n0pcscheib: wrt Elk, consolidating application logs, exposing to customer support for deep diving, and potentially growing to replace the role kissmetrics is playing01:22
rick_h_cmaloney: your paper phase i just picked up a noteletts notebook to check out in conparison with my previous moleskin12:30
cmaloneyI'm not in a paper phase. Sheesh! ;)12:54
cmaloneyBut that's cool12:55
_stink_while sad, that's a neat obituary.13:51
cmaloneyI knew that name from somewhere, but had to look it up13:51
jcastrocmaloney: craig23:02
jcastrowe're on R40 and R30 still feels like "the last new Rush album"23:02
jcastrohas it really been 10 years?23:02

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