Bashing-omTJ-: IRT tachyondecay dmesg - line 277 " Calgary: Unable to locate Rio Grande table in EBDA - bailing!" .. I see this a lot . What is the significance ?01:20
TJ-It's an IOMMU in some Intel chipsets, used in IBM x series01:31
Bashing-omTJ-: K; then "bailing!" is nothing to be upset about .01:33
TJ-correct, it's built-in and is just looking for the tables that define the IOMMU. doesn't find them, so 'bails' out - doesn't stay in memory01:35
daftykinsnn all! \o05:35
lotuspsychjegood morning to all06:21
OerHeksno bananas today!06:28
* lotuspsychje prays for regular users06:30
lotuspsychje!info nmap06:31
ubot5nmap (source: nmap): The Network Mapper. In component main, is extra. Version 6.47-3 (vivid), package size 3668 kB, installed size 17433 kB06:31
lotuspsychjecfhowlett: !! good morning06:57
cfhowlettheyo lotuspsychje06:57
lordievaderGood afternoon.11:58
BluesKajHey folks12:00
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EriC^^daftykins: o/18:39
daftykinshello there, how're we all doing today? :)18:41
OerHeksare we ready for the weekend madness?18:41
EriC^^daftykins: good good, yourself?18:42
EriC^^let the madness begin!18:42
daftykinsbut we'll stumble through :) very friendly customer just then i see18:42
daftykinsyes thanks, just picked up a nice new jacket today, so i'm all set for winter now :)18:42
daftykinsstill some time to wait to get the new LCD for that LG Nexus 5 phone i'm fixing up, i love fixing things :)18:43
daftykinsi don't think you were here when i was linking that?18:43
EriC^^do link18:43
daftykinsa friend has had it for months at home sat doing nothing, with the hugely smashed screen18:44
EriC^^wow it's pretty banged up18:46
OerHekskept in backpocket on a bicycle?18:46
daftykinsnah, he's an aircraft engineer, had to keep it on him when working alone in a hangar away from the company offices. For some reason he did a job lying down with it in his back pocket, so that caused a first smash to the glass upper left; but then he kept using it18:48
daftykinsessentially he was skating around on top of it, full body weight >_<18:48
daftykinsbut £26 from Hong Kong on ebay for a new full screen, glass, digitiser and front case portion - a brief component swap and it should be back in business :D18:49
daftykinsi've got a Nexus 4 so i may even switch to using it myself18:49
EriC^^it's very slim18:51
EriC^^how does it not have buttons on the front though? it's in the lcd itself?18:52
EriC^^like you slide to unlock then you get buttons at the bottom to navigate and stuff?18:52
daftykinsyep, soft buttons as they call 'em now18:53
daftykinsmeans that they can change icon to change purpose and be hidden during fullscreen content playback etc18:53
EriC^^oh, cool18:56
YaiyanFirst thing I do after a new install is to open Firefox, download Chrome and replace Firefox with Chrome everywhere :l20:41
YaiyanOnce that's done I can start playing with Ubuntu-Chrome =)20:41
daftykinsyou were wholly wrong about the unit discussion by the way, i'd appreciate if you didn't tread all over my assistance in future20:42
OerHeksdaf noelia does not understand thatwifi speed is something different than cable,  30 mb sounds not bad to me.. how do we find out it is not 30mbit ?20:52
OerHeksnvm ..20:55
daftykinsi had hoped an answer on that would be forthcoming, but i think given it's this problematic realtek adapter and heavily out of date, we've got to wait for that first :)20:56
daftykinsnote to self, STOP trying to help 3 people at once22:03
daftykinsonly confusion can result :)22:03
Bashing-omdaftykins: Uh Huh ^ .. problem such as that is compounded working a couple of forums ( while waiting ) . There are those times when I too stress myself out .22:09
daftykinsoh the pace of forums must make it 10x worse too, having to re-read before progressing?22:10
Bashing-omYeah, not (RE-)reading has bitten me bad a time or 2 . And then tunnel vision is my worse fault .22:11
Bashing-omLooks like I am about caught up.. will try and lessen your load daftykins .22:14
daftykinsthanks :) which user do you fancy taking?22:14
daftykinsBottomNotch seems to have tried to install xfce and now gets 'low graphics mode' on boot22:15
daftykinsthen "ich_" i think has heavily modified an install already to try and get it working and left it useless22:15
Bashing-omI thouhgt you had both of those under control . Awaiting them to get the systems up-2-date.22:17
daftykinslooks like one has a system that won't comply and the other one is offline when at a TTY so can't fix >_<22:19
OerHeksSome considder that as trolling, keeping volunteers buzzy by not telling all important info, as a merry-go-round22:22
OerHeksfor days now ..22:22
Bashing-omOur crystal balls have cracks, we do not see clearly .22:25
daftykins:( always odd when they keep the key component to the end22:26
OerHeksAll power i need, is to realise i don't have to give support allone ;-) and be able to walk away22:26
OerHeksbut it surely is misty sometimes22:26
daftykinsthat guy with the killer wireless, i remember they weren't supported not long ago - wonder if it's changed yet22:27
daftykinsi think the ath10k driver for a specific atheros model was still in development22:27
daftykinsi'm gonna keep my hands off that one though :D22:28
OerHekshmm i notice a lot of www.askubuntu-com.pw in google, not an official ubuntu site, is it?22:35
daftykinsnot seen that one22:36
Ben64$ whois www.askubuntu-com.pw23:47
daftykinsi don't understand why my chown command in channel didn't work for others but works fine for me23:59

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