UbuN2hello could ubuntu touch work on a samsung galaxy s6 edge plus01:36
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RMJAnyone got OTA8 yet?02:24
nhainesRMJ: OTA-8 will start phasing in tomorrow.03:23
RMJok thx, I'll stop trying on my Nexus 4 till then!03:24
nhainesRMJ: a sound policy to retain sanity.  :)03:25
dholbachgood morning07:36
garro_Hi. I have a problem with the browser app. It doesn't start. Can someone help me to solve this?07:49
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zzarrgood morning, my phone (Meizu MX4 Ubuntu Edition) can't find OTA-808:30
pandatronezzarr, :'(08:37
zzarrI hope it's released to day, I know that a batch of phones are selected for update at random ever so often (meaning I don't know the interval)08:39
EdwardMorbiusmorning, is OTA-8 live? I dont see an announcement on the mailing list.08:40
garroHi! I have a problem with the browser app for ubuntu Touch. My problem is similar to this "http://askubuntu.com/questions/692369/reinstall-browser"08:41
garrocan someone help me?08:43
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garro Hi! I have a problem with the browser app for ubuntu Touch. My problem is similar to this "http://askubuntu.com/questions/692369/reinstall-browser"09:03
garroCan anyone help me?09:03
EdwardMorbiusgarro factory reset maybe? I hope one of the developers can help you more09:05
garroit's a bit annoying... If there were someway to reinstall only the browser app I would prefere09:06
EdwardMorbiusgarro cant help you with that unfortunately, developers should know more, since the browser is part of system image reinstalling it would probably require making the image rw but I am just speculating.09:08
garroI frequently use the mount command with the remount rw option to get the image temporarly rw, so I think this is not a problem...09:11
garrothank you Edward09:12
EdwardMorbiusgarro you are welcome, I hope your question will get answered by someone here that is more knowledgeable09:13
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EdwardMorbiushaving a glitch now with the updates, says connect to the Internet even though I am connected and browser opens websites normally.09:13
tvossmardy, would you mind proposing: https://code.launchpad.net/~mardy/location-service/last-known-position-15.0409:16
mardytvoss: sure09:17
tvossmardy, great, thx09:18
mardytvoss: https://code.launchpad.net/~mardy/location-service/last-known-position-15.04/+merge/27796009:21
tvossmardy, ack and thx09:22
faeniljgdx: what do you mean?09:27
tvossmardy, three minor niggles that occured to me only now :)09:33
zzarrany info on any delay of OTA-8?09:35
lotuspsychjezzarr: not available yet on my bq 4.5 here09:36
lotuspsychjestill waiting09:36
EdwardMorbiuslotuspsychje waiting as well09:37
mardytvoss: about the s/reference/last_known/ change, I'll apply that to velocity and heading too, right?09:38
tvossmardy, yup09:38
zzarrlotuspsychje, in that case I'll have to wait more I guess09:41
jibelhow do I enable developer mode from the terminal? I cannot do it from the UI on devel-proposed09:42
jibelI tried android-gadget-service enable adb but it doesn't seem to be it09:42
mardytvoss: should I change it everywhere? even on the provider interface (on_reference_location_updated() and similars)?09:43
mardyI guess that would require rebuilding the espoo provider09:43
pandatroneIt seems the OTA-8 date will be moved one day later as mentioned in my09:51
pandatroneprevious e-mails. The main reason is a translation regression that09:51
pandatronehappened with us noticing too late, reverting some strings in the unity809:51
pandatronetranslations [1]. We had to upload new langpacks to the snapshot and09:51
pandatronere-create an image, without pulling in any of the recent archive09:51
pandatronechanges. Expect the update released tomorrow.09:51
pandatroneoh s##09:51
mardypandatrone: better this than some private e-mail :-)09:52
pandatroneyeah :D09:53
tvossmardy, let's confine the change to the engine for now. I think we should do a coordinated landing of breaking changes beginning of next week10:02
mardytvoss: OK. I'm rebuilding the project, will push soon10:04
JamesTaitGood morning all; happy Thursday, and happy Use Less Stuff Day! 😃10:14
mardytvoss: MP updated10:19
mardytvoss: so, what do you think about having a provider querying the google-location-service API, which could be configured to work with either google or mozilla (the API is essentially the same)?10:20
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Mirvmardy: sorry I've noticed you've been very busy with various landings lately, but just a reminder that there's also the ticket https://requests.ci-train.ubuntu.com/#/ticket/649 if you have to time to test + mark it for ready for publishing. no hurry though, there's a long time until OTA-9 and I don't have other qtdeclarative landings right at the moment.10:44
mardyMirv: I tested it several days ago; if you haven't changed anything since then, then I'll mark it as ready10:46
mardyMirv: "mark it ready" = "set status to QA granted"?10:46
Mirvmardy: ah! "Ready for QA"10:47
Mirvmardy: QA != you, QA == QA team :) so they'll check it next.10:47
Mirvmardy: and yes the status options are confusing, there's a bug about it10:47
Mirvmardy: then QA will change to to Granted if they agree10:47
mardyMirv: ok, I'll set it as ready for qa then :-)10:49
Mirvmardy: thanks! :)10:50
Mirvnow it's on their radar10:50
pandatroneputin has great radars10:55
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jgdxfaenil, I forgot…11:43
faeniljgdx: :D11:45
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kenvandinealex-abreu, the migration script removal from all the webapps, those branches are still waiting review13:52
kenvandinealex-abreu, silo 3813:52
kenvandineseb128, ^^13:52
alex-abreukenvandine, are they ? ... ok I'll have a look at them today13:52
seb128kenvandine, thanks13:52
kenvandineseb128, i'm nagging alex-abreu :)13:52
kenvandinealex-abreu, thanks13:53
kenvandinealex-abreu, those scripts are generating error reports13:53
kenvandineshould be an easy landing... just a ton of branches to approve :)13:53
kenvandinealex-abreu, ugh... the silo needs to be reconfigured for xenial though13:54
kenvandinei'll do that and rebuilt13:54
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Tom_Hi everybody :)13:59
ubot5It's out! Party in #ubuntu-release-party - download at http://ubuntu.com/download/13:59
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Guest37433hi ?14:00
Guest37433hi ?14:04
jnxdis there any owncloud client for the ubuntu phone?14:05
popeynot yet14:08
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Guest37433Please, when i add music on my phone (E5), why it doesn't appear in music app ?14:10
jgdxGuest37433, where do you add it? I think there's a set of search paths defined.14:14
Guest37433I add from my desktop computer14:14
Guest37433by USB14:14
jgdxGuest37433, to what folder on your phone14:15
Guest37433( sorry for my english, i'm french :p )14:15
Guest37433in /home/phablet/Music14:15
Guest37433but my file manager doesn't see files few since day14:16
Guest37433so, in terminal, i see with a 'ls' cmd, my music is on my phone14:17
Guest37433but my music app doesn't read my new files. :/14:17
jgdxmaybe it's an unrecognized file format? In any case, check the log /home/phablet/.cache/upstart/mediascanner-2.0.log14:18
Guest37433same format, there is many files14:19
Guest37433i don't know if the permissions of files can create problems with the music app ?14:20
Guest37433maybe another app changed my permissions files ?14:20
Guest37433what the log can learn to me ?14:22
Guest37433( noob in the place... :) )14:22
Guest37433mh, there is something strange in log file14:23
Guest37433like 'runtime_error' about the Mediiascanner service14:24
Guest37433terminate called after throwing an instance of 'std::runtime_error'14:27
Guest37433terminate called after throwing an instance of 'std::runtime_error'   what():  UNIQUE constraint failed: media_attic.id14:29
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BOHverkillGuest37433: try that14:31
BOHverkillstop mediascanner-2.014:31
BOHverkill rm ~/.cache/mediascanner-2.0/mediastore.db14:32
BOHverkill start mediascanner-2.014:32
BOHverkillthen wait till the scanning process is finished14:32
BOHverkill(for example you can tail the log)14:32
Guest37433thanks very much :)14:35
Guest37433maybe you can explain why the bug appears ,14:35
BOHverkilli do not know14:35
BOHverkillhad the same problem14:35
BOHverkilli looks like the database is corrupt14:36
Guest37433i was thinking my file manager will detect new files but not14:37
Guest37433i need to do the same thing for the log of the terminal ?14:37
tvossmardy, around?14:38
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=== sil2100 changed the topic of #ubuntu-touch to: Home: http://bit.ly/YEqEfo | Install: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Touch/Install | Porting (advanced) https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Touch/Porting | Bug filing: http://bit.ly/1aV9AJG | Dashboard: http://bit.ly/12AQV53 | Changelog: http://bit.ly/1ljube1 | http://www.bq.com/gb/ubuntu.html | http://www.meizu.com/products/ubuntu.html | OTA-8 phased update in progress, finished in ~24h
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kaieHello. vegetahd (BQ E5) with rc-proposed/bq-aquaris channel. How can I enable "adb"? I found howtos to flash to a different channel, but I don't understand how I can enable adb, without going to a devel channel.14:49
kaie(I tried to flash the devel channel, but with that, my device was stuck at the white BQ screen forever. I flashed back to rc-proposed)14:49
jibelkaie, you can enable adb from system-settings / about this phone / developer mode and switch on developer mode14:57
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kaiejibel, thanks, but I had tried that and failed. I have dev mode enabled, I have an udev rule, but adb devices still doesn't list anything.15:29
kaieSUBSYSTEM=="usb", ACTION=="add", SYSFS{idVendor}=="2a47", MODE="0666", SYSFS{idProduct}=="*"15:30
kaie14.04 LTS system15:32
kaieok sorry. it works now. I have no idea why it didn't work yesterday.15:37
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alex-abreukenvandine, I acked the webapps branches in silo 3816:22
kenvandinealex-abreu, thx16:23
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mterrympt, did you ever see my email about my latest flash animation work?  I wanted feedback on the timing costs for the progress bar16:49
jnxdI guess I asked this earlier too, but how to update apps through the adb? I can't access internet properly since it doesn't work well with proxies. I was able to update to OTA-8, but apps remain the same.17:08
lotus|xenialnice job on OTA8 devs!!!17:32
lotus|xenialmy scope freeze issue dissapread on it bq 4.517:32
lotus|xenialyou guys are rocknroll17:34
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drwdHello, can anyone help me?17:55
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bogdantoday@sil2100 on https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Touch/ReleaseNotes "OTA-8" link pointing to OTA-7 changelog18:06
* bogdantoday slaps sil2100 around a bit with a large fishbot18:07
studio_i was reading about ota-8, sip is still not supported?18:08
popeycorrect studio_18:08
popeybogdantoday, fixed, thanks18:09
sil2100bogdantoday: thanks!18:09
popeysil2100, fixed18:09
sil2100Evil copy-typo18:09
sil2100popey: thanks :)18:09
popeystudio_, because nobody has developed a sip client18:09
bogdantodayno prob)18:09
popeystudio_, feel free to develop one.18:09
studio_what about external m3u, are thy now supported?18:09
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popeyupdated playlist support isn't in OTA-6, that's coming later I believe.18:10
studio_popey, sorry, i am just a user, how can i enable sip-support in ubuntu-touch?18:11
popeystudio_, pay someone else to develop the app?18:11
popeya developer :)18:11
studio_popey, hoe much do you need? ;)18:12
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popeyI'm not a developer :)18:12
studio_ok :)18:12
popeyport that :)18:13
studio_what about the accu, are the "drivers" depending on the os (kernel)?, because the new 5.0 from bq can handle it more fine that the old lollipop ...18:14
studio_accumulator, wrong englich word?18:15
ahayzenaccelerometer ?18:16
popeyalan@deep-thought:~$ ssh phablet@ uname -a18:17
popeyLinux ubuntu-phablet 3.4.67 #1 SMP PREEMPT Wed Oct 28 09:14:30 UTC 2015 869191d armv7l armv7l armv7l GNU/Linux18:17
popeyalan@deep-thought:~$ ssh phablet@ uname -a18:17
popeyLinux ubuntu-phablet 3.4.67 #1 SMP PREEMPT Fri Aug 21 10:53:55 UTC 2015 736d127 armv7l armv7l armv7l GNU/Linux18:17
popeylooks like OTA-7 and OTA-8 have the same kernel on our side18:17
popeymaybe a patch here or there, but most of the work happens in userspace.18:17
popeyBut no, probably not worth you switching back from Android studio_, as I doubt we have met your requirements.18:18
studio_will ota-9 be worth?18:19
popeyDunno, not sure exactly what's in OTA-9 yet.18:21
studio_popey, was reading ota-9 will be out in 2016. Is that correct?18:22
popeyfirst week, yeah18:22
popeywell, first few weeks18:22
studio_popey, sorry, why the ubuntu-touch device can't handle the same as an RPI2 with Ubuntu-Mate?18:24
popeyIt probably could if someone made an image for it.18:24
popeyThe Ubuntu MATE RPI2 image is a community port.18:24
studio_who do you mean with "someone"?18:25
popeysomeone = anyone18:26
studio_is "anyone" sitting on the sources?18:26
popeyI don't know, you'd need to ask everyone.18:27
popeyI'm just saying, nobody has done it, someone could, if they had the time or inclination.18:27
studio_i asked at mtk, but never got an answer ...18:27
popeymtk? for rpi?18:28
popeypi is broadcom, not mtk18:28
studio_bcm is "more" open source18:28
studio_i do not understand, that mtk is not publishing new blobs for a newer kernel, as i understood, we are on 4.2.x ...18:31
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popeyour device isn't on 4.218:34
popeyit's on 3.4.6718:34
studio_popey, 3.4.67 is from 2013, right?18:35
popeyI don't have an encyclopaedic knowledge of kernel versions and their dates, but yes, that seems about right18:36
popeyI hear some people still run 2.6! O_O18:36
studio_is that "Ubuntu"?18:37
popeyAre we going to have this conversation _again_?18:37
lotus|xenialstudio_: try ##kernel18:37
studio_did we ever had an "conversation" about kernel updates?18:38
studio_i mean on "Ubuntu-Touch"?18:39
lotus|xenialstudio_: what are you trying to achieve here?18:39
popeyYeah, more than once. Never mind.18:39
popeyYou know we're locked into the kernels we run due to the Android drivers for things like gps, radios etc.18:40
popeyYou know that.18:40
k1l_studio_: you cant compare PC kernel updates with other architectures kernel updates due to the drivers issues.18:40
studio_popey, try "find" ...18:40
popeystudio_, it would be interesting to see Ubuntu with Mir / Unity8 on the RPI218:40
popeyBut I fear we may have issues with the GPU drivers for Mir, I don't know, not tried.18:41
popeyCould be a fun project for someone.18:41
studio_k1l_, what ever you say ...18:41
studio_k1l_, do you now own an ubuntu-touch device, if yes, what device?18:42
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k1l_studio_: i did not buy a ubuntu-touch pre installed device. but i own a nexus418:44
studio_is it in "production"? if yes, how?18:45
k1l_studio_: it was some time.18:49
studio_it was some time?18:50
studio_what does that mean?18:50
popeyhe bought it a while ago18:51
popey"some time ago"18:51
k1l_studio_: it was broken at some point and i needed a new one. now i own a nexus 6 which is not capable of running ubuntu-touch18:51
studio_so he never "used" ubuntu-touch?18:52
k1l_i repaired the n4 and have again flashed ubuntu-touch on it, but its not my daily phone.18:52
k1l_studio_: sure i did18:52
studio_k1l_, in what?18:52
studio_k1l_, in what did you used ubuntu-touch in a productive system?18:55
popeyhe said, a nexus 418:55
studio_no, he said he used an nexux 4, but for what?18:56
lotus|xenialto phone?18:56
k1l_studio_: i dont get what you are after now.18:56
studio_k1l_, simple question, how did you used your nexus 4 for a productive environment?18:59
k1l_i used my nexus 4 flashed with ubuntu-touch for my daily usage of a smartphone once.19:00
k1l_sms, make phonecalls, browse the internet, play some silly games, use social networks,.. things people do on a smartphone.19:00
studio_so you never used a "productive environment"?19:00
k1l_only real bugger is that there is still no whatsapp, since i still got a lot of people around me using it. but after i did not answer they did send me emails or used telegram or sms.19:01
k1l_studio_: define "productive enviroment"19:02
lotus|xenialk1l_: telegram got a nice update recently19:02
lotus|xenialk1l_: http://news.softpedia.com/news/major-telegram-update-arrives-for-ubuntu-phones-496347.shtml19:03
k1l_yeah, saw that.19:03
studio_k1l_, for what are you using your PC/notebobook, for "productive environment"? if you understand that, you'll understand "productive environment"19:03
k1l_i just saw jolla got serious financial issues, sad to see its that hard to compete in the phone business against the big 2 and a half.19:04
lotus|xenialstudio_: how about you explain what you wanna start doing with an ubuntu-touch device specificly19:04
k1l_studio_: so you mean the convergance as productive enviroment?19:04
k1l_studio_: i dont see anyone having guaranteed you that when you bought your android phone.19:05
studio_lotus|xenial, i was not the guy who was crying ubuntu-touch is ubintu ...19:05
studio_lotus|xenial, i was not the guy who was crying ubuntu-touch is ubuntu ...19:05
lotus|xenialnobody cryed here19:05
lotus|xenialstudio_: what are you talking about?19:06
studio_lotus|xenial, so who told ubuntu-touch is  ubuntu?19:06
lotus|xenialstudio_: you tell us..19:06
studio_not us, check the logs19:07
dobeyoh ffs19:07
dobeynot this again19:07
dobeystudio_: stop19:07
studio_haha :)19:07
davmor2dobey: ban yourself it will be easier19:07
k1l_studio_: so i played this game now long enough. do you have anything constructive to contribute?19:08
dobeyk1l_: i think the answer to that is rather obvious :-/19:09
k1l_dobey: well, hope dies last19:09
studio_k1l_, i asked you, and i am still missing your answer ...19:09
davmor2studio_: and k1l_ answered you, he use his smartphone as a smartphone because it is a smartphone19:10
dobeyk1l_: sometimes one must just put it out of its misery19:10
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k1l_studio_: the productive usage of a smartphone is pretty clear. and i do that.19:11
dobeyyou can play doom on an ubuntu phone19:11
dobeyobviously there is nothing more that one would need19:12
k1l_studio_: there is a convergance phone to come next year. what about you buy that and help the development on that instead of buying android phones and blackmailing the ubuntu developers all the time?19:12
davmor2dobey: apparently not well if you are trying to video it with the other hand hey popey ;)19:12
studio_davmor2, for what did  k1l_ used his phone? i asked for "productive environment "19:12
lotus|xenialthis is like a labyrinth19:13
dobeylotus|xenial: nah, even labyrinths have an exit19:13
k1l_studio_: define productive environment19:13
k1l_studio_: i listed already what i do with my phone.19:13
dobeymy phone makes toast19:14
lotus|xenialand mine plays gitarre19:14
studio_"productive environment " for exp. "instabus"19:14
dobeyis that the man on the Clapham omnibus?19:15
studio_"productive environment " for exp. "exchange-server"19:16
dobeyyou've obviously never used exchange19:16
studio_"productive environment " for exp. sync your pc with your phone19:16
dobeystudio == @1990slinuxguy19:17
studio_do you need more examples?19:17
dobeyyou can do all of those things today19:17
studio_dobey, i think you are a developer, right?19:18
davmor2studio_: no dobey is an awesome developer, he is also a busy one too, so please don't waste his time19:19
dobeybecause i'm not trying to run an exchange server on my phone?19:19
dobeyi know thousands of people, and so far, i can't think of anyone of them who has ever wanted to run an exchange server on their phone19:19
k1l_running a server on the phone is silly. you want a server to run a server.19:20
popeystudio_, I think we know where you're going with this - basically, ubuntu phone can't connect to an exchange server, therefore it's not a good platform.19:20
dobeywhy can't it connect to an exchange server?19:20
popeyproprietary undocumented protocols19:21
davmor2dobey: because none of the apps do yet19:21
popeyWhich is an opinion you're entitled to have, but it's pretty painful watching you dance around this, wasting everyones time.19:21
davmor2dobey: if the exchange server supports imap you can connect via that19:21
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studio_davmor2, so for what dobey is developing for something, that nobody is using?19:22
k1l_therefor i go and make some sports now, seems more like a productive enviroment to me19:22
dobeythere's some evolution stuff you can use to at least sync calendar and contacts to an exchange server on the phone, if you really want to go down the road of trying to make it work19:22
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studio_dobey, what is the evolution, mir or wayland?19:23
dobeymillions of people are using software i wrote19:23
dobeyor even billions maybe19:24
studio_dobey, ok, but what is the way, mir or wayland?19:24
davmor2studio_: any evolution stuff is cli based19:25
studio_sorry, what means cli?19:26
dobeysome passage says "the way to hell is paved with good intentions"19:26
davmor2studio_: the evolution stuff dobey is on about is command line Interface based19:26
dobeythe buddha says the way to enlightenment is through isolation19:27
davmor2dobey: google says search here and you're questions shall be answered.  I don't believe them either :D19:28
lotus|xeniala budhist goes to a hotdog vender and asks: *make me 'one' with everything!19:28
OerHeksDo not dwell in the past, do not dream of the future, concentrate the mind on the present OTA-8, says Buddha.19:28
OerHeksis there a Buddha app yet?19:28
lotus|xenialmaybe studio_ is the one19:29
studio_davmor2, where can i read about CLI, i am a bit confused about that in the moment ...19:29
=== _salem is now known as salem_
dobeylol, now he doesn't know how to use the command line?19:29
dobeyafter all the complaints about apt-get and wanting to run various servers on a phone19:30
dobeygo troll elsewhere please19:30
lotus|xenialOerHeks: i use the 'relax' app to goto higher spheres :p19:30
dobeyis that a mail order peyote service?19:31
davmor2lotus|xenial: I used step ladders to get to higher spheres it's much easier than relaxing19:31
lotus|xenialdavmor2: :p19:32
studio_dobey, i am sorry about to understand you here in "ubunt-touch". you do not like to use a writeable system with aptitude or apt-get update / upgrade. we are talking about mir/wayland, xmir is still not supported, so what do you tell me? i am yust a "normal" user ...19:37
dobeyno we are not talking about mir/wayland19:38
dobeythere is no such thing as a normal user, and even if there were, you certainly are not it19:38
studio_dobey, is ubuntu-touch supporting systemd?19:39
studio_if yes on what device?19:39
dobeythe phone is still using upstart right now19:41
dobeybut again, what has that got to do with anything?19:41
dprophecyguycan somebody help with git install19:43
dprophecyguyi am getting an error19:43
dprophecyguywhole running sudo apt-get install git-all19:43
davmor2dprophecyguy: on ubuntu touch19:44
dobeydprophecyguy: don't. apt is not supported19:44
dprophecyguyon ubuntu  15.0419:44
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dobeyoh if it's not on a phone, you want #ubuntu for support :)19:44
davmor2dprophecyguy: this is a channel for phone related stuff, you'll want to ask on #ubuntu19:45
dobeybut on a phone, apt is not supported19:45
davmor2dobey: man you type fast19:45
studio_ok, k1l_ did made an withdrawn, after i askek him about "productive environment ", but please, is anybody here using the ubuntu-touch device i an productive environment system?19:46
dobeydavmor2: an awesome developer must be light on one's fingers19:46
dobeystudio_: stop.19:46
studio_dobey, stop is the wrong answer!19:47
dobeyubuntu phones have been in production for almost a year.19:47
dobeyyour disagreement with what is available or how you wish to use such a device, has nothing to do with a "productive environment"19:47
dobeyfrankly, you are creating an unproductive environment by coming in here and spewing your vitriol19:48
davmor2dobey: oh that's such a nice word :)19:48
OerHeksany answer to studio_  gives 2 more questions :-D19:49
studio_dobey, maybe  a missunderstanding, i do not mean "in production"", i mean in "productive environment" ...19:49
dobeystudio_: it's a phone. it makes phone calls. it is by definition fulfilling its purpose, and thus productive19:49
dobeystudio_: you however, are not productive19:50
studio_dobey, you missed the point19:50
davmor2studio_: there are 1000's of people using it daily as their main phone. so yes people use it in a productive environment daily19:50
dobeyof all the points in this channel, it is not i who is missing them19:51
studio_davmor2, there are 1000's who reflash their ubuntu-Touch devices back to Android 5.0, have you ever seen that?19:52
popeystudio_, I use multiple ubuntu phones in my productive environment19:52
davmor2studio_: No19:53
popeyI see six devices from where I'm sat.19:53
davmor2popey: light weight19:53
dobeydavmor2: but studio_ has done so a 1000 times19:53
dobeyandroid 5 is so last week though19:54
popeystudio_, there are thousands of people who use Ubuntu on their phone and have not switched back to Android, we know this.19:54
dobeyall the cool kids are using 6 on the nexus 5x19:54
popeybecause we switch the camera on periodically to watch them19:54
popey(we don't really, but it's a fun idea)19:54
* Stskeeps tells phoronix19:54
* lotus|xenial is never going back to android19:55
popeynever say never :)19:55
studio_popey, how do you use your ubuntu-touch device in an "productive environment" ? For exp. how do you sync your e-Mails from the device with you computer/laptop?19:55
dobeywell, when google buys canonical and renames ubuntu phone to android19:56
popeystudio_, I connect my mail client on my phone to my server via imap19:56
popeystudio_, i use webmail on my laptop. so they're in sync19:56
dobeysrsly nobody "syncs" e-mails any more19:56
dobeythis isn't 200219:56
popeyWell, you could run Mutt on the phone if you want.19:56
studio_popey, come on, how do you use gpg?19:56
popeyI don't.19:57
dobeymutt supports imap19:57
popeyI haven't used GPG for years19:57
popeyBecause nobody I ever email uses it.19:57
jibelah, no lotus notes for Ubuntu phone, so disappointed :(19:57
popey\o/ Domino!19:57
davmor2jibel: hahaha19:57
dobeyif you want gpg in dekko, go to #dekko and help them implement a reasonable user experience for it19:57
popeyI said "Wow, people still use domino?" to an IBMer recently, he was _really_ offended.19:57
studio_so you still send e-mail like an postcard?19:57
popey"YES!" he protested19:57
popeystudio_, no, because I use TLS19:58
dobeyno, you can't lace e-mails with anthrax19:58
studio_popey, why the update from the device is working over gpg?19:58
popeyI don't telnet to the imap server and type out imap commands to it19:58
dobeythe phone uses gpg just fine19:58
popeystudio_, I don't understand your question19:58
popeyit works well, except... that one time...19:59
dobeythere's a gpg key for the app store19:59
studio_popey, you know what gpg is and for what it is used?19:59
popeyOf course I do20:00
popeyJust because I choose not to use it, doesn't make my phone use any less valid.20:00
popeyMy mum never uses GPG either20:00
popeyNeither does _anyone_ I regularly send emails to.20:00
studio_so you never made an update on your device?20:00
popeyI said I don't use GPG for email.20:00
popeyI press a button to update my device20:00
studio_updates are using gpg20:01
popeyI don't care what it does underneath, it could be magic pixies for all I care20:01
popeyYes, I know.20:01
davmor2popey: GPG Grand Piano Gang?20:01
davmor2It's a classic group right?20:01
popeystudio_, so, again, back to your question, yes, I use my phone in a productive environment20:01
popeywhich - this may be a shocker for you - differs from the way you use a phone.20:01
* lpotter believes in magic pixies that update phones20:02
popeyI hope you were sitting down for that revalation.20:02
dobeystudio_: why are you still here?20:02
dobeystudio_: aren't you using android 5.0?20:02
davmor2studio_: so do I, in fact my job is completely dependant on them20:02
studio_popey, what is you default email-client?20:02
dobeybest e-mail client evar20:02
dobeyi just have netcat running on port 25 and it dumps everything to /dev/null20:03
studio_can dekko handle smime or gpg?20:03
dobeyyou know the answer already20:03
davmor2studio_: Not yet20:03
dobeythis is not #dekko20:03
popeyPatches welcome!20:03
dobeyif you want to ask questions about dekko, i suggest you seek support from its developers20:03
popeyI would love to see GPG support in dekko. That would be awesome.20:04
popeyMaybe I'd use GPG more if it did, who knows.20:04
davmor2popey: don't make me laugh20:04
studio_so, popey, your company prescribing you to send emails like an postcard?20:04
popeyI might, if it was made easy for normal people.20:05
popeystudio_, again, I don't use GPG20:05
popeystudio_, repeating it doesn't make it any more amusing20:05
dobeystudio_: we don't use e-mail20:05
dobeystudio_: we use RFC-1149 for sending messages20:05
davmor2dobey: is that carrier pigeon?20:05
studio_popey, again, what is canoncial using to encrypt emails?20:06
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popeystudio_, that sounds like a question for the IS department20:06
popeyI just read and write mails, I don't administer the servers20:06
dobeya proprietary corn feed from Monsanto20:06
studio_popey, what is IS department?20:07
dobeyis totally how the RFC-1149 messages are encrypted20:07
popeyTechnical people20:07
popeyAgain, we don't have GPG support in Dekko, but it would be great if we did. Patches welcome studio_ !20:07
dobeye-mail is for suckers20:07
lpotterI prefer post-it notes folded into airplanes20:07
studio_popey, why isnn't thunderbird supported in ubuntu-touch?20:08
popeystudio_, because it requires X20:08
popeyThunderbird _will_ be able to be used in the future.20:08
lpotterand an interface redesign20:08
popeyBut not a mobile UI - you'd need to ask Mozilla about that20:08
popey(Thunderbird is their project, not ours)20:08
studio_popey, why isn't xmir supported in ubuntu-touch?20:08
davmor2studio_: because it lacks a mobile interface, is x only and requires more space than the moon20:09
dobeystudio_: why don't you read public announcements?20:09
popeystudio_, because it's not finished20:09
popeystudio_, it will be, soon enough.20:09
dobeyif you want to be notified of when certain features will be available, and on what devices, then subscribe to the mailing list and actually read the status/announcement e-mails about such things20:10
popeyOk, are we done with the bizarre questions for today?20:10
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dobeypopey: you know the moebius never ends20:11
studio_popey, why bizarre? :)20:11
popeystudio_, s/bizarre/boring/20:11
popeymaybe repetitive?20:11
dobeybecause you asked them 6 months ago, have been answered hundreds of times, and already know the answer20:11
davmor2time wasting20:11
popeyAnyway, yes, enough now.20:12
studio_boring is ubuntu touch compared to ubuntu ...20:12
dobeyboring is what bores do20:12
popeyyou just reminded me of a joke I used to do when I was like 1520:13
lpotterthat's like comparing a cucumber to a pickle20:13
popeyput index finger on arm of friend, rotate clockwise and anti-clockwise a few times20:13
dobeynot at all20:13
popeyfriend looks up20:13
popey"Am I boring you?"20:13
dobeybores are also good for trepidation20:14
dobeywhich is something that sounds very pleasing right now20:14
popeystudio_, so, see you in 6 weeks when we get to have this groundhog day again?20:14
davmor2I just thought they were wild pigs20:14
dobeythat's a boar20:14
dobeywhich you strap to a board, to smoke and roast20:15
davmor2dobey: see there's my mistake20:15
dobeymmmmmmmm, ribs20:15
studio_popey, i am still nosy about the new bq convergence device :)20:15
popeyThat won't have GPG either.20:16
dobeythen follow @bqreaders on twitter20:16
dobeyand watch for them to announce it20:16
dobeypro tip: it won't be a traditional PC device either, because that's not what convergence is20:17
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studio_dobey, is the RPI2 a "traditional PC device"?20:17
=== charles_ is now known as charles
dobeyno, it's a hacker toy20:18
studio_*lol*  :)20:18
studio_sorry, i use ubuntu-mate on it, not kali ...20:19
dobeysorry, i don't care :)20:19
popey\o/ Ubuntu MATE20:19
dobeyit's not like we make kali20:19
davmor2dobey: you don't make mate either20:20
dobeybut i'm not terribly big on the taste20:20
dobeyi guess i'd have to get used to it, without burning my tongue20:21
davmor2dobey: no I like it myself but that was because the Argentinians spoilt me with some of theirs made correctly :)20:21
popeynever had it20:22
popeykeep getting told how amazing it is20:22
popeydoesn't help that the bottled stuff is impossible to find over here20:22
dobeybut i could totally go for some asado right now20:22
davmor2popey: think of is as somewhere between coffee and tea, Tea taste in coffee strength20:23
popeyWill try at the next sprint.20:23
davmor2popey: you need the proper leaves though, I don't know what the bottled stuff is like as I have never had that, I keep thinking about buying a gourd and leaves off of amazon20:25
* genii makes a note to try this asado stuff20:26
BOHverkilli think the ubuntu phone ota update system do not like me :( i get the update every time really late20:26
popeyBOHverkill, define really late?20:26
popeyGiven it's only been ~3 hours20:26
BOHverkillbut i want it now20:27
popeyoooh I just got it!20:27
popeyhaha, sucks to be you! :D20:27
popeycheck it out :)20:27
davmor2popey: http://www.amazon.co.uk/Gourd-Bombilla-drink-Yerba-Mate/dp/B001E1VXR8/ref=sr_1_2?ie=UTF8&qid=1447964773&sr=8-2&keywords=mate20:28
dobeyi really need to set up an image server20:28
dobeywhat ever happened to tassadar?20:28
popeydavmor2, I have that exact one on my amazon wishlist20:29
davmor2popey: I keep thinking about it :)  Maybe an xmas  pressie for me :)20:29
popeyyeah, same20:29
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studio_guys, first thank you for all new informations for today, but now i am also looking for a direct backup system for the ubuntu-touch device. Is autofs, rsync and incron also working on the ubuntu-touch device?20:34
* lotus|xenial thinks only idle will help this case20:37
studio_lotus|xenial, it is not "allowed" to make the device writeable, so how to install autofs, rsync and incron in a "normal" ubuntu-touch device?20:39
dobeyas i'm sure you've been pointed at plenty of times before20:41
studio_dobey, but the device needs to made writeable20:42
dobeyno it doesn't20:42
dobeyread my answer there20:42
dobeythe / partition does not need to be made writable to create and us a chroot in the home directory20:43
* mcphail gazes adoringly at studio_. His stamina is electrifying20:43
popeyYou need to get out more20:43
lotus|xeniallol mcphail20:44
popeyI'll let everyone figure out who that was aimed at20:44
dobeyrepublicans, obviously20:44
popeystudio_, my phone has rsync installed out of the box20:44
popeyif they're simple binaries, just extract them from the archive (or build them somewhere else) and copy them onto the device20:45
popeythats what I did when I wanted ncdu on my phone20:46
popeycopied the binary to ~/bin.20:46
studio_dobey, sorry i do not understand your link, i just want to "apt-get install" or "aptitude install" autofs rsync incron ...20:46
dobeymeh, it's still too early for me to go get pizza and beer and shoot things in the face20:47
dobeystudio_: then too bad20:47
popeystudio_, it is "allowed" to make your phone writable20:48
popeyit's _your_ device after all.20:48
studio_dobey, could you please explain me the "correct" way?20:48
dobeyif you can't understand the simplest way to create a chroot container, then you probably shouldn't be running such things. but if you want to break your device feel free20:48
dobeydon't come crying in here for support because you broke your device by doing what you were told would definitely break your device, though20:49
studio_i understood a chroot-container, but for what?20:49
dobeyyou want to run legacy tools on your phone20:49
dobeythat is the best way to do it20:49
dobeyit is exactly the same if you want to run said legacy tools on android, so don't go pulling that threatening crap about flashing android, because it's bollocks20:50
studio_so all is depending on android?20:50
* mcphail is wiping tears of laughter20:50
popeychill dobey20:51
mcphailstudio_: do you ever holiday in Scotland? I have a bottle of malt with your name on it20:51
dobeypopey: haha. chill is all i ever am20:51
k1l_dobey: you forgot the i in chilli ;p20:52
popeyubuntu n' chill20:52
dobeyk1l_: i'm not a penguin20:52
studio_otus|xenial, popey, so you are happy to lunch another android based device? Or why the normal ubuntu/debian commands are not working?20:53
dobeywhat are you talking about android for?20:53
lotus|xeniali had lunch hours ago20:53
studio_dobey, stop spaming, i know nothing about adb!20:54
popeystudio_, I don't know what you mean by "lunch" (I can guess you mean build or something, no idea)20:54
dobeywtf are you talking about?20:54
dobeyi'm not hawaiian. i don't much care for spam20:54
popeystudio_, create a chroot, build binaries in it, or in a pbuilder, or some other cross-build environment.20:55
dobeyi never said anything about adb20:55
studio_i asked a "simple" question but i got an advanced answer ... where was the problem?20:55
popeyyou asked a simple question which requires an advanced answer20:56
dobeythe problem is you are a troll20:56
popeywell, actually you got 3 answers20:56
popeybut you're never happy with them20:56
popeyso shall we call it a day for today?20:56
popeyCome back in 6 weeks for another trolling session?20:56
dobeypopey: i have no idea why you are still here :)20:56
popeyI'm rebuilding dosbox and this passes the time20:56
studio_popey, what was so advanced on autofs, rsync and incron ?20:57
popeyI didnt say they were advanced20:57
popeyI said the answer was20:57
mcphailI don't know if my bladder can take this20:57
popeychroot is a *bit* advanced20:57
dobeyare autofs, rsync, or incron in the app store?20:57
popeyThe thing is, you're playing the _part_ of a user, but you're actually very technical.20:57
lotus|xenialmcphail: working directly on the nerv-system :p20:58
popeyWhich is why people call you a troll, because you're asking questions which you know the answer for, but are deliberately being a doofus to prove some kind of point.20:58
mcphaillotus|xenial: this channel is better than the telly20:58
dobeyno. they are not. therefore any answer is advanced, becasue it is not "install it from the app store"20:58
popeyIt's mildly entertaining for a while. But gets boring quickly.20:58
popeyYou're way past that now.20:58
popeySo I think maybe go, and come back another day (or not).20:58
studio_popey, for what do i need a chroot for autofs, rsync and incron on ubuntu-touch?20:58
lotus|xenialmcphail: lol this kind of 'entertainment' can get you to the nut house20:58
popeystudio_, there are many guides to setting up chroots online20:59
popeyI suspect I could find one very quickly.20:59
popeyoh look20:59
studio_popey, again, for what do i need a chroot for that?20:59
popeyit's _an_ option21:00
popeyfor building those tools21:00
popeyor otherwise using apt in a confined area which won't break your phone21:00
studio_no, is it "ubuntu" or is it "ubuntu-touch"?21:00
dobeythere is only zuul21:01
lotus|xeniallol thats long time ago zuul21:01
lotus|xenialfinally :p21:01
popeymcphail, I'm a celeb is on now ;)21:01
dobeyone sour kraut ruins it for all of germany21:02
lotus|xenialyeah i tought germans were advanced :p21:02
popeycoincidentally dosbox finished building21:02
mcphailperfect timing21:02
pmcgowanomg you actually kicked him21:02
popeyyou mean, "finally" kicked him.21:02
dobeylotus|xenial: i hope he doesn't have a mercedes21:02
lotus|xenialpmcgowan: ota8 fixxed my scopes freeze :p21:02
* mcphail is getting OTA8!21:03
pmcgowanits a goody21:03
lotus|xenialnice job to you all!!21:03
popeypmcgowan, does OTA-8 have GPG email?21:03
mcphailTa muchly dev people21:03
lotus|xenialpopey: LOL21:03
* genii makes sure popey gets a fresh mug of delicious coffee21:03
* pmcgowan kicks popey21:03
lotus|xenialpopey: look in #ubuntu21:04
popeyI'll cherish that.21:05
popey<studio_> many thanks to "Alan Pope" and he can't declare where is the different between Ubuntu and Ubuntu-Touch!!!21:05
lotus|xenialhe found a new channel to continue21:05
popeynah, he left21:05
mcphailpopey: he's found your real identity! No more superhero for you21:05
dobeypopey: that's one for the quotes page21:06
k1l_so, that was ragequit number ? from studio?21:13
OerHeksk1l_, yes, our favorite troll21:14
* k1l_ awaits his rants now on the german ubuntu forums to show up.21:15
svijk1l_: yeah me too ;)21:16
popeysorry :(21:16
svijdamn, wanted to some stuff for university and ended up watching popey and dobey playing with a troll…21:16
svijdobey: just for the record ;) https://ubuntuusers.de21:17
k1l_dobey: hehe. they had a link to ubuntuusers.de on their page some time ago.21:18
popeyhave you guys ever met studio? in "real" life?21:19
OerHeks.. if it is Mark Shuttleworth, yes :-D21:20
svijpopey: nope21:21
svijhe joined the german community in april this year21:22
k1l_popey: i think he hides somewhat21:22
k1l_he talked to me in pm some time a lot about cryptography and such. so i dont think he will want to appear in public21:23
dobeyman, the fonts on that forum are really really bad for 4K21:27
dobeyand that's me saying it, even21:28
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mcphailRebooted into OTA8 and I have that annoying white pixel in the top left corner. Why does it do that sometimes?21:40
OerHeksmaybe one colour-cel in your screen is broken ..21:42
popeythat's the tracking pixel ;)21:42
mcphailooh -it has gone again. I can't be of interest :)21:42
BOHverkill"Software is up to date" - that is a lie :S21:45
jgdxphasers to stun21:47
BOHverkilli hate phases21:54
jgdxBOHverkill, you can flash your phone with ota8 as of ~12 hours ago21:56
BOHverkilli want just the update ^^21:57
k1l_updates updates updates updates21:57
k1l_gimme the updates :)21:57
k1l_iknowyourfeel.jpg ;p   the cm12.1 buildserver was down for 5 days :)21:58
BOHverkillsry i am just an inpatient persion21:58
louisdkWould it be possible to install Ubuntu Touch on the Aquaris E5 edition with 4G and 2GB ram? If one would flash the ubuntu touch image to it would it brick?22:15
sverzegnassiCould someone confirm this is an unwanted behaviour? On OTA-8, I launch 'Monster Wars', wait for the app to be launched, turn off the screen -> the app stops reproducing audio (the app has been freezed, I suppose).22:32
sverzegnassiIf I launch 'Monster Wars' again, and turn off the screen before the app is fully loaded, the app keeps playing some audio even if the screen is turned off.22:32
sverzegnassi(Replace 'Monster Wars' with any app, just saw this while launching that game)22:33
ahayzensverzegnassi, jhodapp maybe best to ask about that if its happening all the time22:34
nhainesCan anyone confirm this unwanted behavior on OTA-8?  I tried to send email not as a postcard, but GPG isn't supported yet so all email communication is impossible.22:37
ahayzennhaines, don't start that again ;-)22:39
sverzegnassiahayzen, thanks for pinging! actually it seems to happen all the time... hope it's just about media-hub ;)22:40
popeyElleo, do you know of some way to route the OSK to an SDL app? (e.g. http://people.canonical.com/~alan/screenshots/device-2015-11-19-184911.png )23:13
popeyso for SDL games where you have to type in a character name or something23:13
jhodappsverzegnassi, surely it's not every app, sounds to me like it might just be apps that directly play sounds via Qt -> Pulseaudio23:30
nhainespopey: have you ever used dosbox in a "productive environment"?23:32
popeyyes :)23:33
nhainespopey: If you've ever run VisiCalc or Microsoft Works in dosbox then you know what I'm talking about.  ;)23:33
popeyI was more of a Lotus 123 kinda guy23:33
popeyand then As-Easy-As 12323:33
popeyAlso, turbo pascal...23:34
popeyhappy days23:34
popeyoh no, my brain is now recalling Ashton-Tate dBase III23:34
nhainesI was a QuickBASIC guy, but oh, now I miss Terminate and BBSes...23:34
sverzegnassijhodapp: I've tried also with Falldown, which is a QML app and I happens the same. I tried with PathWind and seems there's some magic that mutes the audio.23:34
nhainesProbably because the flow of time has worn away all the annoying bits....23:34
Elleopopey: typically you need some sort of IME plugin in the toolkit for the keyboard to talk to when using maliit, which exists for Qt and GTK but I suspect there isn't anything for SDL23:34
Elleopopey: might be possible to wrap an SDL app in Qt and do it that way though23:35
sverzegnassiDon't know how media-hub works, though23:35
jhodappsverzegnassi, yeah most likely these apps aren't going through media-hub23:35
OerHekssome miss the dailup sound to the internet23:35
jhodappsverzegnassi, QML calls into normal C++ Qt23:35
popeyElleo, ok. ta23:35
sverzegnassijhodapp: huh, ok. I supposed that media-hub stuff were forced somehow into a QML environment.23:36
nhainesTell me when media-hub supports GPG!23:36
* nhaines stops trolling and goes back to work.23:36
mcphailjhodapp: afaik, openal apps don't get muted and the volume control doesn't work at all23:36
Elleopopey: although I expect for something like doom adding some onscreen controls would be better, since the keyboard takes up a lot of the screen with keys that aren't needed for a game23:36
popeyhmm, good point23:36
mcphailElleo: but an onscreen keyboard would give an easy win for lots of existing games23:37
jhodappsverzegnassi, it is, but if an app uses say the SoundEffect object, that calls directly to pulse and skips media-hub as it's supposed to be a very low latency bringup23:37
popeyElleo, for some games (like Xcom) you only really need the keyboard now and then, to enter player name for example23:37
jhodappmcphail, interesting23:37
nhainesI can't wait to play Doom with the Steam Controller.  Although actually it'll probably be Dark Forces first.23:38
mcphailjhodapp: try http://themcphails.uk/altest.njmcphail_0.1_armhf.click for an example23:38
Elleopopey: yeah, in that case I'd suggest a Qt wrapper with a little "show keyboard" button, so it isn't there when it isn't needed23:38
Elleopopey: like the terminal23:38
popeyElleo, know any examples of wrapping an sdl app in qt?23:38
jhodappmcphail, have the source to that?23:38
mcphailjhodapp: i think i might have left the source in the click itself23:39
popeynhaines, I have a bluetooth controller her, hoping to get that working soon23:39
Elleopopey: afraid not23:39
mcphailjhodapp: yes, the source is in there23:41
nhainespopey: +123:41
Elleopopey: looking at one example I think a lot will depend on what Mir and the Mir SDL backend support, since they're basically telling SDL to render in to a specific window id23:41
Elleopopey: which may not be an option with Mir yet23:41
sverzegnassijhodapp: thanks for the explanation! Btw, I've already reported it in the Canonical System Image project, bug 1518122, since it looked to me as something a bit annoying.23:41
ubot5bug 1518122 in Canonical System Image "Launch Falldown/Monster Wars and turn off screen before the app is ready ---> the app keeps reproducing audio" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/151812223:42
mcphailsverzegnassi: isn't that an extension of the bug I exploit to keep apps running in the background? If there is no gui, the app doesn't stop when the screen goes off23:44
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jhodappsverzegnassi, thanks...I'm doing a quick investigation just to see if it does in fact utilize media or not which will help me categorize that bug report better23:46
sverzegnassijhodapp: thanks again!23:47
sverzegnassimcphail: that's really interesting!23:47
mcphailsverzegnassi: my syncthing app on the store exploits it to run in the background23:48
jhodappsverzegnassi, I reproduced that bug23:48
jhodappsverzegnassi, and I know why it's happening23:48
jhodappsverzegnassi, yeah it's a bug in the life cycle exception handler23:51
jhodappsverzegnassi, I just did a test, when you shut the screen off during the splash screen, the app doesn't get suspended23:52
sverzegnassijhodapp: ouch... seems like mcphail's app won't be working in future. sorry! :-)23:53
mcphailsverzegnassi: they've been threatening to fix that bug for months. I won't worry yet :)23:54

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