robruomg I'm so sorry for all the spam today guys I promise this'll settle down son00:42
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sil2100jibel, davmor2, rvr: hey! How did the auto-testing of the new rc image go>09:07
davmor2sil2100: no idea09:08
jibelsil2100, it's okay, I re-ran most of the failures manually and it's good09:09
sil2100Ok then, so we're basically good to go09:10
sil2100Now the question is, should I publish..?09:11
robrusil2100: please publish something, it'll be the first since my rollout this morning, I need to see if it explodes before I can sleep09:12
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sil2100There's nothing ready for publishing! Sadly09:15
robrusil2100: I don't anticipate any problems publishing, the changes to the publish job are minimal. In case of trouble you might need IGNORE_VERSIONDESTINATION, worst case just copy packages manually and the train will still notice & report migration anyway09:25
robruMirv: let me know if the bot pings too much, it may make sense to prevent it pinging if there status contains "currently building" or something09:27
Mirvrobru: it's ok, I'm doing stuff in the silo so it's just good.09:33
morphisMirv: do you know what is wrong with https://ci-train.ubuntu.com/job/ubuntu-landing-052-1-build/80/console?10:05
morphisor sil2100, robru ?10:05
morphisits just a rebuild after I've updated the MP and there are no further changes in the :parent branch10:06
sil2100robru: the requests page basic filtering (Migrating etc.) doesn't work with the new statuses10:08
popeyjibel,  New Music app is ready for testing https://requests.ci-train.ubuntu.com/#/ticket/67910:08
sil2100morphis: there's a ubuntu-system-settings in the proposed pocket right now that needs to be merged for you to re-build your packages10:08
robrusil2100: crap sorry will fix tomorrow, use searches for now10:08
jibelpopey, okay, must it wait for the new bgplaylist support to land too?10:08
popeythis doesn't include that10:08
morphissil2100: ah I see10:09
sil2100morphis: this error basically says: hey, there's a version of this package in the archive that's missing in trunk10:09
popeythis is mostly uitk1.310:09
morphissil2100: when will that happen?10:09
sil2100morphis: and it's missing in trunk as the package didn't migrate yet so the changes weren't merged10:09
robrumorphis: you can use force build to get around this for now but be aware that's just ignoring the issue, will require a rebuild after that other silo mergers10:09
sil2100robru: I wouldn't do that now10:09
sil2100Since I know that some migrations are blocked right now10:09
robrusil2100: right but presumably he wants to test his branch without being blocked by unrelated silos.10:10
morphissil2100, robru: I pushed changes we need to land everything10:11
sil2100I see that the autopkgtests are in progress, so it's not blocked by the standard issues10:11
sil2100Ok, so maybe you can force-rebuild to get something testable, but you'll need to rebuild once again after this migrates10:11
sil2100So as you prefer10:11
robrumorphis: yeah if you build now and then publish, it will effectively revert the package that's currently in proposed, that's why this check exists, it tries to prevent you from building a weird package. So you can override it if you want to, but just be aware you'll need to rebuild again to incorporate the other changes once the other silo lands. Train will10:14
robrunotify you when the other one lands and its ready to rebuild10:14
morphisrobru: thanks, how long will that take?10:15
robrumorphis: unknown, there's a delay in autopkgtests right now due to some large backlog.10:16
morphisrobru: which would mean we could be blocked for days or hours on landing things?10:18
robrumorphis: yep. If it's really urgent we can consider a force merge to move things along but that's a desperate measure10:19
robrumorphis: you can follow along here: http://people.canonical.com/~ubuntu-archive/proposed-migration/update_excuses.html#ubuntu-system-settings10:19
morphisah, thanks10:21
morphisdavmor2: ^^10:22
davmor2morphis: wompwompwomp.com10:25
Mirvrobru: let me just say aloud I love the fully automatic status updating10:27
davmor2morphis: ^ is that it built10:30
davmor2morphis: or is that a problem10:30
morphisdavmor2: no that one is what is building now and should succeed10:31
morphis1:6.0-0ubuntu9.7 is the version10:31
pete-woods^ needs a packaging ack10:32
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morphisdavmor2: I forced a rebuild of settings-app now too10:39
morphisdavmor2: so that we have something to test with10:39
Mirvpete-woods: could you use export QT_SELECT := qt5 instead of depending on qt5-default?10:39
Mirvpete-woods: mostly because Debian does not like the latter and may remove it at some point10:40
pete-woodsMirv: sure, do you put that in debian/rules10:40
Mirvpete-woods: example http://anonscm.debian.org/cgit/pkg-kde/qt/qtdeclarative.git/tree/debian/rules?h=ubuntu10:40
Mirvpete-woods: yes10:40
pete-woodsokay, rebuilding10:41
bzoltan_Mirv:  I would need a silo to fix this translation issue - https://requests.ci-train.ubuntu.com/#/ticket/68010:42
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Mirvbzoltan_: oh right we're low on them. ok.10:42
Mirvbzoltan_: done10:42
bzoltan_Mirv:  thank you10:42
bzoltan_Mirv: seb128:Now I hav a problem - https://ci-train.ubuntu.com/job/ubuntu-landing-010-1-build/262/console This landing does not start because the previous is not landed yet...10:45
robruMirv: Haha thanks10:54
robrubzoltan_: just force build to get past that10:57
robruOh gad it's 3am. Night10:59
Mirvrobru: night!10:59
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bzoltan_robru:  Thanks, and good night11:05
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victorpsil2100, hi11:54
victorpdid you get my email?11:54
jibelvictorp, he's away ATM and should be back after 130011:55
jibelso soon-ish11:55
victorpjibel, np - I just saw that you replied. Just wanted to check you had it11:55
pete-woodsMirv: hi, I've fixed the qt default thing now ^12:24
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pete-woods(new diff https://ci-train.ubuntu.com/job/ubuntu-landing-022-2-publish/60/artifact/gmenuharness_packaging_changes.diff)12:33
sil2100victorp: Im on lunch now, will check the email once I'm fully back12:34
sil2100victorp: do we have a final decision on the release?12:34
sil2100Are we good to go?12:34
Mirvpete-woods: it claims it unity MP has new commits, and the train is usually right about these things? someone has pushed something since the last build12:39
Mirvpete-woods: sorry, wrong silo12:40
Mirvpete-woods: just a moment!12:40
Mirvpete-woods: publish done, next xenial proposed migration12:43
pete-woodsMirv: thanks! you had me worried there for a second12:48
pete-woodsthought I'd modified unity8 somehow12:48
Mirvpete-woods: :)12:49
victorpsil2100, check the email ;P12:56
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pmcgowansil2100, published?14:23
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mzanetticihelp: hey, we're still having issues that we can't access logs from our CI jobs. Can anyone help please?14:47
mzanettifor example: https://code.launchpad.net/~mzanetti/unity8/move-screenshots-to-tests/+merge/27679814:47
mzanettionly the first 2 links are working, the rest gives a 40414:47
fginthermzanetti, hunh, I'm surprised any of them our working.  We've been fighting a problem with build publishing since the upgrade14:49
mzanettifginther, ack, thanks. Just wanted to make sure it's not our instance alone that's broken while you guys think all is fine. If you're working on it, all is fine.14:49
fginthermzanetti, in all cases, you should be able to get the results by swapping "https://jenkins.qa.ubuntu.com" to "http://s-jenkins.ubuntu-ci:8080/" until the problem is fixed14:49
mzanettitsdgeos, ^14:49
mardyMirv: hi! Is there something you can do to unfreeze https://requests.ci-train.ubuntu.com/#/ticket/591 ? I see that there's an autopcktest failure, but that's some dependency error out of my control14:57
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renatucihelp, could you create this silo? https://requests.ci-train.ubuntu.com/#/ticket/682, I am getting this message: ''ERROR Assignment failed: Low on silos: Ask a trainguard to assign.''15:21
josephtrenatu: that's a request for trainguards15:21
sil2100renatu: yep, poke trainguards for this kind of thing - on it now15:22
renatujosepht, sil2100 , ok thanks15:23
sil2100renatu: done15:23
rvrmzanetti: Silo 60 approved16:13
mzanettirvr, woot! thanks!16:14
robrualex-abreu: digging into this exception, gimme a minue16:42
alex-abreurobru, thx16:43
oSoMoNtrainguards: can we get a silo for https://requests.ci-train.ubuntu.com/#/ticket/683 ?16:44
robruoSoMoN: 22:16:45
robruoSoMoN: https://ci-train.ubuntu.com/job/prepare-silo/6531/console16:45
oSoMoNrobru, thanks16:45
robruoSoMoN: you're welcome16:46
robrualex-abreu: ok I have a fix in trunk, will hit production in ~30 min, try again then.16:49
alex-abreurobru, ok thx16:50
bfillersil2100, robru: can you please add nerochiaro (lp name uriboni) to have access to citrain to create silos, etc?17:17
robrubfiller: on it17:18
bfillerrobru: thanks17:18
robrubfiller: done. You're welcome17:19
bfillernerochiaro: try logging out and back in, should be all set17:20
nerochiarobfiller: looks like it's working. thanks. any document i should read to understand the process ? i don't want to annoy people with questions17:21
bfillernerochiaro: not sure about that, but I can give you some quick tips. probably best when you want to create a new silo and can walk you through it17:22
nerochiarobfiller: ok, let's do it that way17:23
bfillernerochiaro: it's for the most part self-explanatory, but couple of things you should be aware of17:23
robrunerochiaro: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/citrain/LandingProcess don't hesitate to ask questions, I'd rather answer questions than fix mistakes17:27
robrunerochiaro: but there are very few mistakes that can't be fixed by a rebuild so don't be afraid to experiment17:28
nerochiarorobru: excellent, thanks17:32
robrunerochiaro: you're welcome!17:32
pmcgowanrobru, why don't I see silo-009 on the citrain requests page17:36
robrupmcgowan: looks fine to me? https://requests.ci-train.ubuntu.com/#/silo/009 where are you looking?17:37
pmcgowanrobru, https://requests.ci-train.ubuntu.com/#17:38
robrupmcgowan: second page17:40
robrupmcgowan: https://requests.ci-train.ubuntu.com/#?limit=50&page=217:40
sil2100pmcgowan: the requests page is paged, you need to click the "... older ..." button at the bottom17:41
sil2100Or simply search by silo17:41
pmcgowanrobru, oh, stupid me17:41
pmcgowanhad no idea17:41
robruLooks like i need to do something about these device tarball requests, they don't go through Jenkins so they don't get marked as landed and cleared from the list17:41
robrupmcgowan: it's sorted by request number so if you're looking for a silo number it's easier to search than to browse the list17:42
pmcgowanrobru, yeah I got used to just using search in page in the browser17:43
robrupmcgowan: yeah unfortunately the performance of the page suffers if more than 50 requests are shown so i had to paginate it17:43
pmcgowanrobru, so how would I search for media-hub requests17:43
pmcgowanif i click the search options nothing happens17:44
robrupmcgowan: there's a search field in the right hand bar. Type media-hub and "search active silos" you can even bookmark your searches17:44
robruSearch options?17:44
pmcgowanoh I see17:44
pmcgowanrobru, thanks17:45
robrupmcgowan: you're welcome! Also "show silo #" is for directly jumping to a specific silo number if you know the number you want to see17:45
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rvrmzanetti: ping19:01
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robrualex-abreu: oh god it's still broken sorry19:18
mterryrobru, love the status changes (new line and clearer text).  One thing I just noted.  I updated a unity8 branch but haven't built yet, and the status says it is dirty for xenial only but is fine for vivid19:27
robrumterry: yeah, that's expected, because the vivid package isn't built from MPs, it's built by copying the MP dir. so the vivid package has no way to know there's new commits because it is handled by a separate class that has no knowledge of commits. rest assured though it's not possible to build just the xenial bit, when you rebuild one you rebuild both.19:28
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* robru is thinking that I should probably hide the package list when all packages have the same status just like I did with the arch list.19:31
boikorobru: would you mind triggering a rebuild of dialer-app for ppc64el xenial in silo 25?19:31
robruboiko: done19:32
boikorobru: thanks!19:32
robruboiko: you're welcome!19:32
robrualex-abreu: ok I have another fix, more confidence in this one, just waiting for webops to get back from lunch to get it into production19:36
alex-abreurobru, ok :) ... same timeline ?19:36
alex-abreurobru, what causes the issue ? is it specific to this silo ?19:37
robrualex-abreu: this issue would be effecting anybody trying to build a package that doesn't exist in ubuntu archive. I made some changes recently and this regressed. last fix was a gamble, this fix is similar to reverting the change that caused the issue so it should be good.19:38
robrualex-abreu: cron will always roll out the fix at 17 minutes past the hour, but I need webops anyway for other stuff I'm doing so I'm trying to get them to roll everything out sooner, but the guy's on lunch19:39
robrualex-abreu: you're welcome. sorry for the hassle!19:39
mzanettirvr, pong19:41
boikorobru: is there still a "watch-only" build job or will silo 25 pick the new status (packages built) automatically at some point?19:47
robrualex-abreu: ok, got it. trying again: https://ci-train.ubuntu.com/job/ubuntu-landing-045-1-build/104/console19:47
robruboiko: I just eliminated watch-only because the train is now ALWAYS watching ;-)19:47
alex-abreurobru, thx19:48
robrualex-abreu: you're welcome19:48
boikorobru: ok, does it poll from time to time or the failed to build status there is a bug?19:48
robruboiko: it polls every 30 minutes.19:49
boikorobru: ok, thanks19:49
robruboiko: you're welcome. in fact it's starting a poll now: https://ci-train.ubuntu.com/job/check-publication-migration/27097/console should get to your silo in a few minutes19:49
robruit's on my TODO list to speed this up19:50
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robrualex-abreu: oops, don't let that status fool you, packages are in PPA and building.20:22
alex-abreurobru,  :)20:23
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greyback_trainguards: http://people.canonical.com/~ubuntu-archive/proposed-migration/update_excuses.html#liburcu <- the amd64 test has been stuck a long time now, can it be kicked?21:52
robrugreyback_: what's "a long time"? Last i heard there was a big backlog and you just have to wait. I don't have any power over autopkgtests21:58
greyback_robru: at least 3 hours since i last looked. Other tests appear to only take 5 mins, hence was curious21:59
robrugreyback_: i got a mail from pitti yesterday saying there's a big backlog on amd64 due to a big KDE landing. Not sure if that's cleared up yet or not22:03
greyback_robru: perhaps that's it then. Sorry for the noise22:03
robrugreyback_: no worries, from what i understand the infra is pretty strained. I don't think 3 hours is crazy long. I'd start being worried around 12 hours or something.22:06
greyback_robru: ok. See you in 9 hours ;)22:06
kenvandinerobru, check this out22:56
kenvandine2015-11-19 21:15:35,091 ERROR Bileto says: 500 INTERNAL SERVER ERROR22:56
kenvandineit still says Beginning publication22:57
kenvandinebut i'm pretty sure it's done publishing22:57
kenvandinerobru, i was stress testing bileto... 33 packages :)22:57
kenvandinerobru, gotta love webapps!22:57
robrukenvandine: huh, the audit log says release pocket, that implies it migrated, not sure why it would be updating the audit log but falling to set the status23:00
kenvandinerobru, yeah... can i merge it?23:01
kenvandineor do you want to debug?23:01
robrukenvandine: you can merge it if you're blocked, looks like a db field length issue indeed, i thought i took all the length limits off already though...23:02
kenvandinerobru, not blocked... just want it off my plate23:03
kenvandinebut i don't mind leaving it for you to debug23:03
kenvandinejust click merge when you're done :)23:03
robrukenvandine: k, leave it with me.23:05
kenvandinerobru, i need to take off for the evening, thanks!23:05
robrukenvandine: you're welcome23:05

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