sverzegnassithanks again! good night00:07
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gerlowskijaHas anyone here had trouble sending text messages to groups of people.  When I send messages from my bq phone, the message gets sent to each individual separately, and doesn't appear in the group message thread.02:13
gerlowskijaNot really sure if this is a software issue, an issue w/ my phone/carrier combination, or a setting I'm not taking advantage of02:13
gerlowskijaSo just wondering whether others have seen this.02:13
mukaI noticed that numeric keyboard has no negative sign. I think it should be added.02:46
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RMJWoohoo just got ota8 :)05:39
RMJBluetooth mouse works and external screen :)05:44
RMJHi All, just installed OTA8 and got it hooked up to an external screen and bluetooth mouse :) anyone have the link handy for filing bugs?05:59
marcustomlinsonIs there anyone here who can un-ban thostr_ from this channel? Seems he can't join for some reason06:32
lotuspsychjemarcustomlinson: leave a pm to popey06:32
marcustomlinsonlotuspsychje: ok thanks06:34
OerHeksbetter join #ubuntu-ops for that06:35
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M-davidarHi, I'm having trouble deploying apps to ubuntu-emulator - is anyone able to help?07:32
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lotuspsychjeM-davidar: you might idle here to devs are awake07:51
M-davidarok, I got it running, but landscape isn't working :/08:02
M-davidarlotuspsychje: ok08:03
=== sil2100 changed the topic of #ubuntu-touch to: Home: http://bit.ly/YEqEfo | Install: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Touch/Install | Porting (advanced) https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Touch/Porting | Bug filing: http://bit.ly/1aV9AJG | Dashboard: http://bit.ly/12AQV53 | Changelog: http://bit.ly/1ljube1 | http://www.bq.com/gb/ubuntu.html | http://www.meizu.com/products/ubuntu.html | OTA-8 released!
mimiHey guys. Can someone tell me how to use AT-Commands on Ubuntu touch? Got an problem with my IMEI (have an Meizu MX4 Ubuntu Edition, changed to Android and now back). Under Android I could set the IMEI with an AT-Command. I Want to do the same under Ubuntu Touch now. Any Idea? /dev of modem and use echo to send commands?09:05
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robin-heroHey! I've just updated my phone to OTA-8 and I've found a bug. It doesn't remember my Wi-Fi network. I need to add the details every time. If I see it under the Previous Networks, I see my Network, and a new one with name like this: RobinH, RobinH 1, RobinH 2... etc.09:13
RMjHmm which phone? I've just updated my N4 and it connected ok to one of my usual networks09:15
davmor2robin-hero: did you flash the device with mtktool at any point?09:17
robin-heroRMj: Nexus409:17
robin-herodavmor2: mtktool? I don't know what is it :)09:17
davmor2robin-hero: ignore me then not going to be that09:17
RMjSame as me, I just updated it via the phone itself, you?09:18
davmor2robin-hero: can you try forgetting all the networks and then add it again a fresh please, it might be that the config got screwed up09:18
robin-herodavmor2: Yes, I tried it many times. If I turn off the Wifi, then turn on it doesn't connect anymore. I need to connect by hand, and I need to add the details again09:19
popeythostr_, sorry I banned someone else and clearly used too wide a ban :)09:35
mimiAnybody an idea what /dev device on ubuntu touch is the modem that listens to AT-Commands?09:41
JamesTaitGood morning all; happy Friday, and happy Ubuntu Community Appreciation Day! 😃10:00
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sam___is there anyone who has ported ubuntu touch to samsung galaxy j510:53
robin-herodavmor2: I've just flashed my phone (--wipe and --bootstrap, stable channel) again, but I still have the bug.11:37
davmor2robin-hero: yes I would imagine that somehow your device has lost it's mac address for the wifi11:40
robin-herodavmor2: Can I test it somehow?11:40
davmor2robin-hero: run nmcli -d and get the mac address for the phone.  Then reboot and then run the same command and see if the mac is different11:40
davmor2for the wifi not the phone sorry11:41
robin-herodavmor2: option '-d' is uknown11:42
robin-heroHmm, but it's there in the help section...11:43
davmor2robin-hero: it is just d but that doesn't give the mac details which I thought it did give me 511:45
davmor2robin-hero: ah there you go ifconfig tells you on wlan0 just jot down the hwaddr11:49
davmor2robin-hero: then reboot and see if it is the same11:50
robin-herodavmor2: Yes, this is the problem:11:58
robin-herofirt: 00:11:22:55:6b:5 second: 00:11:22:a2:80:911:58
davmor2robin-hero: right not sure if you can find out what the original mac address was from somewhere, without it you can't change it.  At a push I guess you could reflash android and see if that fixes it12:00
davmor2john-mcaleely: ^  any clue on that one for a mako?12:00
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InnercodeHi 'm getting headaches about my apparmor problem. I've updated my BQ4.5 to OTA-8 and my desktop have the latest updates as well. When I create a new HTML5 app and run it on my phone no styles or js are applied because apparmor denied it. The bug is registered here (https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/apparmor-easyprof-ubuntu/+bug/1477580) but the state is fixed. When I run the app on my desktop it's ok. How can I fix 12:53
ubot5Ubuntu bug 1477580 in apparmor-easyprof-ubuntu (Ubuntu) "[HTML5] AppaArmor denials to used the system installed UI SDK files, when webapp container used as a launcher" [High,Fix released]12:53
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EdwardMorbiushello, book aggregator scope in ota-8 where is it? I cant find it in list of scopes, I am probably missing something XD13:12
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davmor2EdwardMorbius: there might not be one, there is an openlibrary scope I think13:52
EdwardMorbiusdavmor2 then the description of ota-8 is a bit misleading :) I will check that scope then13:52
davidcalleEdwardMorbius, davmor2, the openlibrary one is old-ish, but release notes for ota8 are mentioning a new one, haven't found it so far13:53
EdwardMorbiusdavidcalle me neither on the phone or in the store so its a bit confusing13:53
davidcallesil2100, is it only on some images? ^13:53
davmor2davidcalle: I think it is meant to be address book13:54
davmor2sil2100: ^13:54
k1l_seems like the bq phones are now in the usbids database. so a "sudo update-usbids" solves the issue that its not recognized by the computer.13:54
k1l_but why did bq not request a usbid entry in the beginning?13:55
davidcalledavmor2, this would make sense13:55
davmor2davidcalle, EdwardMorbius: there is a new address book and calls/text/telegram aggregater13:56
davmor2so I assume sil2100 just missed address from that line13:57
EdwardMorbiusNew Book aggregator scope, with lots of regional content13:57
EdwardMorbiusthis doesnt sound like an address book? :))13:57
davmor2EdwardMorbius: where are you reading that13:58
EdwardMorbiusdavnor2 https://insights.ubuntu.com/2015/11/19/phone-update-ota-8/?utm_source=Social&utm_medium=Insights%20blog&utm_campaign=OTA-8&13:58
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InnercodeI've resetted my phone to factory default. Problem persists.14:12
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davmor2Innercode: you might be better off asking on #ubuntu-app-devel as there might be other people there who have hit similar issues14:37
Innercodedavmor2: Thanks!!! I didn't know that that channel exists :)14:38
aweMirv, is there a bzr or git tree for our qtbase package?14:50
aweor is it just directly uploaded?14:50
awetvoss, looks like we have a fix for the Qt side of the DBus flood14:52
awepmcgowan, is a hotfix still on the table for both?14:52
awe( location-services/dbus-cpp & qtbase )14:52
pmcgowanawe, yes14:54
Mirvawe: http://anonscm.debian.org/cgit/pkg-kde/qt/qtbase.git/log/?h=ubuntu - that's 5.5 however, 5.4 is just maintained locally / direct uploads. all changes need to go in 5.4.1 (overlay), 5.4.2 (xenial) and 5.5 (to-be-xenial)14:54
Mirvawe: all repos linked at https://docs.google.com/a/canonical.com/spreadsheet/ccc?key=0AjuCdq68GSyVdFI4QzNQdWpfME5aMEV2VXo0cUpOMkE14:54
Mirv(at the bottom)14:55
Mirvwelcome to Qt :)14:55
aweMirv, uh yea... a week ago this time, I couldn't spell it14:56
aweMirv, that said... looks like between myself and Lorn, we have a potential fix.  I need to do some cleanup14:56
awecan I then hand it off to you for silo prep?14:56
Mirvawe: yes, I can take care of anything, especially you don't want to know about the -gles twin packages for all three versions :)14:57
Mirvso silo, builds, I'll just shout when a silo is ready for testing14:57
awegreat.  I'll work on cleaning up the patch this afternoon then and we can work on getting a silo up early next week14:58
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tvossawe, I'm preparing dual landings right now, early next week sounds good to me15:07
tvossawe, also: \o/15:08
tvossMirv, awe should we call for testing early next week? specifically as the qt stuff touches in core dbus behavior?15:08
tvosspmcgowan, ^15:12
pmcgowantvoss, sure we can15:14
awepmcgowan, tvoss, maybe we should pow-wow on Mon or Tue to come up with a plan?  fyi QA's been given an informal heads-up15:28
pmcgowanawe, we have an rtm call on tue, we could do it then15:28
awehangout or call?15:29
awethat could work15:29
pmcgowanawe, will add you guys15:29
tvossawe, pmcgowan ack15:31
egon1someone can me tell please why i can not install new apps on my ubutuphone?15:37
dobeycan you specify the exact error you are seeing?15:37
egon1the phone says  can not connect with the ubuntu-account15:37
egon1but email and password are right15:38
egon1bq aquaris phone15:38
dobeyyou can't log in to ubuntuone you mean?15:38
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egon1dobey: yes so is it15:40
egon1sorry for my bad english15:40
dobeyegon1: and you get an error message inside the window, that is colored red?15:40
egon1dobey: he sayd 'Anmeldefehler'  german language15:43
k1l_login error, roughly translated15:44
egon1+Logon failure15:44
dobeyegon1: is the time correct on your phone? Make sure you have it set to "Automatic" in the settings15:47
egon1dobey: thanyou... that was all  now it's working15:51
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adam_from_farfarhi guys :)15:56
adam_from_farfarWhenever I try to deploy the app, I am getting the error coming from python script that module ubuntuuitoolkit  does not exist15:56
adam_from_farfarany hits? This module seem not to be valid according to pip. It's also not Ubuntu module. There is ubuntu-ui-toolkit-autopilot but it does not provide that module :/15:58
dobeyadam_from_farfar: #ubuntu-app-devel might be a better place to ask about app dev questions16:05
dobeyadam_from_farfar: sounds like you're trying to run autopilot tests and you import that module in your autopilot tests, though16:06
dobeyso you probably need to declare that dependency in the manifest, for autopkgtests16:06
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adam_from_farfardobey: Nothing like this. Ive just installed Ubuntu SDK, created minimal Hello World application (qt quick) and press run (on a phone). That is is. The message appears during automatic deployment.16:17
dobeyadam_from_farfar: ok, i'm not sure python should be invovled for that. i suggest asking in #ubuntu-app-devel16:18
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adam_from_farfarThis is what I got: http://paste.ubuntu.com/13367627/16:20
dobeyadam_from_farfar: yeah, it's trying to do something with autopilot. it tells you how to disable that for now16:48
dobeyanyway, #ubuntu-app-devel will have better help for that side of things :)16:48
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vitimitiHey, cheers for the webbrowser-app now properly opening links in a new tab in the background without the need to manually change to the new tab to continue using the browser properly17:26
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nhainesogra_: thanks for all the hard work you do for Ubuntu, especially for being patient while I asked you the same two questions about phone 15.04 -> 15.10/snappy every different way I could think of while I was writing my book!18:53
taiebotHi i still do not get the date on Today scope on nexus 4  rc-proposed am i the only one seeing this. Also thanks for the nearby scopes in the store20:44
mcphailIn the browser app on OTA8, only one of my "top sites" has a thumbnail attached to it. The rest are blank placeholders and look ugly. Can I fix this?20:52
pmcgowanmcphail, if you long press you can remove them, but unfortunately older ones will take their place21:24
pmcgowanI filed a bug a while back21:24
mcphailpmcgowan: cheers!21:26
pmcgowanmcphail, we could probably nuke the cache somewhere, will find out21:27
mcphailpmcgowan: yes - don't want to destry my bookmarks, though21:27
pmcgowanright will check tomorrow21:28
mcphailmany thanks21:28
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mcphailcan someone remind me how I start an app from the shell?21:39
dobeyubuntu-app-launch $appid21:39
mcphaildobey: cheers21:39
niekas"More Ubuntu phones coming soon…" < When could be this "soon"?21:53
dobeya point prior to the heat death of the universe21:56
andygraybealhey this might ultra dumb, but will ubuntu-touch run instagram and square point-of-sale app?22:36
popeyandygraybeal, those sound like android apps, we don't (currently) support running android apps22:42
andygraybealk thank you22:42
marcus0hi, i'm trying to install touch on my nexus7 but the repository is unavailable ? http://ppa.launchpad.net/ubuntu-nexus7/ubuntu-nexus7-installer/ubuntu/dists/wily/main/binary-i386/Packages22:45
mcphailpopey: ...currently?22:57
marcus0yes. i think the correct dist is raring, right?22:59
mcphailIs there any possiblity of dropping MTP and moving to USB mass storage?22:59
popeymcphail, well done for picking up on that :)23:06
popeyalso, fyi. quake runs like dogpoo in dosbox on the e4.5 :D23:07
popeyI mean, it _runs_ http://people.canonical.com/~alan/screenshots/device-2015-11-20-121431.png23:07
mcphailpopey: yes - looks like software mode23:09
mcphailpopey: baldur's gate is segfaulting after character creation23:09
popeyscummvm is giving me "Bus error"23:10
popeywhich is odd23:10
mcphailIt would be great if a real developer would start porting some games ;p23:11
* mcphail ducks23:11
popeyas opposed to us amateurs ?23:11
mcphailyep. I'm sooo out of my depth23:12
popeyheh ditto23:12
mcphailDon't hink you'll get unmodified quake to run well as it really needs opengl23:12
popeyyeah, well this was just me being silly :)23:13
mcphailmy life would be much easier if I could just drag and drop these bg files onto the device, but MTP is being annoying (as usual)23:16
* popey breaks out strace on scummvm23:16
popeyi use scp23:16
popeyand hack directly on device over ssh rather than rebuild clicks23:16
popeysudo hacking in /opt and then pull the data off23:16
mcphailhardcore :)23:16
popeyI know mtp sucks23:17
popeynot going down that road23:17
mcphailhow do you activate ssh on the device?23:17
mcphail(or are you scp'ing the other way?)23:18
popeyboth ways23:19
popeyadb shell android-gadget-service enable ssh23:19
popeywritten by our own ogra_23:19
mcphaildoes that just open ssh over wlan, or over 3g as well? DOn't fancy the latter23:20
popeyyeah, i think it's global23:20
mcphailnot great with a 4 digit pin. Is password auth disabled by default?23:21
popeyyou can set passphrase23:21
popeyrather than pincode23:21
nhainesmcphail: wait, I thought Baldur's Gate was a Windows game.23:56
mcphailnhaines: popey: not any more :) http://themcphails.uk/bg.png23:58
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