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dholbachhola ara, salut davidcalle08:30
davidcalleMorning o/08:30
davidcallepopey, hey, is there a limit to the number of screenshots one can upload for one app on myapps?08:36
popeydavidcalle, don't think so09:34
dholbachballoons, davidcalle, dpm, mhall119|fossetc, popey: do you think you can add UCADay posts you find to http://pad.ubuntu.com/mgAeFJwgAa? it's for Amrisha11:42
davidcalledholbach, ok11:43
dpmthanks for organizing this dholbach11:52
dholbachno worries11:54
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davidcalledholbach, so, about staging, all the tests yesterday have left the db in a broken state (in-between migrations). I've reseted it completely, and I'm doing a deployment of r145 (django 1.6), which will be followed by r150 on top, to see where we are. After that, I'll get a dump of prod and repeat the process with prod data.13:25
dholbachdavidcalle, I'm crossing all my fingers13:33
davidcalledholbach, same, toes as well. In-between deploys, I'm preparing the django showdown app http://i.imgur.com/2mpOU03.png you'll have to review soon-ish13:38
* dholbach hugs davidcalle13:39
davidcalledholbach, swift issue is preventing staging deployments... /me goes to #webops14:03
dholbachdavidcalle, is that with the downgraded swift* packages?14:03
davidcalledholbach, so, it wasn't an issue with the version apparently, r145 is failing as well14:04
dholbachI was assuming it was my fault :)14:05
davidcalleNope :)14:07
balloonsHappy Friday everyone14:21
balloonsAnd of course, it's a special day being uca day14:23
jcastrodholbach: ahmed shams! there's a name I haven't heard in a while!14:31
jcastroI have a handful of UCA posts14:32
jcastroI will do them over the next few hours14:33
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dholbachvery nice!14:37
* davidcalle brb14:37
dholbachall right... I need to pack and run now - so see you back on Monday! Have a great UCADay and weekend! :)14:45
dpmhey marcoceppi, how is the ubucon charm coming along?14:58
marcoceppidpm: good, I think I have configuration files figured out, which was my major blocker. I've got meetings most of my morning but I carved a bit of time out in the afternoon to wrap it up14:59
dpmargh, brb, phone call15:00
dpmmarcoceppi, cool, thanks. Do you still think it's doable for today? Are you foreseeing any blockers?15:17
popeyballoons, added dan as a mentor, he also has a chunk of tasks to add :D15:21
balloonspopey, :-) Are other core app devs going to do similar things or ?15:22
popeyI'll be adding some15:23
popeyAm asking core app devs in meetings15:23
balloonsok, as you can see I've added a couple mentors16:01
balloonsI'm curious if you've asked any flavors yet? I'm assuming José is still quite busy16:02
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jcastrois there a way we can ask the full circle people to update their feed or something so their planet posts are about actual ubuntu?18:22
pleia2jcastro: you could email ronnie18:22
pleia2he's the contact for that feed18:23
jcastrodo you have something more googleable than just ronnie? :)18:23
jcastrotucker, found it18:24

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