liuxghow to disable autopilot. my raspberry pi display the message like "snappy autopilot triggered a reboot to boot into an up to date system -- temprorarily disable the reboot by running 'sudo shutdown -c'" from time to time.02:05
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fgimenezgood morning08:10
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JamesTaitGood morning all; happy Friday, and happy Ubuntu Community Appreciation Day! 😃10:00
happyaronhey, I wonder which image is the latest snappy image, where can I find it?11:49
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kyrofahappyaron, for which device or arch?13:02
happyaronkyrofa: for amd64, preferrable for VM. I'm not running the vivid image on edge channel, but I'm curious about whether that's latest, or there is a wily based or even x-series based one?13:03
happyarons/not running/now running/g13:04
kyrofahappyaron, ah, so you've seen https://developer.ubuntu.com/en/snappy/start/#snappy-local then13:04
kyrofahappyaron, I'm not sure about the x-based question-- hang out and someone more qualified will come by :)13:05
happyaronI tried to install ubuntu-snappy on an x-series chroot, but it appears missing many configurations (and the layout is not real snappy, of course)13:05
happyaronokay, :)13:05
kyrofahappyaron, but do note that you can create your own image via ubuntu-device-flash13:05
happyaronah let me look into that, ty!13:06
kyrofahappyaron, any time!13:06
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mvojdstrand: if you have a moment, it would be great if you could approve my pending kernel/os/oem snaps, this should allow a full all-snap image to be assembled13:41
mvojdstrand: they are pending review in the store, the update was needed to push some fixes in13:41
jdstrandmvo: hello, sure13:43
jdstrandmvo: fyi, I have a branch that can handle all these, but there will still be a manual review for these types13:44
jdstrandmvo: it'll look much like the oem feedback13:45
jdstrandmvo: done13:47
asacstgraber: i am kind off failing with something basic wrt lxd... all i want is to mount some dir in my home into the container and while the homedir: ... entry in config seems to work and mounts the dir i conifgured to /extra ... i cant seem to find a reasonable way to make that writable by the lxc uid etc.13:48
jdstrandmvo: I imagine there needs to be some conversation on this wrt to review tools. ie, imo you shouldn't be inhibited by the tools for these, but others should. eg, a sort of 'core-dev' group rights thing in the store13:48
asacand the id_map things i tried in config didnt work at all13:48
asacstgraber: think i ended up trying to do something https://github.com/lxc/lxd/issues/579 ... but not sure if thats the right way to just conveniently get a directory int he container that i can use ther13:49
mvojdstrand: \o/13:49
jdstrandmvo: actually, I imagine it has nothing to do with the tools themselves. the store would simply ignore this one check if it came from this privileged group13:49
mvojdstrand: yeah, it would be nice if there would be some sort of whitelist13:49
jdstrandlike we do with brand stores13:49
mvojdstrand: so ./ubuntu-device-flash --verbose core rolling -o amd64-all-snap.img --channel edge --oem generic-amd64.mvo --developer-mode --kernel ubuntu-kernel.mvo --os ubuntu-core.mvo works now13:59
mvojdstrand: well, with me updated u-d-f, so thanks for allwoing it into the store13:59
elopiopitti: on adt-run, why is the source tree copied with owner ubuntu:root instead of ubuntu:ubuntu ?14:15
pittielopio: err, I don't know, is it? which backend?14:15
elopiopitti: snappy.14:15
pittiso, ssh runner?14:15
elopiopitti: yes.14:16
pittiah, I think copying files in doesn't drop privileges, it just keeps root14:16
kgunnhey so i'm building mir in a container, targetting xenial....got to the point of snapcraft assemble....all was going well, but then suddenly bailed14:27
kgunnwondering if this is a known issue?14:27
kgunngonna try again...14:27
kgunnoops nvmd...i was updating in the background, i think lxd was configuring14:28
elopioyes, that main.go had me puzzled.14:29
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mvojdstrand: if you could approve https://myapps.developer.ubuntu.com/dev/click-apps/3752/review/seq/4/ that would be awsome, bugfixes plus allows upgrade testing15:57
kgunnhey there, if i do16:01
kgunnubuntu-device-flash core rolling --oem=generic-amd64 --channel edge16:01
kgunnis that xenial ?16:02
kgunnwould assume so...16:02
Chipacakgunn: yes16:04
Chipacakgunn: you probably want --developer-mode also16:04
kgunnyep i do16:04
kgunnChipaca: any plans to add a query option for core images ?16:04
Chipacakgunn: "query option"?16:05
kgunnChipaca: so u-d-f query can be used to list channels and images for devices16:05
kgunnwould've thot there'd be the same for core16:05
kgunnas there is in touch16:05
kgunnconsistency and all....16:05
Chipacakgunn: you might want to chat with sergiusens16:06
Chipacakgunn: i think i might be working on this tool soonish16:06
sergiusenskgunn, we are retiring ubuntu-device-flash for something that targets the snappy architecture better16:07
jdstrandmvo: done16:10
mvojdstrand: \o/16:10
sergiusenskgunn, also, only 16.04 and all snaps support (no system image)16:11
Chipacasergiusens: hyphens are important16:15
sergiusensChipaca, funnily or not,  I removed the hyphen there before pressing enter :-)16:18
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Chipacasergiusens: the one in all-snaps, or in system-image? :-)16:19
sergiusensChipaca, system-image, although, all-snaps should have one too ;-)16:19
Chipacasergiusens: (you could also use quotes or caps for the same purpose, ie "all snaps", System Image)16:19
Chipacasergiusens: namely, making clear that "all snaps" and "system image" are proper nouns16:20
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jerryGChipaca: can u answer a quick question?22:43

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