ronoc_workNERD-> https://twitter.com/anthonyrhook/status/66742957334109388820:12
lostatworknothing to be ashamed about IRC is still the best form of real time communication20:19
mikeputnamreally good / approachable read on getting the most out of `traceroute` https://www.nanog.org/meetings/nanog45/presentations/Sunday/RAS_traceroute_N45.pdf20:28
mikeputnamhmm yes. i rather think of daily irc use as something to boast about, not be ashamed of.20:37
mikeputnami love textmode everything. i feel like i'm part of the unix that started it all. sort of a living history lesson.20:40
mikeputnam(even though i'm using linux majority of the time)20:42
mikeputnamthe BSD's are truer to the original unix tenets20:42
mikeputnambut it's all good20:42
tsimonq2ronoc_work: ?20:53
ronoc_workIts all just senseless teasing folks20:54
tsimonq2oh XD20:55

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