dholbachgood morning07:36
davidcalleMorning o/08:39
davidcalledholbach, I've started a new deployment from scratch on staging, will tell you how it goes08:39
davidcalledholbach, also, I've set up a way to get a full traceback08:40
dholbachdavidcalle, awesome, thanks a lot08:40
davidcalledholbach, also, hi :)08:40
dholbachdavidcalle, maybe just using 'migrate' will make it work? :)08:40
davidcalledholbach, well, it's not the django upgrade porcess that goes worng, just the standard deployment of the tarball08:41
dholbachoh ok08:41
dholbachis the dependencies branch fully updated?08:41
davidcalledholbach, it is08:44
dholbachah yes, I can see it now08:44
dholbachthanks - I must have done something wrong earlier :)08:44
davidcalledholbach, which browser are you using?08:45
davidcalledholbach, do you see all the text on this page in bold? http://community.ubuntu.com/google-code-in/08:45
davidcalledholbach, Firefox renders it fine, no idea where it's coming from08:46
dholbachI told the webteam, but they can't seem to reproduce it08:46
davidcalledholbach, hah08:46
dholbachmaybe you can click "affects me too" ;-)08:47
davidcalledholbach, done and confirmed it happens in Chrome as well :)08:48
dholbachI could help Daniele from Django CMS yesterday to get past his postgres-on-mac-os issues, so I hope that he'll be able to help us out08:50
dholbachnow I'm working on reworking the importer and I'm making good progress08:50
dholbachI added functionality to let us run commands after checking out (to convert a manpage to html for example)08:51
dholbachand to make the import more flexible (ie allow importer from places outside ./docs, like ./README.md in the case of snapcraft)08:51
dholbachand to allow us to hook into the importer more easily for testing purposes08:52
dholbachso slow, but progress :)08:52
davidcalledholbach, nice!08:56
davidcalledholbach, it's complaining about a missing dep: python-keystoneclient, do you remember why it was removed?08:59
dholbachno... I can't quite remember - I thought something said that it could be removed - let's quickly readd it - sorry09:00
dholbachI initially put this branch together weeks ago - my memory doesn't go that far back anymore :)09:00
davidcalledholbach, no worries, it's a big upgrade and this trial and error is to be expected09:01
dholbachdavidcalle, pushed09:02
dholbachshall I update the pip cache too?09:02
davidcalledholbach, yep (I can't pip from the server, it's blocked)09:03
dholbachdavidcalle, I updated trunk, production and am now running the pip cache update09:04
dholbachsomewhere I need to update a revno?09:04
dholbachsorry, I'm not quite firm with the update procedure09:04
davidcalledholbach, yep, process is push to trunk -> update pip cache -> commit and push revno to trunk -> merge trunk on prod09:05
dholbachdavidcalle, done09:11
dholbach... I hope09:11
davidcalledholbach, lgtm :)09:12
* davidcalle restarts everything from scratch09:13
* dholbach puts on everybody's seatbelts and crosses fingers09:17
davidcalledholbach, can you remind me what the command is to create migrations?09:23
dholbachmanage.py makemigrations <app> <migration_name>09:23
dholbachyou don't need to use 0002 - django does that itself09:24
dholbachI think it comes with a --dry-run command too if you want to experiment09:24
dholbachbe sure to bzr add the migration afterwards :)09:24
davidcalledholbach, ty :)09:25
davidcalledholbach, so... everything works, in terms of standard deployment migrations. But there is an issue while connecting to swift.09:35
davidcalledholbach, I'm still going to try the upgrade, but I wouldn't hold my breath for it to work with the swift issue (which I'm going to look into after this)09:36
dholbachI have no idea about swift :-(09:36
dholbachdavidcalle, https://stackoverflow.com/questions/22304681/python-pip-broken-after-update?09:38
dholbachmaybe just a missing "http://" somewhere?09:38
davidcalledholbach, http://i.imgur.com/Kx0iMOU.png09:48
dholbachmy work is done09:48
dholbachsee you by the pool!09:48
davidcalledholbach, I can publish pages, but that's probably the swift issue. Thing is: it deploys :D09:49
dholbachit could be that mhall119 is going to be a bit busy later on09:50
davidcalledholbach, it required a few changes to the makefile, I've removed pip and every --fake commands, and replaced "./env/bin/python" with "@python"09:50
dholbachmaybe he can quickly help us out with the swift bits09:50
dholbachdavidcalle, no worries09:50
dholbachthanks a lot for that09:50
davidcalledholbach, I'll push these in a moment. My pleasure :D09:50
davidcalledholbach, on https://developer.staging.ubuntu.com/en/?edit , do you see my draft (the screenshot above)?09:52
davidcalledholbach, ok09:52
dholbachdavidcalle, do you know if the db is fully migrated?09:53
davidcalledholbach, no specific errors on this front, just the warnings you can see in the pastebin I sent you09:54
dholbachdavidcalle, the last option is probably to downgrade the swiftstorage and swiftclient bits in the requirements.txt10:15
davidcalledholbach, trying it10:15
dholbachdavidcalle, I guess the API changed somewhat10:16
davidcalledholbach, that's a possibility10:18
dholbachI didn't find anything concrete by searching the net yet10:18
davidcalleMe neither, I'm trying to downgrade locally keystoneclient and swiftclient10:22
davidcalleNo apparent errors /me upgrades pip cache, etc.10:29
* dholbach crosses fingers10:33
davidcalledholbach, something to note: I've just noticed that the dependencies branch keeps all previous versions, which means you don't have to upgrade the revno when you downgrade stuff, since the branch already contains what you need.10:39
dholbachah ok10:39
dholbachI'm happy to weed out a few bits10:39
davidcalledholbach, please have a look at https://code.launchpad.net/~davidc3/developer-ubuntu-com/upgrade-django-on-all-envs/+merge/27796510:39
dholbachalways 2 steps ahead10:39
dholbachah no, that's the one for the swift downgrade10:40
davidcalledholbach, does the make command looks ok to you10:40
davidcalleI know that @python works, and that's this command that worked on staging, but since you know more about the upgrade process...10:41
dholbachjust migrate would be fine10:41
davidcalledholbach, ok10:41
dholbachapart from that good work10:41
davidcalledholbach, ok, pushing and deploying...10:44
* davidcalle presses button, runs10:46
davidcalledholbach, on an unrelated note, when you add classes to admin.py, what's needed to have them appear in the admin panel?11:04
davidcalledholbach, nvm :)11:05
dholbachok good :)11:05
dholbachI had an issue recently too where something didn't show up in the admin as well11:05
dholbachafter trying everything I fixed it by recreating the database O:-)11:06
dpmdholbach, how did the conversation with django-cms upstream go?12:33
=== davidcalle_ is now known as davidcalle
dholbachdavidcalle, do we need to set up this test db from scratch again?13:02
dholbachdavidcalle, or do we need to fake any of the migrations?13:02
dholbachin which state was the db when you started this round?13:02
dholbachdpm, I helped him set up postgres on his mac-os, he can run the thing now and is looking at it13:02
dpmah cool13:03
dholbachdpm, last time we talked was this morning at 1013:03
dholbachdavidcalle, is this db re-used from the last try? if yes, you can fake all migrations13:04
davidcalledholbach, this is a db I've flushed, and again, this is the initial syncdb command here, I haven't been able to try the upgrade13:05
dholbachsyncdb does all the migrations13:06
davidcalledholbach, oh, then when I requested you to add a specific make command to run the upgrade, it was silly13:09
dholbachlet's remove it with one of the next commits then :)13:14
balloonspopey, so let's sync on GCI. How was the soccer match?13:32
popeyballoons, hey, Sams team won, despite it pissing down with rain :)13:33
popeyballoons, spoke to will, he has some tasks for desktop team, didrocks is coming back to me today with his thoughts13:34
davidcalledholbach, I'm skipping the doc meeting, I'm going to focus on fixing staging13:36
dholbachdavidcalle, yep, that makes perfect sense13:37
dholbachlet me know if I can help with anything13:37
davidcalledholbach, thanks :) (especially since the doc meeting was supposed to to be about trying to break staging with a rough QA -> Our work is done here :D )13:38
balloonspopey, ack. And will there be mentors for these tasks?13:38
dholbachyeah, I didn't feel like I hadn't contributed doc-wise ;-)13:38
dholbachpopey, nice! :)13:39
popeyballoons, I asked didrocks to be one, yes.13:39
popeywillcooke, ^13:39
popeywillcooke, Not sure if we specifically talked about mentors, mostly tasks.13:39
popeywillcooke, _if_ didrocks has time and can contribute perhaps he could mentor on behalf of desktop tasks?13:39
willcookepopey, is the the Google Code thing?13:41
popeyyup yup13:41
willcookesure, I have a meeting with him shortly, so I will ask13:41
willcookepopey, did you see my ping yesterday about some tasks we might have13:41
popeyi did, but was afk at the time and you were offline when I got back13:42
popeyso that's great news :D13:42
willcookeIf we can find someone with Gtk themeing knowledge, or someone who is keen13:42
willcooketo learn13:42
balloonspopey, so I'm working to add all the sample tasks to the site, so we have something. It does require we add a mentor for each one though13:42
willcookethen we have a load of niggly little fixes that I haven't really got time to fix13:42
popeyOh, each task has to explicitly have a mentor?13:42
balloonspopey, yes. I just doublechecked13:43
popeywillcooke, the niggle little things, which could take a few hours, would be ideal candidates13:43
balloonsyes, something like 4-5 hours work13:43
willcookeI have two right now, I can find more13:44
popeyMore would be awesome.13:44
willcookeI bet John Lea has a few design tweaks too.  I'll have a look through LP13:45
popeyIf you have bugs which are already marked as bitesize or papercut, might be worth checking if they're still valid, and nominating those too13:45
popeyas if they're tagged as such, someone already did the first step13:45
popeywillcooke, to give you an idea, we need 75 total (minimum) to kick start this thing13:46
popeyThat's spread across all the categories.13:46
willcookeI'll do what I can13:46
popeySo not 75 on desktop (although I'm sure you could probably find that many) ;)13:46
dpmmorning balloons - could you have a look at the header on http://community.ubuntu.com? I think it'd be best to put Google Code In under Contribute, so that it the header does not overflow13:56
balloonsdpm, hey. It wasn't you who put it in the main header?14:05
dpmballoons, no, you pinged us yesterday about the new google code in page14:06
balloonsdpm, right, and I didn't add it to the main header. Nor did davidcalle. Weird14:06
balloonsI thought it was you who did it, so I left it alone. Anyways, yes, I agree14:07
dpmballoons, I think everything on the first level goes on the header, that's why I suggested putting it under Contribute14:08
balloonsohh.. lol, it all makes sense now14:08
balloonsdpm, the only issue with that is it changes the permalink14:09
balloonsand I've already spammed that link out :-(14:11
dpmballoons, can't we set up a redirect?14:15
balloonspresumably so, I'm looking at doing that now14:15
balloonsdavidcalle, mhall119, do you know how to add a redirect for a page you want to move inside of wordpress? This seems so obvious and basic, yet I don't see a way to do it14:25
balloonsall I can find is the possibility to use a plugin to do it14:27
dholbachballoons, redreict from where to where?14:28
dholbachredirect, sorry14:28
balloonsdholbach, I moved the page so the parent wasn't the main site. So it went from https://community.ubuntu.com/contribute/google-code-in/ to https://community.ubuntu.com/google-code-in/14:28
dholbachno idea how to do that in WP14:29
balloonsyou would think the platform would sanely redirect any old links to the new page, but it doesn't14:29
balloonswhich is mind-boggling honestly. If I tweak my site layout using wordpress, I destroy my links14:29
davidcalleballoons, without plugins, I don't knw14:29
* balloons suddenly finds himself liking django more14:30
davidcalleballoons, hmm, I have an idea, let me try something crazy :)14:30
balloonsdavidcalle, :-)14:30
popeyStand back, he's going in!14:30
balloonsand also, did I manage to break the css again?14:31
dholbachballoons, you broke the CSS! :)14:31
balloonsIf only I knew how I managed to do such a thing14:32
dholbachdavidcalle, can I help in any way?14:34
balloonshonestly, I guess thr redirect isn't a big deal if we don't have magic. I updated the wiki so it will point to the proper spot14:34
davidcalleballoons, oh, theme files are read only... My idea was to add a check for the current url in the wp header and if it was matching the page, redirect the user to the new one14:44
balloonsinteresting. I appreciate the effort14:44
davidcalledholbach, not really, it's basically learning about migrations and waiting for deployments to happen14:44
dholbachdavidcalle, did you find out about   migrate --list   already?14:45
davidcalledholbach, yes, using it14:47
dholbachif there's anything I can do to test or anything, let me know14:47
=== dpm is now known as dpm-afk
dholbachdavidcalle, https://code.launchpad.net/~ya-bo-ng/ubuntu-community-website/responsive/+merge/278018 seems to fix the issue :)15:33
davidcalledholbach, indeed :)15:35
dholbachdavidcalle, not sure if you want to follow up on the MP=?15:35
dholbachawesome :-)15:41
dholbachI love how these problems solve themselves :)15:42
dholbachall right... I call it a day - have a good one and see you tomorrow!16:56
willcookeballoons, did you know the Code In post on reddit 404s?19:34
balloonswillcooke, bah.. that's right19:34
balloonswe had to move it and wp doesn't redirect19:34
willcookecreate a page with a meta-refresh header?19:34
willcookeor just delete the reddit post and start a new one?19:35
balloonswillcooke, I think a mod should be able to fix; perhaps not19:36
balloonsI posted a comment giving the proper page. Thanks for pointing it out. I should have put it in the proper location to start with, but we struggled trying to get a redirect going this morning19:37
balloonsthat kind of thing should be built-in to a CMS system.. seems crazy to me19:37
jcastromarcoceppi: my calendar says we have membership board stuff today?20:19
marcoceppijcastro: your calendar is wrong20:37

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