cmaloneyYeah, it has00:32
cmaloneyAnd Friday I'm getting the CD / DVD set00:32
cmaloneyjcastro: ^^00:32
cmaloneyWe're getting new phones at work so I need to get my work-day in before 4pm. ;)13:41
cmaloneyotherwise my network connection to my desktop machine goes *poof*13:41
cmaloneyrick_h_: Yeah, and the sad thing is they're still connecting that way with the new phones.14:11
rick_h_cmaloney: nothing like networking via overpriced phones16:04
greg-gbecause... vpn?16:05
cmaloneygreg-g: We're moving to a new hosted phone solution via XO16:08
cmaloneyour previous system was Siemens16:09
cmaloneySiemens had what could be considered the worst phone menu system for voice mail access16:09
cmaloneyXO at least has a portal for doing complicated shit16:10
greg-gbut, a phone... like, you use them?16:12
cmaloneygreg-g: I don't but there are folks that live by the phone16:18
* greg-g nods16:18
cmaloneyPersonally if my phone disappeared tomorrow I couldn't care less.16:22
cmaloneyWell, actually it will disappear later today16:22
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