DoyleHey. Is there a bug for the system freezing when the screen times out and locks? Also happens when ctrl+l is used.00:04
Doyleor is there a fix?00:05
bpromptscreen blacking out or locked and not coming back up from standby or sleep or whatever else, is usually a videocard driver issue00:13
bpromptyou could try checking the backports repositories for some update on them, or a newer one from the videocard chipset maker, or just trying an older driver00:14
excalibrCan someone who use 15.10 please make a screenshot of the Leave section in application launcher for me?00:16
excalibrawkward silence00:23
* bprompt drops a pin00:24
bpromptexcalibr:    I run 12.04 for one :)00:24
DoyleI see you like to live dangerously00:30
Doylethat's how you get poodles00:31
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bpromptdangereously?  nope, runs smooth :)00:50
FanfareQ: Where is automount gone in systemsettings?01:03
bpromptI'm on 12.04 and I don't even see it there01:09
mparilloexcalibr: Settle for 16.04? http://imgur.com/1krFglR01:12
excalibrmparillo, thank you. The old icons in the launcher actually look much better than the new ones which look just like bunch of fruits salad01:16
mparilloActually, I think I liked the Plasma 4 default theming best of all (though I still switch my cursor theme to Oxygen Yellow).01:22
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jubo2Hey y0 piippöls10:38
jubo2I've been following some instructions on how to make an USB stick that a Mac will boot but no luck10:39
jubo2I gonna install a 0.5TB disk to mi mum's old mac today and it is the perfect opportunity to install Kubuntu by side10:39
jubo2if someone has instructions that are known to work it'd be much appreciated10:39
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acidz1010hi guys11:19
Captain_HaddockThe systray system update indicator has a red/white cross in it. Does this mean that there are no updates available?11:51
Captain_Haddock(Even though my system is up to date, clicking the icon shows me 9 updates available.)11:51
hateballIt means that muon-updater is not very awesome11:52
Captain_HaddockI also now have two audio player icons in my systray. Clementine and a media player icon both reporting the same thing :|11:54
hateballyou could hide one11:55
Captain_Haddockhateball: I could. But it seems so pointless. Does Amarok not display a tray icon now or something?11:57
lordievaderGood afternoon.11:57
Captain_Haddock(pointless to have one, I meean)11:57
Captain_Haddock'afternoon lordievader11:57
hateballCaptain_Haddock: I do not know, I do not use a desktop music player11:57
lordievaderHey Captain_Haddock11:58
Captain_Haddockhateball: k11:58
BluesKajHey folks12:00
Captain_Haddockhiya BluesKaj12:01
Captain_HaddockAnyhow, I'm happy to see that activities/desktops now support individual wallpapers and such.12:01
BluesKajhi Captain_Haddock12:01
Captain_HaddockAny idea what else I can customise per activity/desktop?12:01
Captain_HaddockI would ideally like to change the appearance of each desktop's taskbar so I know for sure which desktop I am on.12:02
hateballyou could put a sticky note with a comment/number on each desktop12:02
hateballtho that wouldnt work so great if you fullscreen things I guess12:02
Captain_Haddockhateball: I won't see that until I minimise the application. (Anyway, I already have wallpapers specific to each desktop)12:03
Captain_HaddockAdding widgets to the taskbar appears to be common to all desktops.12:03
hateballisnt there a plasmoid for desktop/activity switching ?12:03
BluesKajI tried activities, but it's too clunky for my taste, still prefer the pager/VDs even tho the wallpapers are the same12:03
hateballthat one can add to the tray12:03
Captain_Haddockhateball: In 14.10, it was really tiny. But lemme try that again.12:04
Captain_Haddockhateball: Wee. There's an Activities "Bar" widget now, which is like a set of tab to move between activities.12:07
Captain_HaddockWhile it's really long now as the names for my activities are long, I'm happy to use abbreviations and shorten the length of the bar.12:08
Captain_HaddockCheers :)12:08
Captain_HaddockBluesKaj: I have the two of them linked. Activies and desktops.12:08
Captain_HaddockSingle letter activity names work great!12:10
Captain_HaddockOK, now the only really annoying issue remaining post-upgrade is systray icons for Wine apps.12:12
Captain_HaddockFor which I can apparently do nothing.12:12
hateballCaptain_Haddock: :)12:13
hateballI thought there was some manner of workaround for that, the icon thing12:13
hateballI am unaffected in my usage, so I havent read into it12:14
Captain_Haddockhateball: For the Skype icon, there's a 32-bit package that fixes it.12:14
hateballI use a browser, a terminal, and steam. That's about it12:14
BluesKajhmm konversation segfaulted12:14
Captain_HaddockFor Wine, apparently I have to wait. Someone mentioned an elaborate workaround for it, but I gave up. I'll wait.12:15
Captain_HaddockBluesKaj: Primary wine app usage for me is mirc :)12:15
* Captain_Haddock gave up on Konversation (and Quassel).12:15
BluesKajnot interested in mirc, Captain_Haddock , I'm testing 16.0412:16
Captain_Haddockhateball: :) Do you use Yakuake?12:16
BluesKajwhen mirc gets ported to linux then I might try it12:16
BluesKajyes yakuake is my main terminal12:17
hateballCaptain_Haddock: Nope, just a regular konsole12:17
hateballI prefer many terminals over a single tabbed one so I prefer it over yakuake12:18
hateballand I switch around the things using krunner12:18
Captain_HaddockBluesKaj: Cool. I would prefer the same, but Konversation and Quassel have too many niggles.12:18
Captain_Haddockhateball: aha12:18
Captain_HaddockBluesKaj: But most specifically, their notification/highlight features simply don't do what I want done.12:19
Captain_Haddockhateball: I asked about Yakuake since I thought that gamers might be partial to it :)12:19
BluesKajhighlight features that i need work well on konverstaion12:20
hateballCaptain_Haddock: Oh :) well I mostly use terminal stuff for work. at home a single terminal does what little I need done, run irssi etc12:20
Captain_HaddockBluesKaj: Cool12:20
Captain_HaddockWhat's going to be new in 16.04?12:21
* Captain_Haddock is going to upgrade to it when it comes out and stick with it for 2 years :|12:21
BluesKajnot much so far12:21
hateballI think you might be able to run all of plasma on wayland by then, with some luck and such12:22
hateballso that is pretty exciting !12:22
BluesKajit's actually worse after today's upgrades12:22
lordievaderUDC has ended, has it not?12:22
lordievaderErr, UDS.12:22
BluesKajwhich UDS ?12:23
Captain_HaddockIs a Wayland developer called a Waylander?12:24
BluesKajnope waylandev12:24
lordievaderThe one about 16.04? UDS = Ubuntu Developer Summit, conference about the future of Ubuntu. And thus in particular what needs to happen to 16.0412:25
Captain_HaddockBluesKaj :)12:26
lordievaderOh, it is a UOS nowadays. Which was November 5th till the 8th.12:27
BluesKajwell, it's definitely going to be a LTS so far12:27
BluesKajwhether there's going to be a 16.10 in Kubuntu's future remains to be seen12:29
StevenR_greetings! i'm somewhat a linux newb. is there a way to make kubuntu 14.04 lts look like (the pics of) 15.10?12:29
StevenR_or would it be easier to just reinstall and start with 15.10?12:30
StevenR_or upgrade?12:30
BluesKajinstall 15.1012:31
Captain_HaddockI'm not sure if you can upgrade directly to 15.10. You might have to go through 14.10 and 15.04.12:31
* Captain_Haddock recently upgraded from 14.10.12:31
BluesKajStevenR_, do you have separate / and /home partitions?12:32
StevenR_i believe they are seperate12:32
StevenR_is that default?12:32
StevenR_probably are the same then12:33
Captain_HaddockStevenR_: Anyhow, if you wait a few more months you'll be able to upgrade directly to 16.04.12:33
BluesKajthen a data backup and aclena install is your best bet12:33
Captain_HaddockElse you need to go through three upgrades :|12:33
BluesKaja clean install even12:33
StevenR_ok. thanks12:33
StevenR_i'll probably install 15.10 fresh12:34
StevenR_probably easier for me12:34
hateballStevenR_: If you're in a rush. Otherwise 16.04 will be more polished12:34
StevenR_i'm not patient12:34
hateballWell then :P12:34
Captain_HaddockBTW, wasn't there a partition manager applet in System Settings at some point?12:34
StevenR_got two linux partitions at the moment. i'll keep the lts kubuntu and install over ubuntu 15.1012:35
Captain_HaddockOr a mount point manager?12:36
Captain_HaddockStevenR_: Yeah, screw ubuntu :)12:36
BluesKajyou could just install kubuntu-desktop to your ubuntu install and choose your desktop at login12:37
Captain_HaddockBluesKaj: Fresh install over ubuntu.12:38
StevenR_how likely will installing kubuntu-desktop on ubuntu lead to 'issues'?12:39
StevenR_well nevermind i don't want to have to choose at login. i like autologin12:40
BluesKajStevenR_, that kubuntu-desktop install suggestion was directed to you12:40
Captain_HaddockHe'll still have to upgrade to 15.10 though, right?12:40
StevenR_i have a 15.10 ubuntu install12:40
BluesKajwell you have several options12:40
hateballStevenR_: You can still have autologin tho, just need to configure it in the login manager12:41
hateballIt doesnt have to be done at install-time12:41
StevenR_probably easier than installing all my software again... gonna give it a go. at the login manager meaning from inside kde? or at the login screen?12:42
hateballStevenR_: You will be able to edit sddm settings once logged in12:43
hateball(or in config files if one wants)12:43
StevenR_so there's a way with GUI?12:43
hateballiirc yes, am not on 15.10/sddm right now12:44
StevenR_another thing... i have a onboard intel 3000 something i think gpu in this laptop. there appears to be some sort of 'glitch' with kubuntu 14.04 that i never noticed on ubuntu 15.1012:55
StevenR_tearing maybe it's called12:55
StevenR_like stuff takes a minute to 'update'...12:55
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StevenR_might only be the chromium now that i think about it12:56
StevenR_was using vivaldi on ubuntu though and it's based on the same thing?12:56
BluesKaj i switched to chrome , it's embedded flash version is much better12:57
StevenR_i see12:57
StevenR_have to add a repo?12:57
BluesKajstill saves/syncs all your bookmarks /settings etc from chromium12:58
StevenR_cool maybe i'll give that a go12:58
BluesKajno just download the deb file from chrome's site and run the installer12:58
StevenR_k. then it updates itself?12:59
BluesKajit will add the ppa to to your sources.list.d file automatically13:00
BluesKajruns great13:00
hateballStevenR_: there is a bug with vsync + intel iirc. also make sure you set opengl renderer to 3.1 instead of 2.013:00
hateballBluesKaj: if you use pepperflashplugin-nonfree it *is* chrome, in chromium13:00
StevenR_hateball how might i do that?13:01
BluesKajhateball, no it's not the same13:01
StevenR_i never installed pepperflash yet on kubuntu13:01
hateballall it does is pull down chromes deb, rip out the .so file and then add to chromiums script13:01
StevenR_but i'm installing chrome13:01
BluesKajit's not the pepperflash on chrome at all13:01
StevenR_how do i set opengl render to 3.1 instead of 2.013:02
hateballStevenR_: open krunner, search for compositing13:02
hateballshould get you the proper menu13:02
StevenR_got it thanks :)13:03
StevenR_so for kubuntu 14.04 to look like 15.10 there's more needed than just a theme? like a new version of kde or plasma or something like that?13:04
hateball14.04 is KDE 4.x, 15.10 is KDE Plasma 5.x13:05
StevenR_15.10 looks nice :)13:05
StevenR_i tried some new themes on 14.04 but not very impressed tbh13:06
StevenR_thanks for all the help. going to reboot into ubuntu and install kubuntu desktop. mgiht be back soon ;)13:07
BluesKajI still prefer kde4/plasma4 personally .it has more features that plasma 5 has dropped13:08
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SmurphyBluesKaj: yes, maybe. But I bet that plasma5 + wayland will be way smother an experience than X + KDE413:19
BluesKajSmurphy, yeah , but wayland seems to be taking it's time getting packaged and setup upstream ..we've been anticipating it for a few releases, but nothing seems definite yet13:21
yofelwell, wayland session login made it into 5.5 this week, so you should be able to have a wayland session that you can use in the beta.13:24
yofelStill lots of features missing I beilve, but it should be somewhat usable13:24
SmurphyBluesKaj: Well - using it on my ubuntu phone if I'm correct (Not with plasma though).13:25
Smurphyor is it tha fork ?13:25
Smurphywhat was the name agian ?13:25
yofelubuntu phone uses Mir, unless something changed13:25
BluesKajyeah, ubuntu doesn't use plasma13:26
BluesKajubuntu phones aren't available here13:29
StevenR_installing kubuntu desktop on ubuntu 15.10... almost done downloading packages... it asks: default display manager: lightdm or sddm? if i want to auto boot into kde what do i select?13:40
BluesKajyofel, i'm stiil on 5.4.2/16.10 , probly be a while til we see 5.5 here I imagine, unless it's in staging or some such13:40
StevenR_E: /var/cache/apt/archives/kde-config-telepathy-accounts_4%3a15.08.2-0ubuntu1_amd64.deb: trying to overwrite '/usr/share/accounts/services/google-im.service', which is also in package account-plugin-google 0.12+15.10.20150723-0ubuntu1 E: /var/cache/apt/archives/kaccounts-providers_4%3a15.08.2-0ubuntu1_all.deb: trying to overwrite '/usr/share/accounts/providers/google.provider', which is also in package account-plugin-google 0.12+1513:44
StevenR_i've not used telepathy yet nor do i plan to so no big deal i guess?13:46
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1451728 in ktp-accounts-kcm (Ubuntu Wily) "duplicate for #1490659 kde-config-telepathy-accounts package install error" [Undecided,Confirmed]13:46
StevenR_says something there about crash after boot13:46
BluesKajI usually just remove telepathy ..no need13:46
StevenR_ok thanks13:47
Smurphyyeah, it's Mir they use. And it works quite nicely.13:47
StevenR_so i just log out then back in?13:48
BluesKajnot sure, a reboot should work for sure13:50
StevenR_software updater inside unity is saying the package system is broken13:51
StevenR_nvm recommends disabling third party repos13:53
StevenR_trying htat13:53
BluesKajrun sudo apt update && sudo apt upgrade, ignore that updater gui13:53
StevenR_k doing that13:53
StevenR_1 packages can be upgraded. Run 'apt list --upgradable' to see them. Reading package lists... Done Building dependency tree        Reading state information... Done You might want to run 'apt-get -f install' to correct these. The following packages have unmet dependencies:  kde-telepathy-minimal : Depends: kde-config-telepathy-accounts (>= 15.04.0) but it is not installed E: Unmet dependencies. Try using -f.13:54
StevenR_going to try rebooting i guess. i always got the kubuntu lts as a failsafe i guess13:55
StevenR_seems the switch worked :)14:01
BluesKajStevenR_, run sudo apt-get -f install14:01
StevenR_(Reading database ... 325496 files and directories currently installed.) Preparing to unpack .../kde-config-telepathy-accounts_4%3a15.08.2-0ubuntu1_amd64.deb ... Unpacking kde-config-telepathy-accounts (4:15.08.2-0ubuntu1) ... dpkg: error processing archive /var/cache/apt/archives/kde-config-telepathy-accounts_4%3a15.08.2-0ubuntu1_amd64.deb (--unpack):  trying to overwrite '/usr/share/accounts/services/google-im.service', which is 14:03
BluesKajStevenR_, use pastebin for those posts pls14:06
StevenR_k will do from now on14:06
BluesKajok try sudo dpkg --configure -a14:07
geniisudo apt-get install kde-config-telepathy-accounts14:11
StevenR_should i run: apt-get autoremove?14:15
geniiStevenR_: sudo dpkg -i --force-overwrite /var/cache/apt/archives/kde-config-telepathy-accounts_4%3a15.08.2-0ubuntu1_amd64.deb14:15
BluesKajyes, then try sudo apt remove telepathy14:16
BluesKajok , genii to the rescue StevenR_ ignore my remove above14:17
* genii makes more coffee14:17
StevenR_genii the command seemed to finish. BluesKaj was just about to ask if that would undo it lol14:17
geniiStevenR_: Now try again the sudo dpkg --configure -a14:18
* BluesKaj fnishes his last java for today14:19
StevenR_seemed to work. thank you guys14:19
* BluesKaj doesn't understand why telepathy isn't optional14:20
BluesKajit shouldn't be deault IMO14:21
BluesKajsame goes the PIM suite14:22
geniiI feel that way about Akonadi ;)14:24
BluesKajthat sort of connected to PIM , kmail and all that junk14:24
BluesKajkmail was great before they decided it needed a database14:25
BluesKajmucked it up14:25
yuriyi want to reinstall my kubuntu from scratch14:58
yuriyi tried to run install from live CD, but it fails start14:58
yuriyit shows something like job is running for LSB: Raise network interfaces.14:59
yuriywhat can i do to run process?14:59
yuriypls help15:00
BluesKajyuriy, so your md5sum wasn't good, i saw your post in #ubuntu15:22
Simoniousnilfs2 vs f2fs anybody have any experience?  f2fs is looking slightly better..  (for storing polled data on a flash drive on a raspi)15:36
sandroandradeHi, any chance for having the Qt5-based version of drumstick packaged for Kubuntu ?15:38
havoc86good evening17:01
havoc86I upgraded to wily and kwallet doesn't work anymore :(17:02
havoc86anybody can help?17:02
havoc86I'm unable to access the old wallet and unable to create a new one17:09
RisteHello everyone!17:44
RisteI need some help with browsers, I'm runing a kubuntu on a 8gig ram and Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-2430M CPU @ 2.40GHz yet chromium eats all of the cpu power, why is this happening17:49
Ristethis configuration should run chromium or mozila without any problems17:50
Ristep.s. I have all the latests updates installed and im running 5.1017:50
soee_Riste: maybe ou have some extension in Chromium tak causes this ?17:53
RisteI doubt that, I don't have any extensions in firefox yet same thing happens while chrome is killed17:54
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BluesKajRiste, I use chrome instead, it runs much better on my system18:03
RisteHello again BluesKaj :D, i guess ill give it a try, yesterday their linux download link was dead so i'll try again today18:03
lordievaderRiste: Could you give a sample of the output of 'vmstat 1' (it'll run indefinetly)18:07
RisteHello lordievader: procs -----------memory---------- ---swap-- -----io---- -system-- ------cpu-----  r  b   swpd   free   buff  cache   si   so    bi    bo   in   cs us sy id wa st  3  0      0 2569456  86684 2151280    0    0     0     0 3393 10075 75  8 18  0  0 10  0      0 2561488  86684 2159424    0    0     0     0 4003 11699 81 10  9  0  0  8  0      0 2548556  86684 2166084    0    0     4     0 3932 10330 83 12  6  0  0  9  018:09
BluesKajRiste, https://www.google.ca/chrome/browser/desktop/18:09
RisteThank you BluesKaj already installed it xD seems to be running today :D18:10
lordievaderRiste: Err, could you pastebin that?18:11
genii!pastebin | Riste18:11
ubottuRiste: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imgur.com/ !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.18:11
Riste!pastebin procs -----------memory---------- ---swap-- -----io---- -system-- ------cpu-----  r  b   swpd   free   buff  cache   si   so    bi    bo   in   cs us sy id wa st  3  0      0 2569456  86684 2151280    0    0     0     0 3393 10075 75  8 18  0  0 10  0      0 2561488  86684 2159424    0    0     0     0 4003 11699 81 10  9  0  0  8  0      0 2548556  86684 2166084    0    0     4     0 3932 10330 83 12  6  0  0  9  0      0 218:12
ubottuRiste: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)18:12
Ristewait how does this work xD18:12
Risteah figured it out18:12
lordievaderRiste: You go to http://paste.kde.org upload your paste there and give us the link to the paste.18:13
lordievaderHmm, lots of user time...18:13
lordievaderRiste: What does the chrome task manager tell you?18:14
RisteLordievader http://imgur.com/KfmxHEx18:16
lordievaderI see a plugin taking 148% cpu, is there a flash video playing by any chance?18:17
Risteyeah, quite a few youtube, and this miniclip game18:18
lordievaderAh, two youtube tabs. Try closing all things flash and see if it goes down.18:18
Ristehowever that still shouldn't overload the cpu18:18
Ristewill try that18:19
genii!pastebin testing bot edit18:19
ubottugenii: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)18:19
ubottuFor posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.kde.org | To post !screenshots use http://imgur.com/ !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.18:20
lordievadergenii: Nice edit :)18:21
RisteHello, sorry for the delay lordievader: http://imgur.com/2eJ8Wyb this is with just fb running and a helpdesk tab18:27
lordievaderRiste: As you can see, there is quite a difference. The numbers are a lot lower. Do you see the same in top (or any other cpu monitor)?18:28
RisteYeah, that is correct, however the spikes are still persistent18:29
RisteAnd the browser still feels sluggish18:29
RisteMy point is this configuration should be able to run far more than just few youtube tabs and a flash game18:30
lordievaderHmm, agreed. Do other browsers have the same problem?18:30
RisteTried Firefox for a short period of time and it was the same case this is really weird o.o18:31
lordievaderHmm, that is rather odd.18:31
lordievaderRiste: What graphics card and driver do you use?18:31
Ristebefore the update i was able to watch movies and after a certain update i think everything started to slowly screw up18:32
Ristewhen going to fullscreen fps dropped18:32
Ristelordivader: give me a sec to check xD18:32
RisteLordivader: Intel Corporation 2nd Generation Core Processor Family Integrated Graphics Controller (rev 09)18:33
lordievaderRiste: Could you give the output of 'lspci -k|grep -A 3 VGA'?18:34
EvilRoeyhow do I search for a hex value in a file?18:35
Ristelordievader: was just doing that xD18:35
EvilRoeydoes Kate have a hex viewer?18:35
Ristelordivader: https://paste.kde.org/pfl5vlyas18:35
sithlord48EvilRoey: install oktata open file (its a hex editor)18:36
sithlord48EvilRoey: ** okteta **18:36
BluesKajRiste, make sure you're using compositor OpenGL 3.1 not 2.0 setting18:36
EvilRoeyahhhhhh oktata, right18:37
EvilRoeysithlord48:  thanks!18:37
sithlord48EvilRoey: ur welcome18:37
lordievaderRiste: You could use tab to autocomplete my nick ;)18:38
Riste@BluesKaj hmm it was set to OpenGL 2.018:38
Ristelordievader: damn thats handy ahhaha, new to all this sorry xD18:38
lordievaderRiste: What is the output of 'cat /proc/cmdline'?18:38
Ristelordievader: BOOT_IMAGE=/boot/vmlinuz-4.2.0-18-generic root=UUID=4dc1d5b3-e410-4dc3-a2a8-c1a76c8e5c29 ro quiet splash vt.handoff=718:39
lordievaderRight, nothing wrong there.18:39
Ristebtw, just switched to opengl 3.118:40
Ristelordievader: btw, i want to thank you for the time and that you're trying to help me x)18:40
lordievaderRiste: No problem ;)18:41
lordievaderRiste: Do html5 videos show the same problem?18:42
Ristelordievader: its wei'rd that youtube videos don't lag, however i don't think i've notticed any problems with that, ill go and check all the video type players18:42
lordievaderActually that might be a clue, I think youtube prefers HTML5 nowadays... It might simply be flash misbehaving.18:44
Ristelordievader: ok so html5 small player sized doesn't have problems, however going to fullscreen it loses fps, this indicates gpu problems imo18:45
lordievaderHmm, it might be indeed. What resolution is your screen?18:46
BluesKajRiste, that could be a function of the internet connection, the website and other internet problems. Try a video stored on your HDD18:47
Ristelordievader: atm im running dual screen on this laptop the laptop screen resultion is 1366x768 and the other screen which has only 2gmail tabs opened is 1920x108018:49
RisteBluesKaj: I can assure you it's not the internet however nice point, ill try downloading something now and giving it a test.18:49
lordievaderHmm, that shouldn't be a problem.18:49
Ristehmm another good clue, running it fullscreen whilst its downloaded doesnt lose fps18:50
Ristethe same video i tried on the browser18:50
BluesKajto me a direct link like a video on the hdd is the baseline then go from there18:51
RisteBluesKaj: that's what I did, I downloaded the video on the HDD played it no issues18:52
Ristethis means that it might be problem with the online players on the browsers18:53
RisteOpenJDK Runtime Environment (IcedTea 2.6.1) (7u85-2.6.1-5ubuntu0.15.10.1) OpenJDK 64-Bit Server VM (build 24.85-b03, mixed mode)18:54
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BluesKajI use the BBC video playe/flashplayer as a test it's the best player I've used over this 6mb dsl connection, it's a good test for a browser like firefox or chrome18:57
BluesKajeven my local CBC online player can't compete with the BBC18:59
RisteBluesKaj: what're you suggesting for me install a BBC extention on chromium or smth?19:00
BluesKajnopw, just use it as a test19:00
RisteIf i were to use it it would be local, and I already tested local on HDD videos don't lose frames even in fullscreen unlike in the browser19:01
Risteso im sorry but i dont understand what you're trying to suggest19:01
BluesKajstrictly for online tests of your flash plugin to elinimate the player itself as the problem19:03
BluesKajeliminate even19:03
OpenSSLin firefox for youtube it was using the flashplayer for the longest time :<19:04
OpenSSLhttps://youtube.com/html5 to force the HTML5 player19:04
BluesKajyeah, it's mostly HTML5 now afaik19:04
BluesKajI don't youtube much tho19:05
OpenSSLI personally use Minitube where possible19:05
OpenSSLhttp://flavio.tordini.org/minitube (one in the repositories is outdated, I install from here and then lock the package)19:06
RisteNope, still result even with the html5 link when going full screen19:07
Ristelol this is so weird19:07
OpenSSLRiste: when you right click does the contextmenu have "Adobe Flash 11.blahblahblah" at the bottom19:08
RisteOpenSSL: nope, its the html5 player, it goes about html519:08
RisteI dont think its the players themselves...19:09
Riste_Sorry guys i accidently uplugged the ethernet, anything u said i didint read xD19:17
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dlnx``trying to install kubuntu 15.10 on my laptop22:48
dlnx``can't get mouse or keyboard to work22:48
dlnx``they're inactive22:48
dlnx``not very much bios options to fiddle with, lenovo x1 carbon22:49
dlnx``not many*22:49
bpromptdlnx``:   sounds like it's frozen, rather than the keyboard and mouse aren't working... I run 12.04, but 15.10 should install the same way more  or less, so... I don't think it's the input devices, so much that the setup is frozen or stalled for some reason22:51
dlnx``bprompt: how can I tell?22:52
dlnx``what can I do?22:52
bprompta frozen system would it .... well, frozen22:52
bpromptdlnx``:    retry to boot with it, disabling some options, from the Kubuntu menu at startup, usually you can disable some things through the F6 key or f522:53
dlnx``k, thanks22:57
Gavin_anyone running Kubuntu 15.10?23:00
mparilloGavin_: I am sure many of us are here. Do you have a specific question?23:03
Gavin_I have a Nvidia GeForce GT 610 but my screen keeps blinking23:10

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