pandatronehello Mir people06:29
pandatronei get 10-50% more FPS with glmark2 on OTA8 compared to OTA506:30
pandatroneon mx406:30
pandatronegood job06:30
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alan_galf_: thanks for picking up the NestedServer test issue10:25
alf_alan_g: np10:25
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dandraderalan_g, need your input https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/lightdm/+bug/151761514:02
ubot5Ubuntu bug 1517615 in lightdm (Ubuntu Vivid) "Need to disable "--enable-hardware-cursor=true" option in unity-system-compositor" [Undecided,Confirmed]14:02
alan_gdandrader: looking...14:03
dandraderalan_g, this solve https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/lightdm/+bug/1515921 for ChrisTownsend14:03
ubot5Ubuntu bug 1517615 in lightdm (Ubuntu Vivid) "duplicate for #1515921 Need to disable "--enable-hardware-cursor=true" option in unity-system-compositor" [Undecided,Confirmed]14:03
ChrisTownsenddandrader: After chatting w/ bregma about that, the "--enable-hardware-cursor" option was added back in the day as a hack to get a cursor in the Unity 8 desktop session until Unity 8 provided its own cursor.14:04
ChrisTownsenddandrader: Since Unity 8 now provides its own cursor, I think the option can be safely removed.14:06
alan_gdandrader: I think enable-hardware-cursor is a USC specific "feature"14:06
dandraderChrisTownsend, I commented on the bug with my understanding on the issue14:06
dandraderalan_g, ah, so it's not about a switch for using a hardware cursor instead of a software one?14:07
alan_g            // This is a workaround for u8 desktop preview in 14.04 for the lack of client cursor API.14:07
alan_g            // We need to disable the cursor for XMir but leave it on for the desktop preview.14:07
alan_g            // Luckily as it stands they run inside seperate instances of USC. ~racarr14:07
alan_gdandrader: no, it enables a USC specific cursor14:08
dandraderalan_g, ah, ok. great. then I think we can remove not only the parameter from the lightdm call but also its implementation in usc14:08
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alan_gHmm. actually reading the code more carefully it is an option to enable the Mir cursor that defaults to disabling the cursor.14:11
alan_gdandrader: ^ - so removing the parameter is likely best.14:14
dandraderalan_g, ok14:16
bregmareally, I'd leave it in u-s-c for now, because we may want that when prototyping kiosk applications, but remove it as default in lightdm (and make it a config option there)14:29
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alan_galf_: any progress on lp:1517781?14:46
alf_alan_g: Yes, but I need to perform some more testing to ensure the fix doesn't have any side effects14:46
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popeybschaefer, do you know what causes the issue on nexus 4 where sdl2 apps show two copies of the screen side-by-side?18:47
bschaeferpopey, yup!18:47
popeyis it an SDL/Mir issue or something which can be fixed in the game?18:47
bschaeferSDL issue18:47
bschaeferpopey, fix is here: https://code.launchpad.net/~brandontschaefer/+junk/SDL2-new-mir-ABI18:48
bschaeferas well as the touch screen issue18:48
popeywhich issue is that?18:48
bschaefertouch wouldnt work :)18:48
popeyokay, good one to fix :)18:48
bschaeferbecause i made.... up = down and down = up18:48
popeyI'll build that and have a play, thanks!18:48
popeyit's fun playing doom on an e4.5 :)18:48
bschaeferhaha awesome!18:50
popeybschaefer, out of interest what do you build armhf things on locally?18:55
popeyI'm building on a nexus 7, but feel I could probably benefit from maybe using a chromebook with more storage (and a screen and keyboard)18:55
bschaeferpopey, on my N418:55
bschaeferor cross build18:55
bschaeferfrom pbuilder18:55
bschaeferpbuilder-dist vivid armhf build *.dsc18:55
bschaeferpopey, that could work as well18:55
popeygood point18:55
* bschaefer always finds arm slow to compile no matter the device :)18:56
bschaeferhave to wait for the compiler to catch up18:56
popeyI keep running out of space18:58
popeyso thinking of a cheapo acer chromebook18:58
bschaeferpopey, yeah thats my issue on N418:58
bschaefersoo i just use the pbuilder-dist for now... copy over debs18:58
bschaeferand install thought it sucks when you need to debug18:58
bschaeferwhen i need to debug i've to build on a device18:59
popeyhmm bschaefer it's failing to build here - http://paste.ubuntu.com/13351541/19:39
bschaeferpopey, its not building mir :), hmm strange what version of mir do you have?19:39
popeybschaefer, which package should I look for version of?19:41
popey  Installed: 0.17.1+15.04.20151105.1-0ubuntu119:42
bschaeferhmm that should be fine...19:42
bschaeferpopey, try --enable-video-mir19:42
bschaeferbut it should be default...19:42
popeyTime passes... :)19:44
mcphailbschaefer: you can det up a symbol server and use that for remote debugging19:44
mcphailbschaefer: saves building on the device19:44
bschaefernice ill have to look into that19:45
mcphailbschaefer: there's a good youtube vid from one of the valve developer conferences which explains it better than I could19:46
bschaefero nice ill have to take a look19:47
mcphailhttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xTmAknUbpB0 - about half way through that one19:48
popeybah, build failed again20:02
bschaefersays mire support = no20:03
bschaeferpopey, do you have libxkbcommon-dev?20:04
popeyyes, 0.4.3-220:04
bschaeferpopey, you can ... try to manually edit the configure.in20:05
bschaeferunder CheckMir20:05
bschaeferto force it to be enabled... as that doesnt make much sense... something is wrong20:05
bschaeferyou also have libegl1-mesa-dev?20:06
popeyi do20:06
bschaeferits only been a week since i've tried this on vivid + overlay20:07
bschaeferand it worked...20:07
* popey dist-upgrades20:07
popeydunno how old this tablet has got20:07
popeyprobably new crack since I last updated20:08
bschaeferwell ... you said mir was 0.1720:08
bschaeferwhich is more then enough20:08
bschaefer(i just changed to 0.14/0.15)20:08
* bschaefer checks again20:08
mcphailpopey: can't you just cross-compile in a chroot?20:12
popeyprobably could, yeah20:12
popeywill do if I can't get this working20:12
popeydon't understand what's going wrong20:12
bschaeferchecking for Mir support... yes20:12
bschaefer  Installed: 0.17.0+15.10.20151008.2+r3103~daily1~ubuntu16.04.120:13
bschaeferhmm you have a newer version20:13
* bschaefer upgrades20:13
mcphailpopey: isn't it just looking for X and not finding it?20:14
mcphail(which would be expected)20:14
* mcphail doesn't recommend debuild for this kind of thing20:15
mcphailpopey: the failure is on line 58720:16
bschaeferhuh ... im still at 0.17.020:16
bschaeferyou can try (and it should be there?) --disable-video-x1120:17
bschaeferbut it builds it20:17
bschaefermcphail, theres the other issue of mir not building though20:17
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mcphailbschaefer: probably just pkg-config looking in the wrong place20:18
popeywe need an armhf ppa for your bleeding edge sdl :)20:19
bschaeferhaha... well you have a better version of mir then i do (still waiting on 0.17.1 to actually fix the color format issue20:19
bschaeferpopey, o wait... that clone issue *isnt* fixed in that branch20:19
mcphailbschaefer: what's the link to your repo again? I'll try building in a chroot20:19
bschaefersince im waiting for 0.17.1 :)20:20
* popey ctrl-cs the build20:20
bschaefer(need to ask egl the pixel format is the issue)20:20
bschaefervs picking a supported one20:20
popeyI don't want to push my silly dosbox click to the store with this problem20:20
popeywill get angry mail from nexus 4 owners :)20:20
bschaeferi can imagine, unless they like that sort of thing20:20
bschaefer(though input would be all wonky)20:21
mcphailpopey: tell them it is virtual reality20:21
popeyhah, need to buy a proprietary lens and cardboard from me20:21
popeyit's a shame we can't detect device in the store, and say "No to you!" for people with duff devices20:21
popeybschaefer, is there no workaround for this?20:22
popeyin the app20:22
popeyneverball had this issue, and I think they worked around it in the app..20:23
bschaeferpopey, whats a duff device?20:23
popeynexus 4, nexus 720:23
popey(devices where it doesn't render correctly)20:23
bschaeferbut as far as sdl2 cares ... its just weather its supports the rendering library or not20:23
bschaeferhell, armhf thinks glx works because the headers exist :)20:24
bschaefersoo theres nothing to fancy for checking rendering atm20:24
bschaefersdl2 armhf* thinks glx works because opengl installs those headers20:24
popeywonder if I can tell dosbox to request some other mode from sdl20:30
popeyis there some other mode I could use maybe20:30
popeylower colour depth maybe20:30
* popey is clutching at straws now20:30
popeyhttps://github.com/pseuudonym404/neverball-touch/commit/1f50b5f20d4eaa0d024379ca2363a4f2bae2f631 that's what the neverball person did20:34
mcphailtry it20:39
* popey rebuilds dosbox20:42
popeydidn't fix it :(21:07
bschaeferpopey, only way is to recompile with21:08
bschaeferSDL_mirwindow.c:111:    surfaceparm.pixel_format = FindValidPixelFormat(mir_data);21:09
bschaeferSDL_mirwindow.c:111:    surfaceparm.pixel_format = mir_pixel_format_rgb_565;21:09
bschaeferpopey, but this will cause issues on other devices (maybae?)21:09
* popey looks for a cheeky ppa to build it in21:11
bschaeferppas dont usually build for armf :(21:11
popeyI have one that does, on bare metal21:11
bschaefero nice21:12
popeylets see21:21
mcphailbschaefer: any chance you can persuade them to release sdl2.0.4 soon? We've been on 2.0.3 for ages and we're never going to get the mir fixes in the repos if we don't get a new version21:24
popeythem being Sam?21:25
mcphailIs it all down to Sam?21:25
mcphailLooking at some of the 2.0.4 grubles on mailing lists I thought it was more complex than just going through Sam21:26
bschaeferIIRC deb is still on 2.0.221:26
bschaefermcphail, and i cant push upstream until the LTS is released21:26
bschaefersince upstream follows the LTS21:27
mcphailbschaefer: aah. OK21:27
popeymcphail, worth taking a snapshot of 2.0.4 and putting in this ppa for fun and lulz?21:27
bschaeferthe plan is to get all the fixes merged into archive21:27
bschaeferfrom a ubuntu patch21:27
bschaeferbut need to wait for 0.17.1 ...21:27
mcphailpopey: my old sdl build was a "2.0.4" snapshot, but, of course, won't have bschaefer's fixes21:28
mcphailbschaefer: presumably that isn't in OTA8?21:28
popeywhats on the phone today21:29
mcphailbschaefer: current release on the phone21:29
bschaeferyeah its not21:29
bschaefertrying to get the patch done but got side tracked on something i have to finish for mir21:29
bschaeferbefore 0.18 :)21:29
popeyhm, failed to build in the same way21:35
* popey gives up for tonight21:36
popeymcphail, is it worth (for fun) taking your 2.0.4 snapshot and integrating bschaefer's patches?21:37
popeyor not worth it until 0.17.1 of mir?21:37
bschaeferit doesnt have any video drivers :(21:38
bschaefernot sure what causing the failure at the end, but even if it worked, nothing would work :)21:38
mcphailpopey: don't hink it is worth it, tbh. I'm sure bschaefer's branch will be better in every way21:38
popeyI'll just play with stuff on my bq for now and not upload anything till it's working21:39
popeyappreciate the help chaps, this is one of the more fun parts of hacking21:39
* bschaefer enjoys the programming bits more21:39
mcphailA device isn't viable until it has run doom21:39
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