RoyKand possibly 587 and 99300:00
RoyKand 80/443 for web access and 7071 for admin access00:05
grendal_primeim just trying to get the install script to work...i cant even get it to resolve00:18
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window95anyone know if possible to set up a twitter stream on my server? (that can be monitored through terminal)02:54
sarnoldbitlbee is the usual answer but twitter does have an API available that you can probably call easily enough using event machine or libev or something similar02:57
window95excellent thanks going to look into this :]03:03
tewardthough their API will lock you out if you make a ton of calls03:05
teward(just keep that in mind)03:05
window95oh the thing i was looking at was RainbowStream    i think its more meant for like Ubuntu or Mac OSX but am just trying to install it on a temp server to see how it all works03:06
window95i'm wondering if this RainbowStream would maybe overload the API too?03:07
window95it is not the one i HAVE to have, but just looked the easiest to install on first inspection. I'm going to look into this bitLbee too03:07
grendal_primealright so basically i need to set up a dns server03:47
grendal_primeRoyK,  i would really just like to install zimbra and try it out first but..i cannot get this thing to work03:50
arooniis it stupid to add my ssh user to the www-data group (that's used for nginx)?  im messing around with wordpress files and i get tired of forgetting to open a vim editor as sudo.03:50
arooniwell just did that and still i cant create new files with sudo even when in a directory where i have group rights03:50
grendal_primeset up a distributed key for your local user...03:51
grendal_primewho naturally owns those files?03:53
Magic815if i'm interested in getting a ZFS filesystem set up on Ubuntu server, what are some good articles/tutorials for me to take a look at? i'm new to Ubuntu, so the more noob friendly, the better :)03:53
grendal_primezfs. is that mac?03:53
grendal_primei just use ciffs for my fillers, everything understands it and its fast enough03:54
Magic815it's apparently a well regarded filesystem for servers03:55
Magic815FreeNAS uses it. apparently it can be used in Ubuntu as well03:55
grendal_primehmmm ya i had a few bad experiences with off the wall file systems03:56
grendal_primei dont know man...nothing im familar with.  toughest fillers ive ever seen are netapps..03:56
tonyyarussoZFS is hardly "off the wall"03:56
grendal_primeok...good point03:57
grendal_primeim just uneduacted i guess..03:57
grendal_primei build small fllers for power companies. I couple them with vpn concentrators.  they have to work every day all day.  and if they go down i have to  have anther one ready.  Ive never had more than  2 hours down time on a filer ever.03:59
grendal_primeI just have to go with what is easy to deal with and does the job.04:01
theptrHi i want to backup my full vps i only have ssh access so no panel . u used rsync to backup everyhting to a local folder called backup . now i want to copy that folder over to my new server . Will that work08:08
qman__theptr: yes, though you need to format the new partition(s) and reinstall the bootloader08:12
qman__And also make sure fstab is correct for the new setup08:13
theptrqman__, would there be an easyer way to migrate my mail server ?08:13
qman__Probably not, those steps are quite easy08:14
qman__Create new filesystem, rsync over, chroot in, grub-install, update fstab, reboot08:14
theptrqman__, Yeah so i change the /etc/netwok/interfaces file with the new one ? and overwrite everything and then i do grub , and fstab ?08:15
qman__Only need to update interfaces if he IP is changing08:16
theptrqman__, I hope everything goes smooth because there was a lot of work in that server .08:16
theptrqman__, yeah thats going to change because im going to change to an other vps provider.08:17
qman__If you have a problem with the network showing as eth1 instead of eth0, em /etc/udev/rules.d/70-persistent-net.rules08:17
theptrqman__, okay thanks08:22
jamespagecoreycb, https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/python-oslo.concurrency/+bug/151801609:34
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1518016 in python-oslo.concurrency (Ubuntu Vivid) "Nova kilo requires concurrency 1.8.2 or better" [Critical,Triaged]09:34
jamespagecoreycb, we need to be real careful when upstream rev to a new point release like that - it indicates a bug or feature that is required09:37
jamespagewe have a MRE for oslo packages so this should not be a problem09:37
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jamespagearges, if you have 5 mins today - https://bugs.launchpad.net/cloud-archive/+bug/151801610:14
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1518016 in python-oslo.concurrency (Ubuntu Vivid) "[SRU] Nova kilo requires concurrency 1.8.2 or better" [Critical,In progress]10:14
jamespageis fairly urgent...10:14
jamespagemissed during the last kilo update10:14
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lordievaderGood afternoon.11:57
coreycbjamespage, ok.  zul, see jamespage comment about the kilo release^12:37
coreycbjamespage, any idea where we store a list of MREs these days?12:47
zulcoreycb: doh12:51
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coreycbjamespage, I bumped oslo.concurrency to 1.8.2 in lp:~ubuntu-server-dev/nova/kilo.  do you want to SRU that as well?13:02
jamespagecoreycb, that might make sense13:03
coreycbjamespage, ok I'll upload it13:04
jamespagecoreycb, make sure you raise a bug task for nova on that bug then13:04
coreycbjamespage, ok13:04
jamespagecoreycb, its really a common sense approach these days and is up to the SRU team13:08
jamespagebut we did have one - https://wiki.ubuntu.com/StableReleaseUpdates/MicroReleaseExceptions?action=recall&rev=5913:09
coreycbjamespage, thanks, I aslo asked pitti if there's still a list, in #ubuntu-devel13:12
jamespagecoreycb, it was that ^^13:12
jamespagebut was deprecated and deferred to the SRU team I think13:12
coreycbjamespage, I see13:12
coreycbarges, can you also review nova along with oslo.concurrency in the vivid upload queue?13:13
Harishello all13:26
coreycbjamespage, ceilometer is in vivid-updates now, can you promote to trusty-kilo-updates?13:26
Hariswhat is multiple server install with MAAS ?13:26
Hariscan I have maas and multiple servers installed on the same machine ?13:33
Harisstupid Q. but still asking13:33
Harisguys, anyone around ?13:36
ubottuDon't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. While you wait, try searching https://help.ubuntu.com or http://ubuntuforums.org or http://askubuntu.com/13:39
rbasakHaris: try asking in #maas13:44
Hariswhy does ubuntu installer look for a cdrom, when I started install from usb ?13:49
Harissince it can't find an installation cd, its returned to the menu13:50
HarisI can't proceed witht the install13:50
jrwrenit calls it a CD, but I think it really means apt file source. It might mean that it isn't able to mount your usb device?13:51
HarisI started the install from usb13:52
jrwrenI think I had a similar issue recently, but in my case I was using a bad usb flash drive.13:52
Haristhat's not the case here13:52
Harisit takes me to the installation process menu. where I'm stuck. since there's nothing to do with cd or cdrom13:53
Harisbut it wants to detect and mount one13:53
rbasakLike jrwren says, when it says CD, it means CD or USB or from wherever else it can find the data.13:55
Haristhere's nothing for me to do for this installation step. I'm just stuck13:55
rbasakThe problem you need to solve is why it can't find the data, not that it's looking for a CD.13:55
HarisI created this bootable 14.04 lts usb from rufus on windows13:55
Harisis tehre a debug/log window I can see errors on ? to get a clue on what went wrong13:58
jrwrenalt-f1-8 toggle through various virtual terminals. One should have console output.13:58
Harison alt-f4, it says13:59
jrwrenroot no password on any terminal and check /var/log/syslog too13:59
Harissearching for ubuntu installation media... devices /dev/sr0 /dev/sdb1 and then 3 lines with cdrom mount failed for sr0, sdb113:59
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Hariswhat other way can I prepare this usb for ubuntu install14:03
Harissuch that it doesn't look for cdrom14:03
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Hariswhy can it not find the data ?14:05
jrwrenIt will always look for cdrom. it also will always look for other disks. Ignore the cd rom search failures. They are a red herring14:05
jrwrenwhat is mounted?14:06
Harisnothing. the box has just the usb I started install with14:06
Harisand a 1 tb hdd14:06
jrwrenthe boot process mounts things. Something must be mounted.14:06
Harislibc-udeb doesn't exist ?14:07
Harisit searches for ubuntu install media in sr0 and sdb1 and then tries to mount cdrom and that's it14:08
Hariswith failure errors14:08
jrwrensdb1 sounds like your usb media. why did it fail to find that?14:09
Harismount: mounting /dev/sdb1 on /cdrom failed: devices or resource busy14:09
jrwrenwhat is mounted to /data ?14:09
Harisexecuted a shell. checked df output. there's no /data14:10
Harisexecuted a shell from ubuntu install process menu14:10
jrwrenI'm not an installer expert. Sorry.14:11
Hariswhen using rufus to make ubuntu bootable usb, for install, should one use image mode or dd mode for preparing usb14:16
HarisI used image mode (default, recommended by rufus)14:16
argescoreycb: was off yesterday. Did those already get reviewed?14:19
coreycbarges, no, not yet14:19
coreycbarges, python-novaclient is also in the vivid queue if you can get to that.  it's not as critical as the others though.  they're all fairly trivial.14:20
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Hariscentos installer worked just fine off of usb. what's wrong with ubuntu 14.04 lts iso14:29
Harisor with the usb preperation for install14:29
argescoreycb: did you just re-upload nova?14:46
argescoreycb: and can you (or bryan) add SRU template to bug 149951014:46
ubottubug 1499510 in python-novaclient (Ubuntu Vivid) "Fix Typo in socket attribute name in TCPKeepAliveAdapter" [High,Fix committed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/149951014:46
coreycbarges, no I just uploaded it once, but yeah I don't see the diff14:47
argescoreycb: i'll construct manually then14:56
coreycbarges, thanks. 1499510 is updated.14:57
argescoreycb++ thanks14:59
argescoreycb: ok should be all taken care of15:05
coreycbarges, thanks!15:05
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jamespagecoreycb, ceilometer promoted15:13
coreycbjamespage, thanks15:13
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jamespagesmoser, hey - any opinion on https://code.launchpad.net/~james-page/simplestreams/multihypervisor/+merge/278127 ?15:38
jamespageI'm thinking we might want to have a flag to turn that on rather than it being the default....15:39
smoserseems reasonable15:41
smoserwrt flag, you're saying because as it is rignt now, this woudl start uploading lxc images ?15:41
coreycbjamespage, oslo.i18n is bumped to >=1.3.0 in the juno stable release, so I'll do that as part of the release15:44
jamespagecoreycb, yuck but ok15:45
jamespagecoreycb, thats 1.0.0 -> 1.3.015:45
jamespagecoreycb, juno will go direct to UCA right?15:45
Magic815If I'm looking into setting up zfs on Ubuntu server, is http://zfsonlinux.org/faq.html basically the main resource?16:08
Magic815Any other links worth my reading?16:09
coreycbjamespage, and oslo.utils was bumped to 1.4.0 in juno16:33
jamespagecoreycb, lets dig into why that is16:51
coreycbjamespage, looks like a legitimate bug that affects i18n and utils, https://bugs.launchpad.net/oslo.i18n/+bug/149295116:55
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1492951 in oslo.i18n "Juno keystone installation fail to import oslo_i18n" [Undecided,In progress]16:55
coreycbalthough perhaps it doesn't affect us16:56
coreycbjamespage, I think you might need utils 1.4.0 and i18n < 1.3.0 to hit it16:57
roaksoaxwin 1217:08
coreycbjamespage, I don't think we need to bump our oslo's after looking some more.  they were bumped due to gate issues with uncapped requirements which wouldn't affect us.  bug 144684717:08
ubottubug 1446847 in OpenStack-Gate "stable/juno gate is busted on Oslo releases on 4/21" [Undecided,Fix committed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/144684717:08
jamespagecoreycb, we need to check that we don't get plugin/endpoint loading issues like we got with ceilometer17:09
jamespagebut yes Ithink you are correct17:09
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telldrakLooking for some assistance with getting Sendmail set up and configured properly for Ubuntu 14.04 on Digital Ocean.23:43
telldrakI have Apache2/MySQL/PHP5 running, and three domains hosted.23:43
telldrakNeed to get mail working for two of them.23:43
telldrakI would appreciate any suggestions and resources you have to share23:44

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