philipballewnhaines, around for a pm?02:51
SteevBhey phil whatsup!16:43
nhainesGeneric reminder that if someone wants to PM me, they either should simply do so or if I don't respond to a ping they should probably just email me.18:18
nhandlerAbout to submit my first talk proposal for a conference. Any tips?21:19
akkThink about what you look for when you're at a conference -- what sort of talk descriptions make you want to go to that talk.21:45
akkMention fun things you might talk about, or interesting things the attendee might learn.21:46
nhandlerThanks a lot, akk. I'll definitely keep those tips in mind when writing my proposal.22:17
akkGood luck, nhandler!22:19
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nhainesnhandler: akk had great advice.  It's hard to add anything to it.  See if you can get your personality to peek through the description.23:54
nhandlernhaines: This proposal requires me to submit a short video with it, so that should make that part easier23:55
nhainesThere you go!23:57

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