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hannoI have uploaded a source package and then found out that my key was missing. A day later, I have uploaded the key now.09:50
hannoOn https://help.launchpad.net/Packaging/UploadErrors it says there is a "PPA build status page" but I cannot find it for my ppa.09:50
hannodput says the package is already there, but I don't know where to look for the build status.09:50
hannoOh, never mind. I think I found the problem.09:52
cjwatsonhanno: If LP rejected your upload due to a missing key, it won't automatically reprocess the upload once the key appears - you'll need to reupload for it.11:46
hannoYes, thank you. I fixed it by now.11:46
hannoNow I'm with a different problem. Is it okay to ask packaging questions here or is there a better channel?11:46
* hanno is fighting with .deb11:47
cjwatsonhanno: I think there's #ubuntu-packaging or some such11:47
cjwatsonIt's not dreadful to ask here, but there may be better places.11:47
hannook, thx.11:47
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hannocjwatson: nobody in ubuntu-packaging. Dead channel?13:50
cjwatsonhanno: I don't know, sorry13:53
cjwatsonI did say "or some such", not remembering exactly13:53
cjwatsonhanno: Feel free to ask, anyway, we can find somewhere to redirect you if it ends up being too much13:55
hannoWhat I'm looking for is a good tutorial on how to populate the debian/patches directory.14:19
hannoI can get a simple package ready by now, but don't know how to patch the original source tree.14:19
cjwatsonhanno: perhaps https://wiki.debian.org/UsingQuilt will help14:25
cjwatsonor https://raphaelhertzog.com/2012/08/08/how-to-use-quilt-to-manage-patches-in-debian-packages/14:27
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sergio-br2"source has expired binaries"16:46
sergio-br2what's this?16:46
cjwatsonsergio-br2: Context is a helpful thing17:18
cjwatsonsergio-br2: But you're probably trying to copy a package that hasn't been published anywhere for a while and so has had its binaries garbage-collected.17:19
sergio-br2hey cjwatson17:19
sergio-br2yup, I was trying to copy17:20
sergio-br2from toolchain PPA17:20
sergio-br2gcc 4.9.3 from trusty17:20
cjwatsonsergio-br2: I haven't managed to pick out the exact cause, but my bet is that, although most of it is still published, one of the gazillion binaries produced by gcc-4.9 has been superseded by one of the other gcc-* source packages in that same PPA17:24
cjwatsonsergio-br2: and as a result LP no longer has all the binaries from that source and so can't do a copy-with-binaries17:24
cjwatsonsergio-br2: if you need that specific version then the only thing you can do is to copy-without-binaries and rebuild it17:24
sergio-br2weird, I can see the binaries...17:25
sergio-br2there's gcc-4.9 and gcc 5.017:25
sergio-br2different packages17:25
cjwatsonRight, but one of the many individual binaries probably has the same name in a higher-versioned source package and thus was taken over by it17:28
sergio-br2ok, let's try to build then17:56
sergio-br2will take a day heh17:56
sigmavirus24I'm reading the documentation for https://help.launchpad.net/API/Webhooks and it looks like I cannot use webhooks unless I'm in a special group and the event is a VCS push? Is that still correct?22:41
cjwatsonsigmavirus24: we just lifted the team restriction today - I've edited the docs to remove that bit22:58
cjwatsonsigmavirus24: VCS push and merge proposal changes22:58
sigmavirus24cjwatson: okay, I was hoping for issue event changes on a project23:02
sigmavirus24Thanks for the info though cjwatson23:02
cjwatsonsigmavirus24: please do file bugs for specific other use cases you have23:02
cjwatsonsigmavirus24: it's not too difficult for us to extend webhooks to more objects now that we've done the hard work of building the infrastructure for it23:03
sigmavirus24cjwatson: bugs.launchpad.net/launchpad is the right place for that, correct? (My first time filing a bug against Launchpad)23:06
cjwatsonsigmavirus24: yep23:06
sigmavirus24thanks cjwatson!23:07
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