zequenceOvenWerks: Did you boot it yet?10:26
OvenWerksIt boots fine, but I have had trouble with install. I am not sure if it is the image or my USB HW.15:07
OvenWerkszequence: My first attempt included formatting the partition which failed... or finished but did not continue.15:07
OvenWerksI am reinstalling now, but pre-formatted on my normal boot. This seems to be working fine so far.15:08
OvenWerkshowever, The USB stick is plugged into a different socket.15:09
OvenWerksInstall finished...15:13
zequenceOvenWerks: I've been having some issues with disk partitioning15:15
zequenceOn wily though15:15
zequenceHad to use gparted to partition manually, and then run ubiquity15:15
zequenceYes, it got stuck on when it was creating the EXT4 file system15:16
OvenWerksInstalled and booted ok.15:41
OvenWerkshmm, the secret to starting jackdbus at session start is to unload the pulse jack bridge first, start jackdbus and then reload the bridge.19:33
OvenWerksI was using delays and a pulseaudio -k. which worked for me, but my wife who had "restart applications from the last session" had trouble with skype working right.19:36
OvenWerksI like the new qjackctl, it is much easier to use.19:37
OvenWerksthe "port maximum" defaults to 256. That is probably a mistake as Jackd(bus) defaults to 2048. Qjackctl only allows it to be as high as 1024.19:39
OvenWerksThere is no reason on a desktop to be less than 2048. (where qjackctl is used) though it could be useful to go less in an embedded setup... where jackd would be started from the command line or script anyway.19:41
zequenceOvenWerks: Interesting about the pulse jack bridge. We should try get something together on that this cycle19:42
zequenceThough, at this point, I'm not entirely sure there will be another release :)19:42
zequenceOvenWerks: What's your thoughts on that? Do you have plans on being project lead?19:42
OvenWerksI am thinking about it yes. I will see how this one seems to be going in a week.19:55
zequenceVote is in January, so there may be more than one candidate. I'm sure you, like me, are not worried too much who is lead, as long as it's a reasonable fit.19:58
zequenceI mean, before January, more people might show interest.19:58
zequenceBut, it's good to know you are at least thinking about it.19:59
OvenWerkszequence: I am not sure about committing to the next LTS, but I may be willing to do a release and see where life has taken me. I have just retired and am recovering from the physical abuse of the job. It is hard to know what I will be doing in a year.19:59
OvenWerksI can load more than one module-jack-sink (or source)20:01
zequenceOvenWerks: Ok. Well, the LTS will need to have some eyes on it for the following three years, though mostly on paper most probably as it has been except for a few bug fixes we've done.20:02
OvenWerksIf I do things inteligently enough, I should be able to by default start jackdbus with the default AI, add any other AIs via zita-ajbridge and then bridge those to pulse as well.20:03
zequenceThat would be ideal20:03
OvenWerksa config file would allow setting what is default.20:04
OvenWerksa config should even be able to set a USB AI that is not plugged in at start up to take over default if/when it is plugged in.20:05
zequenceYes, but I could add controls for that. I haven't yet started really working on it. Have lots of unfinished code for controlling jack and pulse.20:05
zequenceI mean, gui controls.20:05
OvenWerkscontrols should generally make the config file.20:05
OvenWerksIt would also do on the fly changes20:06
zequenceWhat kind of code would you be using for this? bash?20:06
OvenWerkschanging buffer size can be done on the fly for jack but not zita-ajbridge, those would have to be stopped restarted.20:07
OvenWerksThe session start script is in bash20:07
zequenceI've been using python, and there are a couple of alternatives for config libraries, with ready to use classes and functions20:07
OvenWerksThe GUI can be in whatever.20:07
zequenceIf you like, just work out the functionality, and I could translate that, if needed, to python, and add the config functionality as well20:08
zequenceI would do the config stuff in python either way20:08
OvenWerksBasically the config file just needs Defaultai=hw;USB kinds of things20:08
OvenWerksmy script starts with:20:09
zequenceWell, sure.20:09
OvenWerksso far.20:10
zequenceI've been working on a tool I'm calling apt-search for a few days again. It can search for source and binary packages from any active Debian or Ubuntu release20:11
OvenWerksAfter that I will put something that checks if ~/.config/whatever/autojack.cfg is there and include it so it can over write the defaults.20:11
zequenceSo, want to finish that. But, perhaps I can start working on -controls next week. Also need to finish the project lead vote stuff.20:11
zequence..and do whatever work on the wiki to fix things up a bit.20:11
OvenWerksThat is my problem with doing lead stuff. I am not really well enough rounded. I can see the tech stuff, but not the social/PR side. (I mean much more than social media by social)20:14
zequenceI've done my best to kind of put things in place so that the next lead won't have to deal too much with organizational stuff20:15
zequenceI still need to simplify a lot of stuff, I feel20:15
zequenceWith such a small team, it's too much20:15
OvenWerksIts not easy for sure.20:15
zequenceI would like there to be more people involved, and then it makes sense to have a bit of organization20:16
zequenceBut, if it's like as is now, could be a lot of that work is for nothing, and you could just wing it20:16
zequenceI mean, the important stuff is just to get the ISO tested and published, and make sure our metas are healthy. 20:17
zequenceBut, we could do a lot, lot more20:17
zequenceWe, as in if there was more of we20:18
OvenWerks:)  yes. I am going to try to be a bit more active this round... 20:25
OvenWerksI have just about done all I can with Ardour dev work... But what got me into it is I am building a MIDI/OSC/OCA control surface.20:27
OvenWerksI will be spending more time on that as I get parts.20:27
OvenWerksI have been using FLTK in c++ so far, but I think I will move to AVTK as that becomes more stable.20:28
zequenceOvenWerks: One thing that I really want to get done for controls though is a diagnostic report tool22:07
zequenceClick a button, and get help anywhere from a paste22:07
zequenceAlso, get help from the diagnostic itself22:08
OvenWerksArdour has a tool that tells what audio devices are available, who has them locked and some things like that.22:10
OvenWerksI just found an interesting thing. PA keeps running even after logout22:10
OvenWerksSo PA tends to be in a wierd state right after login22:11
OvenWerksThings that work right after a boot do not work after logout/login, but do work after logout/login as guest/logout/login as user.22:12
zequenceI know there has been attempts of making it user session only for Desktop systems, but it is also able to do system wide stuff22:48

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