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mattywevilnickveitch, ping?11:40
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jrwrencharmers: do you have history of charm tests? I suspect that mongodb tests/50_relate_ceilometer_test.py was once passing but that ceilometer charm changes and now it wouldn't pass. If I could pin a version the test would pass.15:51
lazypowerjrwren - the history of test runs that we have are on reports.vapour.ws15:52
jrwrenlazypower: thanks.15:52
jrwrenlazypower: do they go back in time any farther?15:53
lazypowernot that i'm aware of jrwren :(15:54
marcoceppijrwren: reports.vapour.ws should go back quite a ways15:54
jrwrenmarcoceppi: less than 20days15:54
marcoceppijrwren: that's quite a ways15:54
jrwrenno last successful mongodb run from any branch15:54
jrwreni need years :)15:55
jrwrenor rather, I need a last successful.15:55
jrwreni suppose I can estimate and bisect ceilometer versions15:55
jrwrenor rather, its environment specific16:28
lazypowerjrwren is it?16:29
jrwrenlazypower: yes. might be OK in local, its not ok in my env. tests run in many environments, right? I saw the matrix of azure, aws, local, etc on reports.vapour.ws16:34
jcastrocheck out marco guys ^^^18:27
bdxhey whats going on everyone? I'm looking at creating an icon for my puppet-agent charm https://code.launchpad.net/~jamesbeedy/charms/trusty/puppet-agent/trunk ...what I'm wondering, is, can I use the puppet logo in my charm icon? ...I'm guessing not, thought I would ask though. Thanks.19:22
bdxI guess I could just create an outline of the beaker19:24
bdxto represent puppet19:24
asanjar1kwmonroe: just for your info, these days STANDALONE means hdfs cluster lol lol lol20:45
marcoceppibdx: I don't see why not ;)21:44
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