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Mirvmzanetti: https://requests.ci-train.ubuntu.com/#/ticket/621 QA granted but new commits in unity808:43
MirvTrevinho: hey. to me it looks like this ticket was properly even through the SRU queue and I have it now on my 14.04 LTS, should it be cleaned up so that branches are merged? https://requests.ci-train.ubuntu.com/#/ticket/519 - _except_ that unity-lens-music is not published, that should be done manually. did you do the rest somehow by manual copying?08:52
Mirvbut I've unity, indicator-session and ido from the trusty-updates08:52
MirvTrevinho: to me it looks mterry published the three packages but somehow unity-lens-music was apparently put to the silo afterwards? https://ci-train.ubuntu.com/job/ubuntu-landing-042-2-publish/7/artifact/packagelist_rsync_ubuntu-landing-042/*view*/08:53
MirvTrevinho: I think the best thing would be to force merge for the others (I can do that) and put the unity-lens-music MP into new request08:53
TrevinhoMirv: ok...09:10
mzanettiMirv, which one?09:13
mzanettihow can you read that log? :D09:14
Mirvmzanetti: not sure, this one has the latest commit looking manually https://code.launchpad.net/~mzanetti/unity8/ubuntuanimations/+merge/276511 (same dates as the build date)09:17
mzanettiMirv, that's the one I was waiting for before rebuilding the silo09:17
mzanettishould be fine09:17
Mirvmzanetti: checking manually that too09:18
Mirvmzanetti: correct, it's there09:18
mzanettithat ubuntuanimations one?09:19
MirvTrevinho: bregma: ok you'll want to have another request for https://code.launchpad.net/~townsend/unity-lens-music/fix-icon-path.trusty.SRU/+merge/265656 that was not published back when unity + ido + indicator-session were. the previous ticket is now cleaned it trunks are up-to-date.09:24
TrevinhoMirv: ok, thanks09:24
ubot5Ubuntu bug 1518122 in Canonical System Image "Launch Falldown/Monster Wars and turn off screen before the app is ready ---> the app keeps reproducing audio" [Undecided,New]09:26
mzanetti@unity: Merging time!09:39
mzanettiif youre on xenial, you need to wait a bit for the latest uniy-api packages still09:40
seb128I just copied that over09:42
tsdgeosmzanetti: i see nothing new in lp:unity8 still09:43
VsyachePuzis it possible to insert a long progress bar between main menu and ApplicationIndicators panel (for MATE that will be panel applet)10:16
VsyachePuzI want to implement "minimize window to progressbar" function10:20
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VsyachePuzIs unity-panel derived from gnome-panel? Does this mean, that it is possible to add "panel applet" to unity panel?10:49
dandraderltinkl, could you please review that: https://code.launchpad.net/~dandrader/unity8/mouseWheel/+merge/27800911:35
dandraderltinkl, it's the new iteration of fixWheel11:35
dandraderltinkl, done the way I initially suggested you11:36
tsdgeoscimi: ping11:41
cimitsdgeos, pong11:50
tsdgeoscimi: do we really need the topMargin: 0.1 in https://code.launchpad.net/~cimi/unity8/new-shadows-1.3/+merge/271611 ?11:55
tsdgeosi can't see any difference on the top of the apps with or without11:55
tsdgeoseven when zooming in11:55
cimitsdgeos, yes we do, is the shadows that is around the cards11:56
cimitsdgeos, it will be cut off at the top by some clipping done11:56
tsdgeoswell i have screenshots that prove we do not need it11:56
tsdgeoscan you show me some screenshots proving we do?11:56
tsdgeosor telling me where to look11:56
cimiso you move things slightly down...11:56
cimitsdgeos, can I see this screenshot of a collapsed category?11:57
tsdgeoscollapsed category?11:57
tsdgeosthis is just for the apps scope, isn't it?11:58
cimimmm yeah for now11:59
tsdgeosso is there a way to reproduce this problem you're speaking at the moment?12:00
cimitsdgeos, make tryGenericScopeView iirc12:07
cimior tryDash12:07
cimilet me try to compile here...12:07
cimithere is one scope that fakes to be app scope, so you see the shadows, and the top edge of collapsed app category will be clipped if you don't add the margin12:09
ciminope there is none here in those tests, it must have been something I edited locally to make it behave as app sope12:10
tsdgeoscimi: if we don't relaly need it today i'd prefer we leave that out, since i'm not convinced it's the proper fix for that12:12
cimitsdgeos, we need that visual thing12:12
tsdgeosbut you just said there's no way to reproduce it?12:12
cimion the phone yes12:13
cimithe app scope12:13
cimiif you remove the margin and take a screenshot, you should see the top edge of the shadow being clipped12:13
cimiunless something changed in uitk and it is no longer the case12:13
tsdgeosi'll show you my screenshots12:14
ltinkldandrader, sure, will do12:17
tsdgeoscimi: http://i.imgur.com/TlpnLTP.jpg vs http://i.imgur.com/eBbccPj.jpg12:18
tsdgeoscimi: also what do you think about http://paste.ubuntu.com/13364390/ ?12:20
cimitsdgeos, I like that pastebin12:21
cimitsdgeos, indeed I cannot see any difference from your screenshots12:22
cimitsdgeos, maybe something changed in the way it was rendered by uitk12:22
cimiI want to check here too though, I will let you know12:22
tsdgeoscimi: cool tx12:24
tsdgeosthe merges have landed12:31
* tsdgeos runs the conflcits script12:32
tsdgeosand goes for food12:32
cimitsdgeos, ok no difference now, maybe the shadow got tweaked so it's not at the top anymore12:45
cimiwe can remove for now the margin I'd say12:45
cimiGRID_UNIT_PX=28 tools/unity-scope-tool /usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/unity-scopes/clickapps/clickscope.ini12:45
cimitested this way12:45
cimitsdgeos, that was the uitk branch I thought it was meant to fix your bug https://code.launchpad.net/~ubuntu-sdk-team/ubuntu-ui-toolkit/focusPassesFromChildToParent/+merge/27796212:51
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tsdgeoscimi: have you had time to try it?13:33
tsdgeosthe sdk branch i mean13:33
tsdgeoscimi: so are you removing the topMArgin and adding my pastebin suggestion?13:44
tsdgeos@unity: an easy one https://code.launchpad.net/~aacid/unity8/update_pot/+merge/27814713:50
mterrytsdgeos got i13:52
mterryah so did ltinkl  :)13:52
mterryso fast13:52
ltinklthe checklist needs one more item13:52
ltinkl* If you changed user-visible strings, have you run "update_pot"? :)13:53
tsdgeosi did argue for that13:53
tsdgeoseveryone thought it was a bad idea because it has to be properly fixed elsewhere13:53
ltinkltsdgeos, even better would be to write a test/commit hook for that13:53
tsdgeosbut since it will noy be fixed properly elsewhere because it's too much work we still have this problem every time we land something13:54
ltinkltsdgeos, what do you mean by "properly fixed elsewhere"?13:54
tsdgeosltinkl: it's hard since you'd need a tool that really understood13:54
tsdgeos.po diffs13:54
tsdgeosltinkl: something that runs this automagically under the hood like we have in KDE13:55
ltinkltsdgeos, ye but you could change the source code diff for qStr, tr, etc...13:55
ltinkltsdgeos, and see if the .pot file changed too with the commit13:56
ltinkltsdgeos, ehm change diff, I mean check the diff13:56
tsdgeosyeah i got it13:56
ltinkltsdgeos, dunno if bzr has some "commit hooks"13:56
tsdgeosit does13:56
tsdgeoswe used to have one for something at some poitn13:57
tsdgeosbarely rember what for though13:57
cimitsdgeos, yes14:10
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mzanettitsdgeos, ltinkl, we still have that commit hook. it runs make test14:15
mzanettiltinkl, inside a unity code tree, do "cd .bazaar && make install"14:16
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ltinklmzanetti, I see14:31
ltinkldandrader, the new wheel fixes work fine, gonna test it on an external screen in a few minutes14:32
mzanettiltinkl, can you combine them with my uinput branch and try if two-finger scrolling works?14:33
mzanettioh... you don't have a nexus device iirc14:33
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ltinklmzanetti, yeah :/ gonna do the test with the laptop (hopefully that works)14:36
dandradergreyback_, that thing you asked me the other day, needs review: https://code.launchpad.net/~dandrader/qtubuntu/useApplicationStateAPI/+merge/27772015:02
greyback_dandrader: thanks15:08
tsdgeosmzanetti: That's really weird, http://i.imgur.com/TlpnLTP.jpg is what i get.15:29
mzanettimaybe I installed it wrong?15:30
mzanetti@unity: standup15:31
mzanettidednick, ^15:31
mzanetticimi, tsdgeos: https://code.launchpad.net/~cimi/unity8/new-shadows-1.3/+merge/271611/comments/70418615:35
ltinkltsdgeos, is that the new icons?15:38
tsdgeosltinkl: yes15:39
ltinkltsdgeos, looks so much nicer15:39
tsdgeosmzanetti: yeah i guess it'd be better if the store icon was on the same style too15:40
mzanettiltinkl, well, actually its only new shadows15:41
mzanetticrazy how big of a difference that can make, eh?15:41
ltinklyeah, suddenly it looks much cleaner15:42
tsdgeoscimi: i guess you can do that from qml/Dash/GenericScopeView.qml  assigning the item.artShapeStyle = "icon"; for scope.id === "clickscope" whithout cheking the categoryId if we want15:42
cimitsdgeos, yeah but is not an icon, should use artShapeStyle = "shadow", maybe15:43
ciminot sure I added that too...15:43
cimilet me read15:43
cimitsdgeos, icon style uses a strict aspect ratio15:43
cimitsdgeos, shadow instead should simply add a shadow, it's what I use for carousel15:43
cimiyeah I confirm, should be set to shadow15:44
tsdgeoscimi: ah, try that yeah15:44
cimimmm not working15:47
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cimimzanetti, tsdgeos looks like the shadow is builtin in the card I believe16:15
* cimi checks16:15
cimino, wrong, but is not a trivial thing16:16
cimimzanetti, tsdgeos https://code.launchpad.net/~cimi/unity8/shadow-ubuntu-store-icon/+merge/27817216:35
cimias a separate branch16:35
mzanettiwow, quite a lot of code to change a shadow16:36
cimimzanetti, welcome to CardCreator.js world :)16:37
ChrisTownsendEek, no more cursor on xenial Unity 8 desktop w/ 8.11+16.04.20151112.1-0ubuntu1!16:50
mzanettioh oh16:57
* mzanetti tries16:57
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ChrisTownsendmzanetti: Any results?17:04
mzanettidandrader, ^17:05
ChrisTownsendmzanetti: I suspect http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~unity-team/unity8/trunk/revision/204117:06
ChrisTownsendmzanetti: I'm rebuilding to test my theory.17:06
ChrisTownsendmzanetti: I'll enter a bug too.17:06
mzanettiChrisTownsend, sounds like the closest, yes. still a bit strange, I remember I tested and approved that branch. was working17:07
mzanettiso maybe a combination17:07
ChrisTownsendmzanetti: Well, it's just a theory.:)17:07
ChrisTownsendmzanetti: dandrader: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/unity8/+bug/151839517:10
ubot5Ubuntu bug 1518395 in unity8 (Ubuntu) "Cursor no longer appears in unity8 desktop" [Undecided,New]17:10
mzanettiChrisTownsend, we'll try to fix asap. sorry for the troubles17:10
ChrisTownsendmzanetti: Ok, thanks17:10
dandraderChrisTownsend, wow17:12
ChrisTownsenddandrader: lol, you went from 2 cursors to none;-)17:12
mzanettiChrisTownsend, please let us know if reverting that one commit helps17:13
ChrisTownsendmzanetti: Yep, I'll let you guys know.  Still building...17:14
ltinklweird, can't reproduce here (v+o)17:16
* ltinkl wonders if this went thru QA17:17
davmor2I was testing bluez5 today I had a cursor on the latest phone image with a mouse connected17:18
davmor2If you are talking devel-proposed though that is completely broken17:19
ChrisTownsendmzanetti: Oh, for heaven's sakes, the package build failed due to LauncherModelTest failing.17:20
ChrisTownsendI'm running build.sh instead.17:23
ltinklChrisTownsend, is this the problem: http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~lukas-kde/unity8/desktopFileActions/revision/2017#tests/plugins/Unity/Launcher/launchermodeltest.cpp17:24
mzanettithe test is passing here17:25
dandradermzanetti, so you can reproduce that "no cursor" bug?17:26
mzanettidandrader, not happening for you?17:26
dandradermzanetti, still bringing my test laptop to trunk state of qtmir, qtubuntu, unity-api and unity817:26
ChrisTownsendltinkl: mzanetti:  Here are failing tests as captured in the .xml file.  I think we can parse out the errors from it: http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/13369251/17:27
mzanettiI wonder how it passed in the silo then17:27
ltinklit passes here17:28
ChrisTownsendThis is better: http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/13369307/17:28
ChrisTownsendThis is during package build time.17:28
ltinklQFATAL : LauncherModelTest::testCountChangeSyncsToAS() Received signal 1117:28
ChrisTownsendBasically, I did a bzr branch lp:unity8, reverted the one little change, and did a debuild -us -uc.17:29
ltinklmzanetti, is "debuild" running tests during compilation?17:30
ChrisTownsendltinkl: The tests run after everything compiles.17:31
ChrisTownsendltinkl: But, yes, the tests are being run by debuild.17:31
mzanettiltinkl, yes17:33
mzanettiChrisTownsend, I've reverted that commit, cursor still gone17:33
ChrisTownsendOk, well, there goes my theory:)17:34
mzanettisad thing is, atm I don't have a better one17:34
ltinklmzanetti, ChrisTownsend: I can't reproduce it here, with or without17:35
ChrisTownsendmzanetti: bregma doesn't see the issue either on xenial.17:36
dandraderChrisTownsend, mzanetti, I've a cursor here17:36
mzanettiltinkl, the missing cursor or the launcher test?17:36
ltinklmzanetti, neither17:36
ChrisTownsendWhy, cursor, why?!?!?!?17:37
ltinklmzanetti, but I'm convinced they're unrelated17:37
mzanettiltinkl, test is passing for me too17:37
ChrisTownsendltinkl: Oh, I don't think they are related either.17:37
dandraderChrisTownsend, could you please rm everything in .cache/upstart, launch a unity8-mir session, then send me the resulting unity8.log?17:37
ChrisTownsenddandrader: Yep, will do.17:38
dandraderChrisTownsend, also, what do you have in /usr/share/icons/default and where does the symlink /usr/share/icons/default/index.theme point to?17:39
ChrisTownsenddandrader: For you second question: http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/13369699/17:41
ChrisTownsenddandrader: Working on the unity8.log.17:41
dandraderChrisTownsend, and "ls -l /etc/alternatives/x-cursor-theme"?17:42
mzanettidandrader, http://paste.ubuntu.com/13369707/17:43
mzanettidandrader, this is, however, with the updateHotspot() commit removed17:43
mzanettican't see any error message tho17:43
ChrisTownsenddandrader: http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/13369768/17:43
ChrisTownsend$ ls -l /etc/alternatives/x-cursor-theme17:44
ChrisTownsendlrwxrwxrwx 1 root root 39 Mar 18  2013 /etc/alternatives/x-cursor-theme -> /usr/share/icons/DMZ-White/cursor.theme17:44
mzanettiI know it is not just frozen because pressing "tab" allows me to focus the password field and I can log in. just no cursor around17:44
dandraderall seem fine17:44
dandradermzanetti, willing (have time) to build&run a unity8 branch full of debug stuff to help me out? how much time you still have today before your EOD?17:46
mzanettidandrader, can do17:46
ChrisTownsendAs an aside, I downgraded to the previous package version of Unity 8 and the cursor is back.17:49
* mzanetti does some bisecting in the meantime17:50
ltinkldandrader, can you reproduce? I can't17:50
dandradermzanetti, ChrisTownsend, you guys should be using my laptop. everything works there. it's great!17:51
dandraderltinkl, I can't either17:51
dandraderltinkl, so you must have a good laptop as well :)17:51
ChrisTownsenddandrader: lol, I'm beginning to think my laptop is haunted.17:51
dandradermzanetti, hmmm. could that be uinput telling unity8 there's no mouse present?17:52
dandradermzanetti, that would make the Cursor.visible = false in Shell.qml17:53
mzanettinot excluding it, yes17:53
mzanettiin that case, likely17:53
* mzanetti verifies17:53
ltinkleasy to check, connect one more mouse :)17:53
dandraders/uinput/that input lib unity8 uses17:53
* ltinkl tries w/o mouse, just with touchpad17:54
mzanettiright... must be it... ChrisTownsend and me using touchpad. afaik ltinkl and dandrader using desktops17:54
ChrisTownsendRight, I have a laptop w/ touchapd.17:54
ltinklcursor gone when mouse is unplugged :/17:54
ltinkljust the touchpad doesn't cut it anymore17:55
* mzanetti assigns bug back to himself17:55
ChrisTownsendYep, when I plug in a mouse, the cursor shows up.17:56
ltinklmzanetti, I wonder how your new virtual touchpad will come into the mix17:56
mzanettithat identifies itself as a mouse... and now I think that is wrong :D17:57
dandradermzanetti, I've a mouse attached to my laptop17:57
ltinklmzanetti, ye that too but think about this scenario: connect a BT mouse to your phone, attach a screen, disconnect the mouse -> cursor should still stay17:57
ChrisTownsendFunny, I can control the cursor with the touchpas as long as a mouse is plugged in.17:58
ltinklChrisTownsend, ye you can always control it, the problem is you can't see it :)17:58
dandradermzanetti, ChrisTownsend, yeah, no mouse pointer once I detached the mouse17:58
ChrisTownsendThanks guys for the help!17:59
* davmor2 pictures mzanetti as the third chuckle brother, "to me, to you" :)18:00
mzanettiChrisTownsend, http://paste.ubuntu.com/13370155/18:01
bregmaI have a laptop with a touchpad (and touchscreen) and I see the cursor18:01
mzanettibregma, up to date?18:01
bregmaas of an hour ago, yes18:02
ChrisTownsendMaybe the touchscreen makes it appear.18:02
ltinklbregma, touchpad with physical buttons?18:02
mzanettihowever, for example Meizu phones claim to have a mouse attached18:02
bregmaman, the touchscreen really sucks wit hthe cursor18:02
ltinklChrisTownsend, ye unlikely, got a touch screen too18:02
bregmabefore I upgraded, the touchscreen wasn't working with Unity 8, so go figure18:02
mzanettiso I could imagine bregma's laptop having some weird thing that identifies itself as a mouse too18:03
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mzanettibregma, would be nice if you could find out what on your system claims to be a mouse18:03
bregmaI have an older semi-multitouch touchpad on this laptop18:03
ltinklbregma, so your touchpad, a clickpad or with physical buttons18:03
bregmait has physical buttons18:03
ChrisTownsendlol, a Frankenstein laptop, probably a RasPi hanging off of it saying it's a mouse.18:03
bregmais there the equivalent of xinput for Mir/U8 ?18:03
ltinklmzanetti, ye I think it's the physical buttons18:03
dandraderltinkl, my test laptop touchpad's has physical buttons and I still don't get a cursor unless I connect a mouse to it18:04
bregmaraspi is hanging off a different machine18:04
ltinkldandrader, ye it probably depends on how the system sees the pointing device18:04
bregmaoh, there's also a nipple on this machine18:06
bregmathe nipple shows up with EV_SYN EV_KEY EV_REL18:07
bregmabet the system interprets that as a mouse-type device18:07
bregmagood ol' EV_REL18:07
mzanettibregma, how did you check?18:07
bregmasu lsinput (from a  ssh session)18:08
mzanettiright... EV_ABS18:09
bregmathe touchpad and touchscreen (and pen, although that's long lost somewhere down behind the desk) show up as EV_ABS devices, which makes perfect sense18:09
mzanettistrange tho... isn't a touchpad relative too?18:10
mzanettiif I touch my touchpad in the upper right corner, the cursor doesn't jump over there...18:11
mzanettiwhich is what I would understand as absolute18:11
mzanettibut it moves from it's current position relative to my finger movement...18:11
bregmathat's because it's being treated as a mouse emulator18:11
ChrisTownsendmzanetti: BTW, your patch fixes it for me as well.18:11
bregmathat's just how the system is interpreting the data, not how it's being reported18:11
ChrisTownsendAnother issue I'm seeing...the App Scope is behaving strangely.18:14
ChrisTownsendIt always comes up in the upper left corner is kind of small.18:14
ChrisTownsendAnd scrolling in it is slow.  Resizing it is slow as well.18:14
dandraderChrisTownsend, close dash to make it respawn18:17
ChrisTownsenddandrader: That does help.18:17
ChrisTownsenddandrader: Known issue?18:18
dandraderChrisTownsend, the auto-started untiy8-dash  (as soon you log in a unity8-mir session ) is in some funky state18:18
dandraderChrisTownsend, it used to be worse. you would see only a black screen in place of unity8-dash until you closed/restarted it18:18
dandraderChrisTownsend, know but I'm not sure if it's reported18:19
dandraderChrisTownsend, *known18:19
ChrisTownsenddandrader: Ok18:19
ltinklChrisTownsend, I get a blank dash as well18:21
mzanettiChrisTownsend, that's not new tho :/18:28
mzanettiChrisTownsend, fix on the way btw: https://code.launchpad.net/~mzanetti/unity8/detect-touchpads/+merge/27819018:29
mzanettiincluding tests that test with touchpads too, not just mice18:29
ChrisTownsendmzanetti: Well, a new qtmir was released today that I thought was supposed to revert the previous issue.  Is a different issue?18:29
mzanettiyes, the dash in desktop mode has been happening for ages already18:29
ChrisTownsendmzanetti: Ok18:30
mzanettiChrisTownsend, well, try just closing it, it should respawn and work18:30
ChrisTownsendmzanetti: Right, the defacto way to fix the Dash in desktop:)18:30
mzanettiChrisTownsend, but good to know it's still happening for you. Albert tried today and couldn't repro any more18:31
mzanettiwill let him know on monday18:31
ChrisTownsendmzanetti: Well, it seemed to be working better after the qtmir update, but before the latest unity8 update.18:31
mzanettiI still think it is a race18:32
mzanettiand not being fixed yet18:32
mzanettialbert and gerry weren't sure if they fixed it. just happened to change something in the area and it wouldn't happen any more for them18:32
mzanettianyhow, will keep it on the list then18:32
mzanettithanks for all the feedback ChrisTownsend, much appreciated18:33
ChrisTownsendmzanetti: Ok, thanks.18:33
ChrisTownsendmzanetti: Sure, I'm glad to help.18:33
mzanettiok. gotta leave now.18:33
mzanettihave a nice weekend everybody!18:33
ChrisTownsendmzanetti: Bye!18:33
VsyachePuzshiznix: tell this to the authors of Workrave application which was forced to implement a class per each type of panel.20:35

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