jack-the-ripperSo im thinking of switching from lubuntu to xubuntu, but i only have 2gbs of ram, is that sufficent enough?00:25
knomexubuntu can definitely run with 2GB ram00:25
Unit193Basically yes, though depending on what applications you use.00:26
Unit193(I have it on something with only 1G, not exactly the most friendly with FF but functional.)00:26
knomesame with lubuntu though...00:26
jack-the-ripperAlright, and is the 64bit version a smart choice or should i use the 32bit?00:27
knomedepends on your CPU architecture00:27
Unit193Right, though with something like Unity, the desktop is going to take up such that running additional stuff might well be fun.00:27
jack-the-ripperI can run 64bit00:27
jack-the-ripperI'm just wondering if running 64 will use more ram or not00:29
knomeyou should pick 64bit if you can run it00:30
jack-the-ripperAlright, thanks00:30
steve_hi, im trying to get my network manager plugin onto my panel01:29
dougbbI've been having some serious problems with my system "locking up" after it's been idle for a while .... the screen goes dark, backlight is on, but it won't "come back"05:47
dougbbI tried replacing light-locker with xscreensaver, no change05:47
dougbbin order to boot today at all I had to go back to the previous kernel05:48
dougbbany ideas?05:48
Casper-Hey guys, does anyone know how to turn off the 'corner-tiling' in XFCE 4.12?05:52
Casper-And just have the old regular 50% tiling?05:52
xubuntu43wwhere is the bug tracker?07:28
flocculantwhich one?07:29
xubuntu43wok, found link here: http://xubuntu.org/dev/07:29
xubuntu43wbut links to the wrong place07:30
xubuntu43wto report issues with current installer07:30
flocculantright at the top it has a section 'Find a bug'07:32
xubuntu43wis this also for xubuntu?07:33
flocculantyes - xubuntu is at the bottom07:33
xubuntu43wI'm installing Xubuntu and run into bug: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/partman-ext3/+bug/136195107:46
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1361951 in partman-ext3 (Ubuntu) "mke2fs asks for input when formatting over a partition table" [Medium,Fix released]07:46
xubuntu43wThis is not mentioned in release notes07:46
xubuntu43wand btw, installer doesn't link to release notes but to some nonexistent wiki page07:47
flocculantthat wouldn't be on ours - if ubuntu thought it important enough they'd put it on their one - which they didn't07:47
flocculantnot sure I understand what link you're talking about there07:48
xubuntu43wthe link in the first dialog of the installer07:48
xubuntu43wit means that some of us cannot install on existent ext4 partition, the installer just hangs, no error provided...07:50
flocculantxubuntu43w: here it links to a list of releases07:50
xubuntu43wyou mean this? https://wiki.ubuntu.com/WilyWerewolf/ReleaseNotes/Xubuntu07:51
flocculantor rather - those are our notes yes :)07:51
flocculantxubuntu43w: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/partman-ext3/+bug/1361951/comments/3907:52
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1361951 in partman-ext3 (Ubuntu) "mke2fs asks for input when formatting over a partition table" [Medium,Fix released]07:52
flocculantseems to be a work round07:52
xubuntu43wshouldn't be linking to http://xubuntu.org/news/xubuntu-15-10-release/ ?07:52
xubuntu43wyeah, there is a workaround07:52
xubuntu43wif you sort of figure out what's going on07:53
flocculantxubuntu43w: the installer would only ever link to https://wiki.ubuntu.com/WilyWerewolf/ReleaseNotes07:53
xubuntu43wsorry, this one: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/WilyWerewolf/FinalRelease/Xubuntu07:55
xubuntu43wthe "Final" is missing in the installer link07:55
flocculantupdated the release notes07:56
flocculantxubuntu43w: the main installer will only ever point at the main Ubuntu release notes not ours07:57
flocculantyou can ubuntu-bug ubiquity and report the notes link wrong, I'll confirm it07:59
xubuntu43wflocculant: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/ubiquity/+bug/151776908:06
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1517769 in ubiquity (Ubuntu) "Xubuntu installer links to wrong release notes page" [Undecided,New]08:06
flocculantxubuntu43w: thanks :)08:08
xubuntu43wto you :)08:09
xubuntu43wI've also run into this: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/thunar/+bug/107844508:09
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1078445 in thunar (Ubuntu) "Xubuntu install fail due partition auto mount defeats Gparted " [Undecided,Confirmed]08:09
xubuntu43wnot exactly, but I had to disable automount in thunar08:09
xubuntu43wfor me it would be more sensible to have it disabled by default in livecd08:10
flocculantxubuntu43w: I was wrong - the fix for the note bug should be easy enough08:12
xubuntu43wit seems to...08:13
flocculantI remember seeing that automount issue a while back - not seen it recently08:13
xubuntu43wit's not automounting when you just boot08:13
flocculantxubuntu43w: I know what's up there with the notes bug08:14
xubuntu43wbut if you modify partitions, new partitions automount, and everything else in that volume08:14
flocculantxubuntu43w: yea I understand - not something that we can fix though - note it on the bug08:15
xubuntu43wI've disabled the settings for "mount removable *" in Volume Management configuration, in Thunar, and that solved it08:17
xubuntu43wthose can be off by default in live, right?08:18
flocculantI've got to bow out now - you caught me before getting ready for work :)08:20
xubuntu43wflocculant: have a nice day, thanks08:20
flocculantxubuntu43w: for what it's worth the release note bug is now Fix Released08:23
xubuntu253hi wonder if anyone can answer a question re existing install and a new pc. I have xubuntu installed and configured the way i want it on a machine with an athlon dual core processor. I have been given a pentium dual core machine - could i swap the hard disk from the old machine to the new machine and keep all my settings or would i have to do a fresh install and reconfigure everything from there?11:35
cfhowlettxubuntu253, sanest/surest option would be to fresh install11:37
xubuntu253i figured that would be the cleanest and best solution - was just hoping to avoid reinstalling and reconfiguring all the software that i had added. I dont suppsoe that there is any tool like the xp files and settings transfer wizard available?11:39
cfhowlettxubuntu253, well you can certainly dpkg -l all your currently installed packages.  then sudo dpkg -k <packagelist> on the new machine11:40
cfhowlettdpkg -i11:41
knomecfhowlett, fwiw, using the same HDD should work; only problem might be some drivers on boot, but it's definitely fixable12:13
knomecfhowlett, and you could also copy most of the configuration from /home over anyway12:14
knome(that's what i do)12:14
cfhowlettknome makes sense.12:14
flocculantI've done similar - prior to moving the drive I've made sure I had no prop driver(s) enabled12:50
xubuntu908i never use xubuntu and ı want try today13:13
xubuntu908but wtf ı dont understand anything13:13
cfhowlettxubuntu908, 1.  drop the profanity.13:17
cfhowlett2. did you install xubuntu.13:17
JesusSavesMeI have problem in xubuntu, i cant regulate laptop backlight15:41
JesusSavesMeUsing Xubuntu 14.04 LTS. HP compaq 6715s laptop! Kernel 3.19.15:42
JohnnyComeL8lyHello, sir, I'll help where I can, but I'm gonna have to say that I don't know much about laptops/backlights.15:42
JohnnyComeL8lyHere's a link which might shed light upon the subject: http://askubuntu.com/questions/517409/xubuntu-backlit-keyboard-not-working-on-14-0415:45
JesusSavesMei still cant change screen brightness.16:11
mrkrampsJesusSavesMe, desktop pc? laptop? which graphics card?16:15
JesusSavesMeThis works: sudo tee /sys/class/backlight/acpi_video0/brightness <<< 516:16
JesusSavesMeBut Fn + brithness keys doesnt work16:16
JesusSavesMemrkramps, yes16:16
mrkrampsJesusSavesMe, os it is a pretty old card?16:16
JesusSavesMeati x125016:17
mrkrampsah, ok … just wanted this to be sure16:17
mrkrampsJesusSavesMe, indicates you'Are using the free radeon driver16:17
JesusSavesMecant even use proprietary16:18
mrkrampswhat is the exact laptop type16:18
JesusSavesMeHP COMPAQ 6715S16:19
JesusSavesMefn + brightness doesnt respond16:19
mrkrampsJesusSavesMe, does the brightness üanel plugin work?16:20
mrkramps*panel plugin16:21
JesusSavesMeI dont have it i think?16:21
JesusSavesMefresh Xubuntu install16:21
JesusSavesMe3.19 kernel16:21
JesusSavesMeok i installed power manager plugins16:22
JohnnyComeL8lyJesusSavesMe, did you install Xubuntu 15.10?16:24
JesusSavesMeXubuntu 14.0416:24
JesusSavesMeAs i said16:24
JohnnyComeL8lyI just thought you maybe got another version....16:24
JesusSavesMeI installed Power manager brightness plugin and it works16:24
JesusSavesMeBut Fn + Brightness shortcut doesnt work16:24
JohnnyComeL8lyOk, then go to your shortcuts panel.16:25
JesusSavesMeI cant install new version my laptop crashes with ( kernel > kernel 3.19) crash16:25
JohnnyComeL8lyAnd make shortcuts for that.16:25
JesusSavesMeI need Fn + brightness keys16:25
JesusSavesMeAh ok16:25
JesusSavesMecant find it16:27
mrkrampsJesusSavesMe, you can try some bootoptions16:27
JesusSavesMewhich ones?16:28
mrkrampsmy first suggestion would be to gib 'acpi_osi="Linux"' a try16:28
mrkramps--gib ++give16:28
JohnnyComeL8lymrkramps, is that to fix his "any version greater than kernel 3.19 crashes"?16:31
mrkrampsJohnnyComeL8ly, no16:31
JohnnyComeL8lyI'm just trying to follow along, sorry.16:31
mrkrampsJohnnyComeL8ly, if you want to get more information on your kernel issues read through syslog and search for the errors16:32
JohnnyComeL8lymrkramps, Ok, I'll try to remember that for when I need it.  JesusSavesMe is the needy one right now though.16:34
JesusSavesMewhere is syslog/16:34
mrkrampsJesusSavesMe, /var/log/syslog reps. sylog.1 and so on16:35
JohnnyComeL8lyYes, I was gonna say that... had to check first.16:35
JesusSavesMemrkramps, but i crash before boot16:38
JesusSavesMeduring boot16:38
JesusSavesMeok i restart16:38
JohnnyComeL8lymrkramps, I wish I were able to help him locally.16:40
mrkrampsJohnnyComeL8ly, locally you in general do not help people, but just fix their problems right away16:43
JesusSavesMemaybe i should install older kernel16:43
JesusSavesMebacklight works16:46
JohnnyComeL8lymrkramps, you are right... good thing to keep in mind.16:46
JesusSavesMebut how to make shortcut keys work/16:46
JohnnyComeL8lyUse the keyboard shortcuts app.16:46
JohnnyComeL8lyJesusSavesMe, use  xfce4-keyboard-settings  Paste that into a terminal.16:48
JesusSavesMemaybe i need debug keyboard hotkeys16:49
JohnnyComeL8lyThen go to the Application Shortcuts tab and add one.16:50
JohnnyComeL8lyOne that does what you want, that is.16:50
mrkrampsJesusSavesMe, you may check if the Fn key combination is recognized by 'xev'16:51
JesusSavesMeok i checked it16:51
JesusSavesMe got black box16:52
JesusSavesMeFn keys work16:52
JesusSavesMeonly Fn + brightness  doesnt work16:53
JesusSavesMeBut i can change brightness with power manager plugin16:53
JohnnyComeL8lyJesusSavesMe, do what mrkramps suggested.16:53
JohnnyComeL8lymrkramps and JesusSavesMe, what of this https://wiki.edubuntu.org/LaptopTestingTeam/Old/HPCompaq6715s16:54
mrkrampsok, you can of course try this boot option as well16:55
JohnnyComeL8lymrkramps, I don't have a /boot/grub/menu.lst  I'm not sure that he does either.  Is that going to go into another file?16:56
mrkrampsinformation is pretty outdated, but the bug mentioned does not seem to be fixed yet16:56
mrkrampsJohnnyComeL8ly, edit /etc/default/grub and then update the boot loader 'sudo update-grub'16:57
JesusSavesMebut is it allowed to edit grub there?16:57
mrkrampsit is the common way of adding boot options permanentely16:58
JesusSavesMewhat about "DO NOT EDIT THIS FILE" ?16:58
mrkrampsthere's no such line in my /etc/default/grub16:58
JohnnyComeL8lyThat must be from /boot/grub/grub.cfg16:59
mrkrampsand that is the WRONG file16:59
JesusSavesMeah ok16:59
JesusSavesMeso what lines should i add?16:59
mrkrampsreplace: GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX_DEFAULT="quiet splash"17:00
mrkrampswith: GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX_DEFAULT="quiet splash noapic"17:00
JesusSavesMeyou suggest disabling apci?17:01
JohnnyComeL8lyI'm glad you knew... I was only guessing (I've pickled myself over stuff like this - had to reinstall: but that was because I didn't follow a HOWTO....)17:01
mrkrampsacutally i recommend to diable auto detection of APIC17:02
mrkramps_not_ ACPI17:02
mrkrampsand there nothing like APCI ;)17:02
JesusSavesMewhatever :P17:03
JohnnyComeL8lyAcronyms have meaning.... :-D17:04
JohnnyComeL8lySo, do what mrkramps said and then reboot!17:04
mrkrampsand do not forget to update the boot loader afterwards17:05
JesusSavesMei cant boot into 3.19-33 kernel17:07
JesusSavesMebut 3.19-25 works17:07
JesusSavesMeok i restart17:07
JesusSavesMedidnt help17:09
mrkrampsJesusSavesMe, did not help with kernel or with fn keys?17:11
JohnnyComeL8lyOk, did you do 'sudo update-grub' after editing /etc/default/grub to change that line that mrkramps mentioned?17:11
JohnnyComeL8lyJesusSavesMe, so you can use 3.19-33 now?17:12
JohnnyComeL8lyOk, did you use 'xev' to see if Fn is recognized?17:16
JohnnyComeL8lyJesusSavesMe /\/\/\17:17
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xbnthello everyone, i just installed xubuntu. I am newer to linux, not totally new :). Well i used ubuntu software center to install docky and the installation stopped at 90%. I tried everything but couldnt fix it. The terminal says "sudo dpkg --configure -a" to fix it manualy, but it gets into a loop. I tried a restart it didnt work. Can some1 help me plz18:03
evandrojrTry compiling docky18:08
JohnnyComeL8lyxbnt, 'dpkg-query -s docky'18:08
xbntplz understand that i am new to linux. So i should run "dpkg-query -s docky" in terminal?18:09
JohnnyComeL8lyYes, sir.18:09
xbntok, will try :D18:09
xbntit says that docky is not installed, as i said it got stuck at 90%18:10
JohnnyComeL8lywell then, 'sudo apt-get -f'18:11
JohnnyComeL8lyxbnt: ^^^18:11
JohnnyComeL8lyxbnt, sorry 'sudo apt-get install -f'18:13
xbntit says again that dpkg was manualy canceled and tat i should use sudo dpkg --configure -a18:14
xbnti used sudo dpkg --configure -a and now i get :   Installing 1 assembly from libdbus2.0-cil into Mono    || Warning: Degraded allocation.  Consider increasing nursery-size if the warning persists.18:17
xbntO.O somehow it is fixed lol XD18:18
xbntwell thx for help xD18:18
xubuntu90iHey. I tried to uninstall thunderbird today. I didn't need it. Turns out a lot of stuff was uninstalled. Like gnome-terminal and xfce. Reinstalling from scratch now. But is this really what is suppose to happen when you uninstall thunderbird?18:52
Unit193How exactly did you try to uninstall?  I've removed it as I don't use nor need it.18:53
xubuntu90iI used the Ubuntu Software Center, and just clicked "Remove". I did get a warning that a lot of packages (that seemed important) would be removed also. But I didn't believe that it could do any harm so I clicked yes18:54
xubuntu90iBut it did some harm... :)18:55
xubuntu90iIt was a pretty fresh Xubuntu 15.10 install. Just a couple of days old. Soon done with the reinstallation now, so I'm soon back in buisness.  But just found it peculiar, so I thought I'd mention it here.18:58
flocculantusc told me it was going to remove lang pack only with it18:59
JohnnyComeL8lyUnit193, maybe you should state the "proper" method of package removal.19:01
xubuntu90iHmmm. strange. I'll test my new installation now to see if I get the same warning19:01
xubuntu90iwhat is the "proper" way?19:01
flocculantJohnnyComeL8ly: any of them should work19:01
Unit193JohnnyComeL8ly: There's not one canonical way.19:02
JesusSavesMeGOD BLESS YOU!19:06
JohnnyComeL8lyHello, JesusSavesMe, God bless you too. (I'm sincere here.)19:07
knomeJesusSavesMe, do you have a support question?19:07
xubuntu10Turns out it was the "Mail Reader" that gave me the problems19:07
JesusSavesMeknome, no19:07
xubuntu10Not thunderbird19:08
Unit193xubuntu10: That's exo, so yep!19:08
knomeJesusSavesMe, we have #xubuntu-offtopic for general chatter if you are looking for that.19:08
xubuntu10Unit193: What's exo?19:08
xubuntu10(sorry for switching nickname btw. couldn't remember what I had before I logged out a minute ago)19:09
knomexubuntu10, that's ok, seasoned support people will catch that.19:10
mrkrampsxubuntu10, actually the "Mail Reader" is just a generic starter for your preferred mail reader19:12
mrkrampsby default it is thunderbird ;)19:12
mrkrampsxubuntu10, for exo read about it here http://docs.xfce.org/xfce/exo/start19:13
xubuntu10mrkramps: Thanks!19:13
xubuntu10It's pretty cool that there is a support channel for Xubuntu! I just randomly stumbled across this19:14
mrkrampsyeah, you'll find quite some support channels for projekt "you name it" on IRC19:14
JesusSavesMeWhy i cant install older kernel?19:15
JesusSavesMeIt says dependency not satisfiable19:15
egggshello all23:44
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