GngrDr34dm4nanyone up, i seem to have disabled every website installing peerblock03:00
GngrDr34dm4nive disabled every list stoped it , started it , rebooted, removed, reinstalled03:01
GngrDr34dm4nfirefox and chrome wont load squataroo03:01
GngrDr34dm4nabout ready to reinstall as i cant search for help03:02
zequenceGngrDr34dm4n: What's peerblock?08:12
zequenceGngrDr34dm4n: Since that is not something specific to Ubuntu Studio, I would also try asking on other more general forums, like #ubuntu08:15
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seb__Bonsoir à tous, je suis un débutant et je me demande par ou commencer18:20

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