pieter2627morning all05:05
Kilosmorning inetpro pieter2627 Cryterion and all others05:11
pieter2627hello Kilos, you early today05:12
pieter2627hoe gaan dit met oom?05:12
Kilosya had a good sleep05:12
Kilosgoed dankie en jy?05:12
Kilosno rain fell here05:13
pieter2627goed goed dankie05:13
pieter2627we had some thunder, but actually wondered about the rain05:13
pieter2627but it rained lots on Monday... i think05:14
Kiloswe had 7mm only05:14
pieter2627our grass was almost covered in hail05:15
KilosNot allowed here05:20
KilosSorry, you don't have permission to access this page or the information in this page is not shared with you.05:20
Kilosit wont let me renew ubuntu-za membership05:20
Kiloshi MaNI 05:21
Kilosinetpro fix it05:22
pieter2627hi MaNI05:23
pieter2627Kilos: are you logged in05:24
Kilosi can get in at https://launchpad.net/~ubuntu-za05:24
pieter2627your za membership only expires next year05:26
Kilosoh my05:26
pieter2627see in the list https://launchpad.net/~ubuntu-za/+members05:27
Kilosits my ms.kilos not msdomdonner05:27
Kilosoh well05:27
pieter2627are you login as ms.kilos then and not msdomdonner05:28
Kilosi just clicked the link in the email i got05:28
pieter2627top right of screen shows the login user05:29
pieter2627s/login/logged in/05:29
Kilosya its going there as domdonner05:29
Kilosno matter that one can expire05:29
Kilosi see we have a member called shoes in latest members05:30
Kilosive never seen him05:30
Kilosok thats sorted05:48
Kilossomewhere the ubuntuone account wasnt happy05:48
thatgraemeguyup early Kilos, did you wet the bed? :p05:52
Kiloshaha no thatgraemeguy had a good sleep05:59
Kiloshi mazal 06:28
mazalGaanit oom ?06:28
Kilosgoed dankie en self seun06:28
mazalOkerig , raasie baie nie06:28
inetprogood mornings07:06
Kiloshello inetpro 07:34
grembleGood afternoon kulelu88 11:44
grembleYou're here early11:44
kulelu88hey gremble . Yeah, trying to learn some stuff about postfix11:44
grembleGoing to try and get into email? :P11:45
kulelu88somewhat yeah. I am trying to figure out how to make postfix talk to python11:46
grembleOh alright. Interesting11:46
kulelu88hows the studies gremble 12:18
grembleGoing lazily. Went through my work, but now I lack the motivation to go through it again because it is no longer interesting. I wish I could get exam-like question sets, but the lecturers are so stingy with old exams12:22
gremblekulelu88: Do you know https://soundcloud.com/blacktigersexmachine?12:24
kulelu88try studynoteswiki for old exams12:25
kulelu88I know they got copyright violations letters from unisa for keeping old exams12:26
grembleOh, thanks for this site12:29
grembleThis is pretty cool12:29
kulelu88time to launch my own exam-sharing site12:30
grembleI think so12:30
grembleThis one is missing exams12:31
kulelu88really brutal name also: examshare.info :d12:31
grembleWhat you do is you get the exams in pdf, then you just extract the questions as individual parts12:31
grembleSo that you don't actually violate copyright12:31
grembleThen you have a question database from which you can either model more questions, or just combine them to make novel exams12:31
kulelu88that is actually a really sick idea12:32
kulelu88extraction will be hard though12:32
grembleBut I am sure you can employ some computer vision techniques12:32
grembleYou only need a few, then you could probably make an algorithm to make new questions12:33
gremblefor mathematics at least12:33
grembleI don't know about other subjects12:33
grembleFor BCom subjects I suspect it will be harder12:33
kulelu88I don't think I'll bother to go that far. Just extracting the questions will be enough12:34
grembleWell there you go then12:34
kulelu88want to be co-founder? :D12:35
grembleHaha I would, but I am not sure what I would be bringing to the table other than my charm. I don't have the coding expertise to even attempt such a project12:37
kulelu88the most difficult part would be extraction12:40
kulelu88the rest if crud stuff12:40
grembleGetting actual papers is not that easy either.12:41
grembleAnd sorting them against topic12:41
grembleThat is what makes exam papers from a specific course so useful12:41
grembleBecause it generally has a specific scope12:41
kulelu88getting them will be student driven12:41
MaNIunisa just don't want people to see all the mistakes in their exam papers :P12:48
grembleDo you know how many spelling and grammar errors I fix in exam papers?12:49
grembleI'm going to start to take a red pen in with me and mark the examiners spelling12:49
kulelu88nothing will get you more in their favour for a 49 can be made 50 by doing that ;)12:52
grembleHaha I don't get 49's12:52
grembleIf you want to be as arrogant as I am, you at least have to perform12:53
elachecheCan you please taka a look at my UPDATED quesion in here → https://redd.it/3tb6ci16:39
magespawngood evening17:44
theblazehenhi magespawn 17:45
magespawnhi theblazehen, whats up?18:03
theblazehenNot much, and you magespawn?18:05
magespawnsame old, more work than time, and no real money to buy new equipment18:07
magespawneskom is playing a lot of havoc lately with ups, batteries and chargers lately18:13
theblazehenAi that sucks.. After lightning otherday the kernel log has been logging quite a few machine check events...18:14
theblazehenwb magespawn. Eskom again?18:17
magespawnno that is cell signal18:18
magespawnsignal is all over tha place18:23
magespawnchat later18:59
inetproNomanini launches new eLula platform driving efficiency for enterprise prepaid distributors19:26
inetprosuperfly: nice story and interesting tech! 19:26
Kilosnight all. sleep tight20:15

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