popeyrobru, whoever runs that bot might want to remove the colon after the url, some irc clients treat it as part of the url, so when you click it, it 404s01:54
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robrupopey: buggy irc client!02:02
robrupopey: ^^ ARE YOU HAPPY NOW?!?! :-P05:52
robruIncredible, translation updates push to trunk, invalidates all the silos. It's beautiful <305:56
mardytrainguards, can we just force https://requests.ci-train.ubuntu.com/#/ticket/591 to land somehow? The failures are intermittent, and apparently related to CI infra08:37
robrumardy: that's actually landed and would merge right now but there seems to be a train problem, I'm looking into it08:40
mardyrobru: cool, thanks! :-)08:40
Mirvmardy: yes, it's now really landed.08:41
Mirvrobru: not really a problem maybe, migrated 36 minutes ago, maybe just not updated yet?08:41
Mirvmardy: you can see it's now in release pocket https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/online-accounts-api08:41
robruMirv: no there's a crazy traceback in the migration script: https://ci-train.ubuntu.com/job/check-publication-migration/27122/console08:41
mardyMirv, robru: but trunk is not updated, is it?08:41
mardy(the MP doesn't appear to be merged)08:43
robrumardy: no the train is broken, I'm working on it.08:45
mardyrobru: good luck :-)08:46
Mirvmardy: yes, it'd be normally right after it migrates, and the ticket would show "Landed"08:47
Mirvmardy: we could force it now that there are no proposed migration problems, but I assume robru is wanting to fix it for real so let's wait a bit08:48
robrumardy: thanks, this one is weird.08:48
robrumardy: yeah are you blocked on this? we can force merge if you're in a hurry but I'd like to fix it proper and see it be fixed before I go to bed08:48
mardyrobru, Mirv: no hurry, better fix it once and for all, if possible :-)08:49
jibelrobru, can you remove the 'request autopkgtest' button from bileto until it is functional?08:49
jibelit is just confusing and link to the build artifacts are lost08:49
robrujibel: can people not be trusted not to click it? :-/08:49
jibelrobru, no they don't08:50
jibelsil2100, is the changes bot running?08:51
sil2100Not if the instance went down again... let me check08:51
sil2100eh, can't log in as chinstrap is still down, need VPN, one moment08:52
robrumardy: Mirv: ok fix in trunk, will hit production in ~20 and then we can try this again08:55
robrujibel: seems nobody clicked it since the last time I cleared it out...08:56
robrusil2100: Mirv: btw if somebody clicks that 'request autopkgtest' button and then they want to give up on it (stop watching for results) you can do that by: rm -vrf ~/silos/*/*/*_autopkgtest08:58
sil2100robru: ACK09:07
sil2100jibel: ok, looks like it works09:07
sil2100jibel: the job runs every 30 minutes so maybe it had a delay or something09:07
Mirvrobru: thanks!09:11
=== chihchun_afk is now known as chihchun
robruwell technically what I said would clear it for *all* silos but there aren't any silos that are using this currently so it's a minor difference.09:12
Mirvrobru: wasn't the force merge supposed to still be there for trainguards? https://ci-train.ubuntu.com/job/ubuntu-landing-042-3-merge-clean/build?delay=0sec09:13
robruMirv: it's always forced now, because only trainguards can run it, and the non-force was completely redundant09:14
Mirvrobru: makes sense, then there's another problem with that since it failed, maybe because I just removed one MP from there09:15
robruMirv: (the failure you got is the same one that bit mardy, fix will hit production in 2 minutes)09:15
Mirvrobru: ah... great09:17
robruMirv: why are you merging 42? one of the packages isn't at dest...09:17
robrumardy: https://code.launchpad.net/~online-accounts/online-accounts-api/trunk done09:18
robrusorry for the hassle09:18
robruMirv: it'll work now anyway, confirmed ^^09:19
mardyrobru: my hero! Thanks!! :-)09:19
Mirvrobru: because unity-lens-music will go to another landing09:19
Mirvrobru: it was added after it was published09:19
robrumardy: you're welcome09:19
robruMirv: weird, ok09:19
Mirvrobru: mzanetti and me can't find anything that has new commits in https://requests.ci-train.ubuntu.com/#/ticket/62109:20
Mirvhttps://code.launchpad.net/~mzanetti/unity8/ubuntuanimations/+merge/276511 has one commit on the day of the build, but that's also in the sources09:20
Mirvmzanetti: maybe someone uncommitted again something and push --overwrite:d?09:20
robruMirv: mzanetti: the new commit is on trunk. you can discover this by clicking 'status' and scrolling down to the part where it checks your silo, it will list the URL that has new commits.09:21
mzanettion trunk... dafuq...09:21
* mzanetti looks09:21
Mirvrobru: Status is a link!!! :D sorry...09:21
robruMirv: everything orange is clickable.09:22
Mirvyeah, I know, I just had skipped that somehow09:22
Mirvrobru: ah, many trunks get translation updates all the time09:22
robruMirv: it's a bit  unfortunate in this case as the migration script has one log for all silos, so you have to scroll literally to the bottom to find silo 6009:22
Mirvrobru: that's alright09:23
robruMirv: yeah this is a bit iffy. I added this check for the case when a conflicting silo finally merges, so you know to rebuild to incorporate the conflict. translations throws a wrench in that though09:23
robruMirv: I suppose I'll have to work out a way so that it only sets the status if the new commits are not translation commits, but that seems a bit hard & slow (so in addition to iterating over every MP in every silo I'd also have to iterate on every commit in every branch in every silo to make sure the new ones are only translations).09:25
Mirvthat's slow yes09:25
robrusigh, I need to file some bugs09:25
mzanettirobru, can it be that it complains about the launchpad translation commits?09:31
robrumzanetti: yes09:31
Mirvmzanetti: that's what we just discussed09:31
Mirvmzanetti: I'll publish the silo manually copying, since they're all universe packages09:31
mzanettioh, sorry09:31
mzanettiMirv, I guess we can revert the translation commit, lp should redo it tonight then...09:32
robruMirv: try publish job? I think it should work09:32
mzanettiMirv, whatever you think it's easier09:32
Mirvrobru: bad state https://ci-train.ubuntu.com/job/ubuntu-landing-060-2-publish/8/console09:32
Mirvmzanetti: ah damn, unity-api is actually in main :(09:34
Mirvmzanetti: just means I need that one copied by someone else09:34
mzanettiplease stop scaring the sh*t out of me :D09:35
sil2100Mirv: sorry! I MIRed it recently ;p09:35
Mirvsil2100: damn you! :)09:36
Mirvmzanetti: 060 is already published to vivid overlay now :) just waiting for a core-dev to copy unity-api to xenial, I copied the other two09:37
mzanettithanks a bunch Mirv09:39
Mirvmzanetti: ok seb128 helped us, let's keep the silo until we see that proposed migration happens in xenial. but it's now there too.09:42
mzanettiMirv, and again, tanks a lot :)09:44
robruMirv: migration script starts in a minute, will take 20 minutes to update the status for silo 60 tho09:45
seb128jibel, I think that comment saying that indicator-datetime is not translated is probably the uitk template/timestamps strings not being translated09:45
TrevinhoMirv: added new silo, but generated changelog is so wrong.... https://launchpad.net/~ci-train-ppa-service/+archive/ubuntu/landing-042/+packages :-(09:50
robruTrevinho: what's wrong with it? looks actually reasonable to me09:53
Trevinhorobru: oh, i maybe see the reason... It uses https://code.launchpad.net/~unity-team/unity-lens-music/saucy as base09:53
Trevinhorobru: it's wrong since he only change should be the icon change09:53
Trevinhothis is suspicious -Vcs-Bzr: https://code.launchpad.net/~unity-team/unity-lens-music/trunk09:54
Trevinho+Vcs-Bzr: https://code.launchpad.net/~unity-team/unity-lens-music/saucy09:54
robruTrevinho: yup, pointing your MP at saucy would cause a goofy changelog09:54
Trevinhoyeah.... it was proposed to the wrong branch ./09:54
robruTrevinho: no big deal then, repropose and rebuild09:55
mzanettiMirv, should it have merged the code by now?09:57
robrumzanetti: no, it *just* published. it's so new the train hasn't even noticed it's published yet09:58
mzanettiheh, ok09:58
robrumzanetti: it'll sit in proposed for a bit, the ticket status will show 'Proposed pocket' for a while, then it'll merge some hours later09:58
xavigarciarvr: Hi there10:00
xavigarciarvr: silo 51 is again ready to QA... I've fixed the issues you found on the warning dialog and I've also updated the test plan10:00
rvrxavigarcia: Yeah, I saw it, thanks10:01
xavigarciarvr: np10:01
Mirvmzanetti: proposed migration10:04
Mirvmzanetti: hours at minimum, then check http://people.canonical.com/~ubuntu-archive/proposed-migration/update_excuses.html#unity8 if it's stuck for real10:05
Mirvmzanetti: it's not wanted that stuff gets thrown to xenial and forgotten, therefore we wait for the migration tests10:05
Trevinhorobru: it's still wrong... :(10:12
robruTrevinho: look at thebranches, they're different.10:15
* Trevinho should rebase...10:15
robruTrevinho: I duno what branch you started with but it doesn't look like the trusty branch10:15
Trevinhoyeah, it wasn't a my branch... So you're right10:15
robruTrevinho: hm they match at commit 148, so 149 is this anomalous commit, not sure where that came from 2 years ago10:16
robruTrevinho: also double-check the bzr tags. that's how the train generates the changelog. it looks for the most recent bzr tag on the branch and includes everything after that in the changelog, so find the most recent release commit and tag it with the version number of that release, should stop the train from including anything older than that in the log10:17
robruMirv: https://requests.ci-train.ubuntu.com/#/silo/060 crap, it won't auto-merge as long as that 'needs rebuild' is in there.10:21
robruMirv: might have to merge it manually... or delete the translation commit ;-)10:22
Mirvrobru: ah right. well I'll merge it manually once migration is done10:33
robruMirv: sorry about that, as usual corner cases ruin a brilliant plan10:34
Mirvrobru: :) heh, but eventually that brilliant plan works! like these auto-updating statuses and everything that is now there.10:38
robruMirv: yeah that's slick. it's about to get slicker, too. I'm parallelizing it so a) it's way faster and b) when you click Status you only see the log for the request you clicked on, don't have to search through all silo.10:39
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rvrpstolowski: ping11:19
pstolowskirvr, pong11:21
rvrpstolowski: I think silo 60 already landed11:22
pstolowskirvr, great, that means i can rebuild the other one11:22
pstolowskirvr, nope, not merged yet11:23
jibelxavigarcia, about silo 51 when the phone rings it's a bit weird to see the volume notification with label 'headphone' then the notification again with the label 'speaker' when the call ends. Is it really the expected behaviour?11:40
jibelrvr, ^ did you see that too last time you tested this silo?11:40
xavigarciajibel: not sure about that... I should ask design.. But it looks a bit weird... yeah11:43
Mirvpstolowski: rvr: unity8 is still in xenial-proposed, so no merging11:46
rvrjibel: Nope, I do not remember that problem11:58
jibelrvr, xavigarcia ok, silo blocked until you have a confirmation12:01
xavigarciajibel: ack12:04
popeyThe twitter scope, is it in the store or only on the image?12:08
popeyasking for a friend :)12:08
jibelxavigarcia, about silo 6 indicator-location when is the indicator supposed to be removed from the panel? currently it is removed when the user turns GPS off, it should be when location is switched off, or like the spec says after 5 min without an access to the location service.12:08
xavigarciajibel: Following the specs stated in the bug it should not appear12:10
xavigarciajibel: And GPS is controlled from the settings12:10
xavigarciajibel: that's what I understood12:10
jibelxavigarcia, okay, I double check and confirm in a minute12:11
xavigarciajibel: https://docs.google.com/document/edit?hgd=1&id=1810KDpFl2Mxsn1z3wehPU9pkbS6R6o-j1-pmYpkYb7A#12:12
bzoltan_jibel: Mirv: the silo10 has the corrected UITK translation  files. No code changes12:12
Mirvbzoltan_: looks correct12:16
Mirvboth .pot + .po:s12:16
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jibelxavigarcia_lunch, actually both location detection and gps must be switched off to remove the icon from the panel. Given that there is only one switch left in the indicator, switching it off should be enough to remove the icon, isn't it?12:19
jibelbzoltan_, thanks, I trust you checked every single string for invalid characters? :)12:20
xavigarcia_lunchjibel: mmm, I guess so... and it's not doing it, right?12:20
jibelxavigarcia_lunch, nope12:20
jibelxavigarcia_lunch, you must disable location detection and gps from system settings12:21
xavigarcia_lunchjibel: ok.... will fix it then. Thanks for finding out12:21
pete-woodstrainguards: hi guys. got a silo for indicator-network that switches out our vendored menu harness for the newly packaged gmenuharness12:21
pete-woodsneeds a packaging ack: https://ci-train.ubuntu.com/job/ubuntu-landing-038-2-publish/18/artifact/indicator-network_content.diff12:21
pete-woodsthanks to anyone with spare cycles to have a look12:21
jibelxavigarcia_lunch, yw, design should also clarified the spec on this specific point.12:21
xavigarcia_lunchjibel: yeah12:21
pete-woodswhoops, better diff (https://ci-train.ubuntu.com/job/ubuntu-landing-038-2-publish/18/artifact/indicator-network_packaging_changes.diff)12:22
xavigarcia_lunchjibel: I wil ping them before pushing anything, to confirn12:22
jibelxavigarcia_lunch, thanks12:22
xavigarcia_lunchjibel: np12:22
bzoltan_jibel:  No I did not. I would lie if I would say that I have checked 5594 strings. but I have checked those what were messed up yesterday12:26
Mirvpete-woods: how switching libraries would not require QA, or is that the same identical code now separated to own package?12:27
jibelbzoltan_, np :) approved12:29
bzoltan_jibel:  thanks.. it was a lame bug. I will never trust chromium browser again... vi rules12:30
jibelbzoltan_, heh, sorry we missed it too12:31
jibelor found too late12:31
abeatoMirv, I need to upload http://people.canonical.com/~abeato/qtmultimedia-opensource-src/ to silo 9 :)12:32
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pete-woodsMirv: the lib is only used in the test suite, the indicator doesn't get affected at all12:38
pete-woodsit's a library a bit like autopilot12:38
pete-woodsbut for gmenus12:38
pete-woodswe just want to use the same lib across all the indicators, rather than copying12:39
Mirvabeato: ok12:39
Mirvpete-woods: ok12:39
Mirvok ok12:39
abeatoMirv, ok thanks12:40
Mirvabeato: how's the upstreaming faring with Jim + Yoann? you should probably divide the upstreaming work between you two and offload as much as possible to Yoann12:40
abeatoMirv, I think Jim already synced with upstream, this upload is for something wrong we noticed, I'll sync back with jhodapp once he is around12:41
Mirvabeato: no, there is zero upstreaming work done: https://codereview.qt-project.org/#/q/project:qt/qtmultimedia,n,z so far12:42
Mirvabeato: the current qtmultimedia that is shipping in our overlay is diverged from the July upstream commit and has new features that are not in upstream, so the plan is 1. you get it working, 2. you upstream all new features, 3. you drop the current qtmultimedia API you have and replace with what is in upstream.12:43
abeatoMirv, ok, didn't really know the status, as is Jim the one handling this12:43
Mirvabeato: bug #1514344 is to follow it. ok. I just occasionally ask since we're basically walking on a thin line by shipping something that is actually rejected by upstream, and just hoping no-one starts to use the API in our stable release since it will be dropped.12:43
ubot5bug 1514344 in qtmultimedia-opensource-src (Ubuntu RTM) "Upstream remaining bits and port to upstream QDeclarativePlaylist version" [High,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/151434412:43
Mirvabeato: anyway, uploaded to the PPA since we've agreed this is the situation currently12:44
abeatoMirv, understood, I agree with the plan too12:44
anpok_cihelp: there seems to be a problem with unity-system-compositor-cir -> unity-system-compositor-xenial-amd-ci has problems with pbuilder12:46
pete-woodsMirv: thanks! :)12:48
Mirvpete-woods: yw!12:52
bzoltan_jibel: it would be fun to make a simple script to test if the strings are sensible.12:54
jibelbzoltan_, sure, if you find a definition of 'sensible string'12:55
jibelit can be anything12:55
bzoltan_jibel: I will think about it.. I have an idea12:56
jibelkenvandine, there are at least 2 problems with the custom ringtones silos: 1. custom sound is removed from the list when user selects another sound, 2. The custom sound is also available in message notifications13:02
jibelkenvandine, also I noticed that 'Alarm Clock' is the first ringtone, is it expected?13:02
jibelnote that this last point has nothing to do with the silo13:03
kenvandineit's alphabetical13:03
jibelkenvandine, yeah, but is it expect to have alarm clock as a ringtone ?13:03
kenvandinealso, the design calls for the custom ringtone to be removed13:03
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kenvandinejibel: i don't know if anyone thought about that, but it's in the directory with all the ringtones13:04
kenvandinejibel: good point on the ringtone showing up under messages13:05
kenvandinei'll fix that13:05
jibelkenvandine, it's a really annoying to remove it. custom background are not removed when the user picks another one13:07
kenvandineyeah, we don't have a design for managing them13:07
kenvandinethe design is quite simplistic13:07
kenvandineit'll evolve though13:07
kenvandinewe'll eventually add a loop selector, so you can select a clip from a song to repeat13:08
jibelkenvandine, we could keep one at least and replace it when the user selects a different custom sound13:08
kenvandinewhen we work on that i'll push design to do something about managing custom ringtones13:08
kenvandinejibel: we could, but that would require a lot of refactoring of the panel13:08
kenvandinenot UI13:09
kenvandinejust implementation13:09
kenvandineand the way we maintain the list13:09
kenvandinejibel: which we'll need to do when we add the loop stuff13:09
kenvandinejibel: i just pushed a fix for the ringtone showing up in the messages lists, rebuilding silo now13:13
seb128jibel, kenvandine, I think the alarm clock one is there because we don't have a directory specific for the clock/reminder13:15
seb128we only have ringtones and messages13:16
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rvrMirv: ping13:18
jibelseb128, okay, it's just a bit odd.13:19
seb128jibel, agree, we would need to a separate set of sounds for alarm&reminders13:20
seb128seems like a valid request for design13:20
jibelseb128, I'll file a bug13:20
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pstolowskirvr, silo 14 rebuilt and looks good, ready for qa13:42
jibelpstolowski, thanks, unblocked13:45
jhodappMirv, zero is definitely not true, most of it is upstreamed13:53
jhodappMirv, we've backported our qdeclarativeplaylist API to the 5.7 dev API upstream...so now there's just a tiny bit that needs upstreaming that's not part of an API13:54
tvosssil2100, around?13:55
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davmor2sil2100, jibel, morphis: Finally the bluez5 silos are ready to land sil2100 can you spin up an image once they do please14:25
abeatodavmor2, morphis \o/14:26
abeatomorphis, well done :)14:27
davmor2sil2100: can you give me a ping once the image builds then please then I need to test across all four devices14:27
jibeldavmor2, great, lets celebrate \o/14:32
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pmcgowanoh my14:35
davmor2pmcgowan: it's only taken a week of debugging and morphis patiently fixing to get it landed \o/14:39
pmcgowanwell done morphis and davmor214:39
morphispmcgowan: thanks14:39
morphispmcgowan: but be prepared... the suspend issue you discovered will be still there on arale :)14:39
pmcgowanmorphis, oh thats not good14:41
pmcgowanenjoying my current battery life14:41
morphispmcgowan: we need to land this big thing first14:42
morphisbut investigation on the suspend issue is ongoing14:42
Mirvjhodapp: abeato: I meant that there are no commits in upstream since August. thanks for adapting to the Source -> Items though, that's a big win! but also addItems and moveItem are in API and not in upstream. plus then any bugfixes of course.14:44
jhodappMirv, yep, I'll be working on the last bits of that today14:44
jhodappMirv, upstreaming14:44
morphissil2100: when there are any problems merging all three silos please ping me14:47
jhodappsil2100, hey I heard you maintain ubuntu-touch-meta? It has a media-hub dependency on version 3 and silo 9 is going to land version 4, so its dependency needs updating14:49
* popey joins the queue for sil2100 14:51
popeysil2100, is there a plan to have a mid-way fix between OTA-8 and OTA-9?14:51
popeyor am I dreaming?14:51
popeypmcgowan, ^ maybe you know actually14:52
Mirvjhodapp: excellent, the silo 009 is a result of long hard work but OTA-9 will basically resolve then ~everything14:52
Mirvmorphis: davmor2: 2/3 silos published, 043 needs core dev14:53
pmcgowanpopey, we are considering it yes14:53
jhodappMirv, yes indeed, and thanks!14:53
popey25/12/2015? :)14:53
pmcgowanpopey, for special fixes14:53
popeyoh, not for general landings?14:53
pmcgowanjust cherry icks14:54
popeyokay. ahayzen jhodapp ^14:54
popeywe were wondering about the media stuff14:54
ahayzenpopey, no we were saying will there be a framework bump for OTA914:54
jhodapppopey, I'm fine with it going out with OTA914:54
ahayzenpopey, or are you asking multiple questions? ;-)14:55
popeyi misunderstood, fair enough14:55
popeymaybe, yes, that14:55
ahayzenotherwise we'll end up with the usual situation of people on OTA8 trying to run a music-app that won't run due to media-hub/mediascanner2 changes in OTA9 etc14:56
morphisMirv: wow14:58
morphisMirv: anyone we can ping to get this done now?14:58
Mirvmorphis: on #ubuntu-devel, I'll ask14:58
morphisMirv: thanks14:59
sil2100jhodapp: on it! Sorry, I had some visitors ;)15:02
jhodappsil2100, awesome thank you!15:02
jhodappsil2100, you can put that into silo 9 with our changes if desired15:02
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dobeykenvandine: hey, can i bug you for a packaging ack? :)15:09
davmor2sil2100: what kinda excuse is that???15:09
sil2100davmor2: a good one!15:11
davmor2sil2100: who would you normally pick on core dev wise for landing like 43?15:12
kenvandinedobey, in a few :)15:15
sil2100cyphermox, kenvandine: hey guys! I would need someone to publish the bluez silo (silo 43)15:17
cyphermoxsil2100: ok15:23
sil2100jhodapp: hey, I'll prepare the seed change locally and upload once you release the package - reason is that we're about to land the bluez silo which already has ubuntu-touch-meta15:23
jhodappsil2100, let me know when you've pushed the change to ubuntu-touch-meta and I'll make sure that media-hub*3 can be removed without breaking things15:23
sil2100So we'll have to re-build15:23
jhodappsil2100, lol good timing :)15:24
sil2100jhodapp: yeah ;) Well, I could upload, but that would be pointless as we'll have to rebuild anyway15:24
jhodappsil2100, so is that an issue, because like I said we'll have media-hub 3 and 4 installed then15:24
sil2100jhodapp: well, once you land it, I can publish the seed change before the new media-hub gets into an image15:24
jhodappah perfect, ok15:25
jhodappthat's a good plan then15:25
kenvandinedobey, link for the packaging ack?15:25
dobeykenvandine: https://requests.ci-train.ubuntu.com/#/ticket/668 is the silo15:26
dobeythe request15:26
davmor2cyphermox: \o/ thanks dude15:29
tvosssil2100, hey there :) could you cancel the outstanding builds for powerpc for https://launchpad.net/~ci-train-ppa-service/+archive/ubuntu/landing-021/+packages15:33
tvosssil2100, they will fail and I'm tired of waiting15:33
sil2100tvoss: sure, ok15:33
sil2100tvoss: cancelled ;)15:34
tvosssil2100, thank you15:34
jhodappjibel, background playlists are ready for testing, it should show up in the QA Trello board shortly (silo 9)15:35
jhodappjibel, let me or abeato know if there's any questions15:35
kenvandinedobey, good to go, should i publish?15:36
dobeykenvandine: yes please. thanks!15:38
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cjwatsontvoss: I'm sorry about the wait.  Somebody (*glares at suspect*) put all the builders on manual without telling us about it or explaining why.15:40
tvosscjwatson, no worries :)15:40
tvosssil2100, I would appreciate a review here: https://code.launchpad.net/~thomas-voss/location-service/enable-dual-landing/+merge/27814315:54
sil2100tvoss: looking after the meeting :)15:56
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morphisrobru, sil2100, Mirv: you saw the discussion around version numbers in #ubuntu-devel?16:23
xavigarciajibel: Hi there, I've already talked to design and we agreed that when switching off the Location switch it will make hide the location icon16:26
xavigarciajibel: silo 6 shoud be again ready with that change16:26
xavigarciajibel: there is a 5 minute delay showing the icon that is not clear yet, they already added a note to the specs stating that16:27
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jdstrandsil2100, pmcgowan: when did we start shipping 15.10 frameworks on the device? I see the folloing on mako:17:03
jdstrand$ ls -1 /usr/share/click/frameworks/*15.10*17:03
jdstrandI find this very confusing. how can a 15.04 stable system have 15.10 frameworks?17:04
pmcgowanjdstrand, it shouldnt we should have removed that17:04
jdstrand(not to mention, click-apparmor in the overlay doesn't know what to do with them, so if an app targeted it, it would blow up)17:04
jdstrandok, good17:04
jdstrandwell, for some definition of good17:04
pmcgowansil2100, we were supposed to take thse out when we went to 15.04.117:05
jdstrandpmcgowan: shall I file a bug?17:05
pmcgowanjdstrand, yes please17:05
jdstrandpmcgowan: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu-rtm/+source/ubuntu-touch-meta/+bug/151839317:07
ubot5Ubuntu bug 1518393 in ubuntu-touch-meta (Ubuntu RTM) "stable phone overlay has 15.10 frameworks, but it shouldn't" [Undecided,New]17:07
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sil2100pmcgowan: will remove those as well, yeah...17:40
robrumorphis: I saw mention of version numbers but I didn't follow what the problem was our what the desired behavior was. Please file a bug against lp:cupstream2distro explaining it in detail17:41
davmor2sil2100:  if all the bluez5 stuff landed are you able to spin up a new image please, not sure if you got my earlier request17:42
pmcgowansil2100, they are ok on xenial but not on vivid overlay17:46
sil2100davmor2: looks landed indeed, checking if everything is published and I'll kick an image now17:54
sil2100pmcgowan: yeah, not sure how those ended up in our vivid seeds, maybe I copied them over by accident17:54
davmor2sil2100: blame the Spanish inquisition nobody will expect that ;)d17:55
sil2100It's building now :)17:56
davmor2sil2100: \o/17:59
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robrukenvandine: do you know what's going on with https://requests.ci-train.ubuntu.com/#/ticket/54 ? seems an old landing, not sure what happened there...18:33
kenvandinerobru, oh... that wasn't supposed to be merged18:34
kenvandineit was an experimental silo18:34
robrukenvandine: yeah I don't know why the train is trying to merge it, since it's not landed.18:34
robruunless the version numbers match or something...18:34
kenvandinerobru, can i edit the silo then kick a rebuild?18:34
kenvandineit's still useful for us18:35
robrukenvandine: yeah18:35
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robrukenvandine: oh, haha, false alarm. it wasn't trying to merge it, there's just a bug causing the error to *say* merge&clean.18:37
kenvandinerobru, good18:38
robrukenvandine: side effect of sloppy imports. the 'X failed:' prefix for exception messages is set at import time rather than runtime and the merging code gets *imported* in that script so it uses that prefix on exceptions18:39
robrukenvandine: you can force build to overcome that ^18:43
kenvandinerobru, thx18:51
robrukenvandine: you're welcome18:52
fgintheranpok, I'm looking at the unity-system-compositor problem you reported. If I find the fix, I'll rebuild that MP18:57
fgintheranpok, it looks like this build was triggered from a manual rebuild. Is that correct?19:11
fgintheranpok, thanks for confirming. The build parameters appeared to have been set from when the job was configured to build for wily and it caused problems when building under xenial.  I've retriggered a new build with 'local_archive_pocket' set to xenial.  That should work, but will monitor it to make sure.19:28
anpokah.. right the build failure back then was still with a wily setup..19:28
fgintheranpok, you're welcome, sorry that this detail handled more intuitively19:30
fginther*isn't* handled more intuitively19:30
boikorvr: hi, I just need to rebuild telepathy-ofono on silo 25 to include the fixes that just got merged from silo 5219:57
boikorvr: as it is only bluetooth device names, shouldn't interfere with the tests already done19:58
dobeytrainguards: can someone retry a few builds for me?20:22
robrudobey: on it20:23
rvrboiko: ok20:31
popeyToyKeeper, thanks for testing music - seems I made a mistake and gave you the wrong click, have updated the citrain and trello card accordingly!20:54
popey(this fixes the issue you identiied)20:54
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