jjfrv8flocculant, I guess you'll see the panel testcase bug and merge proposal for revision.02:07
jjfrv8ochosi, xfpm 1.4.4 docs update ready for your review when you have a chance.02:08
flocculantjjfrv8: thanks :) I'll sort it out later today07:45
flocculantknome: is there are way to rename a wiki page? or just copy 08:11
flocculanthttps://wiki.ubuntu.com/WilyWerewolf/FinalRelease/Xubuntu to /ReleaseNotes/Xubuntu08:11
zequenceflocculant: It's in the menu, under "More Actions"08:16
zequenceYou won't see it while editing.08:17
flocculantzequence: I see that now08:18
flocculanthowever it tells me the page already exists - but it doesn't :(08:19
zequenceRenaming usually works. Not sure why you are having problems08:20
* flocculant neither08:22
flocculantthanks for telling me though08:22
flocculantdid it the other way for the moment 08:23
zequenceI was thinking maybe it had something to do with there not existing a page called /ReleaseNotes, but haven't tried that before. You were able to create a new page though?08:42
knomeflocculant, as zequence said, renaming doesn't work when the target page has existed before; just copy-paste the page contents in the edit window over12:12
flocculantknome: ack - didn't know the why - dealt with it that way12:39
jjfrv8ochosi, re xfpm, thanks to the link on the Developer Area page of the website, I see that 1.5.2 is already upstream.13:36
jjfrv8ochosi, and of course it looks different. How do you want to handle that? Skip 1.4.4 altogether?13:38
ochosijjfrv8: it does look a bit different, but it shouldn't be all-too different. since docs are versioned, we can leave 1.4 and 1.5 alongside each other in docs.xfce.org15:39
ochosijjfrv8: also, 1.5 is a development release (stable releases are evenly numbered), so i guess we won't have it in 16.0415:39
ochosi(unless there's a 1.6 release in time)15:39
jjfrv8ochosi, ok, thanks. So if it looks like a new one will make it into 16.04, we can address it then. Not much would have to change with the text, just the screenshots.15:42
flocculantjjfrv8: thanks - all merged now16:18
flocculantpleia2: I got a mail in the newsletter queue re the IRC test session19:12
pleia2flocculant: cool, approved19:13
flocculantthanks :)19:15
flocculantdon't really want to run it for 3 people :D19:16
pleia2I'd show up for support, but airplanes, as usual19:22
knomei can join and ask stupid questions19:24
pleia2I retweeted with comment too just now19:25
flocculantthanks pleia2 :)19:25
pleia2twitter web ui has gone all sideways19:25
drcflocculant: How many "confirmed and active" testers do you have now.  My guess would be that 3 more folks willing to at least show up would be a 33%-50% improvement,19:25
flocculantwouldn't know 19:25
flocculantdrc: that would be a pretty accurate guess 19:26
knomepleia2, retweeted your retweet with a comment19:26
knomebut didn't comment on it...19:26
pleia2how meta19:26
knome(i'm sorry failing to be that silly)19:26
flocculantdrc: the thing in this case being have 2 people hang about for maybe 3 people to show up - we could just as easily answer 3 mails to the list 19:29
flocculanthence getting it on UWN etc 19:29
drcOK...I was just wondering why, after cycles of QAL's complaining about not having enough testers, one would say "Sorry, we don't have enough people present for us to train".19:37
drcAnd with that I'll leave.19:37
knomehit and run, the usual strategy here.19:39
krytarikflocculant, knome, slickymaster: Please check and tell me if you're fine with the some additional changes I did to the contributor docs, particularly the QA Team page - alongside and incl. fixing DocBook syntax, reducing duplication of "Xubuntu", increasing consistency, and fixing typos: http://paste.openstack.org/show/cblQfn6zn9PQbmIIoAJp/23:11
krytarik(Other than that, and updating the translation templates, my MP is ready to go.)23:12
krytarik- the23:14
knomekrytarik, the / in the "Mainly built ..." is intentional23:14
knomethe long version should read:23:14
knomeMainly built for Xubuntu or almost only used by Xubuntu23:14
knomeif we spell Bazaar in the title, then i'd like a note that we will be referring to it with Bzr (or make the title "Bazaar (Bzr)"23:15
krytarikI'd expand it to: "Mainly built for and [mainly] used by Xubuntu".23:15
krytarikYeah, some note would be nice.23:16
knome"top directory" ?23:16
knomenot "branch root directory"23:16
knomeor sth23:16
krytarikWell, didn't want to duplicate "branch" there - had though.23:17
knomeif you want to use top, make sure "root" isn't used anywhere else - i'm pretty sure i'm using that at least in one place23:17
knome"Translation Guidelines ..." -> "Translation guidelines ..."23:17
knome"Working with testcases" -> "Working with Testcases"23:18
knomewut? :P23:18
krytarikWell, those are different parts of the docs. :P23:18
krytarikDidn't want to make all the same there, that is. :D23:18
krytarikBasically, for one chapter it should be the same.23:19
knomein XSD, if "Xubuntu Community" -> "Community", then i think we should go further and change it to "Community Organization" or sth23:19
knomeorganization is bad, but maybe that gives you an idea what i'm thinking about23:20
slickymasterkrytarik, why the extra line between the titles and the paragraphs?23:20
krytarikknome: "Structure" maybe?23:20
krytarikslickymaster: It's common for the docs, it seems.23:21
knomesomething like that23:21
knomeslickymaster, that's what we've been doing23:21
slickymasterhaven't noticed that yet, tbh23:22
knomekrytarik, maybe, though the section isn't really talking much about the structure23:22
krytarikknome: "do the following in the branch root" - I think that can stay as is.23:22
slickymasterone other thing krytarik "...the QA team should keep watch on testing reports on the trackers..." 23:22
krytarikknome: Yep, and I'm not convinced we should add anything there.23:23
knomeslickymaster, always a blank line after </title>, </para>, </itemizedlist>, </note> etc. unless the next line is </section>, </chapter>, </appendix>23:23
slickymastershouldn't be "...the QA team should keep a watch on testing reports on the trackers..."23:23
knomekrytarik, no, definitely not add (but i should look at the wording on the users section, it's silly now23:23
knomeit gives the impression that the xubuntu users only "organize" via the LP team23:23
knomewhich is far from the reality23:24
krytarikslickymaster: Yeah, wasn't particularly sure whether that's acceptable as is, or what else flocculant would prefer. :P23:24
knomeit's probably the last thing our users use for organizing23:24
slickymasteradd it before pushing your MP knome 23:25
slickymastersorry krytarik 23:25
slickymasterdamn autocompletion23:25
krytarikknome: Otoh, I only dropped "Xubuntu" there. :P23:25
knomekrytarik, i know, but it felt better...23:26
knomeor maybe the title was bad to begin with23:26
krytarikHah, everything is always better with Xubuntu! :D23:26
krytarikslickymaster: Yeah, maybe just add an "a" there.23:27
slickymasterhmm why do you capitalized Testcases and went the other way around in guidelines, krytarik?23:28
knomeslickymaster, ffs, read the backlog?23:28
knomeslickymaster, i literally JUST asked him about that23:29
slickymastertoo tired23:29
krytarikknome: Oh, since you're referring to the branch root with what I just posted, and it's the intro to that list, we could as well not mention it again for the 'add' command.23:29
* knome slaps slickymaster 23:29
knomekrytarik, yeah, maybe :)23:29
krytarikDidn't notice it then, that is.23:29
knomei haven't been putting *too* much thought into any of it yet, tbh23:30
knomemy intention has just been to increase the amount of content (well, with useful subjects)23:30
* slickymaster is way to tired to reab the backlog and is simpler if krytarik just answers23:30
slickymaster* read23:30
krytarikslickymaster: In short, different chapters, different consistency. :P23:31
krytarikDidn't want to change unnecessarily much, that is.23:31
knomekrytarik, ultimately, shouldn't all chapters have the same rules/consistency?23:31
krytarikYeah, but ↑. :P23:32
slickymasteralso krytarik, "...about required testing, Testers..."23:32
knomei know, but it has to be done at some point :P23:32
krytarikI mean, it also looks rather weird with some headers.23:32
slickymasteris that intentional? I mean the capitalized T in testers23:32
krytarikParticularly the longer ones.23:32
krytarikslickymaster: Yes, referring to a group there.23:33
knomewe have "Xubuntu Developers" group too, but we aren't talking about Developers23:34
knome(if we're going this nitpicky road)23:35
krytarikknome: "When you have worked on a branch and want to push your changes to a branch, do the following in the branch root:" - heh, there is no "branch" duplication *at all* there! :P23:35
knomeWhen you have worked on your changes and want push them to a remote branch, do the following on the local branch root:23:36
knomehello bluesabre 23:36
bluesabrewhats up knome, krytarik ?23:36
krytarikYep, similar thought. :D23:37
slickymasteron my end I don't object to krytarik's wording23:37
slickymasterhey bluesabre 23:37
bluesabreooh and slickymaster 23:37
slickymasterthat is to mean that I'm fine with his chnages23:38
krytarik"Testers will get regular contact from us, but we should only, in general, call on Users at later stages." - particularly, it's also used to differentiate there.23:38
knomei would personally lowercase all mentions of Testers, Developers or whatever, even if they are referring to a group, as long as they make sense in lowercase23:38
knomeeg. if we had a group called "Xubuntu Bulldozers", saying "bulldozers" would not make sense because it wouldn't be obvious if we were referring to the group or the machine :P23:38
bluesabreproper nouns23:39
bluesabreXubuntu Testers != Xubuntu testers23:39
knomekrytarik, in the case you mentioned, it might be better to open it up23:39
knomebluesabre, did you see my comment about Developers/developers before?23:39
bluesabreI see the one just above, yes23:39
krytarikslickymaster: Well, I've just gone with "should keep an eye on testing reports" - between the two. :P23:47
krytarik+ now23:47

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