Undecided,New]17:56
timpahayzen: It should't appear at all, but if you first have another page with a header and you switch, it should slide away.17:56
popeypmcgowan, videos linked from comment there, so you can see what happens and judge for yourself.17:56
ahayzentimp, have a look at the bug report ^^ for the videos17:57
ahayzentimp, i'm probably gonna try and create a mini app to confirm and then you can test against ?17:57
timpahayzen: but the configuration using Page.head is a bit complex. We have a new header property in Page (in UITK staging), which works much better17:57
timpahayzen: what is the bug?17:57
ahayzentimp, bug 151800217:57
ubot5bug 1518002 in ubuntu-ui-toolkit (Ubuntu) "Header is shown at startup and slides out even though it is set to be invisible and locked" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/151800217:57
timpok. I didn't read the full backlog, only the line where I was highlighte.d17:58
ahayzentimp, this affects calc/clock/weather btw17:59
timpahayzen, popey: right. Once we land the new header stuff this can all be fixed in the apps. I'll be glad to help you with it.18:13
timpahayzen, popey: Basically it is fixed in UITK, but the apps will need to be updated to use the new stuff18:13
ahayzenthanks for the comment on the bug18:13
ahayzentimp, is that stuff in the current OTA8 ?18:14
timpOTA9 I assume, but I need to check with bzoltan_ who does our landings.18:14
popeyi hear there may be a hotfix between now and then18:15
* ahayzen has already reported one bug that was considered for a hotfix18:15
timpthis change adds a bunch of new components that you can use, so the hotfix would probably mean landing UITK staging18:18
timpI did fix two smaller header-related bugs, including ahayzen's that can more easily be made into a small hotfix. I just need to be told to create the MR and someone (zoltan) needs to land ti18:18
timpotherwise it will simply be included in our next landing of staging18:19
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ahayzentimp, that issue Victor said in the mp i *always* get as well19:25
ahayzenor used to...19:25
ahayzenused to *always* \o/19:26
timpahayzen: wow. I typed my response just now. Is there a camera watching me somewhere? ;)19:26
ahayzentimp, i get desktop notifications of emails19:26
timpah :)19:26
timpahayzen: how do you use that file? I always "source export_modules_dir.sh" and it works fine19:26
ahayzenfor a long time i had todo $ . build_paths.inc19:26
ahayzen$ source export_modules_dir.sh19:27
ahayzenbash: /bin/build_paths.inc: No such file or directory19:27
ahayzenah i still get it :-)19:27
timpahayzen: can you report a bug?19:27
ahayzenso what i have todo is run $ . build_paths.inc ... and then run the others manually19:27
ahayzentimp, i can if Victor doesn't first19:27
* ahayzen has a list of bugs to report :')19:27
timpI guess that is less work than having a list of bugs to fix ;)19:28
ahayzentimp, against uitk right?19:28
timpahayzen: yes, https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/ubuntu-ui-toolkit19:28
ahayzencool either me or Victor will at some point this evening :-)19:28
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timpahayzen: ok, thanks19:29
timpzbenjamin: ^ see https://code.launchpad.net/~tpeeters/ubuntu-ui-toolkit/lessHeaderDisabling/+merge/277713/comments/70342419:29
timpthe code that we have there now makes sense to me. I don't know why it some times doesn't work.19:31
timpahayzen: about bug 1518002, a mini app attached to a bug report is always good :)19:34
ubot5bug 1518002 in ubuntu-ui-toolkit (Ubuntu) "Header is shown at startup and slides out even though it is set to be invisible and locked" [High,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/151800219:34
ahayzentimp, also on my list todo :-)19:34
timpgreat :)19:34
* ahayzen needs a PA19:35
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ahayzentimp, bug 151810621:58
ubot5bug 1518106 in ubuntu-ui-toolkit (Ubuntu) "Using "$ source export_modules_dir.sh" causes the error "bash: /bin/build_paths.inc: No such file or directory"" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/151810621:58
mcphailDo we have a way for a confined app to read/write to the SD card yet?23:17
mcphail(beyond content-hub)?23:18
popeyA few apps have an exception to do that23:18
popeyAnd they're confined (like docviewer) - jdstrand is the person to ask about that.23:18
mcphailpopey: but won't make it to store, though23:18
popeyI don't know.23:18
popeySome clearly have. But I don't know what the criteria is.23:18
mcphailpopey: they certainly fail the click checklist23:19
popeyDocviewer had to get special permission because it has read _and_ write permission23:19
mcphailLast time I checked it failed with _any_ apparmor relaxations23:19
mcphailI haven't tried uploading one to the store, though23:20
mcphailSeems unfair to ask a user to add 1.5GB of game assets to limited internal storage23:21

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