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clivejositter: is there a way to ignore debian-revision-should-not-be-zero lintian errors on KCI?11:31
sitterIf is11:32
sitterIt is11:32
clivejocan it be implemented for xenial?11:33
sitterIt is11:33
bshahcan someone fix kdeclarative unstable packaging..? (it included new lib: calendersomething)11:35
lordievaderGood afternoon.11:57
BluesKajHey folks12:00
soee_kaos has 55.beta already http://kaosx.us/phpBB3/viewtopic.php?f=18&t=1233 :)14:00
shadeslayersoee_: We've had it for days?14:12
shadeslayervia KCI :P14:12
shadeslayerafterall KCI builds master and master became beta yesterday-ish14:13
shadeslayerplus all of us are travelling to Munich today, so I doubt we'll see any packages before Monday14:13
BluesKajsoee_, is 5.5 in the kubuntu-next/kde-next ppa?15:02
soee_BluesKaj: i don't know, sgclark maybe has some info15:03
BluesKajI've been searching , but no luck so far15:04
BluesKajsoee_, I won't bother her, she's probly on her way to Munich15:26
Riddell-munichclivejo: you started bumping some stuff to 5.16 but not everything?17:58
sgclarksoee_: BluesKaj: no sorry no 5.5 yet, I have been insanely busy and traveling last days.18:02
BluesKajok thanks sgclark, looks like it may have some interesting features18:04
tsimonq2win 4018:04
tsimonq2aww sorry18:05
genii ubottu: pastebin-#kubuntu is <reply> For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.kde.org | To post !screenshots use http://imgur.com/ !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.18:18
ubottupastebin-#kubuntu has been forgotten, use '!unforget pastebin-#kubuntu' to edit it again18:18
* genii smacks the bot18:18
geniiIt's changed now18:21
clivejoRiddell-munich: I bumped kdeclarive, then reeleased that nothing has been bumped :(18:43
clivejoshould I revert that?18:43
sgclarkclivejo: kdeclarative is tier2 or 3 and depends on everything below. It cannot be bumped like that by itself.19:17
sgclarkFrameworks is best run altogether.19:17
clivejosgclark: yes, I didnt realise until after that none of the frameworks have been done19:19
sgclarkyeah it turns out I cannot do everything. debian merges was the blocker.19:22
Riddell-munichclivejo: will you revert that?19:28
clivejothere is a commit since19:30
Riddell-munichclivejo: ok I'll sort it out19:30
soee_hmm few more wrds about IP policy http://news.softpedia.com/news/canonical-s-ip-policy-is-vague-for-a-reason-but-matthew-garrett-says-ubuntu-is-not-free-496496.shtml19:44
marco-parilloMark is certainly not helping the cause. Once upon a time the Trolltech license was free enough for use on Linux even though it failed the DFSG, and eventually Free Sofware won.19:51
clivejobad connection in Munich?19:58
yofelclivejo: not bad connection, more like dinner and now we're running off in search for beer20:22
clivejooh nice20:22
clivejono frameworks tonight then :P20:27
valorieoh good lord, I just tried the plasma-mediacenter we have in the archive to control our new smart TV21:45
valoriewe need to remove or update that piece of stuff21:45
valoriehorrible: it takes over the computer screen and there is no way to get out of it21:45
vpinonhello, I'm trying to setup a PPA for Kdenlive daily builds22:59
vpinondoes anyone have advice/scripts to generate packages from git snapshots?23:00
vpinonI guess at least Kubuntu-CI (Neon) people don't do everything by hand ;)23:00
vpinon(and Neon doesn't fit our needs: testers only want Kdenlive update, nothing  else)23:02
valorievpinon: probably23:14
valoriebut most of our devels are in Munich, probably drunk on Munich beer by this timeofday23:15
valorieplease send an email to Kubuntu-devel ML23:15
clivejolucky sods23:16
valorieyou could have gone!23:17
clivejoI wouldnt been any use there23:18
valoriesure you would23:18
valorielearning is worthwhile23:18
vpinonvalorie: thanks, I'll post there (and wish them good time):)23:33
vpinonbye for today23:34

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