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tdaitxdoko, hi! so, openjdk 6b37 source is available on debian, are you planning to sync that to ubuntu any time soon? my interest in this is to decide whether I upload a new package for the security team or just wait for a Xenial one and backport it20:51
dokotdaitx, now done, and filed https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/openjdk-6/+bug/151807320:54
dokohmm, tdaitx, did you check that the generated control file is the same?20:55
tdaitxdoko, only on openjdk 7 it was the same, for openjdk 6 there were a few differences20:57
tdaitxdoko, I mean, between wily and xenial20:57
tdaitxdoko, on openjdk7 the d/control file was the same for xenial and wily IIRC20:58
tdaitxas for openjdk 6 it was slight different between wily and xenial20:59
tdaitx(on openjdk 6 dependencies were declared as '>=' on wily and '=' on xenial)20:59
tdaitxdoko, does that answer your questions or did I get your question wrong?21:00
dokotdaitx, right, so we probably have to unify this, or regenerate the control file before upload21:01
tdaitxdoko, the d/control for the openjdk6 package I pointed you to was for Xenial, did you regenerate it for unstable before the upload?21:02
dokoI'll have a look what we can unify. we can discard the >=/= diffs because we don't need to support lucid anymore21:03
tdaitxdoko, oh, that was from lucid21:03
tdaitxI didn't know21:04
tdaitxdoko, is it ok to remove those older versions as well? should we do it for this update?21:06
dokono, has time21:09

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