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zhangchaohi everyone,meeting time:)08:33
TrevinhoSorry I've some connection issues this morning08:36
zhangchaohi marco,let's begin?08:36
zhangchaodid you get anything back about the wizard?08:37
Trevinhozhangchao: unfortunately not... I've asked will cooke few days ago, but he probably got nothing as well :-(08:38
TrevinhoHe'll be around in 1/2 hr, so we can ask again08:39
TrevinhoIf we don't get anything, btw... I'd go with what you proposed.... Then we can reiterate it. Because we can't wait too much to start doing stuff, or it won't be ready.08:39
zhangchaoso, you will begin do it now ?08:44
Trevinhozhangchao: you can begin to do it now :)08:45
Trevinhohandsome_feng: any question about the code review I did?08:45
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handsome_fengnot yet now ,  because of some other things, i'm still working on it..08:48
Trevinhohandsome_feng: fine, take your time08:50
Trevinhoif you've any question just ping me08:50
handsome_fengOK, think you ! :)08:50
zhangchaoTrevinho: e...We hardly find time to develop wizard:(08:52
Trevinhozhangchao: mh, ok... I see if we can find resources.. But we're also quite busy08:52
TrevinhoWell, I think we can quickly wrap this up at this point...08:55
zhangchaoTrevinho: We can provide some design resources,but develop resources is too lack08:55
Trevinhozhangchao: ok, that is great as well08:57
Trevinhoyeah, bye08:57
Trevinhoah willcooke... Any news from design for wizard?08:59
Trevinho(hey!) :)08:59
willcookesorry folks, no.  I chased them on Tuesday - still "in progress"09:00
willcookeThey assure me it's going to get looked at, but it's taken far too long, sorry09:03
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