harduimhow do you guys deal with the huuge title bar?00:29
harduimI've tried maximus and pixel saver, but maximus dont fully maximize the windows and pixel saver breaks the botom bar00:30
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ForageGood morning10:38
ForageI switched to GNOME 3.18 yesterday after updating to Ubuntu 15.10. The Colour section in the settings doesn't list monitors any more though, only printers. Has the way to provide ICC profiles for monitors changed in 3.18 or is something going wrong?10:39
Foragecolormgr get-devices" only gives me the printers again, not my two monitors10:39
darkxstForage,  file a bug10:41
Foragedarkxst: "ubuntu-bug gnome-control-center"?10:43
Foragedarkxst: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu-gnome/+bug/151784811:25
ubot5Ubuntu bug 1517848 in Ubuntu GNOME "No monitors listed in Color settings" [Undecided,New]11:26
darkxstForage, it seems to work here, but I am on Xenial now11:28
ForageI'll give the live cd a try to see what happens on a clean UG 15.1011:32
Foragedarkxst: all works fine on a clean 15.10 live cd11:45
darkxstForage, ok, can you mark bug invalid then?11:46
ForageIt works in Ubuntu 15.10 with GNOME 3.16, not with 3.18. So it's still something that needs to be fixed, no?11:48
darkxstForage, can you try a xenial (16.04) live cd11:51
ForageWhere can I find it? Does it come with 3.18?11:52
darkxstForage, its about 97% done in regard to 3.1811:59
lindolhi all12:38
Foragedarkxst: 16.04 boots to a broken login screen with only "not listed" visible in the center. Clicking on that and supplying the user name "ubuntu" without a password did not get me in. What is the default user name of the Ubuntu GNOME live cd?12:48
lindoloh! i have same problem.12:53
lindolwhen i test Xenial12:53
ForageIn addition to the monitor color profile issue, have you noticed nautilus crashing when trying to move a file to the wastebasket (Delete button as well as context menu)?15:24
Forage(GNOME 3.18)15:25
Forageyesterday's nightly live cd build (20151117) has the same login issues16:38
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