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davecheneythumper: // InitializeFromConfig needs to be called once after the environment00:26
davecheneyfunc InitializeFromConfig(config PreferIPv6Getter) { globalPreferIPv6 = config.PreferIPv6() logger.Infof("setting prefer-ipv6 to %v", globalPreferIPv6)00:26
davecheneythis method does not do what it's comment says00:26
davecheneyit initalises nothing00:26
davecheneyunless it's a side effect of calling config.PreferIPv600:26
thumperdavecheney: it sets the global variable00:27
thumperglobalPreferIPv6 = config.PreferIPv6()00:27
davecheneyoh fuck00:28
davecheneywelp, there's another data race00:28
davecheneyreally ?00:30
perrito666davecheney: can we call you "the prolific dave cheney" from now on?00:35
perrito666http://features.slashdot.org/story/15/11/18/1748247/interviews-alan-donovan-and-brian-kernighan-answer-your-questions <-- for those who have not seen it, dave is featured in a Q&A by D&K00:36
davecheneyi have to be honest00:40
davecheneyi never read that post00:40
davecheneyit was full of toxic slashdotters00:40
davecheneymaybe I should try again00:40
perrito666Nothing new but you are named as a proposer of the solution to version handling in go pks00:42
perrito666The rest of the questions are same old ones00:43
davecheneyi should *definitely* read that then :)00:43
wwitzel3how often does the upgrade watcher cycle?00:44
thumperdavecheney: I want to change s/Opener/APIOpener/ back, as envcmd.Opener doesn't really describe it, but envcmd.APIOpener does a bit more00:52
thumperdavecheney: can you live with that?00:52
davecheneythumper: sure00:53
* thumper move back to sitting deck00:54
axwwallyworld_: I'm back, free to chat whenever you're ready01:12
wallyworld_axw: ok, i have another meeting in 15 and need to do some other stuff also so best to wait to our schedule time01:13
axwwallyworld_: nps01:13
davecheneythumper: menn0 https://github.com/juju/juju/pull/378502:36
thumperdavecheney: shipit02:45
cheryljhey menn0, are you going to make the change to TestFilesystemInfo?  or are you still waiting on input from mwhudson?03:06
davecheneythumper: menn0 http://juju-ci.vapour.ws:8080/job/github-merge-juju/5520/console03:18
davecheneyhere is a great example of why always using etsting.BaseSuite is a bad idea03:18
davecheneyin this case the test has failed because testing.Base suite also sets up some networking crap03:19
davecheneyeven though the test is just checking did something get written to the log at trace level03:19
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natefinchit boggles my mind that we have tests that depend on the log output.03:20
mgzit makes sense to tese your logging isn't crap03:21
mgzit doesn't make sense to do that at a functional test03:21
natefinchthere are some very specific circumstances where you would want to unit test some logging, I can understand that.   But it should be the exception rather than the rule.... and we have a ton of tests that'll fail if you disable logging (I know, I tried it back when I tried to make our failed test output not so horrific)03:24
davecheneycompletely bonkers03:26
natefinchwe have a bad habit in juju tests of testing crap we really don't actually care about, so our tests are brittle, and break for ridiculous reasons, like fixing typos03:27
davecheneyfor example03:28
davecheneywe have a method to set a global singleton to true, or false03:28
davecheneyand a third method that set it to false, but doens't log that's done anything03:28
davecheneyda fuq03:28
davecheneyand tests that rely on this behaviour03:29
davecheneywhile i'm having a rant03:32
davecheneyi'm really pissed that all the test break if you don't have LXD installed03:32
davecheneyand not in a03:32
davecheneyc.FailNow("You don't have LCD installed")03:32
* natefinch hangs head.03:32
davecheneythey fail because something in the guts of the code the test is calling is shelling out to /usr/bin/lxd03:33
davecheneyand trying to parse the output03:33
davecheneyreally shit03:33
natefinchSorry, yeah, we should fix that.03:33
natefinchI'll file a bug for it.  Just didn't think of it, since we'd all installed LXD in order to be hacking on it.03:34
davecheneyi already logged a bug about the lxd provisioner failing horribly whne lxd is not installed03:35
davecheneynatefinch: open question: how did this pass in CI ?03:35
natefinch/ +build go1.303:35
natefinchthe lxd library uses some tsl function that's only in go 1.3+03:36
natefinchso the answer is... the tests don't get run in go 1.2... I don't know what happens on the wily build machine03:36
natefincheric and wayne were handling most of that03:37
natefinch(and wily is still non-voting due to go 1.5 problems)03:37
davecheneynatefinch: that means the tests are not being run by the landing bot03:38
natefinchdavecheney: yes03:39
natefinchindeed.   We all wear these now: https://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/0287/4374/products/DSC_8422_1024x1024.jpg?v=141100433703:39
cheryljnatefinch: should we buy those for the sprint?03:40
davecheneyi'll have one in large thanks03:40
davecheneymake mine extra black03:40
davecheneylike my soul03:40
cheryljdavecheney is so emo03:40
davecheneypain, etc03:40
natefinchalso, this makes me so very sad:03:42
natefinch/home/nate/src/github.com/juju/juju$ grep -r "ErrorMatches" . | wc -l03:42
natefinchare there 2800 places where we care what the (more or less) exact error message is?  I doubt it.03:43
davecheneymake that two jumpers03:44
natefinchdoes anyone even look at the bugs filed on charms?03:49
natefinchthe wordpress charm is fundamentally broken for people who actually want to like, you know, use wordpress (not just show the login screen).  I reported a bug about it 2 months ago and the bug hasn't even been triaged.03:51
mupBug #1491995: Can't upload files to wordpress <wordpress (Juju Charms Collection):New> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/1491995>03:52
mupBug #1488523 changed: Azure provider attempts to reuse dying vnet <azure-provider> <bootstrap> <ci> <destroy-environment> <reliability> <repeatability> <juju-core:Won't Fix> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/1488523>07:07
mupBug #1494002 changed: azure deployment failure with mem constraints <azure-provider> <constraints> <deploy> <juju-core:Won't Fix> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/1494002>07:07
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voidspacedimitern: stdup?10:01
dimiternvoidspace, omw, 2m10:02
voidspacefrobware: https://github.com/juju/juju/pull/3788/files10:30
voidspacedimitern: https://github.com/juju/juju/pull/3788/files10:30
voidspacefrobware: I do have test failures on that rebase branch but they're "weird"10:42
voidspacefrobware: can you run tests on that branch please10:43
frobwarevoidspace, yep10:43
voidspacefrobware: all tests are passing so far on maas-spaces (as is) for me, so new failures are probably genuine :-/10:54
voidspacemight be worth you re-trying the rebase locally and seeing if you get the same result10:54
frobwarevoidspace, that's what I was initially doing.10:59
voidspacemaas-spaces is all pass for me11:02
voidspacetrying master now11:03
frobwarevoidspace, I rebased maas-spaces against master; make check works for me too11:12
voidspacefrobware: I'm getting test failures on master - at least some lxd related11:14
voidspaceso that maybe the problem11:14
frobwarevoidspace, scrolling back through the chat there is mention of tests failing & (lack of) lxd installation11:15
frobwarevoidspace, but given our rebase attempt they should fail in the maas-spaces branch as well... ?11:16
voidspacecontainer_initialisation_test.go fails on master for me too11:16
voidspaceas far as I can see the tests that fail on the rebase fail on master for me too11:16
voidspaceso should be ok11:17
voidspaceother than tests failing on master being a problem!11:17
voidspaceI'm installing lxd...11:17
frobwarevoidspace, master is OK for me. I don't have lxd installed.11:25
voidspacefrobware: I'm on wily, I wonder if that's it11:49
voidspaceinstalling lxd doesn't make a difference11:49
voidspacefrobware: so do tests pass for you on my rebase branch?11:56
voidspaceif so I'll merge it11:56
frobwarevoidspace, let me try your branch11:57
frobwarevoidspace, ah. so wily will be go-1.5.12:01
voidspacefrobware: no, I'm using go 1.3.312:02
voidspaceI thought lxd provider required go 1.512:02
voidspacehmmm, it used to - maybe that changed12:02
voidspaceit all builds ok without 1.512:02
frobwareI have a wily plaground and `apt-get install golang-go' gives me 1.5. Are you building or using your own go build?12:03
voidspacefrobware: yes :-)12:04
voidspacedimitern: frobware: so some of my failing tests on *my WIP branch* (not the rebase branch) were because with the addition of Spaces to NetworkingEnviron the dummy provider was no longer "supporting networking"12:12
voidspacedimitern: frobware: so that's an easy fix12:12
voidspacethank goodness12:12
dimiternvoidspace, alright!12:12
dimiternvoidspace, nice :)12:13
fwereadegoddammit just as I am properly getting into something I have to go out for a while -- back this evening13:41
perrito666does anyone know if a maas can be done whith storage from a nas instead of having each machine have storage?14:39
mahtI am maas newbie, but I guess you would need to create a custom image that use the NAS as remote filesystem14:56
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mupBug #1518347 opened: LXD tests require LXD, but there's no friendly "you don't have LXD" error message <juju-core:New> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/1518347>15:14
mupBug #1518347 changed: LXD tests require LXD, but there's no friendly "you don't have LXD" error message <juju-core:New> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/1518347>15:20
mupBug #1518347 opened: LXD tests require LXD, but there's no friendly "you don't have LXD" error message <juju-core:New> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/1518347>15:23
mupBug #1518347 changed: LXD tests require LXD, but there's no friendly "you don't have LXD" error message <juju-core:New> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/1518347>15:26
voidspaceI have lxd installed, but get lots of test failures "can't connect to the local LXD server"15:43
voidspace(permission denied)15:43
natefinchvoidspace: weird. we're in a meeting now.  what series are you on?15:52
frobwarevoidspace, you still about? did we rebase?16:03
lazypowero/ - can someone lend a hand in clueing me in as to the purpose/case for JUJU_ACTION_TAG is?16:37
lazypowerit appers to be a copy of JUJU_ACTION_UUID with the word "action" prepended, and thats the only discernable difference16:37
fwereadelazypower, um, don't use it17:57
fwereadelazypower, we probably never should have exposed it17:57
fwereadelazypower, tags are meant to be homogeneous ids for the api layer17:57
voidspacenatefinch: I'm on wily18:02
voidspacefrobware: I didn't merge - I don't get a clean test run on master so it's not easy to tell if the merge works18:03
frobwarevoidspace, ack18:03
frobwarevoidspace, upstream/maas-spaces rebased seem to be OK though.18:06
voidspacefrobware: did you try my branch?18:12
voidspacefrobware: if tests pass on that I'll merge it18:12
voidspacefrobware: https://github.com/juju/juju/pull/378818:12
frobwarevoidspace, well they did about 10am... :)18:16
frobwarevoidspace, I need to EOD in a bit. If you don't need this until Monday I could double-check again and then merge.18:16
voidspacefrobware: hah, I was waiting for you to tell me you'd tried it...18:17
frobwarevoidspace, I did at 10am.18:17
voidspacefrobware: no hurry, Monday is ok18:17
voidspacefrobware: although I haven't touched that branch since, so if they passed then they'll pass now18:17
frobwarevoidspace, I subsequently noticed later in the day I was using go 1.5 for that build so I should try again with 1.2.18:18
voidspacefrobware: I think the CI bot will try with 1.218:18
voidspacefrobware: I've hit $$merge$$ anyway18:18
frobwaregood point18:18
voidspacenatefinch: I'm using wily but using go 1.318:18
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alexisbvoidspace, lxd needs at least 1.3, for the lxd provider juju builds with what is in wily 1.518:40
alexisbvoidspace, not sure if that helps18:41
natefinchgo 1.3 should work fine. I usually build with 1.4.2, just because it's the newest non-1.5 build (and the 1.5 builds are significantly slower).18:47
natefinchwonder if it's a wily thing18:47
voidspacealexisb: thanks, I have 1.318:51
voidspaceit builds fine but I have test failures18:51
alexisbvoidspace, related to this: https://bugs.launchpad.net/juju-core/+bug/151774818:52
mupBug #1517748: provider/lxd: test suite panics if lxd not installed <juju-core:Triaged> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/1517748>18:52
voidspacealexisb: see my comment on that bug18:52
alexisbaah I hadn't refreshed18:53
voidspacefrobware: test failures for that merge, hard to see if they're the same or related or spurious or what18:53
voidspacefrobware: http://juju-ci.vapour.ws:8080/job/github-merge-juju/5525/console18:53
katcovoidspace: we will be addressing that next week. are you sure you're on tip of master?18:53
voidspacekatco: I was a couple of hours ago...18:53
voidspacekatco: I have lxd installed and still have test failures though18:54
voidspacekatco: so not *entirely* sure it's the same bug18:54
katcovoidspace: is your user in the lxd group?18:54
voidspacekatco: yep18:55
voidspaceI gotta go, 7pm here and guests arriving18:55
voidspaceEOW, sorry18:55
katcovoidspace: np ty for input18:55
katcovoidspace: we'll get it fixed enxt week18:55
voidspacekatco: cool, thanks18:56
frobwarecherylj, I pretty sure I understand why the bond and juju-br0 don't work. Need to futz with our script a bit -18:56
cheryljfrobware: ah, good to hear!18:57
* frobware EOF -- that's End of Friday. :)18:57
rick_h_frobware: have fun!19:09
katconatefinch: hey you're going to make sure the min-version branch has a bless before you land it into master, correct?19:18
natefinchkatco: yeah, good point.  I'll move it into a feature branch so it can get CI'd.19:19
katconatefinch: k19:19
natefinchkatco: it's really not a hugely sweeping change by any stretch of the imagination, but I think it pays to be overly careful given the problems of the recent past.19:20
katconatefinch: not even a question of impact, it's just policy19:20
natefinchkatco: fair enough19:23
katconatefinch: talk to mgz or sinzui to see if you can get the next ci run to hit it19:36
mgznatefinch: I can push your branch into the juju namespace if you need that19:37
natefinchmgz: that would be very helpful19:46
natefinchmgz: it's the minver branch on github.com/natefinch/juju19:47
mgznatefinch: doing it19:50
mgznatefinch: you are in and up next20:06
natefinchmgz: thanks20:07
natefinchrogpeppe3: are you actually here?20:11
natefinchgah, I really hate it when people leave juju/juju in a state where it can't build against master of its dependent branches.  it means I have to fix the build before I can land anything20:35
natefinchwell, not getting juju min version in today it seems.21:48
katconatefinch: =/ b/c of the libs ?21:49
natefinchkatco: yeah.  I can land the stuff in charm.v6, but the stuff in master won't be able to go in without fixes first... axw has what might be the fixes on a personal branch, but they're slightly above trivial, so I wouldn't want to touch them without talking to him21:50
katconatefinch: makes sense. well at least you have ci building against your branch21:51
natefinchkatco: yeah, but I don't think I can make my branch compile for CI, even21:52
natefinchkatco: it works locally because I can hack things so that my commits are against an earlier version of charm.v6, but it can't be set up to run in Ci where it runs godeps21:54
katconatefinch: oh. doh.21:55
katconatefinch: well, once your fix to charm.v6 lands, you can patch your feature branch to use that version and run ci, yeah?21:55
natefinchkatco: this is the whole problem... landing the code in charm.v6 means landing after those breaking changes21:56
natefinchkatco: I fcan make it work locally because I can make a local branch off an earlier version of charm..v6 that excludes the breaking changes... but I can't create that kind of a branch in github.com/juju/charm21:57
natefinch(I mean, In theory an admin could, but it would be a heinous thing to do)21:57
natefinchI'll update my email to indicate that it's not just master but my feature branch that has this issue.21:58
katconatefinch: sorry, not sure i understand. you're landing some fixes in charm.v6, why couldn't you patch up your feature branch to be compatible with those changes?21:58
natefinchkatco: oh, I could. They're just slightly beyond trivial... so I wouldn't want to get my feature branch in a bad state if I mess up those fixes21:59
natefinchkatco: if I talk to andrew and confirm that I just need to cherry picky a couple commits, then yeah, I can do that.21:59
katconatefinch: oh i think i see.. you'd have to apply axw's changes to your feature branch and that is non trivial21:59
katconatefinch: can you rebase your feature branch to a blessed version of master?22:00
katconatefinch: at least then you've utilized your "dead time" and tested up to that point22:00
natefinchkatco: yes, but the problem is in charm.v6, so it would still be there.  The solution could be to make a feature branch in charm.v6 off the earlier blessed version22:01
katconatefinch: yeah, not a bad use of the "dead time". also looks like mgz just sent an email22:01
katconatefinch: might have some other stuff to fix up22:01
natefinchgah, yeah22:01
natefinchjust read it22:02
natefinchok, I'll work on that tonight.  Gotta run to make dinner now.22:02
katconatefinch: have a good thanksgiving22:02
natefinchkatco: you too!22:02
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fwereadehey, do we have a way of flagging long-running tests as not-for-normal-runs?22:08
perrito666fwereade: I believe we do22:17
fwereadeperrito666, do you happen to know what it might be?22:44
perrito666fwereade: nope, katco told me a gazillion times and I forgot a gazillion + 122:45
* fwereade glances hopefully at katco22:45
fwereade...although I've almost convinced myself that it's ok to patch just this once22:45
katcofwereade: o/ is this what you're looking for? https://github.com/juju/juju/blob/master/featuretests/package_test.go#L1522:46
fwereadekatco, I was wondering if there was something that'd work globally22:46
fwereadekatco, but I am being silly anyway22:47
katcofwereade: oh, no i don't think we've begun flagging certains tests as long or short yet22:47
fwereadekatco, cheers22:47
katcofwereade: happy friday to you :)22:48
fwereadekatco, and to you :)22:49
fwereadekatco, by the way, do you recall state/testing.NotifyWatcherC et al?22:49
katcofwereade: not at all... what is it?22:50
fwereadekatco, it's a test harness for a watcher22:50
fwereadekatco, was wondering, if you'd used it, whether you thought it was a sane interface22:50
katcofwereade: i haven't used it, sorry :(22:51
fwereadekatco, no worries :)22:51
katcofwereade: however, i do almost have a working charm that starts an emacs web server. so that must count for something.22:51
fwereadekatco, sweet :D22:51
katcofwereade: this is going to be such an unholy abomination. i love it.22:52
fwereadekatco, in principle, I heartily approve, but please be ready to pull the plug in case skynet22:53
katcofwereade: it's too late, dear william. it's already gotten to me.22:53
* fwereade welcomes our new robots overlords22:54
perrito666uh, robot overlords? sweet I could do with a break on all the thinking stuff22:56
katcoperrito666: i was very happy to see you still using emacs in your tweet :)22:57
* perrito666 is as close to burnout as one can be before being actually burnt22:57
perrito666katco: it totally stuck this time, Just need to get a bit more proficient, but I am on a good path22:57
katcoperrito666: good to hear22:57
katcoperrito666: the packaging system + use-package is a great combination22:58
perrito666I might use a couple of hours of my holidays to learn a few tricks more22:58
perrito666and perhaps tune it a little more22:58
katcoperrito666: this is a fun site: http://emacsrocks.com/22:59
perrito666I see you are not only working in new clients but also in retention :p22:59
perrito666my next conquest is to try to get a marker in the lines that are not git committed yet, which is a feature I miss a lot23:00
katcoperrito666: i must do as the master suggests.23:00
katcoperrito666: there might be something better, but a quick scan: https://github.com/nonsequitur/git-gutter-plus23:03
perrito666nice, actually I am going for something simpler, I am completely happy to use the command line for git :p23:04
perrito666I just want the +, ~ and - next to the line number23:05
perrito666Ill try all options I find :D23:05
katcoperrito666: i highly recommend magit as a better way to git23:05
perrito666uhh, sweet, new github design23:05
katcoperrito666: it's so nice. remind me to show you in dec. if you'd like23:06
perrito666katco: after years of git, I believe a better way to git is not to git at all :p23:06
perrito666katco: totally, I always dig learning new tools23:06
katcomagit makes so many things much simpler23:06
katcoi think any gui for git might23:06
katcobut it's nice that it's built into emacs23:06
perrito666katco: Ill be honest here, the only git guis that I liked where for OSX23:07
perrito666and iirc, commercial :p23:07
katcomagit might change your mind. it is really nice.23:08
perrito666git and diff displaying in general can benefit a lot from modern graphic paradigms23:08
perrito666but hey, in linux Ill take what I can get :p23:08
katcoperrito666: with magit, you have a file you need to merge, you cursor down over the file, hit e and you get a side-by-side with merged at the bottom23:09
katcored/green highlighting, etc.23:09
* perrito666 watches screenshots23:10
perrito666I really dig stuff like this https://deeperdesign.files.wordpress.com/2011/05/screen-shot-2011-05-27-at-12-59-14-pm.png23:11
katcoperrito666: here's what ediff looks like: http://www.tldp.org/LDP/LG/issue27/gx/marsden/ediff-merge.gif23:12
katcoperrito666: and then you hit a or b depending on which side you want merged23:12
perrito666is that motif?23:12
katcolol no idea23:12
katcothe bottom is the merged version23:13
perrito666blast from the past :p but hey, I have seen worse, ill give it a shot23:13
mupBug #1518480 opened: Invalid storage prevents machine removal <storage> <juju-core:Triaged> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/1518480>23:33
mupBug #1518482 opened: Invalid storage returned by storage-list causing charm breakage <storage> <juju-core:Triaged> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/1518482>23:33

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