leeuwenrjjHi, I have a simple question but I cannot find it anywhere in the docs: How can I set the security repositories through cloud-init? apt_mirror for the mirror works fine but I cannot find the setting for the security repo's (ubuntu)08:30
zero_shanehi all - I have a question on cloud-init, used in conjunction with the Ubuntu "vmbuilder" tool - everything is working perfectly for me - **except** the default config for /etc/cloud/cloud.cfg.d/90_dpkg.cfg (datasource_list) wires in a bunch of datasources that causes a LONG delay on initial boot of my VMs20:45
zero_shaneI change it afterwards - to remove all datasources I don't need - but it takes a long time before my initial VM comes up and is configured20:46
zero_shaneare there any pointers on how to force cloud-init configuration on *initial* package install to wire the datasoures - in an automated way - since this is not a "human involved" install process (eg the configure step in the packaging)20:47
smoserzero_shane, you can preseed that.22:02
smoserthe key is cloud-init/datasources22:02
smoserits preseed like any other preseed is done.22:02
zero_shanesmoser: thx for reply - in conf. call right now - will look at that in a short bit22:03
zero_shanesmoser - I'm not seeing how I'd pass in a preseed to the vmbuilder build process?  I see the default /etc/vmbuilder/*/*.tmpl template files ....23:29
zero_shaneand can make changes there ... also (re)read through the docu I can find (https://help.ubuntu.com/12.04/serverguide/jeos-and-vmbuilder.html) but haven't found specifics on overrideing anything outside of those existing template files23:30
zero_shaneI suppose I could *NOT* define cloud-init as a build-time package insall, and do that as a post-build task, then override the config, thus avoiding the 15 minute delay waiting on initial boot23:31
zero_shanebut it'd be nice to figure out how to override this via vmbuilder directly23:32

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