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cristian__cjsalisbury: hi16:55
jsalisburycristian__c, hello16:57
cristian__cjsalisbury: I've talked with a guy in #linux-wireless16:58
cristian__cjsalisbury: he gave me a suggestion16:58
jsalisburycristian__c, great.  16:59
jsalisburycristian__c, did you happen to add the info to the bug, I haven't reviewed it in a bit16:59
cristian__c' with the patch being 2 years old, apparently without any fundamental complaints, it might make more sense to specifically blacklist your particular system based on its DMI strings from within hp_wmi_bios_2009_later(), rather than doing a blanket revert (which might break/ regress other systems) - pretty much a two-line patch'17:01
cristian__c' apparently, yes - but it was also needed to unbreak other systems, therefore it's probably better to fix it (add a quirk for your notebook mainboard), rather than just reverting it (and thereby breaking other systems that had been working for 2 years by now)'17:02
cristian__cjsalisbury: I've told him i would have talked with you17:03
cristian__ceither author/ original committer17:03
cristian__c(in this case hung either garrett)17:04
jsalisburycristian__c, ok, all you system dmi info is in the bug, so I'll build a test kernel with a quirk for your board and see if it fixes things17:05
cristian__cjsalisbury: do you think his proposal (blacklistig my system by dmi from wmi bios function) rather than simply reverting the commit?17:06
jsalisburycristian__c, reverting the commit could cause other regressions, so blacklisting may be best17:07
cristian__cjsalisbury: yeah, thanks. He says the idea is something so: blacklist only my system in the code, so there is no risk to hurting other systems17:07
cristian__c*to hurt17:08
cristian__cjsalisbury: ok, thank yoj very much17:08
jsalisburycristian__c, I'll try that and post a test kernel in the bug shortly17:08
cristian__cyeah, ok. then I'll look launchpad page in the next days17:08
cristian__cthanks again17:09
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jsalisburycristian_c, after digging a bit while creating a patch, I think a patch was actually recently sent upstream to fix this(Commit 8a1513b).  I'll build a test kernel with it, and see if that makes it so we don't need to blacklist your board.19:35
cristian_cjsalisbury: ah, ok19:36
jsalisburycristian_c, I'll post a link to a test kernel in the bug shortly19:36
cristian_cyeah, I'll check19:36
cristian_cand I'll try that19:36
cristian_cjsalisbury: I suppose, I've to report results in the launchpad bug webpage19:37
jsalisburycristian_c, that would be great, thanks19:37
jsalisburycristian_c, are you still running Vivid?  The commit I just mentioned is already in Wily, but not in Vivid or older releases yet.19:41
cristian_cjsalisbury: I've to try wily19:42
jsalisburycristian_c, no, you don't need to upgrade.  If you are still on a release older than while, I can just post a link to the wily test kernel to try out.19:43
cristian_cjsalisbury: could I use 4.2 test kernel in older releases, either have I to use it in wily release?19:43
cristian_cjsalisbury: ok19:43
cristian_cmy release is older than wily19:43
jsalisburycristian_c, The fix went in to the upstream 4.3-rc2 kernel, but was also cc'd to stable.  It was already applied the Wily kernel, but not Vivid or Trusty yet.  I'll just post a link to a kernel you can test in the bug.  That will make it easier then you having to upgrade right now.19:45
cristian_cjsalisbury: ok19:47
cristian_cuhm... from triaged to 'in progress'...19:52
jsalisburycristian_c, ok, I just posted a link to the kernel to test.  You just need to install the linux-image and linux-image-extra .deb packages then reboot.19:54
cristian_cjsalisbury: ok, so no -headers and -headers-generic...19:57
jsalisburycristian_c, no, you should need them for this quick test20:00
cristian_cjsalisbury: ok, I've catched threebdeb packages20:16
cristian_clinux-headers-...-generic...i386, linux-image-...-generic....i386 and linux-image-extra-...-generic...i38620:17
jsalisburycristian_c, great.  you should only need the last two, but you can install all three.20:18
cristian_cjsalisbury: but I don't see linux-headers....all_deb in that page20:19
cristian_cjsalisbury: ah,ok, sorry20:19
cristian_cnow, I install them20:19
jsalisburycristian_c, you should only need linux-image and linux-image-extra20:19
cristian_cjsalisbury: ok, I've installed 4.2.0-18 kernel21:56
cristian_cjsalisbury: linux-headers-...-generic...i386 requested linux-headers....all_deb as dependency, so I've not installed it21:58
cristian_cthen, I've installed the other two packages: linux-image and linux-image-extra21:59
cristian_cjsalisbury: I restarted the machine and I've tried the kernel21:59
cristian_cjsalisbury: no more regressions, exactly as for your previous revert kernel22:00
jsalisburycristian_c, so would you say it resolves the bug?22:01
cristian_cjsalisbury: of course, original bug exists yet, and workaround generates the same effects22:01
cristian_cjsalisbury: it splves the regression, exactly as for the revert22:02
jsalisburycristian_c, that's good news.  That means the regression is fixed in Wily and soon to be fixed in Vivid and Trusty.22:03
cristian_cjsalisbury: it'sma good step, if wily mainline kernel already contains the regression fix, it can be treated as solved22:03
cristian_cjsalisbury: yeah22:03
cristian_cI've tried 4.2.0-18 as suggested from you22:04
jsalisburycristian_c, so you could either upgrade to wily or stay on Vivid and wait for the fix to come in through updates22:04
cristian_cjsalisbury: I'll try to install directly Wily to get a confirmation22:04
jsalisburycristian_c, great.  I look forward to hear how it goes.22:04
cristian_cjsalisbury: of course, original bug as stated in the report, exists yet22:05
cristian_cjsalisbury: ok22:05
jsalisburycristian_c, yeah, I'm going to look further into that again, now that this other regression is solved.22:05
cristian_cjsalisbury: I'll update the bug report with confirmation of disappeared regression22:05
jsalisburycristian_c, thanks.  22:06
cristian_cand then I'll try to install wily directly to confirm further22:07
cristian_cjsalisbury: ok22:07
jsalisburycristian_c, awesome. running wily will be a good starting point to continue with the original bug.22:07
cristian_cI'll do that22:07
cristian_cjsalisbury: see you soon22:08
cristian_cthanks again22:08
jsalisburycristian_c, you too.  thanks for all the testing!22:08
tron103Hey all, I'm trying to add mellanox infiniband support into the netboot image. The Ubuntu provided drivers seem buggy, so I'm trying to use the official Mellanox package with uses DKMS. Any clue on how to get DKMS modules compiled for a netboot image?22:08
apwtron103 (N,BFTL), modules in a netboot image are identicle to those in the main kernel just packaged up differently so install the dkms package on a real system and grab the binaries from there23:24

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